How to Make French Fries in an Air Fryer – Easy Recipes for the Crispiest Fries You’ve Ever Tasted

French fries are a beloved side dish that go great with burgers, sandwiches, and more. While you can always get French fries at a restaurant or fast food joint, making them at home allows you to control the ingredients and customize them to your liking.

The best part is that making French fries in an air fryer results in fries that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside without the mess and unhealthiness of deep frying. Air fryers use rapid hot air to circulate around the food, cooking it to perfection.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know to make the crispiest, crunchiest air fryer French fries you’ve ever tasted. From choosing the right potatoes to seasoning and serving, let’s dive in!

How to Pick the Best Potatoes for Air Fryer French Fries

The type of potato you use can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the perfect texture for air fryer fries. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Go for Starchy Potatoes

Starchy potatoes like Russets or Yukon Golds have a higher starch content which allows the fries to get crispy on the outside while staying fluffy inside. Waxy potatoes like red potatoes don’t get as crispy.

Choose Larger Potatoes

Opt for bigger, longer potatoes over smaller round ones. The large potatoes are easier to cut into long fry shapes and provide more surface area for getting crispy.

Pick Firm, Unblemished Potatoes

Make sure the potatoes feel firm with no mushy spots or bruises. Avoid potatoes that are sprouting as they will taste bitter.

Give Them a Good Scrub

Clean the potatoes well before cutting to remove any dirt or debris that could affect the taste.

Pro Tips for Cutting Potatoes for Air Fryer Fries

Cutting the potatoes uniformly is key for even cooking. Follow these tips:

  • Leave the skin on for extra flavor and texture. Just scrub them well first.
  • Cut the potatoes into 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch thick fries for the best results. Any thinner and they may burn.
  • Cut lengthwise to get long fry shapes rather than short cubes.
  • Use a sharp knife or mandoline slicer to cut evenly.
  • Soak the cut fries in cold water for at least 30 minutes to remove excess starch. This helps them get extra crispy. Drain and pat dry before air frying.
  • Cut fries of equal size and shape for even cooking.

How to Make Crispy Air Fryer French Fries: Step-By-Step

Making perfect crispy air fryer fries takes just a few easy steps.


  • 2-3 medium russet or Yukon gold potatoes, scrubbed clean
  • 1-2 Tbsp olive oil or avocado oil
  • 1⁄2 tsp salt
  • Other seasonings of choice (optional)


  1. Cut the potatoes into 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch thick fries. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes, then drain and pat very dry.
  2. Transfer the dried fries to a bowl and drizzle with oil. Toss to coat evenly.
  3. Arrange the oiled fries in a single layer in the air fryer basket, making sure not to overcrowd.
  4. Air fry at 400°F for 12-14 minutes, shaking halfway, until browned and crispy.
  5. Remove from air fryer and immediately season with salt and any other seasonings while hot.
  6. Enjoy your crispy fries right away for the best texture!

Tips for Extra Crispy Fries:

  • Double fry the fries, air frying once at a lower temp to cook through, then again at a higher temp to crisp up.
  • For thicker fries, give them a head start in the microwave before air frying.
  • Use a cornstarch coating for an extra crispy exterior. Simply toss fries in cornstarch before air frying.
  • Try cutting the fries right before air frying for maximum crispness.
  • Allow the fryer to fully preheat before adding the potatoes.

6 Delicious Seasonings and Sauces for Air Fryer Fries

Plain air fryer fries are delicious, but adding seasonings and sauces takes them to the next level. Here are 6 amazing ways to flavor your homemade fries:

1. Classic Salt and Vinegar

  • Ingredients: Sea salt, malt vinegar or white vinegar
  • Directions: Toss hot fries with vinegar right after air frying, then sprinkle with salt.

2. Spicy Sriracha or Chili Powder

  • Ingredients: Sriracha sauce, chili powder or cayenne pepper
  • Directions: Mix in chili powder or drizzle sriracha over fries.

3. Ranch Dipping Sauce

  • Ingredients: Ranch seasoning packet, mayonnaise, milk
  • Directions: Whisk ranch packet with mayo and milk for a creamy dip.

4. Chili Cheese Fries

  • Ingredients: Melted cheddar cheese, chili sauce or beans
  • Directions: Top fries with chili and melted cheese.

5. Garlic Parmesan

  • Ingredients: Grated parmesan, minced garlic, parsley
  • Directions: Toss hot fries in garlic, parsley and parmesan.

