Girls Bathroom Ideas Cute Bathroom Designs for Little Princess

Designing a bathroom for your little princess can be an exciting and rewarding experience. As a parent, you want to create a space that your daughter will absolutely love and feel comfortable in. The key is choosing a design that is both cute and functional – after all, the bathroom should be practical as well as beautiful.

When planning a girls’ bathroom, it’s important to think about your child’s personality and interests. Do they love certain colors, animals, characters? Incorporating these details into the décor will help the space feel special. You’ll also want to select fixtures and materials that are durable and easy to clean. With girls’ bathrooms, you need to account for years of use!

From color palettes to storage solutions, here are some of the best girls’ bathroom ideas and cute designs to create an enchanting space your little princess will adore:

Choosing a Color Scheme

One of the first decisions will be choosing an overall color scheme. Color has a huge impact on the look and feel of a bathroom. For a girls’ bathroom, you’ll likely want to use soft, feminine colors as the backdrop. Here are some cute and popular color scheme options to consider:

Soft Pastels

Pastel colors like baby pink, mint green, and creamy yellow are classic choices for a girls’ bathroom. These soft hues feel whimsical and delicate. Accenting with white fixtures and accessories will prevent the pastels from feeling overwhelming. Painting the upper walls a lighter tone and the lower walls a bit darker can also create a soothing effect.

Bold and Vibrant

While pastels are common, don’t be afraid to use bolder shades too! Primary colors like red, blue and yellow bring great energy. Or try vibrant hues like fuchsia, turquoise and lime green. These fun colors are youthful and cheery. Just be strategic with placement so the room doesn’t feel too loud. Bold colors often work best on accents.

Pretty Patterns

In addition to paint, don’t forget about wallpaper! From polka dots to florals, patterned wallpaper can make a strong style statement. Opt for small-scale prints to keep things classy. Install wallpaper on a single accent wall, inside wall recesses or on the ceiling. This prevents pattern overload.

Black and White

A black and white color palette may seem nontraditional, but it can be chic and classic. Pair black-and-white checkered tile floors with white cabinets and black countertops, for example. Then use pink towels or art for a pop of color. This sophisticated color scheme works well as girls get older.

Selecting Bathroom Materials

The materials you choose for the bathroom flooring, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures and hardware will impact the overall look and durability. Here are some attractive options suitable for girls:

Playful Tile

Tile is a great material for bathroom floors and walls. The sleek, wipe-clean finish makes it practical. But tile also comes in so many fun patterns, shapes, colors and textures! Pink mosaic tile, metallic penny tile, and retro black-and-white checkerboard tile all make artistic statements.

Chic Wallpaper

As mentioned, don’t overlook wallpaper. A bold floral print or whimsical motif transforms walls into a work of art. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to make covering an accent wall quick and easy.

Painted Cabinets

Wood cabinets offer a traditional look, but painting them kicks up the cute factor! Any color goes, but semi-gloss paint in a soft shade is a nice pairing. For artistry, brush lighter paint on the inside backs and paint the exterior a bolder color.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are ideal for girls’ bathrooms. Made from crushed stone and resin, these engineered stone counters have an elegant look with all the durability and zero maintenance of granite. The lightly marbled pattern hides imperfects. And quartz comes in light, bright hues like pink, white and gray.

Metallic Fixtures

Brass and gold fixtures bring glamour to a bathroom. Consider gold faucets, drawer pulls, hooks, showerheads and lighting fixtures. A little metallic goes a long way, so stick to one or two types of hardware. Mixing metals looks messy.

Furniture and Storage Solutions

Making the most of available storage is crucial for keeping girls’ bathrooms tidy. At the same time, you want furnishings to be minimal and sized appropriately. Here are some great options:

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity mounted to the wall is a space-saving option. The minimal design prevents a bulky look. Coordinate drawers and cabinets that are appropriately sized for girls’ toiletries and other items. When floating, a vanity should be 24-30 inches tall.

Open Shelving

Display keepsakes and accessories on open shelves mounted on the wall. This adds visual interest and easy access. Floating shelves with ledges work perfectly for holding bins and baskets. Open cubbies also provide a place to store extra towels.

Tiered Storage

Multi-level storage solutions maximize vertical space. Tiered shelving, hanging wall units and over-toilet étagères all double storage capacity. These organizational solutions prevent clutter on the vanity and floor.

Fun Containers

The little details matter! Use patterned bins, baskets and matching canisters to hold bathroom essentials. Pretty glass jars filled with cotton balls and Q-tips add style to a vanity. Monogrammed towels folded in colorful crates give a personal touch.

Beautiful Bathroom Décor

From lighting to artwork, decorative accents provide the finishing touches that make a girls’ bathroom special. Have fun with these ideas:

Whimsical Lighting

Chandeliers instantly glam up a bathroom. Check out the selection of fun, youthful chandeliers available today – from crystal butterflies to colorful daisy shapes. Or try sconce lighting placed at kid height along the vanity.

