How to Hang Bathroom Towels So They Always Look Nice

Hanging bathroom towels neatly not only makes your bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing, but can also help the towels stay cleaner and last longer. With some simple tips and tricks, you can easily learn how to hang bathroom towels so they always look nice.

Choosing the Right Location

Choosing an appropriate location is the first step to neatly hanging towels. Consider the following when deciding where to place towel bars or hooks:

  • Near the shower or bathtub for easy access when getting out
  • Close enough to reach the sink or vanity area
  • Avoid placing directly behind the toilet or door where they may get frequently knocked off
  • Mount at a height that is accessible for all household members

The most popular spots are next to the shower or tub, above the toilet tank, or along a blank wall space near the vanity. Just be sure there is sufficient room for the towels to hang freely without rubbing against other surfaces.

Selecting Quality Hardware

Investing in good hardware is worthwhile to properly display towels in an organized fashion. Consider these types of hardware:

Towel Bars

Towel bars allow towels to hang nicely along a wall. Opt for sturdy metal bars with curved edges to prevent snagging or pulling on the towels. Mount them at least 48 inches off the ground.

Towel Rings

These round rings stick out from the wall, enabling towels to hang in a circular shape for a neat appearance. Choose durable metal rings large enough to accommodate folded towels.

Towel Ladders

Freestanding towel ladders provide a unique way to hang multiple towels without mounting anything to the wall. Look for rust-resistant finishes and rubber tips on the bottom for stability.


Individual hooks that screw into walls allow hanging towels in more sporadic arrangements. Search for hooks with rounded edges to avert snagging and strong screws that won’t loosen over time.

Folding Techniques for Organized Hanging

Properly folding towels before hanging them can make your bathroom look tidy and uniform. Here are some folding methods to try:

Basic Fold

The standard technique is to simply fold the towel in half lengthwise so it appears long and narrow when hung. Fold washcloths into squares or small rectangles.

Accordion Fold

For a more decorative look, tightly fold towels lengthwise into 3 or 4 pleated sections, like an accordion. The folds should be about the same size for consistency.

Roll Fold

Start with a basic lengthwise fold, then roll the towel up tightly from bottom to top before hanging for a spa-like presentation.

KonMari Fold

Fold the towel exactly in fourths so it forms a neat, compact square that sits flush against the wall when hung. The KonMari technique promotes visibility and minimalism.

Take the time to fold uniformly and smoothly without bulky sections or uneven edges. Neat folds lead to a tidier appearance than just draping towels over the bar.

Hanging Techniques for Straight Lines

Use these techniques to hang towels so they create clean, straight lines for a streamlined look:

Hang at the Same Height

When mounting multiple towel bars or hooks on a wall, make sure they are perfectly level with each other. Use a laser level to get the height consistent.

Distributed Evenly

Space out multiple towels at equal distances for balance. It looks best when the towels are centred precisely below each hook or bar.

Align the Ends

As you hang each towel, adjust the ends so they line up evenly with hardly any overlap between towels.

Pull Taut

After hanging, gently pull down on the ends of the towels to tighten them up against the hardware so they hang straight and flat.

Proper alignment makes the towels look neat, polished, and purposeful. It demonstrates that care was taken in the presentation.

Complementary Accessories

Certain complementary accessories can contribute to a put-together look for hanging bathroom towels:


Store backup towels, washcloths, and hand towels out of sight in nearby drawers or cabinets so just the perfectly hung towels are visible.


Keep additional folded towels in woven baskets placed tidily on open shelving or the floor. These add texture while stashing excess inventory.


Frame towels nicely by hanging curtains on either side of them. Match the colour and style of the curtains to the towels.

Wall Décor

Place related wall art, shelves, or framed mirrors above hanging towels to create an attractive display.

Thoughtfully integrating these extras makes the whole bathroom look pulled together. The towels become part of a complete, cohesive look.

Choosing Quality Bath Towels

High quality towels not only feel luxurious, but also hang better and last longer between washes. Consider these ideal towel features for easy hanging:

100% Cotton

Cotton is very absorbent, breathable, and becomes softer over time. The natural fibres also provide weight that makes towels hang nicely.

Low Pile

Thinner, smoother piles, like a jacquard weave, hang better than plush, high pile towels that become misshapen.

Oversized Dimensions

Large bath sheets and bath towels have more surface area to cover a towel bar fully when hanging.

Loop Construction

Loops on the backside keep towels anchored firmly on hooks without sliding or bunching up.

Prioritize these characteristics when shopping to find bath towels that will look orderly when hung properly. Higher quality means a well-put-together appearance.

Washing and Drying Routines

Laundering towels using ideal methods minimizes wrinkling, fraying, and shrinking to keep them looking pristine on display:

Wash Separately

Wash towels by themselves to avoid pilling from other fabrics. Use a gentle detergent and warm or hot water to fully eliminate odors and bacteria.

Avoid Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets can leave a coating that reduces absorbency. They can also give towels a limp, saggy appearance.

Shake Out Before Drying

Shake towels vigorously before putting them in the dryer to release wrinkles. This prevents creases from becoming set in place by heat.

Dry Completely

Be sure towels are dried completely on medium or high heat. Any lingering moisture can make them become misshapen when hung up.

Proper laundry techniques keep the edges straight, pile lush, and shape intact so towels look neat when hanging in your freshly tidied bathroom.

Storing Off-Season Towels

As seasons change, rotate the towels displayed in your bathroom to match the weather and your personal style. Keep off-season towels looking their best through proper storage methods:

  • Store in a linen closet on shelving if available, or in labeled bins.
  • Select breathable storage like cotton or mesh bags. Avoid plastic bags or containers.
  • Fold neatly using your preferred technique before placing into storage.
  • Add cedar blocks or sachets to deter moths and prevent musty odors.
  • Keep towels away from extreme light, heat, and humidity which can damage fibers.

