How do I add luxury to my kitchen? 7 things to consider for a lavish look

A luxurious kitchen is the dream for many homeowners. With gleaming countertops, high-end appliances, and elegant finishes, it feels like you are cooking in a magazine spread or on a TV cooking show set. While luxury kitchens often come with a hefty price tag, there are ways to get the look you want without breaking the bank. Follow these seven tips to make your kitchen truly lavish.

Use Quality Materials

The materials you select for countertops, cabinets, flooring and backsplashes will have the biggest impact on your kitchen’s level of luxury. While granite countertops used to be the gold standard, today’s most opulent kitchens feature marble, quartzite or quartz. The pattern and veining of natural stone countertops add visual interest. For cabinets, look for hardwoods like cherry or maple, which convey an expensive aesthetic. Tile backsplashes are ideal for high-end kitchens, especially when using materials like marble, glass or mosaic tiles. Underfoot, hardwood, tile or stone floors all lend an upscale feel. Focus budget on visible surfaces like countertops and backsplashes.

Choose Stylish Cabinets

Cabinetry makes a huge impact in luxury kitchen design. Opt for cabinet styles like Shaker or European-frame for a clean, sophisticated look. Add architectural details like crown molding and elevated panels to take the style up a notch. Curved corners soften the overall aesthetic and glass-front cabinet doors allow for display of fine dishware for an opulent appearance. Choose a muted, neutral cabinet color like light gray or soft white to keep the focus on beautiful countertops and backsplash tile patterns. Soft-close hinges and dovetail drawers are high-end touches. Have a cabinet designer optimize storage with roll-outs and specialty drawers to organize kitchen tools.

Select High-End Appliances

The appliances you choose will convey the overall luxury level of your kitchen. Focus your budget on buying the very best range/oven, refrigerator and dishwasher you can afford. Pro-style ranges with multiple burners, griddles and ovens bring professional capability. Built-in coffee machines, wine coolers and second dishwashers add luxury convenience. For the refrigerator, counter-depth French door models have an upscale look. Include accoutrements like custom panels to match cabinetry and gourmet pot filler faucets over the range. Add warming drawers, ice makers and smart home features. The latest appliance finishes like matte black exude modern luxury.

Add Architectural Lighting

Thoughtfully designed lighting creates a warm, welcoming ambiance in luxury kitchens. Incorporate layers of light with recessed can lights for overall illumination paired with pendant lights over islands and sinks. LED strip lighting under cabinets casts a useful glow for food prep tasks. Showcase display areas and focal points like a professional range with statement chandeliers or decorative track lighting. Use dimmers throughout for ambiance control. Consider smart home tech like wireless control systems and motion sensors. Add the final layer with architectural fixtures like vintage lanterns over a kitchen table.

Select Elegant Hardware

Replace standard kitchen hardware with luxe drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and pulls, and faucets. Opt for polished metals and crystal accents versus plastic, acrylic or rubberized hardware. Solid brass, chrome and nickel finishes look especially elegant. Knobs and pulls in a high-contrast satin black finish make a sophisticated style statement. For the kitchen faucet, choose a professional-style version with an articulating high arch gooseneck spout. Look for lever handles rather than cross, disc or ball handles for a seamless aesthetic. Add in a sensor-activated faucet so dirty hands don’t need to touch fixtures. Matching metal finishes throughout the kitchen conveys cohesion.

Incorporate Natural Stone

The use of natural stone is one of the hallmarks of a luxury kitchen. Marble countertops, with their soft veining, convey instant opulence. Use marble on the island, but opt for more durable quartzite or quartz on the perimeter. Add marble, granite or limestone on backsplashes and as floor tile. Use large-format stone slabs for minimal grout lines. Carry natural stone into the adjacent spaces as well, using the same stone on bathrooms and powder room vanities. Stacked stone walls add rustic texture. Beyond counters, utilize marble, granite or travertine for kitchen table legs, bases of kitchen islands and bar fronts.

Pay Attention to Design Details

It’s the careful curating of details throughout your kitchen that take it to the next level of luxury. This includes elements like:

  • Built-in banquettes, window seats and breakfast nooks for chic, useful spaces
  • Arched architectural details over doorways and openings
  • Dimmer switches for all lighting
  • Under-cabinet task lighting
  • Custom glass cabinet doors
  • Concealed trash and recycling centers
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • Warm metals like brass for accents
  • Luxury hardware like Bar Handles and cup pulls
  • Elevated faucets like Bridge styles in chrome
  • Custom range hoods with decorative trim
  • Frameless European-style cabinets


Creating a truly luxurious kitchen requires investing in quality materials, stylish yet functional cabinetry, and elegant finishes throughout. Focus most of your budget on countertops, backsplashes, lighting and appliances. Opt for natural stone surfaces, hardy woods and glass accents. Don’t neglect hardware and fixtures – these small details have a big decorative impact. Pay attention to specialty kitchen amenities like built-in banquettes, concealed trash centers and appliance garages. With careful curating of architectural and decor elements, you can elevate your kitchen to a luxurious space suited for entertaining and everyday enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Creating a Luxury Kitchen

What is the most luxurious material for kitchen countertops?

Marble countertops are considered the most luxurious and elegant option for kitchens. The soft veining and luxury aesthetic of natural marble instantly elevates the design. Other opulent options include quartzite, quartz and granite.

What cabinet colors work best for luxury kitchens?

Neutral polished whites and soft grays are ideal cabinet colors for luxury kitchens. They keep the focus on the gorgeous veining and patterns in natural stone countertops without competing. Small accents in black or navy blue add depth.

Should I have an island in my luxury kitchen?

Islands are almost essential in luxury kitchens. They expand the usable space and allow for additional storage and seating. Opt for a substantial island size – at least 60 inches if space allows. Include features like marble or quartzite countertops, custom cabinetry, pendant lighting, and bar or banquette seating.

What type of flooring suits a luxury kitchen design?

Natural stone tiles like marble, travertine or limestone are the best flooring options for luxury kitchens. Large format tiles with minimal grout lines enhance the seamless aesthetic. Hardwood planks also bring warmth and elegance. Tile that mimics wood visually brings the look together.

What are some key lighting tips for a luxe kitchen?

Incorporate layers of light with recessed can lighting, pendant lights, under cabinet lighting and statement fixtures. Use dimmers for ambiance control. Add architectural flair with vintage lanterns or an elegant chandelier over an island. LED strip lighting illuminates tasks beautifully.

Should I install high-end appliances for my luxury kitchen?

Yes, luxury kitchens should absolutely invest in professional-grade appliances. At minimum, choose luxury brands for your range/oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. Add specialty appliances like built-in coffee machines, wine refrigerators, warming drawers and more. Opt for commercial-style stainless finishes.

What design details make a kitchen feel luxurious?

It’s important to curate special details throughout the space. Some examples include glass cabinet doors, concealed trash receptacles, soft-close drawers, custom range hoods, elevated bridge faucets, and accent lighting. Repeat finishes to tie the whole look together seamlessly.