Frame-worthy Mirrors

An elegant mirror makes a big impact above a vanity. Choose unique frame shapes like ovals, stars or flowers. Paint or wallpaper the frame to coordinate. Surround mirrors with accent lighting for a beautiful glow.

Meaningful Art

Make it personal by displaying framed art or photos of your princess. Botanical prints, ballerina paintings and fashion sketches all work well. Arrange art in groupings of varying sizes above the toilet or tub.

Special Touches

Look for special accessories to finish off your girls’ bathroom. A monogrammed bathmat, delicate curtains, a ceramic soap dispenser, fresh flowers and a cute wastebasket all add those final loving details.

Incorporating Themes and Interests

One of the most fun parts of designing a girls’ bathroom is incorporating your child’s special interests. Themes customize the space just for them.

Pretty Pastels with Flowers and Butterflies

This ultra-feminine theme has soft pastels paired with floral and butterfly accents. Paint the walls a sweet color like blush pink or lilac. Add flower details with wallpaper, shower curtains, art prints and area rugs. Butterfly-shaped mirrors, hooks and drawer hardware add whimsy.

Under the Sea Mermaids

For mermaid lovers, an underwater fantasy theme brings the magic of the ocean. Use greens and blues on the walls and a mosaic tile mermaid mural. Accents like shell-shaped sinks, starfish artwork, and netted shower curtains reinforce the ocean concept.

Tutus and Ballerinas

For a budding ballerina, include ballerina silhouettes, photos of dancers, and quotes about dance. Framed ballet slippers or a barre attached to the wall add fun touches. Pink and white with black accents keep this look elegant.

Unicorns and Rainbows

This colorful theme is pure fantasy with pastel walls, rainbow mirrors, unicorn art prints and sparkly accessories. Paint a rainbow mural and display playful ceramic unicorns. This cheery theme celebrates imagination.

The most important tip when designing a bathroom for girls is to reflect your child’s unique personality and interests. This transforms an ordinary bathroom into a place they love spending time. Collaborate on the design together for an end result you both adore.

Common Questions about Designing Girls Bathrooms

Designing a stylish yet functional bathroom for a little girl can certainly raise lots of questions for parents. Here are some frequently asked questions along with the key information you need:

How do I choose fixtures that are sized appropriately for my daughter?

Go for petite proportions when selecting sinks, toilets, tubs and other fixtures. Look for alcove tubs in 5 ft lengths, narrow vanities (24-30 inches wide), and sinks with vessel, oval or petite round shapes. Wall-mount faucets also take up less space. Be sure to involve your daughter in test-driving sinks and toilets for comfort.

What type of flooring works best in girls’ bathrooms?

Tile, vinyl plank and linoleum sheet flooring are all great water-resistant options. Choose textured tile with grout to help prevent slips. Vinyl plank floors now offer elegant stone and wood looks that are very realistic. Sheet floors like Marmoleum have solid colors or fun patterns.

How can I add storage without cluttering the space?

Take advantage of vertical space above and below the vanity with open shelving and tiered storage pieces. Wall units with cabinets and shelves blend storage and display. Recessed niches in the shower provide shelving. Space-saving solutions like floating vanities and over-toilet cabinets are key.

What colors and themes are best for tween or teen girls’ bathrooms?

Tweens and teens often gravitate toward bold colors and patterns. Black and white combos, punchy brights, sophisticated metallics, and geometric or nature prints appeal. Incorporate their current interests with wall decals and accessories. Provide space to display meaningful keepsakes as well.

Should I avoid certain materials with messy kids in mind?

Porcelain tile, quartz or solid surface counters, granite composite sinks, and semigloss cabinet paints are all durable, stain-resistant options. Stay away from light carpeting, upholstered furniture, unsealed grout, delicate wallpaper or fussy fabrics that require frequent cleaning.

What type of lighting works well in a girls bathroom?

Opt for lighting that provides both ambiance and ample task lighting. Flushmount ceiling fixtures give overall illumination. Sconces flanking the mirror provide vanity lighting. Color-changing LEDs add fun. For bath time, waterproof pot lights in the shower or tub surround prevent shadows.

Designing the perfect bathroom for your princess is exciting. Keep these tips in mind as you plan a space that is both cute and functional. Focus on your daughter’s interests, include plenty of storage, select durable materials, and add unique décor she’ll love. With the right elements, her bathroom can become a place she truly enjoys spending time in.

Girls Bathroom Ideas Cute Bathroom Designs for Little Princess

10 Ideas to Create a Whimsical Girls’ Bathroom

Girls’ bathroom designs require a delicate balance between stylish and whimsical. You want to indulge her imagination while still keeping the space clean and practical. Here are 10 ideas for adding playful style:

1. Paint an Accent Wall a Bold Color

Add flair with one brightly colored wall. Try fuchsia, turquoise, lime or any vivid hue she loves. Keep other walls neutral to prevent sensory overload.

2. Use Wallpaper to Make a Statement

Wallpaper transforms walls into a work of art. Choose patterns like polka dots, flowers, butterflies or damask prints in soft palettes.

