Grandmillennial Kitchen Ideas – 10 Homey Looks That Are Right On Trend

The grandmillennial style is taking kitchen design by storm. This nostalgic trend combines vintage appeal with modern convenience for a look that feels fresh yet familiar. If you love all things timeless and cozy, a grandmillennial kitchen could be right for you.

Below are 10 inspiring grandmillennial kitchen ideas to help you create a space that is equal parts charming, functional and on-point for today. From color palettes to layouts and key decor touches, these homey designs will spark ideas for your own grandmillennial-style cooking space.

What is the Grandmillennial Style?

Before diving into the key elements that define grandmillennial kitchens, let’s look at what this trendy style is all about.

The term “grandmillennial” was coined to describe spaces that blend:

  • Vintage inspired design – Think turn-of-the-century and early 1900s influences. Details reminiscent of your grandmother’s era.
  • Modern conveniences and functionality – While a grandmillennial space feels nostalgic, it also has all the amenities of a contemporary kitchen.
  • Timeless aesthetic – The look transcends trends and eras for an appeal that lasts.

The grandmillennial style is also sometimes called the “granny chic” look. But while it calls on retro influences, the grandmillennial style feels fresh and current versus dated.

This design movement first gained momentum in home decor and furniture. It has now extended to the heart of the home with Instagram-worthy grandmillennial kitchens. Keep reading for the definitive guide to creating this cozy aesthetic for your culinary space.

Elements of Grandmillennial Kitchen Design

What are the key ingredients that set grandmillennial kitchens apart? From layout to cabinetry to colors and materials, there are a few signature touches that define the look.


  • Cozy and compartmentalized – Grandmillennial kitchens tend to feel snug versus sprawling. Different zones are broken up for a compartmentalized look.
  • Practical workflow – While scaled-down, grandmillennial kitchens are still designed with workflow in mind. The layout allows for easy prep, cooking and clean-up.
  • Vintage touches – Details like an apron-front sink, glass-front cabinetry and butcher block countertops evoke past eras.


  • Soft and muted – Pastels, washed wood tones, and earthy neutrals align with the nostalgic grandmillennial aesthetic. White and antique wood finishes also feel right at home.
  • Accented colors – Pops of retro hues like sage green, light yellow or robin’s egg blue provide character without overwhelming.


  • Painted or natural wood – Cabinets are often painted in soft hues like cloud white or antique wood tones. Unpainted wood cabinets also suit the vintage-inspired look.
  • Glass-front uppers – Glass-front upper cabinets allow for displaying cherished dishware in a neat, decorative way. This is a signature grandmillennial kitchen feature.
  • Wood or tile backsplash – A backsplash of ceramic tile or wood provides texture and protects painted cabinetry from cooking mess.
  • Vintage hardware – Ornate glass knobs, brass pulls and antique-style handles provide nostalgic flair.


  • Butcher block – Wood butcher block countertops are right at home in a grandmillennial kitchen, lending warmth and cottage character.
  • Marble or granite – For a more luxurious touch, marble, granite or quartz counters with pretty veining add elegance.
  • Vintage ceramic tile – Retro-inspired ceramic tile like hexagons or subway shapes make a fun countertop material option.


  • Hardwood planks – Wood strip flooring calls to mind older homes and suits the vintage style beautifully.
  • Classic tile patterns – Intricate tiles like checkerboard, herringbone, or geometric designs are an elegant flooring choice.
  • Vintage-look vinyl – Vinyl planks mimicking painted wood or tile have the charm of the real thing but are lower maintenance.


  • Pendant lights – Hanging pendant lights, like a retro globe fixture over the sink, provide both illumination and character.
  • Sconces – Wall-mounted sconces lend a traditional look while eliminating clutter. They work well flanking windows or the range.
  • Brass accents – Brass light fixture finishes align with the grandmillennial palette and add a glam touch.

Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

  • Vintage-style range – An ornate pro-style range with antique-inspired details is perfect for grandmillennial cooking spaces.
  • Apron-front sink – This farmhouse-style sink covered with a panel front calls to mind prior eras and adds charm.
  • Brass fixtures – The warm glow and elegance of brass fixtures, like the faucet, mesh well with this nostalgic style.

10 Inspiring Grandmillennial Kitchen Design Ideas

Now that you know the key design elements, it’s time to look at grandmillennial kitchens in action! The examples below run the gamut from modern interpretations to full-on granny chic transformations. Find ideas and inspiration to make vintage design details work in your own space.

1. Soft Green and White Beauty

This kitchen designed by deVOL Kitchens beautifully captures the grandmillennial aesthetic. Robin’s egg blue-green lower cabinets and glass-front uppers provide vintage flair. While calm white countertops, walls and ceiling keep the space feeling light and inviting.

