How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Like a Pro

Folding a fitted sheet neatly can seem daunting, but with a few simple techniques, you can master this household task like a pro. A neatly folded fitted sheet not only looks better in your linen closet, but it also makes changing sheets quicker and easier. Follow these tips and tricks for folding a fitted sheet quickly and cleanly every time.

Prep the Sheet

Before you start folding, make sure the fitted sheet is right-side out and laid flat. Gently shake it out to remove any wrinkles. Orient it so the elastic corners are at the top and bottom.

Fold the Corners In

Start by taking the top two elastic corners and pulling them down to meet in the center of the sheet. Smooth out any wrinkles. Do the same with the bottom two corners, pulling them up to meet at the center.

Fold in Half Lengthwise

With the four elastic corners meeting in the middle, fold the sheet in half lengthwise so the top and bottom edges meet. Smooth out the fabric.

Fold in Half Again

Take the length of the fitted sheet and fold it in half again so the short ends meet up. The elastic corners should be tucked inside. Smooth it out so you have a neat rectangular shape.

Fold or Roll Tightly

From here, simply keep folding or rolling the rectangle tightly until you have a compact, neatly folded fitted sheet. Store it neatly in a linen closet or drawer.

Tips for Neatly Folding a Fitted Sheet

  • Always shake out the sheet first to remove wrinkles. This will make it easier to fold smoothly.
  • Be sure to line up the edges as you fold to keep the sheet rectangular.
  • Fold quickly and decisively for the tightest fold.
  • Put pressure with your hands to remove any air pockets as you roll or fold.
  • Store the folded fitted sheet upright or with the open edge facing down to prevent unfolding.
  • Use this same technique for folding crib and twin-sized fitted sheets too. Just adjust the final size.

Common Questions About Folding Fitted Sheets

How do you fold a fitted sheet into a perfect square?

After prepping the sheet, fold the corners into the center and fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold it in thirds, bringing the top down and the bottom up to make a compact square. Rotate and smooth the folds to make it neat.

What is the best way to fold a fitted sheet?

The technique outlined above is one of the easiest and most effective ways to neatly fold a fitted sheet. Folding the corners to the middle, folding in half, and then rolling tightly creates a tidy rectangle that stacks nicely in your linen closet.

How do hotels fold fitted sheets?

Hotels have fitted sheet folding down to a science! They prep the sheet, then fold it into thirds lengthwise. The short ends get folded into the center and then the sheet gets folded into thirds again widthwise. This creates a tight, compact square that takes up very little space.

How do you fold a fitted sheet without it unfolding?

Be sure to shake out wrinkles first and fold the sheet quickly and decisively. Make your folds as tight as possible, smoothing out fabric and removing air pockets. Store upright or with the open edge down to prevent unfolding. You can also fold into a slightly smaller rectangle or square so tension helps keep it folded.

Can you fold a fitted sheet like a flat sheet?

While it is possible to loosely fold a fitted sheet like a flat sheet, it will be bulky and unwieldy. The elastic corners make fitted sheets extra challenging. Using the corner-to-middle technique helps account for the elastic and creates a neat, compact rectangle or square.


Learning how to cleanly and quickly fold a fitted sheet may seem intimidating, but it becomes easy with practice. Simply remember to shake out wrinkles, fold the corners into the center, fold in half lengthwise, and then roll or fold tightly into a compact square or rectangle. Storing the folded fitted sheet properly will help keep it neat and prevent unfolding. With these tips, you’ll be folding fitted sheets like a hotel housekeeper in no time!