Fancy Kitchen Backsplash Add Glam to Your Kitchen with Fancy Designs


A kitchen backsplash is one of the most visible parts of any kitchen. It takes up a large portion of wall space and acts as the decorative focal point of the entire kitchen. Most people want their backsplash to be eye-catching and stylish. A fancy backsplash design is the perfect way to add a serious dose of glam and sophistication to your kitchen.

Fancy backsplashes come in endless styles, materials, colors, and patterns. From ornate ceramic tiles to colorful glass mosaics, a fancy backsplash instantly amps up the visual appeal of any kitchen. A glamorous backsplash transforms mundane countertops and cabinets into a work of art. It brings drama, flair and excitement to the entire kitchen space.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about choosing a fancy, glamorous kitchen backsplash design. We will discuss different materials like glass, metal and natural stone. We will cover popular backsplash styles like subway tile, arabesque, and stone. You’ll also learn backsplash design tips to maximize visual impact.

So if you’re looking to seriously upgrade your kitchen with showstopping style, then a fancy, glam kitchen backsplash is the perfect project. Let’s get started!

Why Choose a Fancy Backsplash?

Before we dive into specific materials and styles, let’s first discuss why you should consider a fancy, glamorous backsplash in the first place.

Here are some of the top reasons to go for drama and elegance with your backsplash:

Makes a Statement

A fancy backsplash is all about making a bold visual statement. It immediately catches the eye when you or guests enter the kitchen. It becomes a true focal point. Rather than blending into the background, a glamorous backsplash demands attention.

Adds Visual Interest

Kitchens often suffer from boring, flat surfaces like cabinets and countertops. A fancy backsplash adds excitement and visual interest through color, texture, shape and material variations. Visually, the interest level goes through the roof.

Completes a Kitchen Remodel

Upgrading a backsplash is one of the most popular ways to refresh the look of a kitchen without a full renovation. A glamorous backsplash can bring new life to existing countertops, floors and cabinets. It is an easy remodeling project with dramatic results.

Showcases Your Style

Personal style and flair come alive in a glamorous backsplash. It provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your tastes and decorating sensibilities. A fancy backsplash reflects your choice of colors, textures, and overall aesthetic.

Adds Luxury and Sophistication

Nothing elevates a kitchen’s design quite like a fancy, ornate backsplash. The luxurious materials and patterns add a serious dose of sophistication to the entire space. It conveys a sense of fine taste.

Increases Resale Value

Upgrading to a high-end backsplash is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase a home’s value. The latest backsplash trends also help a kitchen look updated rather than dated. This investment pays off when it comes time to sell.

Fancy Backsplash Materials

The materials you choose will determine the overall look, feel and cost of your fancy backsplash. Let’s take a look at popular options:

Glass Tiles

Glass backsplash tiles are one of the trendiest and most glamorous design choices. The glass material naturally adds shine, radiance and luxury. Glass tiles come in every color, finish and shape imaginable. From translucent to metallic, textured to smooth, the variations are endless. This allows you to create a completely custom look.

Glass backsplashes pair beautifully with stainless steel appliances and fixtures for a sleek, modern aesthetic. They also complement natural materials like granite and wood.

Glass mosaic sheets make installation simple. Just peel and stick individual mosaic tiles to create dazzling patterns. While glass tiles are more expensive than ceramic or porcelain, the glam factor is hard to beat.

Metal Tiles

For serious drama and sophistication, metal tiles are a fantastic backsplash choice. Stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum tiles add eye-catching shine and luster. The inherent elegance of metal creates an ultra glam look.

Metal backsplashes have an inherently modern, almost futuristic look. But you can also achieve traditional opulence with options like antique copper tiles.

Beyond stainless steel, also consider:

  • Copper – Warm, orange/red tones with beautiful patina over time
  • Brass – Yellow gold and highly polished or textured
  • Bronze – Rich golden brown color
  • Aluminum – Silvery tones, industrial vibe

Metal tiles pair perfectly with marble countertops, dark cabinetry and industrial kitchen elements like exposed ductwork. They bring lofty visual appeal at a higher price point.

Glass Brick

For a truly unique backsplash, glass brick is an amazing option. These translucent bricks made from pressed glass come in colors like blue, green and clear. They create a glossy, eye-catching grid pattern on the wall.

Glass brick backsplashes have a vintage art deco appeal while still feeling modern. The glass material pairs well with any cabinetry finish from white to espresso. You can opt for crisp white bricks or go bold with jewel-toned colors.

Since glass brick must be mortared in place, this is one of the more complex backsplash installations. But the final result is simply stunning.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles in marble, travertine, granite and onyx create a fancy backsplash with timeless elegance. The veining, colors and gloss level of the stone add beautiful visual texture and depth. While often associated with Old World sophistication, stone backsplashes also have a minimalist, earthy appeal.

