Farmhouse Kitchen with White Backsplash Add Clean Backdrop

A white backsplash can be the perfect way to add a clean, crisp backdrop to a farmhouse style kitchen. The simplicity and rustic charm of the farmhouse look blends beautifully with an all-white backsplash, creating a light and airy space that still has plenty of cozy character. In this article, we’ll explore ways to incorporate a white backsplash into your farmhouse kitchen design, from tile shapes and materials to clever ways to break up all that white. Read on for ideas and inspiration!

Selecting White Backsplash Materials for Farmhouse Style

When dreaming up your perfect farmhouse kitchen backsplash, there are a few material options to consider beyond basic white tile. Here are some of the most popular white backsplash tile ideas for achieving farmhouse flair:

White Subway Tile

The quintessential white tile for farmhouse kitchen backsplashes is the classic 3×6 subway tile. Subway tiles have been popular for the last couple decades thanks to their versatility and timeless appeal. Their elongated rectangular shape gives them a slightly vintage look, while their size makes them perfect for DIY installation. Use basic glossy white subway tiles or opt for subway tiles with subtle marbling or texture for added depth. Installing white subway tile in a brickwork pattern or herringbone design can add even more rustic farmhouse personality.

Carrara Marble Tile

For a luxe twist on the traditional farmhouse backsplash, turn to Carrara marble tile. Carrara marble is known for its soft white background and faint gray veining, lending organic beauty and subtle contrast to an all-white scheme. Opt for polished Carrara marble tiles or their pebbled counterpart for a bit more texture. Keep in mind that marble is softer and can stain, so this option may work better behind a cooking surface than directly behind or beside a heavy-use area.

White Beaded Board

Wood backsplashes can infuse traditional farmhouse warmth, but standard wood may be too dark or busy. White beaded board offers a lighter wood option, with a distinctive narrow, horizontal ridge design. Painted or raw, white beaded board can be easily installed as sheets or cut into plank tiles. The smooth white surfaces pair perfectly with common farmhouse finishes like stained wood counters and open shelving, while the visible grooves provide visual interest and dimension.

White Shiplap Planks

Similarly, broad white shiplap planks make a clean yet character-filled backsplash option. The subtle separation between planks creates line variation to break up an expansive white backsplash. Shiplap offers a more rugged, handcrafted look compared to the uniform finish of beaded board. For added texture, use lightly distressed reclaimed barn wood planks.

White Penny Tiles

Finally, consider white ceramic penny round tiles. Just like their name implies, penny tiles are small, round ceramic tiles, usually around 1-2 inches in diameter. Though tiny, their shapely design makes a serious style statement, mimicking the look of encaustic tiles at a more affordable price point. Penny tile backsplashes lend vintage farmhouse appeal, and when space them out on mesh sheets, they can be surprisingly DIY-friendly.

Backsplash Shape and Layout Ideas

Once you’ve settled on the perfect white backsplash tile or material, it’s time to think about arrangement. Backsplash shape and layout can make a big impact in a farmhouse kitchen. Here are some layout ideas to consider:

Stick with Simple Squares and Rectangles

Traditional square and rectangular layouts keep the clean, uncomplicated look of a farmhouse kitchen. Stacked off-set squares or staggered rectangles create subtle interest and dimension. Subway tiles, beaded board, shiplap, and marble tiles all look right at home in straightforward layouts.

Add an Accent with Herringbone Pattern

The classic herringbone tile pattern instantly infuses farmhouse warmth and visual interest. Directional tiles like subway tile look especially sharp in herringbone designs. Limit the herringbone pattern to a kitchen backsplash or use it to tile an entire wall for bold impact.

Frame It with Borders and Banding

Thin vertical or horizontal bands are a clever way to break up a broad white backsplash while enhancing the architectural details of the space. Try framing the backsplash area with metal trim, moulding, or timber for a built-in look. Punctuate the bands with metal or wooden corbels for added depth.

Mix Up White Tiles

Don’t be afraid to get creative combining white tile shapes and textures. Blend subway tile, marble, and penny tile designs to craft a textured mosaic backsplash collage, tornado shape patterns or explore other unique layouts. The variety adds light and dimension while keeping the overall farmhouse vibe.

Extend to the Ceiling

Today’s farmhouse style kitchens embrace a bright, airy aesthetic. Continuing white backsplash tile all the way up to the ceiling can help open up a smaller kitchen. Use just a few horizontal rows of rectangular subway tile or shiplap to elongate the space visually. Finish with classic crown moulding up top for architecture that impresses.

Creative Touches to Make White Backsplashes Pop

Once you decide on the perfect white backsplash tile and artful layout for your farmhouse kitchen, look for small ways to inject extra personality and visual pop. Little decorative touches go a long in a white-on-white color scheme. Consider these creative embellishments:

Add Backsplash Borders

Jazz up a basic white subway tile backsplash by framing it with decorative metal or ceramic tile borders. A border of retro pastel tiles, bold black tiles, or even a strip of wallpaper offers contrast and draws the eye.

