Experts share rules for ultra-organized corner cabinets in big and small kitchens

Corner cabinets can be tricky spaces to organize in any kitchen. Their angular design and awkward placement means they often end up as “catch-all” spaces for odds and ends that don’t have a proper home. However, with some clever storage solutions, corner cabinets can become ultra-organized spaces that make the most of every inch. We asked professional organizers and kitchen designers to share their top tips for organizing corner cabinets in both large and small kitchens.

Make use of lazy susans

Lazy susans are a corner cabinet organizer’s best friend. The spinning, turntable-style shelves allow you to access items right in the back of deep corner cabinets. Professional organizer Amanda Sims says, “Lazy susans are great for corner cabinets because they utilize all the available space. You can store small items like spice jars and still easily reach everything.”

When installing a lazy susan, choose one with sturdy hardware that smoothly rotates a full 360 degrees. It should have sufficient height to fit your tallest items. Shelves can be adjusted to customize the space. Sims recommends, “Group items of similar height together on each shelf for optimal use of space.”

Install pull-out cabinets

Another way to maximize every inch of a corner cabinet is to install pull-out cabinets. These are cabinets that roll out of the corner on smooth tracks, bringing the back items out for easy access. Pull-outs can be used for plates, pots, pans, baking sheets, or pantry items.

Cherish Owen, a professional kitchen designer, suggests, “Optimize corner pull-outs to fit what you intend to store. For example, you can find pull-outs with vertical dividers for baking sheets or horizontal dividers for dinner plates.”

Pay attention to weight capacity and choose strong tracks that allow full extension so nothing gets lost in the back. High quality pull-out corner cabinets may cost more upfront but are worth the investment for the convenience they provide.

Organize with racks or adjustable shelves

For quick and easy corner cabinet organization, storage racks and adjustable shelves are inexpensive options. Racks mount right onto cabinet walls and instantly provide vertical storage space. Opt for sturdy metal racks with adjustable tiers to customize.

Adjustable shelves also let you configure storage to suit your needs. Shelves that mount on tracks allow you to move and angle them into place. Sims recommends, “Think about the sizes of items you want to store when deciding on shelf placement.”

Use baskets or bins to corral small items

Baskets, bins, and other small containers are ideal for corralling all the odds and ends corner cabinets collect. Clear plastic bins help you see contents. Bins or baskets that stack or nest maximize space efficiency.

Labeling is key for keeping different types of items sorted. Owen suggests, “Group like items together in matching baskets – for example, one for spices, another for baking supplies. Use labels on the front of bins and baskets to clearly identify contents.”

A range of sizes lets you customize storage for large and small items. Smaller containers can also sit on lazy susan shelves or pull-out cabinet racks.

Add vertical space with shelf risers

Corner cabinets extend up the full height of standard kitchen cabinetry, yet often only the bottom portion gets used. Shelf risers instantly double your organization real estate. Owen explains, “Shelf risers mount between shelves to raise the height, creating room for taller items.”

Risers are an inexpensive way to gain vertical storage space in any cabinet. For corner units, Owen recommends, “Place risers between the upper shelves to create space below for large, bulky items.” Always check weight limits when adding risers.

Make smart use of vertical space

Speaking of vertical storage, don’t neglect utilizing the vertical space right down to the bottom of corner cabinets. Taller items like cooking oil bottles can be tucked away here. An adjustable height lazy susan provides storage down to the floor.

Sims has another idea: “A vertical spice rack is fantastic for utilizing all the height a corner cabinet has to offer.” Buy a ready-made rack or use shelf brackets to DIY your own. Bring the bottom spices up within reach by securing the rack a few inches off the floor.

DIY with wire storage

One challenge with corner cabinets is limited visibility. Cabinet contents tend to get buried. DIY wire storage racks and baskets allow visibility and ventilation.

Owen suggests, “A wire wine rack lets you neatly store wine, condiment bottles, or pantry canned goods.” Or build open wire shelving secured with sturdy brackets. A wire basket mounted vertically stores packaged foods, freeing up shelf space.

Wire storage adds ventilation and allows you to see what’s stored while retaining organized grouping of like items. Best of all, wire storage racks and baskets can be inexpensively DIYed.

Embrace blind corner optimization

Blind corner cabinets have an extended wall that blocks access to the cabinet interior. These spaces end up wasted because they are so difficult to reach into. Owen says, “Specialized blind corner storage solutions can transform the space.”

Pull-out corner storage mechanisms have angled racks that extend the interior space out where you can actually access it. Some systems have multi-tiered angled racks, providing tons of storage area. There are even options specifically designed for storing pans and baking sheets.