With mindful storage habits, your extra towels will stay like new until it’s time to swap them into the bathroom display again.

Common Questions

How many bath towels should I own?

Most households should own 6-8 bath towels per person to have enough in use and backups in storage. More may be needed in homes with frequent guests or shared family bathrooms.

How often should bath towels be replaced?

On average, bath towels should be replaced every 2-3 years with regular use. Higher quality towels may last closer to 5 years. Washcloths and hand towels may need replacing more often than bath towels due to higher use.

How can I get wrinkles out of already-hung towels?

Simply take towels down, give them a good shake, then replace on the bar pulled taut. You can also iron over wrinkles using the cotton setting on an iron, but avoid applying direct heat to any embellishments.

What is the best way to hang hand towels?

Fold hand towels in thirds or in half then hang either vertically or horizontally centered on a towel bar or hook. Having a dedicated hand towel bar or ring works well for display.

How do I stop my towels from smelling musty when hung up?

Proper laundry using hot water, bleach, and vinegar can prevent odors. Let towels dry completely after use. Allow airflow around towels and run bathroom fans to prevent moisture buildup when hung.

Hanging towels neatly in the bathroom is an easy way to make it look polished and orderly every day. With quality hardware installed in optimal spots, attention to straight lines, and properly cared for bath towels, you can achieve a spa-like presentation. Use folding methods and accessories to take the look even further. A few simple habits will have your towels looking fresh and tidy whenever they are on display.


Having neatly hung towels in your bathroom not only makes it look cleaner and more put together, but it can also help extend the life of your towels. With some simple tips, you can learn how to always keep your bathroom towels looking their best when hung up. This article will provide guidance on choosing hardware, proper folding techniques, designing visually appealing arrangements, caring for towels, and troubleshooting common issues that can make towels appear messy. Follow these tips and you’ll never have to deal with rumpled, smelly towels destroying the look of your bathroom again. Read on to transform your towel hanging skills!

Choose the Right Hardware

The first step to perfectly hung towels is installing high quality hardware in strategic locations. Here are some of the best options to consider for tangle-free hanging:

Towel Bars

  • Typically 48-54 inches long
  • Allow hanging multiple towels in a row
  • Curved ends prevent snagging
  • Available in finishes like chrome, brass, nickel

Towel Rings

  • Provide a circular hanging space
  • Work well for hand towels
  • Choose large rings with rounded edges
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

Towel Ladders

  • Freestanding option requiring no mounting
  • Enable hanging towels in flexible arrangements
  • Look for sturdy, tipped legs and rust-resistant finishes


  • Offer sporadic hanging ability
  • Select hooks with rounded edges
  • Stagger at various heights for interest
  • Use strong screws to prevent loosening

Fold Towels Uniformly

Folding your towels tidily before hanging can make them look crisp and orderly. Try these folding techniques:

Basic Fold

The classic method is to simply fold towels in half lengthwise so they hang long and narrow.

Accordion Fold

Fold the towel into thirds lengthwise to create neat pleats.

Roll Fold

Roll the towel tightly from end to end before hanging for a spa-like look.

KonMari Fold

Fold precisely into fourths so the towel forms a tidy square shape.

Aim for consistency in your folding. Smooth, wrinkle-free folds lead to a neat appearance.

Design Visually Appealing Arrangements

Use these tips to create an orderly, streamlined look with your hanging towels:

Hang at the Same Height

Ensure mounted hardware is perfectly level so towels hang evenly.

Distribute Evenly

Space towels out at equal distances for visual balance.

Align the Ends

Adjust towels so the ends line up cleanly with minimal overlap.

Pull Taut

Gently pull down on towels after hanging to tighten them up against hardware.

Precise alignment and consistent spacing makes towels look polished.

Care for Towels Properly

Quality materials and proper laundry techniques keep towels looking pristine:

  • 100% cotton provides softness, absorbency, and weight
  • Low pile prevents misshaping
  • Oversized dimensions provide full coverage
  • Wash separately in warm water with gentle detergent
  • Shake out wrinkles before drying
  • Dry thoroughly on medium or high heat
  • Store off-season towels neatly in breathable containers

Well-made and cared for towels maintain their integrity when hanging.

Troubleshoot Common Issues


Take towels down, shake them out, and rehang pulled taut. You can also iron over wrinkles using the cotton setting.

Smell Musty?

Wash with hot water, bleach, and vinegar. Allow towels to fully dry after use and increase bathroom ventilation.

Too Few?

Keep at least 6-8 bath towels per household member for a well-stocked appearance.

Achieving anInstagram-worthy presentation with your hanging bathroom towels is possible with some simple upgrades and attention to detail. Invest in quality hardware mounted in prime locations. Fold towels uniformly before hanging. Mind the alignment and spacing. Care for them properly through laundering and storage. With just a few strategic tweaks, you can have a spa-worthy towel display that makes your bathroom look its best every single day.


Neatly presented towels can make all the difference in the look of a bathroom. By taking the time to install hardware in ideal spots at consistent heights, folding towels uniformly, caring for them properly, and troubleshooting issues as they arise, you can easily achieve a tidy, upscale look. Hanging towels with care transforms them from a pure utilitarian item into a decorative feature that pulls your whole bathroom together.

While it does require some initial effort to set up hardware and establish routines, with practice, hanging towels nicely can become second nature. The tips in this article will give you the knowledge to create a hotel-worthy towel display that always looks fresh. Your fancy folding and perfect alignments will make your bathroom feel so luxurious, your guests may think you hired a professional stylist!