6. Fry Seasoning

  • Ingredients: Paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt
  • Directions: Sprinkle on Cajun seasoning blend while fries are hot.

Get creative and come up with your own signature fry seasoning!

5 Air Fryer French Fries Recipes to Try

Ready to put your air fryer fry skills to work? Here are 5 delicious fry recipes to try:

1. Classic Air Fryer French Fries

The perfect basic recipe for crispy fries with just 3 ingredients.

  • Russet potatoes, cut into 1⁄4-inch fries
  • Oil for tossing
  • Salt

Air fry at 400°F for 12-14 minutes, tossing halfway. Season immediately with salt.

2. Sweet Potato Fries

A healthy twist using vitamin-rich sweet potatoes.

  • Sweet potatoes, cut into 1⁄4 to 1⁄2-inch fries
  • Oil
  • Cinnamon sugar

Air fry at 400°F for 15 minutes until tender, shaking occasionally. Toss with cinnamon sugar.

3. Parmesan-Rosemary Fries

An easy gourmet upgrade with savory cheese and herbs.

  • Russet potatoes, cut into fries
  • Olive oil
  • Grated parmesan
  • Minced fresh rosemary
  • Salt

Air fry at 400°F for 12 minutes. Toss hot fries in parmesan, rosemary, and salt.

4. Chili Cheese Air Fryer Fries

All the flavors of chili cheese fries without the grease!

  • Russet potatoes, cut into fries
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Chili (canned or homemade)

Air fry fries at 400°F for 12 minutes. Top with chili and cheese, then air fry 2 minutes more to melt the cheese.

5. Garlic Truffle Air Fryer Fries

Elegant and indulgent fries flavored with savory garlic and earthy truffle.

  • Russet potatoes, cut into fries
  • Olive oil
  • Minced garlic
  • Truffle oil or truffle salt

After air frying, toss fries in garlic, olive oil and truffle oil/salt.

Common Questions about Making French Fries in an Air Fryer

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about making air fryer french fries:

How long does it take to make fries in an air fryer?

  • It takes 12-15 minutes to make fries in an air fryer depending on thickness. Thinner fries take less time. Shake the basket halfway through cooking for even browning.

What temperature should I air fry fries at?

  • The best temperature range is between 380°F and 400°F. Any hotter may burn the fries before they cook through.

Should I soak the potatoes after cutting?

  • Yes, soaking the cut fries removes excess starch which can cause them to stick together. Soak for at least 30 minutes before air frying.

How do I get air fryer fries crispy?

  • Cut thicker fries, soak before cooking, dry well, fry at a higher temp (400°F), and toss in a little cornstarch for extra crunch.

Can I cook frozen fries in an air fryer?

  • Yes, air fry frozen fries straight from the bag at 400°F for 10-12 minutes, shaking occasionally for even crisping. Add 1-2 minutes if you prefer them extra crispy.

What oil is best for air frying?

  • Avocado, olive, vegetable, canola, and grapeseed oils all have high smoke points perfect for air frying. Avoid butter and low smoke point oils.

How do you keep fries crisp after cooking?

  • Eat right away for maximum crispness. To save some for later, let cool completely then store in an airtight container. Reheat in a hot oven or air fryer briefly before serving.

Get Creative with Air Fryer Fries

Once you’ve mastered the basics, get creative with your air fryer fries! Here are some fun ideas to try:

  • Add different seasonings and spices like cajun, lemon pepper, or barbecue rub.
  • Toss in grated parmesan, blue cheese, or feta for savory flavor.
  • Mix in fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, or oregano.
  • Coat in breadcrumbs or cornflakes for extra crunch.
  • Use sauces like ketchup, fry sauce, spicy mayo, or creamy chipotle.
  • Top with chili, bacon bits, salsa, guacamole, or pulled pork.
  • Make loaded chili cheese fries by adding cheese sauce, chili, and toppings.
  • For dessert fries, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or dip in chocolate sauce.

The possibilities are endless when you unleash the full potential of your air fryer!


With just a few simple tricks – choosing the right spuds, soaking and drying the fries properly, using the ideal time and temperature, and seasoning creatively – you can enjoy restaurant-quality French fries made right in your own air fryer.

From classic salty fries tosweet potato to loaded chili cheese fries, the air fryer versions are crispy and delicious without all the excess grease of deep frying.

So next time you get a fry craving, give your air fryer a chance to work its magic. Your tastebuds will thank you with every crispy, golden bite. What are you waiting for? Go forth and air fry some fries!