HGTV’s Jasmine Roth Shares Her Renovation Advice

Jasmine Roth, host of HGTV’s Help! I Wrecked My House, has become one of the network’s most popular home renovation experts. Known for her signature warm and modern farmhouse style, Jasmine has plenty of renovation advice to share from her years of experience flipping and remodeling homes.

Get Inspiration from Real Life

Jasmine emphasizes the importance of looking to your own life for renovation inspiration. Focus on how you really live in your home and consider features that would improve your family’s lifestyle. Look at your hobbies, how you entertain, and your day-to-day activities for ideas. Jasmine renovates homes tailored to the homeowners based on their needs and preferences rather than just following temporary trends.

Blend Old and New Elements

One of Jasmine’s go-to renovation strategies is blending classic character with modern updates. For example, she often pairs vintage hardwood floors or repurposed wood beams with new clean-lined cabinets and up-to-date kitchen appliances. Preserving the old bones of the home while giving it fresh, contemporary flair results in spaces with warmth, history, and personality.

Create an Open Floor Plan

Jasmine loves opening up interior walls to create a more inviting, unbroken flow between living spaces. Knocking down walls between the kitchen and dining room or between the kitchen and family room helps improve traffic flow for entertaining and brings the whole family together. Open floor plans also make interior spaces appear larger.

Infuse color Strategically

While Jasmine leans towards a light and neutral palette, she urges homeowners to incorporate colors they love through small flourishes. Painting an accent wall in a vibrant hue, bringing in colorful artwork, or adding bright pillows or other accessories prevents a space from feeling blah. Strategic punches of color liven up the aesthetic.

Maximize Outdoor Living Areas

For Jasmine, a dream renovation includes maximizing outdoor functionality and flow. She suggests using large sliding doors or multiple French doors to seamlessly blend interior and exterior areas. Upgrading patios with added square footage, overhead coverings, fireplaces or fire pits, and built-in seating transforms backyards into usable living spaces.

Create Multifunctional Rooms

Given many homeowners’ limited square footage, Jasmine often crafts multifunctional rooms suited for different needs. For example, she may design a laundry room with extra cabinetry so it can double as a pantry. Or she might convert an unused formal dining room into a playroom/homework station. Repurposing spaces based on families’ lifestyles is a smart way to gain functionality.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Proper lighting can make or break a room, according to Jasmine. She suggests layering light sources such as accent lighting, overhead fixtures, and table and floor lamps. Lighting helps create a warm, welcoming ambiance. Uplighting, downlighting, and backlighting also highlight architectural details.

Don’t Forget Hidden Storage

In older homes, Jasmine notes that storage space is often lacking. Her renovations focus on tucking away customized storage solutions wherever possible. Built-in cabinetry, kitchen pantries, mudrooms with cubbies, and closet organization help keep clutter at bay and homes neat.

Invest Strategically

Not all home upgrades are worth the investment. Jasmine recommends putting renovation dollars where they will pay off most in enhanced functionality and enjoyment of your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces often provide the best return. Focus on improvements that suit your needs rather than overimproving.

Take Care of Curb Appeal

An exterior update can dramatically boost a home’s aesthetic. Jasmine suggests painting the front door a striking color, adding charming landscaping, installing upscale lighting, and refinishing or replacing the front porch. Curb appeal changes don’t have to be costly. A refreshed exterior gives guests a great first impression.

Hire the Right Contractor

Hiring a qualified, competent contractor prevents headaches and delays, says Jasmine. Vet potential contractors thoroughly and read reviews. Ensure the contractor has experience with projects similar to yours. Confirm they are properly licensed and insured. Starting with the right pro facilitates a smooth renovation.

Jasmine Roth’s renovation philosophy centers around creating highly functional, family-friendly homes tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle. Her keen eye for blending old and new gives homes warmth and character. Jasmine’s advice provides helpful guidance for any homeowner taking on their own renovation journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jasmine Roth’s Renovation Advice

What is Jasmine Roth best known for?

Jasmine Roth is best known for hosting HGTV’s home renovation show Help! I Wrecked My House. She is especially renowned for her charming farmhouse style that artfully blends modern and vintage elements.

What should you focus on when looking for renovation inspiration?

Jasmine advises looking at your own day-to-day lifestyle for renovation inspiration rather than temporary trends. Evaluate how your family lives in the home and consider upgrades that would enhance your hobbies, entertaining, and activities.

Why does Jasmine recommend blending old and new elements?

Jasmine often pairs existing vintage details like hardwood floors with new contemporary finishes because it gives a home character. This strategy makes spaces feel fresh yet warm and lived-in.

How can opening up floor plans improve a home?

Removing walls to connect living spaces improves flow for entertaining and brings the family together. Open floor plans also make rooms appear larger and feel more inviting.

Where is adding color most effective?

Jasmine recommends infusing color through small flourishes like accent walls, artwork, pillows and accessories. Pops of color keep rooms from feeling bland and inject personality.

Why is upgrading outdoor living space worthwhile?

Maximizing outdoor living areas by adding square footage, overhead cover, and built-ins extends the home’s livable footprint. Enhanced patios become extensions of the interior.

What’s the benefit of designing multifunctional rooms?

Creative use of space like a laundry room that doubles as a pantry adds functionality. Multipurpose rooms cater efficiently to homeowners’ needs, especially in smaller homes.

How does lighting affect a renovation?

Proper lighting creates ambiance and illuminates a home’s best features. Jasmine recommends layering multiple light sources including accent lighting and overhead fixtures.

Where should you add storage in older homes?

Jasmine likes tucking away customized storage such as built-ins and pantries wherever possible. Storage helps keep clutter hidden and homes neat.

What upgrades are most worthwhile?

Kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces often provide the best return on investment. Jasmine suggests focusing renovation dollars on areas you will enjoy and use most.

How can you improve curb appeal?

Refreshing exterior details like front porch refinishing, yard landscaping, exterior paint, and upgraded lighting improves streetside appearance and gives guests a quality first impression.

Why hire the right contractor?

Vetting contractors thoroughly prevents problems and delays down the road. An experienced, reputable pro will deliver quality workmanship and facilitate a smooth renovation.


Jasmine Roth’s renovation advice stems from her years of experience transforming lackluster properties into inviting family homes on HGTV. Her focus on creating highly functional spaces tailored to homeowners’ real lifestyles has earned her a widespread fanbase. Jasmine’s tips for blending old and new elements, opening up floor plans, adding strategic color, maximizing outdoor areas, and repurposing rooms provide inspiration for homeowners’ own renovations. Her savvy recommendations demonstrate how upgrades like improved lighting, hidden storage, curb appeal changes, and hiring the right contractor contribute to a successful project. Jasmine Roth provides endless inspiration for crafting personalized, beautiful dream homes.