3. Display Collections on Floating Shelves

Show off all those treasures! Floating shelves mounted at kid height provide a perfect perch for framed photos, ceramic figurines, shells and more.

4. Add Unexpected Prints and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix prints like florals, geometrics and animal motifs. Repeating colors pulls the look together. Add patterns to towels, shower curtains and rugs.

5. Incorporate Specialty Lighting

Look for chandeliers and sconces with shapes like flowers, birds or butterflies. Color-changing LEDs add ambiance. Make sure lighting is practical for tasks too.

6. Pick Youthful Bathroom Fixtures

From the faucets to the sink and tub, select petite proportions sized for kids. There are lots of options with bright colors and cute shapes.

7. Use Whimsy in the Details

The accessories make the room! Display ceramic figurines, monogrammed towels, decorative soaps and bins in favorite colors.

8. Show Photos and Artwork of Her Passions

Frame special drawings, paintings, posters and photos featuring her current interests. Arrange a gallery wall saluting her hobbies.

9. Add a Pops of Color with Accessories

Cute wastebaskets, organizers, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders in her favorite bright colors add vibrancy.

10. Incorporate Theme Decals and Murals

Decals of flowers, birds and butterflies add sweetness when applied to walls, borders or furniture. Murals portray underwater scenes, forests or ballerinas.

With a little creativity and style, your girl’s bathroom can be a space both of you enjoy!

10 Ways to Include Storage in a Small Girls’ Bathroom

One of the biggest challenges in designing girls’ bathrooms is fitting in adequate storage without taking up valuable space. Here are 10 smart storage solutions to try:

1. Add Floating Shelves

Mount floating shelves vertically to store folded towels and decorative bins. Stagger shelves at different heights for a fun look.

2. Use Over-the-Toilet Storage

An over-toilet cabinet or étagère takes advantage of unused space. Store extra TP and toiletries up high.

3. Install Wall-Mount Bathroom Cabinetry

Cabinets mounted vertically on the wall, like above the toilet, maximize space. Door cabinets keep items concealed but accessible.

4. Choose a Slender Vanity

Opt for a narrow vanity around 24-30 inches wide. This prevents the vanity from dominating. Keep the look light with a floating style.

5. Build Custom Storage Cubbies

Take advantage of awkward nooks and crannies by adding custom-built cubbies for tucking away necessities.

6. Use Jars and Bins for Display

Clear canisters and patterned bins corral bathroom supplies while contributing décor.

7. Hang Cabinets Above Washer/Dryer

Make use of the area above appliances for extra storage. Cabinets keep items out of sight but handy.

8. Add a Slim Storage Tower

A narrow shelving unit in the corner or beside the vanity neatly holds folded towels, toiletries and toys.

9. Try Under-Sink Organizers

Slide-out trays, stacked drawers and multi-tier pull-out cabinets keep cabinet insides orderly.

10. Incorporate Baskets

Woven baskets offer an attractive way to hold extra TP, bath toys, and other odds and ends. They can slide under fixtures to tuck out of sight.

With clever storage hacks, you can create a bathroom oasis for your girl even in tight quarters.

16 Decorative Touches that Personalize a Girls’ Bathroom

The decorative accents you choose are what make a girls’ bathroom truly special. Here are 16 lovely touches to give the space personality:

1. Framed ‘This Belongs to’ Sign

A personalized sign with her name establishes it as her very own space.

2. Monogrammed Towels

Monogrammed towels add a special flair to bath time. Opt for hand or bath-sheet sizes in her favorite colors.

3. Flower or Butterfly Mirrors

Fanciful mirror shapes like flowers, butterflies and hearts add whimsy above the vanity.

4. Jewelry Hooks

Whimsical hooks representing flowers, butterflies or ballerinas hold necklaces neatly.

5. Ceramic Accessories

Soap dispensers, trays and tumblers in cute shapes bring personality to sinks.

6. Patterned or Colorful Bathmats

Bathmats make a lively style statement on the floor. Opt for bright hues, stripes, or florals.

7. Framed Photos and Artwork

Capture special memories in photos and artwork of family, friends and pets.

8. Wastebasket with Flair

Even wastebaskets can be fun! Choose a stylish shape or vibrant pattern.

9. Scented Candles

Candles infuse soothing scents like lavender or citrus. Opt for battery-operated flameless versions.

10. Tidy Makeup Organizer

A desktop caddy neatly corrals makeup brushes, lip gloss and other beauty essentials.

11. Towel Caddies

Freestanding towel racks in bright finishes add handy storage.

12. Pencil or Chalkboard Wall

Designate a space to write notes, draw and more. Use washable chalk paint or stickers.

13. Wall Decals

Decals featuring flowers, words or scenes add instant décor. Opt for removable types.

14. Coordinating Shower Curtain

Choose shower curtains that complement your color scheme.

15. Blooming Plants

Plants infuse fresh oxygen and green beauty. Opt for low-maintenance varieties like succulents or orchids.

16. Displayed Collections

Show off her treasures in grouped vignettes on shelves or windowsills.

With meaningful personal accents, you can design a girls’ bathroom that feels connected to her.

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