Touches like the carved wood corbels supporting the range hood, the painted brick backsplash and the arched nook with glass-front cabinetry up top all align with grandmillennial style. Modern Updates like the stainless steel appliances and pendant lighting blend seamlessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Combining soft pastel lower cabinets with white uppers allows color without overwhelm.
  • Mixing painted brick, wood and marble provides depth and texture.
  • Carved wood corbels and an arched recess lend character and dimension.

2. Antique Accents

This kitchen is a study in how to tastefully blend old and new. The base white cabinetry keeps things neutral and light, while the glass upper cabinets neatly display dishware. Butcher block counters evoke an older era, as do the farmhouse sink and painted brick backsplash.

Vintage-inspired touches include the wall-mounted pot rack, distressed wood cutting boards, antique-style lighting and pretty blue ceramic tiles. Modern stainless appliances, mirrors and pops of greenery balance out the look.

Key Takeaways:

  • Integrating antique-inspired accessories creates an authentic grandmillennial vibe.
  • Open shelving, butler’s pantries and glass-front cabinets keep items visible yet tidy.
  • Strategically placed greenery prevents an overly cluttered look.

3. Chic and Modern Grandmillennial

This kitchen design is a contemporary take on the trend. Crisp white cabinets contrast beautifully with natural wood butcher block counters and a statement-making green backsplash. The wood-topped peninsula adds warmth and ties into the hardwood flooring.

Vintage inspirations like the wall-mounted utensil rack, glass-front cabinets, brass accents and retro lighting play up the eclectic charm. Open shelving, a marble-topped baker’s rack and arched windows retain a cottage vibe.

Key Takeaways:

  • A dark-stained peninsula grounds the white cabinetry and adds contrast.
  • Fun backsplash tile in a retro mint green hue provides personality.
  • Minimalist touches like open shelving keep the look feeling modern.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Charm

This cozy kitchen embraces the vintage farmhouse spirit of the grandmillennial style. Weathered wood cabinets and open shelving exude rustic appeal. The ceramic farmhouse sink, brass fixtures and penny tile backsplash boost the old-fashioned aesthetic.

Plenty of charm-filled accents create a homey feel – from the plate racks to the wall hooks and vintage-style lighting. Crisp white countertops and modern stainless appliances inject brightness and balance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visible collections, like plates or mugs, make for an authentic look and easy access.
  • Rough wood mixed with clean white keeps the rustic vibe refined versus cluttered.
  • Ample windows and light fixtures combat potential dimness from dark cabinetry.

5. Glossy Grandmillennial Glam

This kitchen proves grandmillennial style can also have a touch of glamour. The glossy cabinetry in dreamy retro hues instantly catches the eye. Contrasting marble countertops and brass finishes add elegance.

The ornate glass pendant lighting, carved wood corbels and arched windows lend vintage visual interest. An apron-front sink, corner glass cabinet and dainty backsplash tile reinforce the old-world charm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Glossy cabinetry in an unexpected pale yellow hue modernizes the retro vibe.
  • Marble countertops inject luxury while the charming tile backsplash keeps the mood playful.
  • Carved corbels supporting the thick countertops ground the space and provide architectural detail.

6. Modern Farmhouse Blend

This airy kitchen artfully blends modern farmhouse style with grandmillennial details for the best of both worlds. Crisp white cabinetry called to mind traditional farmhouses, while glass-front uppers and brass accents add granny-chic personality.

The marble-topped island, ornate lighting and elevated brick backsplash recall past eras, as does the carved corbel range hood. Open shelving introduces vintage charm to the streamlined space.

Key Takeaways:

  • White cabinetry provides a light and neutral base to layer in colorful accents.
  • Floating shelves create visible storage that feels fresh yet functional.
  • Elevated brick backsplash adds texture and ties into the exposed brick wall charm.

7. Vintage Industrial Edge

The industrial edge of this kitchen gets softened up with grandmillennial and farmhouse touches for the perfect contrast. Exposed brick, wood beams and pendant lighting nod to industrial cool.

Yet the marble and wood countertops, glass-front cabinetry, ceramic farmhouse sink and brass finishes dial up the homespun charm. Open shelving introduces a cottage kitchen vibe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mixing wood, marble, brick and glass adds eclectic depth.
  • Brick walls retain the raw warehouse aesthetic while the cabinets and details refine it.
  • Floating shelves suit the sleek industrial style while displaying collections.

8. Retro Color Pop

Sage green cabinetry serves as a bold backdrop for all the grandmillennial design details in this kitchen. The glass-front cabinets lined with brass trim provide retro storage for dishware.

