Fireplace Tile Ideas: Main Focal Point & Statement Maker

A fireplace can be the heart and soul of a home. It provides warmth, ambiance, and a welcoming gathering place for family and friends. Choosing the right fireplace tile can turn this functional fixture into an eye-catching design element and main focal point. With so many tile materials, colors, patterns and layouts to select from, the options may seem endless for making your fireplace a stunning statement maker in any room.

Factors to Consider for Fireplace Tiles

When selecting tiles for your fireplace, there are a few important factors to take into account:

Heat Tolerance

Tiles around a wood-burning fireplace need to be able to withstand intense heat. Natural stone like granite, marble or slate are good choices that can resist cracking. Porcelain or ceramic tiles rated for high temperatures are also very durable options.

Size of Tiles

Larger tile sizes can make a bolder statement around a fireplace. Standard sizes range from 12 x 12 inch squares to 24 x 24 inches or even larger format tiles. Just take scale into account so very large tiles don’t overwhelm a small fireplace.


From traditional brick to modern metallic, the tile design options are endless. Neutral colors work well as a backdrop, while bold colors or patterns can really make the fireplace a dramatic focal point.


Matte or honed surface finishes hide soot better than glossy tiles which can show smudges. A textured tile surface also hides imperfections.


Natural stone and mosaics tend to be more expensive than ceramic or porcelain. Factor this into your budget depending on the look you want to achieve.

Once you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to choose the perfect fireplace tile to make a bold statement in your home.

Fireplace Tile Ideas to Make a Beautiful Focal Point

Stacked Stone or Brick

A natural stacked stone or brick fireplace makes a timeless statement. Variegated colors of tumbled stone or thin brick provide texture and earthy warmth. For a contemporary look, oversized stacked stone tiles in neutral shades keep the style clean-lined.

Marble or Natural Stone

Marble tile gives an elegant, sculptural look to a fireplace surround. Honed white Carrara marble makes a subtle statement, while bold breccia or deep gray marbles command attention. Other natural stones like travertine or limestone offer organic texture.

Metallic Tiles

For serious drama, metallic tiles in copper, pewter or silver create a fireplace focal point. Oversized tin ceiling tiles or stainless steel patterns give an industrial vibe. Small mosaic sheets of metal tiles can form geometric, contemporary designs.

Patterned Tile

Make a bold style statement with vibrant patterned or hand-painted tile designs. Spanish-inspired decorative tiles called azulejos provide colorful impact. Vintage encaustic cement floor tiles also look striking on a fireplace wall.

Glass Mosaic

Tiny glass mosaic tiles reflect light beautifully on a fireplace wall for shine and sparkle. Choose various colored glass pieces or opt for a custom mosaic design. Keep the rest of the decor simple to let the mosaic make the maximum impact.

Rustic Wood Planks

For a cozy, rustic look, overlay a stone fireplace with reclaimed wood planks. This adds organic contrast and visual interest. You can also tile around the firebox with thin fire-rated bricks and apply wood planks on the outer hearth for a woodsy statement.

Fireplace Tile Layout Ideas

How you arrange the tile can be as important for the overall look as the tile itself. Explore these tile layout options to design your focal point fireplace:


The classic herringbone pattern has rows of rectangular tiles pointing in opposite directions for a timeless zig-zag design. This works well with any style, from modern to farmhouse.


For a dramatic effect, lay out tiles in a bold chevron pattern. The directional arrows draw the eye upward to make the fireplace more of a focal point.


Play with geometric shapes and patterns for a modern, sculptural look. Try staggered rectangles or interlocking circles and diamonds. Metallic tiles can reflect more light in intricate patterns.

Picture Frame Surround

Framing rectangular fireplaces with a border of decorative tile contains the design while still making it a focal point. Choose tile moulding or pillars for a traditional style.

Vertical Stacking

Running longer, vertically stacked tiles draws the eye up and adds height to balance out the horizontal fireplace opening. Subway tiles or planks work well.

