Game Room Ideas: Elegant Pool Tables & Cool Gaming Setups

A game room is the perfect place to unwind and have fun with family and friends. With elegant pool tables and cool gaming setups, you can create a stylish and entertaining space right at home. This comprehensive guide will provide tips and ideas for designing the ultimate game room with elegant pool tables, arcade machines, comfy seating, décor and more.

Choosing the Right Pool Table for Your Game Room

The centerpiece of any great game room is the pool table. With so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? Here are some factors to consider:

Size Matters

Make sure to measure the room first to find the ideal pool table size. Standard pool tables range from 7 feet to 9 feet long. For a truly luxurious game room, go for a full-size 9-foot table. But smaller game rooms can accommodate a 7-foot or 8-foot table. Also consider ceiling height, as you need ample overhead space for the pool cues.

Playing Surface

Slate, MDF (medium density fiberboard) and wood are common pool table playing surfaces. Slate is the most traditional and provides the truest ball roll. But MDF and wood are great lower-cost options. Wood playing surfaces come in stunning veneers like mahogany or cherry.

Design Styles

Game rooms should have personality! Pool tables come in modern, contemporary and classic looks. Modern tables have sleek straight lines and come in bold colors. For a contemporary style, choose curved legs and funky details. Classic designs feature wood accents and richer color tones.

Added Accessories

Look for a pool table with built-in accessories to enhance gameplay. Ball return systems, ball storage, and cue holders are very useful additions. Opt for leather pockets for a luxurious feel. Cupholders are a fun detail for keeping refreshments handy while playing.

Quality Craftsmanship

Focus on brands known for expert craftsmanship and high-grade materials like hardwoods and Italian slate. Be prepared to make an investment. Well-constructed tables can last for decades and become family heirlooms.

Creating a Refined, Sophisticated Look

A game room with an elegant pool table deserves an equally stylish interior design. Follow these tips to create a refined, sophisticated ambiance:

Use Warm, Inviting Hues

Rich color palettes make upscale game rooms feel special yet inviting. Deep red walls or emerald accents add drama. Neutral tones like beige and brown promote relaxation. Wood paneling and furniture also lend warmth.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Natural textures balance the sleek pool table lines. Stone and wood surfaces, raw-edge wood accents, and woven accessories make the space feel lush. Try a stone coffee table, reclaimed wood shelves, and jute area rugs.

Choose Posh Seating

Tufted leather sofas, wingback chairs and Chesterfield-style seating up the glam factor. Arrange the pieces in a cozy conversation area surrounding a fireplace or TV. Add plush pillows for comfort.

Display Tasteful Accessories

Curate a sophisticated look with mirrors, artwork, sculptures and unique decor. Opt for framed vintage maps, black-and-white photographs, and abstract metal sculptures. Use stylish table lamps and sconces for soft, ambient lighting.

Install Beautiful Light Fixtures

For serious elegance, install a sparkling chandelier centered above the pool table. Multiple pendant lights also provide drama. Add table and floor lamps for task lighting needs. Dimmers allow you to set just the right moody ambiance.

Outfitting Your Game Room Bar Area

What’s a game room without a well-stocked bar area? Design and outfit the space with these must-haves:

Mini Fridge

A compact refrigerator lets you store beer, wine, sodas, water and mixers chilled and within reach. Opt for a fridge with a freezer to store ice and frozen cocktail ingredients.

Wine Fridge

For wine connoisseurs, a temperature-controlled wine fridge is a must. Store whites and reds at proper serving temperatures. Built-in or freestanding models fit perfectly in the bar zone.

Cocktail Cabinetry

Built-in cabinets with glass doors elegantly show off glassware and barware. Include pull-out shelves and drawers for storing accessories out of sight. Use interior lighting to beautifully display cherished liquor bottles.

Bar Cart

For a mobile serving station, try a glam bar cart. Stylish metal and wood carts have wheels so you can roll the bar anywhere in the room. Store spirits, bitters, shakers and tools in the shelves below.

Ice Bucket

Keep ice on hand for cocktails and chilling beverages. Opt for a sturdy stainless steel bucket or a novelty one like a vintage galvanized model. Match your bar’s décor.


Stock up on go-to glasses like rocks, pilsner, wine and martini glasses. Add unique glasses for specialty cocktails like Moscow mule mugs. Opt for luxe cut-glass styles.

