How Expensive Is Corian?

Corian is a well-known and popular solid surfacing material used for countertops, sinks, vanities and other applications. But how much does Corian cost? Understanding Corian pricing helps homeowners make the right decisions when remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and more.

As a high-end engineered stone product, Corian sits at the upper end of the price range for countertop materials, but it offers durability, aesthetic options and performance that justify the investment for many homeowners. Keep reading to learn all about Corian costs, what impacts the price, and how Corian compares to other countertop materials.

What is Corian?

Corian is a solid surface material made from a blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymer. First introduced by DuPont in 1967, Corian revolutionized kitchen and bathroom design by providing a durable, seamless surfacing material that offered extensive design flexibility.

Here are some key facts about Corian:

  • Created by combining aluminum trihydrate (ATH), acrylic, and pigments
  • Non-porous, seamless appearance
  • Resists stains, burns, and scratches
  • Can be fabricated into virtually any shape
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns
  • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty

Corian remains a popular option today for homeowners wanting high-end luxurious countertops that offer beauty, performance and design flexibility. Major manufacturers like DuPont, LG Hausys and Lotte Chemical produce Corian solid surfaces worldwide.

Corian Pricing Factors

Corian prices depend on several factors:


As an engineered surfacing product containing premium materials like acrylic polymers, Corian sits at the high end of countertop pricing. The raw materials cost more than ceramic tile, laminate or wood. Expect to pay $75-100 per square foot just for the Corian sheets.


Fabricating Corian requires specialized tools and training, adding labor costs versus materials like tile that homeowners can install themselves. You’ll pay $40-100 per linear foot for fabrication, depending on the complexity. Simple countertop shapes cost less than highly customized projects.


Professional Corian installation also adds cost, with rates ranging from $40 up to $100 per hour. Thetotal depends on your project’s size and complexity. Some smaller countertop projects may only take a few hours, while extensive remodeling can require several days of installation work.

Edge Profiles

Corian offers various edge profiles, from simple beveled edges to decorative ogee, chamfered and rounded edges. More complex edges add $10-20 per linear foot. Fancier edge options can increase costs, but also enhance Corian’s high-end aesthetic.


Adding a Corian backsplash costs $40-75 per linear foot, including fabrication and installation. Corian backsplashes seamlessly match the countertops for a luxurious, integrated look.


Integrated Corian sinks and bowls cost $400-800 each depending on size and depth. Shallow vessels and vanity bowls cost less than deep kitchen sinks. Corian sinks maintain the surface’s continuity for a streamlined appearance.

Specialty Features

Using Corian to construct one-of-a-kind features like curbs, shelves and pillars increases prices accordingly. Expect to pay at least $200 per linear foot for specialty accents. The cost goes up for intricate designs requiring more fabrication time.


Material and labor costs vary regionally, causing Corian prices to differ by location. Expect to pay more for Corian countertops in major metro areas like New York or San Francisco versus smaller cities and rural areas.

Average Corian Countertop Costs

Taking all these factors into account, here are some average price ranges for Corian countertops by application:

  • Kitchen Countertops: $65-$105 per square foot installed. An average 10×5 kitchen would cost $3,250-$5,250 for Corian countertops.
  • Bathroom Vanities: $50-$85 per square foot installed. A typical small 4 foot vanity would be $800-$1,360.
  • Backsplashes: $40-$75 per linear foot, or $160-$300 for a 4 foot kitchen backsplash area.
  • Integrated Sinks/Bowls: $400-$800 per sink depending on size and depth.
  • Edges: Basic edge $0-$10 per linear foot, fancy edges $10-$50 per linear foot.
  • Specialty Features: $200+ per linear foot.

To budget accurately, get an exact quote from Corian fabricators for your specific project. Prices fluctuate based on the complexity of shaping and installation required. But in general, expect Corian to cost $65-$100 per square foot installed for simple countertop applications.

How Does Corian Compare to Other Countertop Materials?

