Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Ikea is one of the most popular brands for affordable and stylish furniture and home goods. Their kitchen cabinets are no exception – Ikea offers a wide variety of kitchen cabinet styles, sizes, colors and organizational solutions to fit any budget or kitchen layout. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about Ikea kitchen cabinets to help you decide if they are the right choice for your upcoming kitchen remodel or refresh.

An Introduction to Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Ikea first entered the kitchen cabinet market in the 1980s in Europe, bringing their signature style of simple, modern and functional designs made from particleboard and other engineered wood products. The focus was on providing contemporary, affordable kitchens compared to more expensive custom cabinetry.

Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets exploded in popularity in the 1990s and 2000s as Ikea expanded globally. Today, Ikea sells kitchen cabinets and related products in over 400 stores worldwide.

Ikea’s kitchen cabinets come ready to assemble, including all the hardware and instructions needed. The cabinets attach directly to the wall, without need for a traditional base cabinet carcass.

Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are made from a combination of:

  • Particleboard – Made from wood fibers bonded with resin
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard) – Made from wood fibers bonded with wax and resin
  • Plywood – Layers of wood veneer glued together
  • Solid wood – Used for some doors and drawer fronts

The assembled cabinets have a frameless, modular design well-suited for DIY installation. Despite the budget price point, Ikea kitchen cabinets offer lots of storage options and accessories to optimize your kitchen’s function and flow.

Read on to learn all about Ikea’s kitchen cabinet collection, from how to shop the system to design inspiration and installation tips.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Frame Styles

Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets starts with understanding the basic cabinet box styles Ikea offers. Their streamlined approach focuses on just two primary kitchen cabinet frames:

Ikea SEKTION Cabinets

SEKTION makes up the core of Ikea’s kitchen cabinet line. The frameless modular cabinets come in a range of sizes, features and finishes.

SEKTION cabinets have removable doors and adjustable hinges allowing for easy customization. The interiors include a range of shelves, drawers and organizational accessories.

Ikea MAXIMERA Cabinets

MAXIMERA cabinets provide a different, more traditional inset cabinet style. MAXIMERA cabinets have face frames with visible hinges, and doors inset slightly into the cabinet box.

Beyond the basic cabinet box, Ikea kitchen cabinets include a variety of specialty inserts and covers for appliances, corners, and more. You can mix-and-match components from SEKTION and MAXIMERA lines to design your ideal kitchen.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets includes understanding what materials make up their cabinet boxes, fronts, and interior fittings:

  • Particleboard – Made from wood particles bonded with resin, particleboard makes up the cabinet box structure. It’s lightweight and cost-effective.
  • MDF – Medium density fiberboard has wood fibers bonded with wax and resin. MDF has a smooth surface, ideal for cabinet door fronts.
  • Plywood – Layers of wood veneer glued together create strong, stable plywood. Ikea uses plywood for cabinet backs.
  • Solid wood – Some Ikea cabinet fronts and drawers feature solid wood or wood veneers over particleboard cores for an authentic wood look.
  • Laminates – Thermally fused laminate (TFL) coatings applied to particleboard provide a protective, durable and decorative surface.
  • Foil – Some Ikea cabinet surfaces have foil finishes for a reflective, contemporary look.
  • Glass – Glass doors on upper cabinets create an open, airy aesthetic. Frosted, clear or patterned glass offer diffused views of cabinet contents.
  • Stainless steel – A sleek, modern option for cabinet fronts in high wear areas like lower cabinets or around appliances.

No matter your style, Ikea’s variety of material and finish combinations provide options for every kitchen and budget.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Beyond the cabinet box construction, Ikea offers a wide selection of Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets door fronts and designs:

Shaker Style Cabinets

The classic Shaker style cabinet has a simple, clean-lined look with a recessed center panel. Ikea’s TINGSRYD shaker cabinets include both all-wood and veneered options.

Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab, or flat panel, cabinet doors like Ikea’s VOXTORP have a seamless, modern look. The slab door style also allows for bold color choices.

Glass Door Cabinets

Glass cabinet doors like Ikea’s GLASSVIK let you showcase decorative dishes or lighting. Glass adds depth and transparency.

Integrated Handle Cabinets

For a minimalist, unbroken look try Ikea’s integrated bar handle cabinets like RINGHULT. The door surface extends past the cabinet edge to act as a grip.

Inset Cabinet Doors

Ikea’s MAXIMERA line offers classic inset cabinet doors. The door sits back inside the cabinet frame, creating a more traditional kitchen look.

Open Shelving

Open cabinets without doors let you show off glassware, dishes or decorative items. Ikea has several open cabinet and shelf options.

There are also more specialized door styles like Ikea’s striking ribbed HÖRDA cabinets or two-toned ÖRSJÖ fronts. Browse Ikea’s kitchen catalog or visit a store to view all the design possibilities.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Measurements

Another key aspect in Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets is understanding their precise sizing conventions.

Ikea kitchen cabinets come in standard frame sizes designed for seamless combinations. However, since they use the European metric system, the measurements are different than standard US cabinet sizes.

Some key Ikea cabinet size specifics:

  • Cabinet heights come in 21”, 30”, 33” and 36” options.
  • Depths are either 15” or 24” for lower and wall cabinets.
  • Base cabinet widths are typically 24” but range from 10” to 48”.
  • Wall cabinet widths range from 12” to 48”.
  • Drawer fronts are generally 4”, 8”, 10” or 12” tall.
  • Doors for framed cabinets have about a 1/2” reveal from the cabinet edge.
  • Doors for frameless cabinets have about a 1” reveal all around.

