Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash: Charming Appeal of Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style bathroom backsplash is having a major moment right now. With its rustic chic aesthetic, focus on natural materials, and cozy vibe, it’s no wonder this classic look is as popular as ever for today’s bathrooms. A farmhouse backsplash can add just the right touch of vintage appeal to any bathroom remodel or refresh.

In this article, we’ll explore what defines the farmhouse bathroom backsplash look. From key design elements to material options, colors, and pattern ideas, we’ll cover how to get the charming farmhouse style backsplash you crave. Let’s dive into planning and designing the perfect farmhouse bathroom backsplash!

What Defines the Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash Style

The farmhouse style is characterized by a mix of vintage and modern influences. When it comes to the backsplash, there are a few key details that create that rustic chic farmhouse vibe:

Natural Materials

The farmhouse look relies on raw, organic textures and surfaces. For the backsplash, that means materials like stone, brick, wood, and tin. Subway tile, a farmhouse go-to, has a natural, understated look. Avoid glossy or highly polished surfaces.

Neutral Tones

Soft whites, greys, and blacks are staple farmhouse backsplash colors. Warm antique whites and cream tones keep things light and airy. Earthy neutrals like brown and beige add coziness. Crisp black and white patterns make a statement.

Rustic Touches

Distressed wood, galvanized metal, and handmade ceramic tiles bring in character. Aged surfaces like worn brick or stone and reclaimed wood boards exude rustic farmhouse charm.

Vintage Accents

Charming vintage details lend old-fashioned flair. Think vintage signs or plates arranged decoratively on the backsplash. Classic subway tile patterns and penny tile round out the vintage vibe.

Popular Farmhouse Backsplash Materials & Ideas

From natural stone to designed ceramic tile, there are lots of great material choices for achieving the farmhouse backsplash look. Consider these popular options:

Subway Tile

Subway tile is a farmhouse go-to. The rectangular shape and slim grout lines produce a clean, classic grid pattern. Subway tile comes in ceramic, porcelain, or glass. White is traditional, but pastels, greys, and earth tones work too. Stack the tile in a bricklaid or herringbone pattern for added interest.


Salvaged brick makes for a wonderfully rustic farmhouse backsplash. Red clay bricks have beautiful natural color variations. For a modern twist, go for white glazed brick. Brick can be stacked neatly or arranged in a varied pattern. Leave mortar rough or scrape it away entirely for an accent wall look.


Natural stone in earthy neutrals brings organic texture. Types like travertine, limestone, and slate have depth and natural variation. For a lighter and more budget-friendly option, turn to ceramic or porcelain stone-look tile. Install stone tile in a classic brick pattern or get creative with dimensional shapes.


Reclaimed wood planks make a gorgeous distressed backsplash. Weathered barn wood has the most character. You can also use new wood and beat it up a bit. For a modern but still natural look, try vertically installed wood-grain porcelain tile. Complement wood backsplashes with copper or black metal accents.

Tin Tile

Tin ceiling tiles lend a delightfully retro vibe. The enameled steel tiles come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Opt for a glossy or antique patina finish. Mix and match for eclectic charm or do clean lined grids. Add metal edging or decorative metal trim accents.

Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash Color Ideas

Choosing a color palette is key to bringing your farmhouse backsplash to life. Consider these color ideas to set just the right tone:

Soft Whites

A white backsplash is classic and bright, with colored accents for contrast. Try an antique white subway tile with dark grout lines or go for a weathered white brick pattern. Add touches of green, blue, or wood tone.

Crisp Black & White

For modern contrast, pair jet black tiles with clean white ones. Checkerboard them or stack creatively. A black subway-patterned tile is bold and versatile. Top with wood shelves or copper accents.

Warm Neutrals

Earthy beiges, greys, and browns lend a cozy feel. Pair cream subway tiles with gray grout. Blend neutral stone or wood textures. Antiqued metal accents tie it together beautifully.

Pale Blues

Serene and subtle, soft blue hues calming energy. Try icy blue subway tiles or salvaged antique tin tiles. Elevate with white trim and wood or wicker accents.

Emerald Green

Deep green backsplashes lend a traditional yet fresh accent. From rich emerald subway tiles to green marble mosaics, bold green makes cabinetry pop. Contrast with earthy terracotta tiles or warm wood.

Farmhouse Backsplash Pattern Ideas

Creative tile designs and patterns add visual interest to your farmhouse backsplash. Here are a few charming and character-packed pattern possibilities:


A timeless herringbone tile pattern adds subtle dimension in any color scheme. Perfect for subway tiles, it works wonderfully in wood-look planks too. For contrast, emphasized the grout lines in a dark hue.


Interlocking hexagon tiles produce playful geometric impact. Mix up an array of glossy and matte white tiles or pair earth toned stone hexagons with creamy grout. Hexagons give classic subway tiles a fresh update too.

Penny Rounds

Retro penny tile rounds are making a comeback. Their speckled colors and uneven handmade shapes exude vintage character. Arrange copper penny rounds in fun patterns or fill the space randomly for an eclectic mosaic feel.

Mini Accent Tiles

Tiny mosaic tiles let you get creative with color and pattern. Try framing sections or the entire backsplash with 1-inch mosaic tiles. Geometric shapes, floral motifs, or bold colors make great accents.