Stone backsplashes nicely complement wood cabinets and butcher block countertops. For next level drama, opt for polished granite tiles paired with glamorous fixtures. Or go for a unique pattern with inlaid stone shapes and mosaics.

Keep in mind natural stone requires more maintenance than ceramic or glass. But the unparalleled elegance is a worthwhile tradeoff for many homeowners.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

For a more budget-friendly option, don’t overlook the power of ceramic and porcelain tile. From bold patterns and colors to faux stone and marble finishes, ceramic and porcelain tiles offer extensive fancy backsplash possibilities.

Modern digital printing technology allows ceramic tiles to mimic almost any material imaginable. You can achieve the look of a handmade Moroccan mosaic or Old World marble for a fraction of the cost.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles also provide endless options for backsplash shapes and designs. Create geometric patterns, artistic murals or botanical designs. Or opt for dimensional 3D tiles.

Most Popular Fancy Backsplash Styles

Now that you know the most common fancy backsplash materials, let’s examine popular backsplash tile styles and designs.

Subway Tile

Classic rectangular subway tiles provide a versatile backsplash option. Their elongated proportions and beveled edges create built-in visual interest. The bricks evoke vintage early 20th century architecture.

For a fancy look, opt for glossy ceramic or glass subway tiles in bold colors like emerald green, sapphire blue or metallic gold. You can also achieve ornate designs with patterned, striped or crackled subway tile.

Laying subway tile in a herringbone pattern amps up the visual drama even more. Subway tile backsplashes complement any kitchen decor from traditional to industrial. Their classic simplicity also allows room for decorative tile accents.


Speaking of herringbone, this zigzag tile pattern automatically livens up a backsplash. The dynamic angled design adds energy and sophistication to the kitchen. In addition to subway tiles, herringbone works beautifully with rectangular planks or hexagons.

Herringbone backsplashes pair nicely with marble countertops and dark espresso cabinetry for a glam effect. Lay all tiles in the same color and finish. Or alternate colors for even more visual punch.

You can lay herringbone tiles vertically, horizontally or even on the diagonal. Just make sure to follow careful spacing and alignment so the zigzags line up neatly.

Moroccan & Spanish Style Mosaics

Intricate mosaic tile patterns are a fantastic option for fancy backsplashes. Mosaics have a glam Old World, almost magical appeal. The small tile shapes create nuanced patterns for serious visual intrigue.

For ornate examples, look to the intricate mosaics of Moroccan, Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. These traditional backsplashes use complex geometric shapes in vivid colors like turquoise, purple and gold.

Spanish-style decorative tiles called azulejos offer similar visual richness. Just be prepared for a more labor-intensive installation compared to large format tiles.

Marble & Stone

As mentioned, backsplashes made from marble, granite, travertine and other natural stone bring a wealth of texture and luxury. Stone has an inherent glamour that feels at home in the most elegant kitchens.

For next-level drama, combine different stone materials, finishes, colors and mosaic shapes. Mix large marble tiles with small inlaid stone mosaics, for example. Contrast polished surfaces with tumbled stone. Then incorporate metal tile accents for even more sophistication.

Glass Mosaic

Small glass tile mosaics make a serious style statement. They capture and reflect light beautifully thanks to the glossy glass material. Glass mosaics come in every color, shape and finish imaginable. From shiny penny rounds to iridescent stacked rectangles, the options are limitless.

Use glass mosaics to create sweeping abstract patterns or figurative designs. Accent with metallic tiles for extra pop. You can cover an entire wall or use glass mosaic as an accent strip.

3D Tile

Three-dimensional tile adds literal depth and visual intrigue to backsplashes. 3D tiles use raised ridges, bubbles and curved shapes for a dynamic look. They cast shadows and interact uniquely with light. Even solid colored 3D tiles become artistic statements.

Hand-painted ceramic 3D tiles take designs even further. For the ultimate fancy backsplash, combine 3D tiles with glass mosaics, marble accents and metallic details.

Ornate & Floral

Intricate details are a hallmark of fancy backsplashes. For a truly ornate look, consider hand-painted tiles with elaborate floral patterns. Botanical motifs like vines, branches, leaves and petals add a stroke of artistry. The colors and shapes blend seamlessly together in beautiful harmony.

Look to the floral ceramic tiles of Portugal or Spain for inspiration. Accent floral patterns with pretty pastel tiles or vibrant pops of color. For ornate tiles with added depth, choose dimensional or handmade versions.


Clean lines, shapes and angles define geometric backsplashes. From triangle mosaics to hexagonal patterns, geometry adds visual interest in a minimalist way. Modern graphic patterns appeal to contemporary design fans.

Take geometric tile designs even further by playing with tile orientations, spacing and layouts. Or incorporate dimensional 3D tiles for added contours and shadows.

Pair geometric tiles with sleek cabinets, stainless steel and exposed brick or cement. Keep the overall palette muted for an ultra modern, almost futuristic look.

