How to Buy Affordable Tile Online

Buying tile can be an expensive endeavor, but with some savvy shopping, you can find affordable tile online for your next home project. Follow this guide to get the best deals on quality tile that fits your budget.

Research Tile Types and Styles

The first step is deciding what type of tile you need. Ceramic and porcelain are the most common and budget-friendly options. Natural stone tiles like marble, granite, and slate are pricier but add luxurious visual appeal. Mosaic tiles made of glass or ceramic create eclectic accents. Consider the look you want and your budget constraints to narrow your options.

Once you settle on a material, browse the stylistic options. Classic subway tile in white is a timeless backsplash choice that comes at low cost. For floors, larger format tiles 12” x 24” or bigger have a modern, seamless look. Mixing tile shapes, sizes, and colors creates custom designs. Decide whether you want tile that’s matte, glossy, textured, or embossed. Knowing your style preferences will make shopping easier.

Calculate How Much Tile You Need

Before looking at tile prices, figure out the square footage you need to cover. Measure the length and width of each surface to get area totals. For walls, measure height to determine linear feet required. Use an online tile calculator to determine the number of tiles based on tile size and layout pattern. Round up by 10-15% to account for odd spaces, cuts, and waste.

Having accurate measurements ensures you buy enough tile in one order. Buying extra tiles upfront is ideal if your project is expanding over time. Getting all materials at once means the dye lots, styles, and sheens will match perfectly.

Find Affordable Tile Retailers Online

Searching for tile online opens up cost-saving options not available at local showrooms. Take advantage of these online tile retailers:

  • Big box stores – Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Wayfair have a huge selection of in-stock tile at discount prices. Sort by price to find deals.
  • Tile liquidators – Overstocked tile distributors offer brand name tile and stone for 30-50% off retail prices. Liquidator sites like TileBar, BuildDirect, and Overstock can yield major savings.
  • Importers and wholesalers – Buying direct from manufacturers oversees cuts out retailer markups. Sites like and pass on the savings.
  • Online auctions – Find discounted brand name and surplus tile on eBay and auction sites. Sort by newly listed and closing soon to snag deals.

Compare Prices and Services

Once you identify affordable retailers, take time to comparison shop. Price check identical or similar tile types across sites. Consider these factors in your decision:

  • Tile cost per square foot – Lower cost per square foot wins. Calculate bulk order discounts.
  • Shipping fees – Budget extra for shipping bulky tile. Choose free shipping offers when possible.
  • Return policy – Pick retailers with simple return or exchange policies, just in case.
  • Customer service – Reviews and responsiveness reflect the buying experience.
  • Inventory – Is your tile in stock and ready to ship quickly?
  • Selection – Retailers with more styles give you more choices.

Save Money With Tile Purchases

Beyond picking an affordable retailer, you can further reduce tile costs with these tips:

  • Buy tile bundles offered at a fixed price for large quantities.
  • Choose tile that’s on sale, clearance, or discontinued.
  • Opt for low-grade tile with slight flaws that don’t impact looks.
  • Stick to popular whites and grays rather than trendy colors.
  • Select tile that’s in stock rather than special order.
  • Choose smaller tile sizes to get more coverage with less material.
  • Buy mosaic sheets instead of individual mosaics.
  • Order samples first to confirm color, variation, and quality.
  • Provide accurate measurements and order everything at once.

How to Get the Best Deals on Tile

Follow these key strategies to maximize savings on your tile purchases:

  • Be flexible. Keep an open mind on brands, materials, colors and styles. Don’t get fixated on one product.
  • Shop end of season. Retailers offer the best discounts on tile during winter and fall months when demand is lower.
  • Check for sales weekly. Tile prices fluctuate often. Check sites regularly for flash sales and sitewide promos.
  • Use coupons and cashback. Retailers offer inbox coupons to email subscribers. Use cashback apps to get rebates.
  • Buy remnants. Call local tile shops to ask about leftover unsold tiles sold at steep discounts.
  • Buy contractor packs. Big box stores sell tile in boxes meant for pros at a lower price per piece.
  • Watch for free shipping. Comparing total price with shipping avoids hidden fees tacking on extra costs.

