Floating Bathroom Vanity Ideas Stylish & Functional Vanities

A floating vanity can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom remodel or new construction. Not only does a floating vanity provide a clean, modern aesthetic, but it also makes the space appear larger and airier. With the right floating vanity, you can maximize your bathroom storage and functionality while adding major style.

There are many advantages to choosing a floating bathroom vanity over a traditional vanity. For one, floating vanities don’t have legs, so they create an illusion of larger square footage in the bathroom. This makes even a small bathroom appear more expansive. Additionally, there is no bulky cabinetry on the floor, allowing for easier cleaning underneath and behind the vanity.

When it comes to storage, floating vanities often have larger drawers or cabinets than standard vanities, providing you with concealed storage space that is both functional and hidden. Standard plumbing can be easily incorporated into floating vanities, just as in traditional ones. Many homeowners also love that floating vanities have a lighter, airier look that makes bathrooms feel more relaxing and spa-like.

If you’re considering a new vanity for your bathroom, a floating vanity can be an excellent option. Here are some stylish and functional floating bathroom vanity ideas to inspire your remodel.

Choosing the Right Floating Vanity Style

When selecting a floating vanity, there are a few design factors to take into account to ensure it fits the style, storage needs, and layout of your bathroom.

Modern vs Traditional Styles

Floating vanities come in both modern and traditional styles. Modern floating vanities have a streamlined, minimalist look, often incorporating slab doors and drawers in materials like wood, glass, or lacquer. This style works well for contemporary bathroom designs.

Traditional style floating vanities have more ornate detailing, utilizing materials like marble, carved wood, or distressed metal for the doors and drawers. This classic look pairs nicely with vintage or Old World bath decor.

Vanity Shapes

In addition to style, consider the shape of your floating vanity. Rectangular vanities work well in long, narrow bathrooms. Square floating vanities maximize storage in a smaller footprint. Curved vanities can soften traditional bathroom layouts.

For small baths, a pedestal sink basins attached to the wall creates an ultra-sleek look. An asymmetric floating vanity with offset sink basins can add visual interest in a large bathroom.


Make sure to select a vanity size that fits both the dimensions and storage needs of your space. A good rule of thumb is to measure the length of your existing vanity and get one the same size or slightly smaller than what you currently have. Standard floating vanity sizes range from 24” to 72” wide.

Drawers vs Cabinets

Look for a floating vanity with enough cabinets or drawers to keep bathroom essentials organized but avoid choosing one with more storage than you need. Drawers are great for storing small items and daily use toiletries. Cabinets offer shelving for extra towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

Top Material

Floating vanity tops are available in materials like quartz, marble, granite, glass, acrylic, and ceramic. Each material provides different aesthetics, durability, and pricing. Quartz composite tops are lightweight but durable, making them a popular choice. Natural stone adds elegance but must be sealed regularly. Glass tops make a statement but scratch easily.


While optional, a backsplash is highly recommended to protect the wall behind a floating vanity from water damage. Tile, stone, glass, and metal backsplashes can complement your vanity style and be easily incorporated into the floating design.

33 Stylish Floating Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Now that you know what to look for in a floating vanity, here are 33 stylish and functional floating bathroom vanity ideas to inspire your next remodel.

1. Modern Floating Vanity with Walnut Cabinetry

This sleek modern floating vanity makes a statement with its contrasting marble top and rich walnut slab cabinet fronts. The wall-mounted design and clean lines give a minimalist look perfect for a contemporary bathroom refresh.

Photo Source: The Spruce

2. Floating Vanity with Hidden Open Shelving

This unique double floating vanity incorporates open shelving for displaying rolled towels and bathroom accents. The wall-mounted mirrored cabinets provide concealed storage. It’s a great vanity option for modern or transitional bathroom designs.

Photo Source: Pinterest

3. Rustic Wood Floating Vanity

The rich woodgrain and visible pipes on this floating vanity add rustic charm to this bathroom. Open shelving provides display space without compromising storage thanks to the stylish woven baskets.

Photo Source: Pinterest

4. Floating Vanity with Marble Herringbone Backsplash

This stunning marble and wood double floating vanity incorporates a chic marble herringbone backsplash. The wall-mounted design provides ample drawer storage while giving the illusion of more square footage.

Photo Source: Pinterest

5. White Floating Vanity with Glass Top

A sleek white floating vanity gets upgraded with a beautiful marble and gold glass countertop in this bright and airy bathroom. Open shelving adds handy display space in a small footprint.

Photo Source: Pinterest

6. Floating Vanity with Mirror Front Cabinets

Mirrored cabinet fronts give the illusion of extra space in bathrooms. This gray floating vanity uses the stylish look well, keeping essentials organized behind the sleek mirrored facades.

Photo Source: Pinterest

7. Bold Black Floating Vanity

Make a dramatic style statement with a dark floating vanity like this beautiful black design accented with gold hardware and sconces. The wall-mounted construction keeps the small space open and airy.