An ornate range hood, distressed wood open shelving and ceramic butcher block cart reinforce the vintage personality. Marble counters, subway tile and brass lighting balance the look with timeless elegance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sage green lower cabinets make a vibrant statement against crisp white uppers.
  • Marble counters and backsplashes inject subtle yet upscale contrast.
  • Mobile butcher block islands maximize workspace and provide character.

9. Rustic Wood Paradise

Wood takes center stage in this nature-inspired grandmillennial kitchen. The beautiful butcher block countertops pair with exposed wood beams and cabin-esque ceilings. Open shelving shows off stoneware while contributing to the cozy vibe.

Touches of black, like the windows and hardware, smartly temper the abundance of wood. The arched brick alcove, vintage lighting pendants and dainty tiling provide just enough retro detail.

Key Takeaways:

  • Black window frames contrast beautifully with the warm woodgrain cabinetry.
  • Exposed wood ceilings enhance the rustic-chic personality.
  • Brick archways define different functional zones in a stylish way.

10. Sophisticated Grandmillennial

This gorgeous kitchen masterfully embraces a modern grandmillennial aesthetic. The light and airy palette of white cabinetry and marble counters balanced by wood adds brightness. A statement brass hood and vintage pendant lights provide pops of trendy warmth.

The marble subway backsplash, built-in chopping block and abundance of windows reinforce the timeless appeal. Glass-front cabinetry lined with brass trim neatly displays dishware collections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marble counters, backsplashes and angled inserts create elegant workspace zones.
  • Plentiful windows, mirrors and glass cabinets contribute to the airy ambiance.
  • Wood chopping blocks at the center island are distinctly grandmillennial in appeal.

Achieving Your Ideal Grandmillennial Kitchen

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to infusing your kitchen with charming grandmillennial design. Just remember to blend elements like:

  • Vintage touches – Apron-front sinks, glass-front cabinets, ceramic tile, brass accents and ornamental lighting.
  • Modern functionality – A layout for easy prep and clean-up along with sturdy counters and convenient appliances.
  • Cozy color schemes – Soothing hues like white and wood tones with occasional pops of retro colors like sage green, robin’s egg blue or buttery yellow.
  • Quality materials – Timeless and long-lasting choices like marble, granite, butcher block and ceramic.
  • Nostalgic accessories – Plate racks, utensil racks, cutting boards, glass canisters, baker’s racks and framed photos.

By thoughtfully combining history-inspired details with up-to-date finishes and layouts, you can craft a grandmillennial kitchen that stands up to daily use while feeling uniquely homey. This trend is sure to bring loads of character and charm into your cooking space for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grandmillennial Kitchens

What are the key features of a grandmillennial kitchen?

The signature features of grandmillennial kitchen design include:

  • Glass-front upper cabinets to display heirloom dishware
  • An apron-front or farmhouse-style sink
  • Vintage lighting pendants like brass or globe fixtures
  • Painted or distressed wood cabinetry
  • Butcher block, marble or ceramic tile countertops
  • Pops of retro colors like robin’s egg blue or sage green
  • Antique details like brass pulls or carved wood trims

What colors work well in a grandmillennial kitchen?

Popular grandmillennial color schemes include:

  • Soft whites or antique wood cabinetry offset with pops of retro pastels
  • All-white kitchens with accents of brass, wood and marble
  • Sage green or robin’s egg blue paired with white uppers and brass accents
  • Vintage color combos like yellow and blue or pink and red

What flooring options suit the grandmillennial style?

Perfect flooring choices include:

  • Hardwood planks, especially oak or maple stained a natural tone
  • Vintage-inspired tile patterns like checkerboard, geometric shapes or herringbone
  • Cement tile that mimics encaustic ceramic or terrazzo
  • Distressed wood-look vinyl planks in neutral blonde or gray washed tones

How do I add character to a modern grandmillennial kitchen?

Character-building touches can include:

  • Floating shelves or cubbies to display heirloom china and accessories
  • An oversized statement lighting fixture as a focal point
  • Carved wood details like corbels, trim or range hood covers
  • Panel, shaker or glass-front cabinet doors for dimension
  • Marble, granite or butcher block surfaces for natural texture
  • An architectural feature like an arched window or brick alcove


The grandmillennial style is taking kitchen design world by storm thanks to its skillful blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. By following the tips and ideas in this article, you can craft your own dreamy and distinctly cozy grandmillennial cooking space.

From softly painted cabinets to marble counters, butcher block islands, and brass accents, the options for infusing granny chic style into your kitchen are endless. Focus on a light and airy feel, eclectic mix of materials and nostalgic details tailored to your home.

With its timeless aesthetic and focus on family gathering spaces, the grandmillennial kitchen is sure to provide a warm, welcoming hub for years to come. Embrace this trend to create a cooking space that feels comfortingly familiar yet right at home in today’s world.