Factors That Impact Tile Prices

Tile pricing depends on several factors:

Tile Material

  • Ceramic – Most budget-friendly option starting under $1 per square foot.
  • Porcelain – More durable and dense with prices from $2-$5 per square foot.
  • Natural Stone – Marble, travertine, slate and granite priced over $5 per square foot.
  • Glass – Handmade glass tiles start around $10 per square foot.
  • Mosaic – Small accent tiles cost $5-50 per square foot.

Tile Grade

Tile grades indicate quality based on manufacturing metrics like water absorption and durability.

  • Lowest – Grade 1 tiles have high porosity and aren’t frost-proof.
  • Medium – Water absorption below 10% improves durability.
  • Best – Grade 5 tiles have less than 0.5% water absorption.

Higher grades cost more but withstand heavy use best.

Tile Size

Bigger tiles mean fewer pieces needed, reducing install time and cost.

  • Mosaics – 1 inch square tiles.
  • Subway tiles – 2 by 4-inch rectangles.
  • Standard tiles – 4 by 4-inch or 6 by 6-inch.
  • Planks – Rectangular tiles over 12-inches long.
  • Large format – 12 by 24-inch and bigger.

Oversized and plank tiles are the most expensive.

Tile Texture

Tiles with polished, pebbled, crackled and other treatments require more manufacturing effort. These finishes add cost:

  • Polished – Glossy reflective texture.
  • Honed – Matte, smooth face.
  • Textured – Raised bumps or indentations.
  • Tumbled – Worn, aged finish.
  • Mosaics – Small tiles mounted in sheets.

Plainer tiles like matte or rectified are the most affordable.

Tile Color

Subtle neutral tiles in gray, beige and white are typically cheaper. Trendy bold colors and hand-mixed multi-color blends add cost.

Tile Design

Tiles with intricate designs, ornate decorative shapes, and custom digital printing raise the price. Simple patterns and geometric shapes are budget friendly.

How to Install Affordable Tile

Installing tile yourself rather than hiring a pro can majorly reduce project costs. With proper planning and patience, DIY tile installation is feasible for most homeowners. Follow these tips for success:

Learn Correct Techniques

Study installation guides or video tutorials to understand every step. Common beginner mistakes like failing to level substrates or spacing tiles improperly can ruin a tile job. Get training on:

  • Substrate prep – Proper treatment of floors and walls before tile goes up.
  • Thinset application – Mixing and spreading thinset mortar evenly.
  • Tile layout – Measuring and snapping reference lines for straight placement.
  • Cutting tile – Accurate cutting around obstacles and edges.
  • Grouting – Filling joint spaces smoothly without gaps or cracks.
  • Sealing – Protecting grout and natural stone with sealants.

Rent Tools

Investing in tile saws, mixers and other specialty tools is unnecessary for one-time projects. Rent or borrow equipment from home improvement stores instead.

Focus on Key Areas

Limit tile to smaller spaces like backsplashes, bathroom floors, laundry rooms and entryways. Leave bigger jobs for pros to avoid problems.

Use Large Format Tile

Oversized tiles have fewer pieces to install. Fewer grout lines also simplify the job for novices.

Choose Easier Materials

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are much easier for DIY projects than natural stone. Save marble and granite for when you can hire a stone pro.

Take Your Time

Rushing leads to mistakes. Give yourself plenty of time so you can work slowly and carefully. Use spacers and leveling devices to get straight edges.

Where to Buy Affordable Tile Online

These online retailers offer a wide selection of stylish tile at budget-friendly prices:

The Home Depot

From backsplashes to floors, The Home Depot carries every tile material, style, and color at discount prices. Shop clearance and bundle deals for the best value. They offer free shipping on orders over $45.