Best Practices for Maximizing Visual Impact

Now that we’ve covered the most popular backsplash materials, shapes and styles, let’s discuss best practices for creating a showstopping design:

Select an Accent Wall

Focus your fancy backsplash on one wall rather than covering every wall. This creates a strong focal point. The most common accent wall is directly behind the stove. But you can also highlight another visible wall, island or bar area.

Contrast with Cabinets

Choose backsplash colors and textures that contrast sharply with your cabinetry. For example, bold emerald green glass tiles paired with crisp white cabinets. The contrast makes both elements pop. If your cabinetry is wood, opt for a glam material like marble.

Complement Countertops

Make sure your backsplash choice complements rather than clashes with countertop colors. So if you have white marble counters, avoid busy backsplash patterns. Allow the veining and tone of the marble to shine.

Incorporate Metallic Accents

For instant glamour, add metallic touches like chrome, silver, gold, copper or brass. Shiny mosaic tiles, metal strips or modern fixtures and trims introduce glitz.

Include Decorative Borders

Frame your backsplash with decorative borders or trim details. For ornate styles, look for ceramic tiles with embellished designs. Or create borders with glass mosaics, marble inserts or metal strips.

Mix Materials

Don’t be afraid to mix backsplash materials like natural stone combined with glass mosaics. This adds visual depth and dimension. Just be sure to repeat colors and finishes to keep the design cohesive.

Update Lighting & Hardware

Fancy new lighting and hardware complements a glamorous statement backsplash. Try pendant lights over a kitchen island or decorative sconces flanking the stove. Upgrade faucets, cabinet knobs and handles to match the backsplash style.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Now that you’re inspired to create a showstopping backsplash, let’s discuss the hands-on process. Here is an overview of how to install a tile backsplash from start to finish:

Gather Supplies

First, purchase all required backsplash materials and supplies:

  • Backsplash tiles
  • Mortar or mastic adhesive
  • Grout
  • Trowel for spreading adhesive
  • Spacers for consistent grout lines
  • Tile cutting tool (wet saw or snap cutter)
  • Grout float for applying grout
  • Grout sealer
  • Caulk/silicone for perimeter gaps

Prepare the Wall

Thoroughly clean the backsplash installation area and remove any old backsplash. Fill any holes or imperfections with spackle and sand smooth. Prime the walls before tiling.

Plan Your Layout

Dry lay tiles on the countertop to map out placement and alignment. Measure and mark the center point of the wall. Use spacers to gauge consistent grout line spacing.

Apply Adhesive

Apply a coating of mortar or mastic adhesive using a notched trowel. Only cover a small section at a time to prevent drying. Press tiles into the adhesive and use spacers between them.

Cut Any Custom Tiles

Use a wet saw or tile cutter to trim any perimeter tiles or pieces needed to fit around outlets and switches.

Let Tiles Set

Allow tiles to set undisturbed for at least 24 hours. Remove spacers once the tiles are firmly bonded and hardened.

Apply Grout

Prepare grout according to package directions and apply over the tiles using a grout float. Push firmly into joints and gaps. Immediately use a damp sponge to wipe away excess.

Seal & Polish

Once grout has cured fully, apply grout sealer for waterproof protection. Buff tiles gently with a soft cloth to polish and shine the surface.

Finish Edges

Caulk any perimeter gaps between tiles and walls with silicone caulk. Install any finishing edge pieces like bullnose trim.

That concludes the installation! Enjoy your stunning new fancy, glamorous backsplash. It will add artful intrigue and sophistication to your kitchen for years to come.

Fancy Backsplash Inspiration

Need additional inspiration for designing your dream backsplash? Here are some eye-catching options to spark your creativity:

Vibrant Moroccan Fish Scale Mosaics

This brilliant backsplash uses small, colorful ceramic tiles laid in an interlocking fish scale pattern. Traditional Moroccan influence meets modern pops of fuchsia, chartreuse and cobalt. The busy mosaic brings energy and flair.

Vibrant Moroccan Fish Scale Backsplash

Image Source

Sculptural 3D Ombre Tiles

These curved and dimensional ceramic tiles flow from warm beige to cool gray for unique depth. The organic ombre design has a soothing vibe. Pair with marble and brass accents for sculptural sophistication.

Sculptural Ombre 3D Backsplash

Image Source

Bold Peacock Feather Mural

Make a dramatic style statement with this colorful mosaic mural depicting abstract feather shapes. The eye-catching wall art ties together glass, porcelain and metal tiles.

Bold Peacock Feather Mural Backsplash

Image Source

Mirrored Glass Accent Strips

Strategic glossy strips of mirror tile add glamour to this kitchen. Contrasting with matte cream tiles and blue cabinetry, the mirror tiles become an elegant focal point.

![Mirrored Glass Backsplash Accents](