Corian sits at the higher end of the spectrum when comparing countertop prices. Here’s an overview of how Corian costs compare to other popular materials:

  • More expensive than: Laminate ($20-$40 per sq. ft. installed), ceramic tile ($30-$70 per sq. ft. installed), wood ($30-$70 per sq. ft. installed)
  • Similar to: Granite ($60-$105 per sq. ft. installed), Quartz ($70-$120 per sq. ft. installed)
  • Less expensive than: Marble ($70-$150 per sq. ft. installed), Soapstone ($80-$100 per sq. ft. installed)

While pricier than ceramic, laminate and wood, Corian offers greater durability, customization and seamless appearance. And it remains very competitively priced versus upscale natural stones like granite and quartz. When you factor in the design versatility, Corian provides excellent value.

Corian Prices: $75-$100 Per Sq. Ft. for Materials

The cost of the raw Corian solid surfacing sheets ranges from $75-$100 per square foot. The exact price depends on the color and pattern selected. Some premium choices cost more than standard colors.

This $75-$100 per square foot covers just the sheets. It does not include any fabrication, installation, edges or other costs. Expect to pay at least $100 more per square foot to cover labor and other expenses for a full installed Corian countertop.

Corian Fabrication Cost: $40-$100 Per Linear Foot

Fabricating the Corian sheets into precisely measured countertops, backsplashes, sinks and accents takes special tools and training. Corian fabricators charge $40-$100 per linear foot to handle this critical step. Simple straight countertop edges on a standard depth counter cost around $40 per linear foot. Sophisticated edge profiles, custom shapes, cutouts and intricately shaped integrated sinks cost $70-$100 per linear foot.

For example, a 10 foot long kitchen countertop with a chamfered front edge and standard backsplash may cost around $500 to fabricate. A more extensive kitchen countertop project with multiple corners, edges, curves and a sink cutout could run $800-$1,000 for fabrication.

Do not attempt Corian fabrication as a DIY project. Improper technique leads to cracks, seam failures and other problems. Leave fabrication to the professionals.

Corian Installation Cost: $40-$100 Per Hour

Installing Corian requires mastery working with adhesives and seam treatments. Professionals charge $40-$100 per hour for Corian installation. Sink, backsplash and simple countertop projects may cost around $40 per hour. Intricate jobs with specialty features run closer to $100 per hour.

Typical Corian installation steps include:

  • Inspecting and preparing the cabinets/walls
  • Applying adhesive to surfaces
  • Setting the countertops perfectly level
  • Clamping pieces together tightly for proper bonding
  • Treating all seams for imperceptible transitions
  • Connecting seems with reinforcing rods
  • Securing backsplashes and sinks/bowls
  • Cleaning and polishing all surfaces

Improper Corian installation leads to unsightly seams, cracks and gaps. Hire experienced solid surfacing installers to get it right the first time.

Corian Edge Profiles Cost $0-$50 Per Linear Foot

Corian edge profiles

Corian’s versatility allows for countless edge profiles, ranging from simple to ornate. The edge profile impacts the linear foot price. Options include:

  • Flat: A simple 90-degree flat edge costs $0 per linear foot.
  • Beveled: The most popular profile, a angled beveled edge costs $5-$10 per linear foot.
  • Ogee: This edge has an S-shaped profile costing $10-$20 per linear foot.
  • Dupont: A rounded, ribbed edge for $15-$25 per linear foot.
  • Chamfered: An angled, flat-bottomed edge for $15-$30 per linear foot.
  • Full bullnose: A fully rounded edge for $25-$40 per linear foot.
  • Half bullnose: A rounded top with flat bottom for $20-$35 per linear foot.
  • Sharknose: An upswept bullnose edge for $25-$45 per linear foot.

The price per foot accounts for both materials and added fabrication time. Fancier edge profiles make Corian counters feel more high-end and customized.