Horizontal Layers

Different horizontal bands of stacked tile in varying widths can provide visual interest. Mix textures and colors for a more eclectic, hand-laid appearance.

Statement Backsplash

Instead of tiling the entire surround, just do a stunning backsplash as the focal feature. Vintage Moroccan patterns or colorful Spanish tiles make artistic splashes.

Mix and Match Fireplace Tiling Materials

Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix different tiles on your fireplace. Combining materials and textures leads to more unique focal points, like:

  • Brick firebox with stone surround
  • Marble tiles bordered with metal tile accents
  • Natural stone stacked veneer paired with wood beam mantel

Blending modern and traditional or rustic and polished styles can result in fireplaces with lots of personality. The key is choosing a mix of materials and colors that complement each other.

Creative Fireplace Tile Ideas

Think beyond basic tiles squares by playing with shape, layout and color. Here are some creative ways to make your tiled fireplace really stand out:

Overlay Organic Shapes

Cut tile pieces or sheet mosaic into organic shapes like leaves, clouds or abstract art designs. Layer these creatively over a tiled or stone backdrop.

Contrasting Tile Firebox

Tile the firebox itself for a pop of contrast. Make it bold with glossy black or bright orange tiles.

Add Inlay Designs

Highlight special decorative inlay tiles within surrounding field tiles. Geometric patterns, starbursts or floral inlays pop with contrast.

Feature Wall Designs

Expand tile from the fireplace to cover entire walls for a cohesive design statement. Create patterns with decorative tile accents.

Fireplace Tile Rug

Use stone or ceramic tiles cut into rug-like shapes to make a fun textured inset design around the fireplace.

Coordinating Hearth

Carry over fireplace tiles onto the hearth for a unified, custom look. Make it safer by using fire-resistant tiles.

With so many tile materials, colors, patterns and layouts possible, the options are virtually endless for creating a fireplace focal point that expresses your personal style. Get creative with innovative mixes and eye-catching designs to make your tiled fireplace a stunning centerpiece and statement maker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Tile Ideas

What kind of tile is safe to use around a fireplace?

Fire-resistant ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles are best for fireplace surrounds. Select tiles rated for high temperatures. Avoid flammable materials like vinyl.

Should I tile the entire wall around the fireplace?

It depends on the look you want. You can just tile the surround as a frame or expand tile across the whole wall for a bolder statement. Think about how it fits the room.

What tile colors look best on a fireplace?

Classic black or neutral tones blend well as backdrops. White tile makes a light, airy contrast. Bold colors like navy blue make the fireplace pop. Natural stone adds organic color.

Is it better to use matte or glossy tiles?

Matte, honed, or textured finishes hide soot better than glossy tiles. However, some like the reflective shine of polished marble or glass mosaic tiles. It’s an aesthetic choice.

Should I match the fireplace tile with floor tiles?

You don’t have to match, but using the same tile on the hearth and floors creates a unified flow. Just make sure floor tiles are slip-resistant.

How do I create a fireplace tile focal point?

Use bolder, larger-scale tiles in a statement shape or eye-catching pattern. Limit other decor and accessories near the fireplace so the tile design stands out.

What’s better for resale: neutral or bold tile?

Simple stone or brick styles appeal to more buyers. But make it personal if you’ll live there many years. Bold tile becomes a focal point only if it fits your style.

With the right tile choice, layout, and design you can easily transform your fireplace into a stunning focal point and bold style statement. Evaluate your needs, taste and budget and get creative blending patterns, textures and colors that reflect your personal vision. The options are limitless for fireplace tiles that attract attention and showcase your unique style.


A well-designed fireplace surrounded by eye-catching tile becomes a beautiful main focal point and captivating statement maker in any room. With so many options for tile materials, colors, sizes, layouts and creative designs, the possibilities are virtually endless. Choose heat-tolerant natural stone, porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles in sizes that complement your fireplace scale. Play with classic patterns like herringbone and chevron or opt for geometric mosaics or artistic motifs. Mix and match tiles and styles for a custom focal point fireplace that reflects your personality and enhances your living space with warmth, style and charm.