Bar Tools

Essentials include a wine opener, corkscrew, jigger, muddler, mixing spoons, cocktail shaker and strainers. Choose bar tools with a unified look for a pulled-together bar.

Designing Stylish, Functional Seating Areas

Comfort is key in a game room hangout. Plan out inviting seating areas so friends can socialize in style while others play pool or games.

Conversation Area

Group plush sofas, chairs and ottomans around a fireplace or entertainment center for a cozy conversation spot. Angle the furniture slightly toward each other to promote interaction.

Game Table Zone

Add a poker or game table with rolling leather chairs for a designated card and table game space. Position it under a pendant light. Nearby bookshelves hold board games, cards and accessories.

Bar Stools

At the bar zone, arrange counter-height or barstools on one side for casual seating. Opt for saddle-style upholstered seats for comfort. Leave the back side open for the bartender.

Lounge Seating

Set out a few chic lounge chairs like you would find in an upscale hotel lobby. Place the chairs near media screens or areas with views. Upholstered club chairs provide comfort.

Bleacher-Style Bench

An L-shaped or U-shaped bench flanking one wall provides stadium-inspired seating for spectators. Upholster the benches in leather for refinement. Include folding upholstered seats as well to maximize flexibility.

Creating Movie Night Ambiance

For an all-in-one entertainment space, incorporate a comfortable home theater setup:

Media Unit

Anchor the room with an media console or shelving unit to house the TV, stereo, streaming devices and gaming systems. Incorporate closed cabinets, shelves and media drawers.


Install a high-resolution flat screen television at a comfortable viewing height. Swivel mounts allow you to angle the TV towards seating areas as needed. Hide unsightly cords.

Surround Sound

Immersive surround sound transports you into the movie or music. Set up perimeter speakers and a subwoofer for impactful sound quality. Mount speakers or conceal them in built-ins.

Media Seating

Arrange plush sectionals, recliners and ottomans facing the television. Chaise lounges allow movie watchers to fully recline. Cupholders and side tables offer convenience.

Mood Lighting

Create a theater vibe with accent lighting like wall sconces, floor lamps and Edison bulbs. Blackout window shades allow for daytime viewings. Use smart bulbs to dim and change colors.

Popcorn Machine

For authentic movie theater treats, add an old-fashioned popcorn maker. Place it on the bar or on a rolling cart so the scent fills the space. Serve popcorn in retro cinema boxes.

Building Out Your Game Room Arcade

Bring the nostalgic fun of arcades and old-school gaming right into your game room.

Pinball Machines

These exciting classic games involve lights, action and skill. Look for restored vintage machines or modern digital versions. Themes range from bands to movies to fantasy worlds.

Arcade Cabinets

Relive arcade hits like PacMan, Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat and more. Cobble together a collection of 1 to 2 player stand-up machines and cocktail-style tables. Shop for restored classics or build your own.


Set the musical mood with a working vintage-style jukebox. Digital versions hold thousands of classic tunes and let you customize playlists. Display it on a retro bar area.

Skee Ball

Recreate midway magic with an authentic wooden Skee Ball machine. Rent regulation tournament-size alleys or opt for more compact home models. Hold family tournaments!

Air Hockey

For fast-paced head-to-head fun, an air hockey table is a must. Large rec room game spaces can accommodate regulation-size tables. There are bar top and tabletop versions as well.


Install a basketball arcade game like Pop-A-Shot to practice your hoops skills. Many feature electronic scoring and sounds just like the real games. Great for all ages!

Decorating with Nostalgic Game Room Décor

Infuse vintage vibes into your modern game room with memorabilia, signs and accessories:

Neon Signs

For an authentically retro arcade look, neon signs can’t be beat. Choose classic bar and diner signage or customized ones with your last name or fun phrases. Display game art as well.

Vintage Posters

Frame retro posters, advertisements and signage from classic films, bands, brands and travel destinations. eBay and flea markets are great resources for finding unique throwback art.

License Plates

Create eclectic art walls and displays using colorful vintage license plates. Ask friends and family to contribute plates from old cars and different states.

Novelty Lamps

Use whimsical lamps to inject personality. Opt for bowling pin lamps, retro table lamps and colorful billiard ball string lights. Pendant lights shaped like game pieces also look cool.