Having the exact cabinet dimensions is crucial for planning your kitchen layout. Use Ikea’s online planning tool or visit a store to get the details needed to design with their cabinets.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installation

One concern many have about Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets is how DIY-friendly they are to install. Since Ikea cabinets ship ready to assemble, you can substantially reduce labor costs by installing them yourself vs. hiring professionals.

Here are some Ikea kitchen cabinet installation tips:

  • Carefully review the detailed instructions included. Also watch Ikea’s installation videos online.
  • You will need basic tools like a drill, level, screwdriver and clamp. A second person helps for large cabinets.
  • Start with a level and well-secured mounting rail. This provides a straight reference point for hanging cabinets.
  • Work methodically securing one cabinet at a time. Use shims to adjust for any uneven walls.
  • Fill gaps between cabinets and walls with filler strips or caulk for a finished look.
  • Add molding, trim and end panels for a built-in appearance.

While the process takes some time and muscle, installing Ikea cabinets yourself can save thousands over outsourcing installation.

Customizing Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Another commonly asked question about Ikea cabinets is how much they can be customized to suit unique spaces or needs.

The answer is – quite a bit! While Ikea kitchen components offer standardized sizing, their mix-and-match system provides ample room for creativity.

Some popular ways to customize Ikea kitchen cabinets include:

  • Adding your own cabinet fronts using Unfinished SEKTION frames. Choose any door style that fits the dimensions.
  • Painting or staining cabinet boxes and doors for unique colors not offered by Ikea.
  • Trimming cabinet sides, frames, doors or filler strips to fit irregular spaces or sizes.
  • Adding moldings, trim, corbels or legs for a furniture look.
  • Changing hardware like handles and hinges to match your personal style.
  • Mixing open shelves with solid cabinets for a more custom look.
  • Using glass doors on wall cabinets to break up an all-solid cabinet look.

With some imagination and DIY spirit, Ikea components can be tweaked in multiple ways to create one-of-a-kind kitchen designs.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Pricing

One of the main appeals of Ikea kitchen cabinets is their pricing. Ikea cabinets cost a fraction of custom cabinetry, making a full kitchen remodel more affordable.

Some factors impacting Ikea kitchen cabinet pricing:

  • Door material and style – Solid wood doors cost more than veneered or laminate. Slab doors are cheaper than intricate raised panel designs.
  • Cabinet size – Larger cabinet boxes, deeper cabinets and wider sizes add cost.
  • Accessories and fittings – More drawers, pull-outs and interior additions increase the price.
  • Specialty cabinets – Customized pantries, angled cabinets, etc are pricier than standard boxes.

To get an accurate estimate, use Ikea’s online kitchen planning tool to build your design and get current pricing tailored to your precise cabinet choices and layout.

While not the cheapest cabinets around, Ikea kitchen cabinets offer stylish convenience at accessible price points for almost any budget.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Reviews

Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets also includes hearing first-hand from people who have used them. Reviews of Ikea cabinets show most customers have positive experiences:

  • Multiple reviews praise the affordable prices and wide range of trendy styles. Ikea makes a remodeled kitchen possible for many homeowners.
  • Many reviewers mention the cabinets being easier to self-install than anticipated once they followed the directions.
  • Satisfied reviews note how Ikea cabinets held up well to years of regular kitchen use and cleaning.
  • Critical reviews mention frustrations with unclear instructions, missing hardware pieces, or marks and scratches out of the box.
  • Some reviews warn that doors on frameless cabinets more easily come off the hinges if pulled too aggressively.

Overall most Ikea kitchen cabinet reviews rate their products as satisfactory to excellent when customers set realistic expectations for the price and DIY factors.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives

Ikea kitchen cabinets offer a cost-conscious option that still delivers style and functionality. However, they aren’t the only budget-friendly choice worth considering.

Some alternative economical cabinet brands include:

  • Home Depot’s Hampton Bay – Similar ready-to-assemble style at competitive price points.
  • Lowe’s Project Source – Affordable cabinets with lots of choices for the DIY crowd.
  • IKEA’s SEKTION cabinets – Ikea’s flexible system works for many needs but some may prefer options.
  • RTA Brands – Several cabinet companies sell directly to consumers with ready-to-assemble designs.
  • Semi-custom brands – Manufacturers like Kraftmaid offer combined customization with cabinet basics to control costs.
  • Used cabinets – Secondhand cabinets in good shape can be a very affordable choice.

Take time to research and compare different cabinet options for your specific kitchen to make sure Ikea is the optimal pick for your plans, budget and needs.

Bottom Line on Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Hopefully this guide provided Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets to determine if their stylish but budget-friendly designs are right for your upcoming kitchen project.

The pros of Ikea cabinets include:

  • Wide range of contemporary styles and materials
  • Cabinets sized for optimum room combinations
  • DIY-friendly installations instructions and process
  • Significantly less expensive than custom cabinetry

Potential cons to weigh:

  • Particleboard can be prone to moisture damage if not properly sealed
  • Doors on frameless cabinets may need adjustment over time
  • Missing hardware pieces or unclear instructions frustrate some
  • Limited cabinets sizes may require fillers or trimming

But for the combination of affordable pricing, flexible modular components and attractive designs, Everything You Need to Know About Ikea Kitchen Cabinets makes them a go-to choice for many homeowners and renters looking to refresh their kitchen on a budget.