Blind corner swing-out trays are another option that pivots the interior shelving outwards. The pivoting trays or drawers only take up minimal floor space when extended. Optimizing blind corners takes a little investment but pays off with hugely improved storage space.

Get creative with narrow spaces

Even the narrowest of corner spaces can be optimized with some creativity. Small corner cabinets are prime for vertical storage. Sims recommends, “Use the full height with narrow shelving units, like a built-in bookcase.”

You can store everything from cookbooks to small appliances, tableware, craft supplies, or home office items. For a really small corner nook, Owen suggests, “Install stacked, staggered shelves. You can easily access everything and even showcase decor.”

Narrow cabinets are also great spots for pull-out vertical storage racks. Store spices, packaged and canned goods, or cleaning products on vertically stacked racks and simply pull them out to access.

Maintain your organization system

With your optimized storage installed, corner cabinet organization success depends on maintenance. Make it a habit to keep like items grouped together and return items to their assigned homes. Check in seasonally and donate or toss anything you no longer use to avoid clutter.

It also helps to periodically give the cabinets a wiping down. Owen says, “Cleaning the shelves makes everything easier to find and more pleasant to access.”

Put a reminder on your calendar if you need motivation to maintain the system. The initial effort spent organizing will be wasted if you let chaos take over again.

Top corner cabinet storage solutions

To recap, make the most of your corner cabinet storage with these solutions:

  • Lazy susans – Spinning turntable-style shelves to access back areas
  • Pull-out cabinets – Roll-out cabinets that extend on tracks for complete access
  • Racks and adjustable shelves – Utilize all vertical and horizontal space
  • Bins and baskets – Clear plastic or labeled bins keep small items organized
  • Shelf risers – Double storage space by lifting up shelves to gain height
  • Vertical storage – Use all height with racks and bins right down to the floor
  • Wire storage – Open racks and baskets provide visibility and ventilation
  • Blind corner optimization – Specialized pull-outs and pivoting trays extend usable area
  • Creative narrow storage – Bookcases, stacking shelves, vertical racks utilize every inch
  • Maintain the system – Revisit and tidy seasonally so organization sticks

With a combination of these clever solutions, you can stay organized and make the most of even the most awkward corner cabinet. Utilizing all the space efficiently maximizes kitchen storage and minimizes frustration when you need to quickly grab an item. An organized corner cabinet helps make cooking and meal prep a pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Organizing Corner Cabinets

Here are answers to some common questions about getting corner cabinets ultra-organized:

What are some good items to store in corner cabinets?

Corner cabinets are great for bulky or oddly shaped items that won’t fit well on regular shelves. Some good items include:

  • Large pots & pans
  • Baking sheets & casserole dishes
  • Mixing bowls
  • Spice racks
  • Appliances like stand mixers
  • Less-used items like holiday dishware

How do I organize a small corner cabinet?

Optimize vertical storage in a small corner cabinet. Install wall-mounted racks or shelving. Stack narrow shelving units or staggered shelves to use all available height. Store items in clear bins for visibility. A vertical spice rack or vertical storage racks for canned goods also help.

How can I access the back of a deep corner cabinet?

Install a lazy susan corner cabinet turntable. With a spinning shelf, you can easily reach items at the back. Other options are pull-out cabinets on smooth tracks or drawers that roll out and extend the full depth.

What can I use to organize the items inside a corner cabinet?

Baskets, bins, and containers help organize corner cabinet interior spaces. Labels clearly identify bin contents. Clear plastic bins allow visibility. Stackable bins utilize vertical storage. Small containers corral items on turntable lazy susan shelves.

How do I make a blind corner cabinet more functional?

Specialized pull-out racks bring blind corner cabinet interiors out where you can reach everything. Some blind corner storage systems have multi-tiered angled racks for tons of storage. Others are designed to specifically hold pans and baking sheets. Pivoting swing-out trays are another option.

What can I use a narrow corner cabinet for?

Maximize vertical storage in a narrow corner. Install floor-to ceiling shelving, like bookcases or wine racks. Stacked narrow shelves or staggered spice shelves utilize all available height. Store apartment-sized appliances, tableware, or pantry items. Pull-out vertical storage racks access even narrow spaces.


Corner cabinets present storage challenges, but with some clever solutions, they can become highly organized and functional spaces. By following the tips and recommendations from our experts, you can customize your awkward corner cabinets to make the most of every inch of space. Utilizing specialty organizers along with bins, baskets and vertical storage options will help you finally get your corner cabinets ultra-organized. Maintaining the system with regular tidying will ensure your new organizational scheme stands the test of time. With a bit of work, you can have beautifully organized corner cabinets that make storing and finding cooking items an absolute breeze.