This home goods mega-store has over 50,000 tile SKUs at impressively low costs. Their frequent sales include major markdowns on tile. Shop their closeout section for tiles up to 75% off.


Find excess inventory and overstock tile from top brands at 30-50% off retail on Overstock. Their large tile liquidator selection gets updated frequently. Shipping is free on orders over $45.


BuildDirect is a leading tile importer selling direct to consumers from their global warehouse. Their everyday low prices beat big box stores. Bulk order discounts save even more.


Lowe’s tile collection includes affordable in-stock and special order options covering every style. Their clearance section includes tiles discounted by up to 75%. Sale prices offer additional cost savings.


TileBar focuses exclusively on selling deeply discounted designer tile sourced from top brands. Shop their deals section for the biggest savings on quality tile.


eBay is an online auction paradise for bargain hunters. Search tile listings to find brand name and imported tiles sold at hugely reduced prices. Sort by newly listed and closing soon.

Tile Liquidators

The aptly named has a massive selection of high-end Italian, Spanish and other surplus tile. Bulk order discounts apply. Sort products from low to high price to find steals.

Ceramic Tile Importers

Import tile direct from manufacturers at wholesale costs with Their everyday discounts reach up to 80% off US prices for Italian, Spanish and other tile.

Tips for Finding More Affordable Tile

Finding great deals on tile for your project takes a bit of work. Apply these tips to uncover budget-friendly tile options:

  • Check retailer clearance sections often as selections change frequently.
  • Call or visit local flooring stores to ask about discount seconds, overstock, and remnants.
  • Search Google Shopping and sort tile listings from low to high price to comparison shop.
  • Look atHabitat for Humanity ReStores and salvage warehouses for donated tiles at deep discounts.
  • Set saved searches on eBay to get notifications when desired tiles matching your keywords get listed.
  • Buy outdoor grade tile for indoor projects—it meets higher durability standards at lower prices.
  • Consider alternative affordable materials like decorative vinyl tile, laminates, and linoleum.
  • Order samples first to inspect quality before purchasing imperfect discount tile.
  • Join retailer email lists to receive special offers and coupon codes for tile.
  • Follow tile brands on social media—many run periodic flash sales advertised online.


Does it cost more to buy tile online?

Buying tile online often costs less than purchasing at local showrooms. Online retailers like big box stores, importers and tile liquidators sell tile at wholesale prices not found in stores. With more sellers competing, you can comparison shop for the best deals.

What is the cheapest type of tile?

Plain white ceramic tile starts under $1 per square foot. Unglazed quarry tile, mosaic sheets and small format tiles also provide very affordable options. Porcelain and natural stone cost more but add style.

Where can I buy discounted tile?

Check Overstock, eBay, liquidators like TileBar and, big box retailers, specialty import sites and habitat ReStores. Also call local flooring stores about remnants, seconds and overstock tiles sold at discount.

Should I buy more tile than I need?

Yes, order 10-15% extra to account for waste, damage, and future repairs. Extra tiles ensure you have perfect color, shade and texture matches on hand. Buying in bulk also helps maximize savings.

Is it hard to install tile?

Large format tile with few grout lines is beginner friendly. Mosaics and natural stone are tougher. Learn proper techniques and give yourself plenty of time. Rent tools to avoid buying expensive equipment. Focus DIY tiling on smaller spaces first before tackling whole rooms.


With smart shopping methods, finding affordable tile online is simple. Define your project’s style and measurements first. Search big box stores, importers, tile liquidators and auction sites to compare prices. Take advantage of sales, coupons and bulk order discounts. Stick to large format ceramic, porcelain and stone-look tiles for easier DIY installation. Order samples before purchasing imperfect or surplus tile. With a little extra effort, you can save significantly on stylish tile for any home project budget.