Farmhouse Kitchen Island – Creating a Stunning Country Style Centerpiece

A farmhouse kitchen island can be the perfect way to add rustic charm and a cozy gathering spot to your kitchen. Farmhouse style islands are often designed to look like antique or repurposed wood furniture, with features like turned legs, rubbed paint finishes and butcher block countertops. Choosing the right island design, size, and features allows you to create a stunning country style statement piece for your kitchen.

Key Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen Island

There are a few key elements that define the farmhouse island aesthetic:


The most common island materials in farmhouse style are:

  • Wood – Typically painted, rubbed, or stained. Oak, pine, maple and fir are commonly used.
  • Butcher block countertops – These can be wood or bamboo. They add warmth and go well with an antiqued look.
  • Metal – Wrought iron or black metal accents and hardware add contrast.
  • Reclaimed wood – Using reclaimed barn wood adds rustic authenticity.


Farmhouse islands come in multiple sizes:

  • Small – 3-4 ft wide. Great for small kitchens. Can be used as extra counter space or dining.
  • Medium – 4-6 ft wide. Ideal for most kitchens. Provides ample workspace and storage.
  • Large – 6-8 ft wide. Makes a substantial statement in a large kitchen. Offers abundant counter area and storage.


Common farmhouse island shapes are:

  • Rectangle – Most typical. Offers straightforward workspace and storage.
  • Rounded – Softer rounded or oval ends create a warmer old-fashioned feel.
  • Apron Front – An extended front apron adds antique character.


Legs play an important role in the style of a farmhouse island. Options include:

  • Turned – Decorative cylindrical spindles are most traditional.
  • Tapered – Subtly angled legs give a handcrafted look.
  • Square – Blocky and sturdy with an unadorned style.
  • Metal – Usually black or wrought iron for an industrial edge.


Storage options help maximize functionality:

  • Drawers – Great for organizing utensils, equipment and pantry items.
  • Cabinets – Offer enclosed storage to conceal appliances, dishes, etc.
  • Shelving – Open shelves provide attractive display space.
  • Wine rack – Incorporate wine bottle storage in an island.
  • Towel bars – Handy for hanging kitchen towels.

Other Features

Unique details to incorporate:

  • Butcher block – Creates perfect prep space plus adds rustic style.
  • Sink – Including a sink adds major functionality.
  • Seating – Barstools around part of the island make it a casual dining spot.
  • Hooks – Antique looking hooks are great for hanging pots and utensils.
  • Moldings – Crown molding, furniture-style trim and apron fronts add character.
  • Hardware – Black metal or antique looking hardware complements farmhouse style.

Designing Your Farmhouse Kitchen Island

When planning your own farmhouse kitchen island, there are a few important considerations as you choose the design elements:

Consider Your Space

Take measurements of your kitchen space and layout to help choose an island shape and size that will work best. Allow for proper traffic flow around the island. Mark electrical and plumbing locations if adding utilities.

Select a Style and Features

Consider if you want your island design to lean more traditional, shabby chic, industrial farmhouse or be made from reclaimed wood. Choose base cabinetry features like storage drawers or open shelving. Select a countertop like butcher block that suits your needs.

Choose Materials and Finishes

Pick wood species, metal accents and hardware finishes that coordinate with your existing kitchen decor. A painted, rubbed and slightly distressed finish helps achieve a farmhouse antique look.

Enhance Functionality

Incorporate features like a sink or seating to expand how you can use your island. Decide where you can include storage options like drawers, cabinets, open shelves or a wine rack.

Allow Room for Decorating

Leave space to accessorize your island with charming farmhouse decor. Display cookbooks, antique-looking canisters and baking ingredients in open shelves. Hang vintage utensils from hooks on the legs or sides.

12 Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen Island Styles

There are endless ways to design a gorgeous farmhouse style kitchen island. Here are 12 stunning farmhouse island looks to inspire your own creation:

1. Classic Farmhouse Island

This island has quintessential design details like a painted green base with rubbed edges, tapered legs, and an overhanging butcher block top. The x-stretcher gives it polished style while the open shelf provides charming display space.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Island

Achieve a weathered look with this substantial island made from antique reclaimed barn wood. Turned legs, metal accents, and iron hooks add to the authentic rustic feel. Using old wood creates unique character.

3. Modern Farmhouse Island

Blending modern and farmhouse, this island features crisp white cabinetry with sliding doors, wagon wheel hardware, and sleek butcher block. The brushed brass accents and contemporary stools create an updated look.

4. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Island

Playful pastel blue base cabinets coupled with the distressed white countertop give this island a light and whimsical feel. Curves soften the look while crown molding and turned legs add presence.

5. Large Farmhouse Island

Maximize function and style in a big kitchen with an expansive 8 foot long painted wood island. Abundant countertop workspace is complemented by turned legs, pendant lights, and plenty of storage options.

6. Apron Front Farmhouse Island

The extended apron trimmed with crown molding amps up the character of this island. Built-in stove, sink and counter seating make this a true culinary workhorse. Open shelving provides charming display space.

7. Butcher Block Farmhouse Island

This island keeps things simple but makes a statement with extra thick butcher block sitting atop a painted base with subtle metal accents. A peg rack and industrial stools complement the unfussy style.

8. Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Island

Salvaged barn wood brings authentic aged character to this island with metal accents adding an industrial vibe. The reclaimed wood’s varying hues and natural wear provide a rich, textured look.

9. Kitchen Cart Farmhouse Island

This compact wheeled island adds a farmhouse focal point on a budget. The painted green finish gets distressing to suit the antique vibe. Extra storage comes from the cabinet and lower shelf.

10. Farmhouse Sink Island

Incorporating a classic farmhouse sink transforms this island into a key work station. The divided basin, white apron front, paneled side cabinets and brass hardware combine in vintage farm style.

11. Farmhouse Island with Seating

Built-in barstool seating maximizes this island’s functionality. Windows and arched corbels add character while slipped-on stools complement the light finish. Open shelving provides handy access to serveware.

12. Black and Wood Farmhouse Island

The rich black base and walnut butcher block top create dramatic but welcoming contrast. A built-in stove and black metal accents keep the look cohesive. Open shelves display cookbooks to complete the motif.

Tips for Styling Your Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Once you’ve created your farmhouse kitchen island, accessorizing and styling it will help it really feel like the heart of your country kitchen. Here are some tips:

  • Incorporate baskets to hold fruits and vegetables. Woven styles complement the farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Display white dishware like pitchers and platters in open shelving.
  • Dress up shelves with blackboard labels noting contents like “Coffee” or “Sugar”.
  • Place antique-looking canisters in white or metal for a vintage feel.
  • Fill apothecary jars with baking ingredients like flour and sugar.
  • Hang copper pots from metal hooks on the legs or sides.
  • Drape tea towels or linen dishcloths over the edges for rustic flair.
  • Add a runner down the center of the countertop to protect the surface.
  • Anchor the island by placing a worn antique stool or bench on one side.
  • Fill woven baskets with onions and garlic and display on a lower shelf.
  • Accent with a vase of fresh flowers like daisies or lavender.

Common Questions about Farmhouse Kitchen Islands

If you’re considering adding a farmhouse kitchen island, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are farmhouse kitchen islands expensive?

Farmhouse islands can range from budget-friendly to high-end. If opting for an authentic antique piece, expect a higher cost. For a more affordable option, new islands mimicking the farmhouse style or using re-purposed materials can cost under $2,000.

What is the best size for a farmhouse kitchen island?

The best size depends on your existing kitchen layout and dimensions. Allow for at least 42 inches around all sides for traffic flow. Small kitchens can accommodate a 3-4 foot wide island while larger kitchens can fit a substantial 6-8 foot wide design.

Should a farmhouse island match my cabinets?

It’s common for a farmhouse island to have a different look than the main kitchen cabinetry. Contrasting painted, stained or distressed wood finishes help the island stand out. Having some coordinating details like hardware can give a cohesive feel.

Can I build my own farmhouse island?

With good DIY skills, building your own farmhouse island is definitely achievable. Having an existing island or cabinets to repurpose into an island can save costs. Be sure to add proper structural support and reinforcements.

What is the most popular farmhouse island color?

White and light grey painted islands are most prevalent as they complement the farmhouse aesthetic well. But you can also find them in hues like sage green, robin’s egg blue, black, or natural wood tones. Choose a color that works with your kitchen design.

Achieve Farmhouse Style with a Stunning Kitchen Island

Creating a stunning farmhouse kitchen island requires thoughtful planning but can serve as a striking style element. From choosing an island shape, size, color, and materials to accessorizing and styling, there are endless ways to incorporate farmhouse charm into your kitchen. With antique inspired accents like turned legs and butcher block countertops combined with great storage features, your island can become both a beautiful gathering spot and an efficient culinary workstation. A farmhouse island instantly gives your kitchen cozy vintage farm character.