Movie Reels

For a Hollywood theme, prop old 35mm film reels on shelves and walls. Or display large lit-up theater marquees and vintage movie posters in bold frames.


If you have a favorite sport or team, showcase memorabilia like signed jerseys, balls and equipment in framed shadowboxes. Movie and music buffs can display ticket stubs and rare records as well.

Maximizing Storage for Game Room Accessories

A game room needs ample storage space for all the accessories and equipment. Try these ideas:

Cue Racks

Pool cues need proper storage when not in use. Wall-mounted racks elegantly display the cues at the ready. For extra security, opt for racks inside tall lockable cabinets.

Rack Shelving

Utilize wall space above machines and equipment for storage. Open rack shelving tidily holds boxes of board games, playing cards, playing accessories, sporting goods and more.


For concealed storage, built-in cabinetry is key. Include cabinets above the bar area, in media stands, and flanking the pool table. Equip with adjustable shelving, drawers, doors and racks.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans pull double duty as convenient tabletop seats and hidden storage units. Use square and cube ottomans to stash blankets, controllers, headphones and more out of the way. Lift-top models are very functional.


Vintage-style gym lockers introduce a fun retro theme while providing storage. Line them up along one wall to hold equipment for different games and activities. Use locks to keep items secure.

Tall Bookcases

Bookcases do more than just hold books! Use them to organize and attractively display items of all sizes. Try narrow bookcases flanking doors and openings to maximize every inch of space.

Maintaining Your Game Room

A game room sees lots of heavy use. Perform regular maintenance to keep it looking great and functioning properly for years to come.

Protect Playing Surfaces

Use pool table covers when not in play to shield from spills, dust and damage. Felt tops should be vacuumed before play. Keep drinks, food and candles away from game table surfaces.

Clean Equipment

Wipe down machines, TV screens, remote controls and accessories regularly to remove dirt, dust and grime that builds up through handling. Disinfect with electronics wipes occasionally.

Inspect for Damage

Routinely check for any damage including rips in upholstery, nicks in wood, loose legs or hinges, and wear and tear. Address issues right away to prevent further damage.

Replace Accessories

Replace items like torn felt, broken cues, worn dart flights and missing balls regularly so games operate properly and look their best. Keep backup supplies on hand.

Arrange Professional Service

Have pool tables professionally leveled every few years to prevent uneven wear. Technicians can also replace felt, cushions, babbit bearings and more. Ask about tune-ups for specialty game machines as well.

Stylish Game Room Inspiration

Need more ideas for creating your dream game room? Browse gorgeous game rooms showcasing elegant pool tables, cool bars, retro games and stylish finishes:

Masculine Black and Walnut Game Room

With moody black walls, rich walnut accents, a stone fireplace and a handsome oak pool table, this game room is pure elegance and refinement. Pendant lighting illuminates games while a stylish wet bar makes entertaining a breeze.

Bright Eclectic Game Room

This fresh game room features sunny yellow walls, colorful art, floral accents and vibrant furniture. A hot pink pool table and checkerboard floor amp up the playful vibe. Plentiful seating and a well-stocked bar encourage friends to linger.

Rustic Industrial Game Room

Exposed wood beams, galvanized metal finishes and distressed wood furniture give this space an on-trend industrial feel. A reclaimed wood bar with glass shelves and a sturdy wood slab game table make it highly functional as well.

Sophisticated Glam Game Room

With its shimmering chandelier, velvet sofa, marble accents and elegant wallpaper, this space brings sophisticated glamour to game night. The luxurious textures perfectly complement the clean-lined pool table anchoring the space.

Vintage Mid-Century Game Room

Mid-century details like globe pendant lighting, retro area rugs and distinctive Danish furniture give this game room a groovy vintage ambiance. Pops of orange enliven the sleek wood paneling and natural finishes. The bar keeps libations flowing.

Final Thoughts

Creating your dream game room is an exciting endeavor. With mindful planning and design choices, you can craft a space that beautifully accommodates elegant pool tables, arcade fun, media entertainment and stylish décor perfect for gatherings. Focus on quality furnishings and materials that will last for years. Most importantly, customize the room’s look, accessories and games around your lifestyle, tastes and hobbies. The end result will be a one-of-a-kind game room where family and friends will make memories for years to come.