Corian Backsplash Cost: $40-$75 Per Linear Foot

Backsplashes protect walls behind sinks, stoves and prep areas. Continuing Corian up the wall as a 4-6 inch backsplash costs $40-$75 per linear foot installed. This provides a completely coordinated, stain-resistant backsplash.

You can also opt for a less expensive tile, glass or laminate backsplash. But choosing matching Corian delivers a luxurious seamless look from countertop to wall. Backsplash height and complexity impact overall costs.

Corian Sinks/Bowls Cost $400-$800

Integrated Corian sinks maintain the countertop surface continuity for a streamlined contemporary look. Undermount sinks cost slightly less but disrupt Corian’s flow. Options include:

  • Vessel sinks starting around $400. These shallow bowl shapes work above counter surfaces.
  • Undermount sinks starting around $500. Installed beneath the cutout, only the interior sink basin shows.
  • Farmhouse/apron sinks starting around $700. Deeper sinks with an exposed front.
  • Custom designer sinks $800+. For completely custom sink shapes and details.

Double bowl sinks, extra deep sinks and intricate hand-crafted styles cost more. But any integrated sink adds functionality alongside Corian’s sleek aesthetics.

How Much Do Corian Specialty Features Cost?

Using Corian to construct one-of-a-kind features elevates its design capabilities. While prices vary widely based on complexity, expect costs starting around:

  • Curbing/Edging: $200 per linear foot
  • Shelves: $200 per linear foot
  • Cubby Holders: $200+ each
  • Columns/Pillars: $200+ per linear foot
  • Custom Molding Details: $200+ per linear foot
  • niche accents: $200+ per square foot

Well-crafted Corian details integrate seamlessly into the overall design, enhancing the high-end custom feel. Investing in specialty features also showcases the material’s versatility.

Does Corian Offer Any Warranty Protection?

Corian is backed by a 10-year Limited Product Warranty. This covers any product defects in material and workmanship. To maintain the warranty, Corian must be fabricated and installed by certified professionals.

The warranty does not cover typical wear and tear, impact damage, misuse or improper care. Avoid abrasive cleaners, standing moisture and other behaviors that can degrade Corian surfaces.

Corian Prices by City

Corian countertop prices vary somewhat by location. Here are average installed costs for a 10×5 kitchen countertop in major US cities:

  • New York City: $4,500-$7,000
  • Los Angeles: $3,950-$6,200
  • Chicago: $3,800-$5,950
  • Houston: $3,600-$5,700
  • Phoenix: $3,500-$5,500
  • Philadelphia: $4,100-$6,400
  • San Antonio: $3,300-$5,200
  • San Diego: $4,250-$6,700
  • Dallas: $3,700-$5,800
  • San Jose: $4,900-$7,700

Labor, material shipping and other expenses impact location pricing. But Corian remains very consistent within a $60-$105 per square foot installed range nationwide.

Is Corian Worth the Investment?

For many homeowners, Corian provides an ideal blend of aesthetics, performance and design flexibility. While prices sit at the higher end of countertop materials, you receive great value through:

Unmatched design versatility – Corian can be formed into virtually any shape imaginable, enabling completely custom designs.

Seamless, hygienic surfaces – Non-porous Corian resists staining, burns and damage while preventing bacterial growth. Seamless installations maintain cleanliness.

Extensive style options – Over 100 Corian color/pattern choices allow unique designs.

Durability – Corian stands up well to heavy daily use with proper care.

Ease of maintenance – Simple soap and water cleaning keeps Corian looking like new.

10-year warranty – Peace of mind from a solid manufacturer’s guarantee.

While not inexpensive, Corian offers premium performance and design capabilities that make it a smart long-term investment for discerning homeowners.

The Bottom Line

Corian sits at the upper end of countertop pricing, ranging from $75-$100 per square foot installed. Exact Corian costs for your project depend on the fabrication and installation required. But expect to invest $3,000-$7,000 for most kitchen spaces. While not cheap, Corian provides lasting beauty, durability and design that make it worth considering.