Play with Shape and Scale

Throwing in a few statement tiles with an interesting shape or texture breaks up the monotony of white tile. Oversized subway tiles, elongated hexagons, or fish scale tile designs are just a few examples of tiles that can stand out against a white backdrop.

Insert Metallic Accents

Warm metal finishes provide the perfect complement to crisp white in a farmhouse kitchen. Incorporate metal backsplash accents like copper penny tile inserts, hammered bronze strips, or rustic tin ceiling tiles. Sconces, shelves, and range hoods in bronze, nickel, or iron provide metallic pops.

Open Shelving as Accent

Leave upper backsplash space open for shelving to display glassware, white dishes, or colorful cookbooks. The negative space allows the charm of the farmhouse kitchen to shine. Shelves lined with greenery, accent lighting, or decor provide personality.

Show off Natural Wood

Natural woodFloating shelves, butcher block surfaces, and open shelving are intrinsic farmhouse elements. Solid wood introduces warmth and textures to balance the cool white tile backsplash. Coordinating woods like oak, pine, cedar, or walnut work well.

Embrace Unexpected Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid to add a dash of color! Hanging plants, fresh flowers, ceramic chickens, or colorful cookware add homey personality. For a bold look, consider a colorful range hood. Just keep accent colors minimal so as not to distract from that crisp white backsplash.

Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics of executing the perfect farmhouse kitchen backsplash with white tile, let’s look at some stellar full kitchen examples and ideas to inspire your own design.

Rustic Farmhouse Charm

This rustic farmhouse kitchen embraces reclaimed wood, visible brickwork, and plenty of cottage style details. The white beaded board backsplash and open shelves keep the look light and casual. Touches like copper accents, fresh flowers, and ceramic chickens enhance the cozy vibe.

Modernized Farmhouse

White subway tile set in an offset square pattern serves as a clean, neutral backdrop in this fresh farmhouse kitchen. Touches like marble countertops, gold fixtures, and modern shelving provide an updated take on traditional farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Chic

The herringbone marble backsplash tile steals the show in this glam farmhouse kitchen. Keeping the walls, island, and cabinets crisp white allows the veiny marble to take center stage. Pretty pendant lights and abundance of plants soften the sleek space.

Rustic Farmhouse Splendor

Exposed ceiling beams, a massive kitchen island, and reclaimed wood accents transform this space into a rustic farmhouse paradise. The varied mix of white ceramic tiles makes for an artsy statement backsplash. Stylish black window frames and fixtures provide sharp contrast.

Modern Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse design embraces clean lines and a bright white color scheme. The staggered white subway tile backsplash provides understated contrast to the marble countertops and concrete-style floors. Pops of green from plants and vintage stool cushions inject farmhouse personality.

FAQ About White Tile Backsplashes in Farmhouse Kitchens

Some common questions surrounding white backsplash tile in a farmhouse kitchen include:

Is white backsplash tile hard to keep clean?

White tile can show dirt, dust, and grime if not cleaned properly. Thankfully, white ceramic or porcelain tile is non-porous, making it easy to wipe clean. Marble requires more maintenance to keep white. Use sealers and gentle cleaners to maintain a white backsplash.

Should I seal my white backsplash tile?

It’s a smart idea to seal any natural stone used in a backsplash, like marble, with a penetrating sealant. This helps minimize staining and etching from acidic foods. Porcelain and ceramic tile do not require sealing. Always check manufacturer guidelines.

What color grout should I pair with a white backsplash?

White grout is the most seamless choice for a white tile backsplash, but bright white grout will also show dirt easily. A light gray grout can hide grime better while still blending with the tile. For more contrast, try dark gray, off-white, or even black grout.

Can any tile work in a herringbone pattern?

Most types of tile can be installed in a herringbone pattern, but keep scale in mind. Small mosaic tiles don’t always translate well to a herringbone layout. Medium sized tiles like subway, hexagon and square shapes work best to achieve sharp symmetrical herringbone designs.

How difficult is it to install a tile backsplash?

For an experienced DIYer, installing a tile backsplash is totally manageable. Be sure to thoroughly prepare the surface and use proper backerboard. Carefully planning tile layout and using quality tile spacers are also key to achieving clean results. Always thoroughly grout and seal the tiles.

Bringing the Look Together – A Clean and Charming Farmhouse Kitchen

Installing a crisp white backsplash tile in a thoughtful layout can take your farmhouse kitchen from drab to downright charming. A white backsplash acts as a neutral canvas to really let those farmhouse finishes and accents shine, from natural wood counters to cozy textiles.

The simplicity of an all-white backsplash also ensures the space will have longevity through changing trends. Putting care into the tile selection, arrangement, grout color, and little decorative extras yields a high-end custom look without the giant price tag.

Outfitting your farmhouse style kitchen with a white ceramic, marble, or shiplap backsplash is a smart way to inject character, light and architectural interest. Going for white backsplash tile allows creativity to shine through in the shapes, textures, borders and designs you choose. Enjoy the process of designing your clean, charming farmhouse kitchen backsplash – it will quickly become the heart of your home.