Stacked Brick

Grouping brick tiles snugly together in offset rows creates rich textural appeal. Keep traditional with red clay or go modern with gray limestone. Add handmade ceramic tiles sparingly for pops of color.

Rustic Wood

Mixing natural wood planks of varying sizes, tones, and textures makes for an inherently rustic look. Pay attention to grain direction and balance light and dark woods. Leave gaps for charmingly imperfect grout lines.

Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash Dos and Don’ts

Ready to design your own fantastic farmhouse backsplash? Keep these dos and don’ts in mind:


  • Choose natural, textured surfaces like subway tile, wood, or stone.
  • Stick to a neutral color palette of whites, greys, blacks, and earth tones.
  • Add vintage elements like reclaimed barn wood or antique tin tile.
  • Layer in rugs, curtains, or other textiles for warmth.
  • Balance sleek modern fixtures with rustic accents.


  • Use highly polished or shiny tile surfaces.
  • Overcomplicate the design with too many colors or patterns.
  • Install a backsplash without considering the whole room’s decor.
  • Forget to seal natural stone tile properly.
  • Go for a sterile, ultra-modern look.

Designing Your Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of the farmhouse backsplash aesthetic, let’s walk through how to bring it all together in your space:

Evaluate the Space

Consider the size and layout of your bathroom as well as the existing style and finishes. This will inform your backsplash design. For example, a small powder room can handle bold color, while a large bathroom may call for clean and light.

Select Materials

Choose your backsplash materials keeping scale in mind. Large bathrooms can handle oversized wood planks or chunky stone tile. For small spaces, slim subway tile, mini mosaics, or penny rounds are ideal.

Pick Colors & Patterns

Decide on colors and patterns that complement your overall decor. Want to accentuate a deep green wall? Go for contrast with crisp white subway tile. If your vanity is black, keep things light with creamy backsplash tones.

Incorporate Rustic Touches

Add in those key farmhouse elements. Maybe it’s an antique tin ceiling insert or wood corbel shelving atop exposed brick. Even small hits of charm like rope braiding or galvanized buckets make a difference.

Choose Finishing Touches

Don’t forget those all-important accents! Add hanging pendant lights, scones, or a statement mirror to tie the look together. Fresh flowers, greenery, and warm textiles enhance the handcrafted vibe.

Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash Inspiration

Need a little design inspiration before creating your own farmhouse bathroom backsplash? Below are some gorgeously designed spaces to spark ideas:

Rustic Wood Charm

This bathroom features an organic wood plank backsplash made from reclaimed oak. The varied sizes, natural grain, and whitewashed finish have timeworn appeal. Cool grey walls and concrete floors balance the warmth.

Vintage Tin Tile

Glazed antique tin ceiling tiles in earthy hues make this backsplash shine. A seamless blend of modern white cabinetry and vintage charm. Green plants tie the natural palette together.

Modern Farmhouse

A black and white palette looks bold and modern against the wood vanity. Extra long subway tiles create clean lines, laid in a sleek stacked pattern. The wooden stool and greenery soften the contrast.

White Subway With Black Accents

This bright and airy bathroom keeps it simple. White subway tile provides a seamless beachy feel. Black fixtures, trim, and tile accents add definition without competing. Pure and classic.

Weathered Brick Charm

Mottled beige brick tiles laid randomly create striking texture in this stunning bathroom. The aged brick finish and peering grout lines exude rustic elegance. Crisp whites amplify the earthiness.

FAQs About the Farmhouse Bathroom Backsplash

Still have some lingering questions about designing your own farmhouse bathroom backsplash? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What tile is best for a farmhouse bathroom backsplash?

Subway tile, tin tile, and brick are classic farmhouse backsplash materials. For a modern twist, try wood-look porcelain plank tile.

What color backsplash goes best with a white bathroom?

White bathrooms suit any color backsplash, but soft neutrals like light greys or blues make a subtle statement. Crisp black and white patterns give contrast.

Can you put wood backsplash in a bathroom?

Yes, water-resistant woods like teak and cedar make gorgeous bathroom backsplashes. Make sure to properly seal and coat natural wood against moisture.

What grout color should I choose?

White or off-white grout suits most farmhouse backsplash tiles. Go for black grout on white tile for definition. With natural stone, grout matching the lightest tile tones keeps things seamless.

How do I decorate a farmhouse bathroom on a budget?

Focus on small touches likeblack metal fixtures, vintage-inspired prints and signs, or fabric curtains. Paint existing tiles white and stencil or apply weathered ceramic decals.

Should the backsplash match the flooring?

Not necessarily. Contrasting tile can help delineate the spaces while tying in colors. Just ensure the transition looks intentional.

Achieve Farmhouse Backsplash Perfection

Creating the perfect farmhouse-inspired backsplash comes down to choosing natural and authentic materials, establishing an earthy color palette, and adding in vintage details. By thoughtfully putting together these elements, you’re sure to achieve farmhouse backsplash bliss.

Remember, the most important thing is creating a space that feels genuinely cozy, lived-in, and uniquely you. The farmhouse look provides such a livable and lovely foundation to build on.

Bring on the reclaimed wood, galvanized metal buckets, and subway tile goodness. May your farmhouse bathroom backsplash dreams come true as you design an inviting, vintage-inspired oasis!