Photo Source: Pinterest

8. Floating Vanity with Trough Sink

This unique floating vanity pairs an angular wood cabinet with a modern concrete trough sink. Open shelving provides handy display space in a way that complements the spare, geometric vanity shape.

Photo Source: Pinterest

9. Rustic Wood Floating Vanity with Stone Top

The double stone basin top adds natural texture and elegance to this rustic wood floating vanity design. Built-in cubbies keep rolled towels and bathroom essentials organized while enhancing the charming farmhouse style.

Photo Source: Pinterest

10. Floating Vanity with Hidden Storage Cabinets

Maximize storage in a small bathroom with a floating vanity like this space-saving option. The sink cabinet remains open for an airier look while large wall cabinets adjoining the vanity provide concealed storage space.

Photo Source: Pinterest

11. Floating Corner Vanity

Take advantage of unused space with a corner floating vanity. The triangular shape fits perfectly, while open shelving keeps essentials organized without cramping the roomy feeling.

Photo Source: Pinterest

12. Double Floating Vanity with Shared Top

Get style and storage with this space-saving double floating vanity design. The shared solid surface top keeps the look cohesive, while the mix of open and closed cabinets provides decorative and concealed storage areas.

Photo Source: Pinterest

13. Modern White Floating Vanity

The sleek, minimalist lines on this white floating vanity allow it to blend seamlessly into the light and airy vibe of this spa-like bathroom. Abundant open shelving provides handy display space.

Photo Source: Pinterest

14. Floating Vanity with Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent walls complement the warm, organic look of floating vanities like this rustic design. Mirrored fronts give a spacious feel while the marble countertop elegance balances the charming distressed wood.

Photo Source: Pinterest

15. Concrete and Wood Floating Vanity

The matte gray finish of this concrete floating vanity contrasts beautifully with the organic look of the live edge wood accent wall. Open shelving keeps the roomy aesthetic while providing storage.

Photo Source: Pinterest

16. Bold Blue Floating Vanity

Make a colorful splash with a vibrant floating vanity like this matte navy blue stunner. Mirrored cabinets reflect light to make the small space feel open and airy.

Photo Source: Pinterest

17. Luxe Gold Floating Vanity

The glamorous look of this gold floating vanity makes a striking statement. Open shelving provides essential storage without detracting from the bold, shiny finish.

Photo Source: Pinterest

18. Double Sink Floating Vanity

Get ample storage and counter space for two with this practical and stylish double sink floating vanity. The wall-mounted cabinetry maximizes roominess in the bathroom.

Photo Source: Pinterest

19. Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanity

The rich wood grain and visible piping on this floating vanity add rustic charm to this updated bathroom. Cubbies keep rolled towels organized without looking cluttered.

Photo Source: Pinterest

20. Floating Vanity with Marble Top and Shelves

The sleek marble countertop and shapely open shelves add elegance to the minimalist look of this contemporary gray floating vanity. Mirrored fronts keep the modern vibe while concealing necessities.

Photo Source: Pinterest

21. Dark Floating Vanity with Open Shelving

The rich walnut finish of this floating vanity makes a stylish statement in this bathroom refresh. Generous open shelving provides storage for folded towels without detracting from the sleek, modern design.

Photo Source: Pinterest

22. Floating Vanity with Mirrored Cabinets

Built-in mirrored cabinets on this gray floating vanity bounce light around, making a small bathroom feel more spacious. Soft closing drawers keep essentials organized.

Photo Source: Pinterest

23. Modern Glass Floating Vanity

The combination of wood, glass, and marble on this floating vanity create a modern vibe perfect for contemporary bathrooms. Open shelves provide handy display space for accent pieces.

Photo Source: Pinterest

24. Rustic Double Sink Floating Vanity

Create a shared vanity space with this rustic double sink floating vanity. The reclaimed wood adds character that enhances the charming farmhouse style.

Photo Source: Pinterest

25. Floating Vanity with Hidden Storage

Conceal clutter while maintaining a light, minimalist look with a floating vanity with hidden storage like this option. Full extension drawers maximize the usable space.

Photo Source: Pinterest

26. Compact Corner Floating Vanity

Maximize space in a small corner powder room with a wall-mounted floating vanity like this space-saving pick. The pedestal sink adds modern minimalism.

Photo Source: Pinterest

27. Floating Vanity with Brass Accents

This white floating vanity gets a dose of glamour with the addition of brass accents on the hardware, mirror frame, and light fixtures. The mixed metals look lush against the crisp white cabinetry.

Photo Source: Pinterest

28. Wood Floating Vanity with Concrete Countertop

The matte finish and organic texture of this concrete countertop balances beautifully with the warmth of the wood cabinetry on this nature-inspired floating vanity.

Photo Source: Pinterest

29. Floating Vanity with Tray Ceiling

This unique floating vanity incorporates a tray ceiling with recessed lighting. The custom look makes a strong design statement in this contemporary bathroom refresh.

Photo Source: Pinterest

30. Bold Black Floating Vanity

Make a dramatic style statement with an all-black floating vanity like this contemporary pick. Sleek gold accents and modern sconces enhance the opulent effect.

Photo Source: