Elongated Hexagon Tile Backsplash: Sleek & Modern Version of Hex Tiles

Hexagon-shaped tiles have become a popular option for modern kitchen backsplash designs in recent years. While classic hex tiles create a retro, vintage look, elongated hexagon tiles offer a more contemporary aesthetic. These stretched hexagons have the same six-sided shape but are pulled into a more linear, sleek silhouette.

Elongated hex tile backsplashes provide a gorgeous geometric pattern that instantly livens up a kitchen or bathroom. The long shape allows for interesting visual movement and adds modern flair. Unlike busy classic hexagons, the elongated style has a more relaxing, zen-like vibe.

If you’re looking for a stylish backsplash tile that’s current but not overbearing, elongated hexagons deserve a spot at the top of your list. Keep reading to learn all about this hot trend and see beautiful backsplash photo inspiration.

Why Choose Elongated Hexagon Tiles?

Hexagon tile shapes have been popular for ages, but the elongated variety offers its own unique set of benefits:

Sleek, Modern Aesthetic

Elongated hexagon backsplash tiles have a distinctly contemporary look. The stretched shape gives them a mod, linear appearance compared to classic hexagons. While regular hex tiles have a retro vibe, long hexes feel fresh and modern.

This makes elongated hexagon tiles perfect for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. They provide an updated twist on the classic hexagon shape that fits with modern aesthetics.

Unique Visual Interest

The elongated hexagon shape creates visual excitement and movement. The tiles fit together in an eye-catching geometric pattern that immediately draws attention.

Unlike some backsplash materials that fade into the background, elongated hex tile designs make a bold statement. The shape has more linear movement than classic hexagons, giving the eye interesting variety to take in.

Relaxed, Zen Appeal

Even though elongated hex tiles add plenty of visual intrigue, they also have a laidback vibe. The stretched shape has a calming, almost zen-like appeal.

Unlike the busier look of classic hexagons, the long skinny silhouette of these tiles allows more open, negative space. This helps create a relaxing, spa-like feel.

So if you want your backsplash to serve as a soothing focal point, elongated hex tiles can bring that meditative quality home. Their sleek geometry adds modern flair without going overboard.

Design Versatility

Hexagon tiles already provide plenty of versatility for designing unique backsplashes. Their geometric shape allows for creative patterns and combinations.

Elongated hexagon tiles add even more possibilities into the mix. The stretched shape features a new silhouette that forms contemporary layouts different from standard hexagons.

You can create directional designs, interesting stacked patterns and more. Elongated hex tiles work with both minimalist and bold aesthetics.

Overall, the long six-sided shape offers exciting new options for backsplashes. You can dream up custom designs that make a statement.

Easy Cleaning

Compared to subway tiles, mosaics, penny rounds and other small backsplash tiles, cleaning elongated hexagon tile is a breeze.

With larger tiles, there are fewer grout lines to deal with. Wide grout channels easily trap dirt and grime, creating more maintenance work.

But the thin grout lines between elongated hex tiles don’t catch as much gunk. And the large tile size means there’s less overall grout area to keep clean.

So if low-maintenance is key for your backsplash, elongated hexagon tile checks that box. The large scale and minimal grout simplify cleaning.

Stunning Elongated Hexagon Backsplash Design Ideas

Now that you know the benefits of elongated hex tile, it’s time to get inspired by gorgeous backsplashes!

Here are some stunning ways to incorporate this hot tile trend into your kitchen or bathroom design:

All-White Minimalism

For contemporary chic, you can’t go wrong with a sleek all-white scheme. Use glossy elongated hex tiles in a soft white tone and embrace this minimalist aesthetic.

The geometric tiles will pop against an exposed brick wall or painted drywall. Keeping the grout bright white as well enhances the zen vibe.

Add modern brass fixtures as metallic accents to warm up the space. But let the elongated hex backsplash be the shining focal point.

All-white minimalist elongated hexagon tile backsplash

All-white minimalist elongated hexagon tile backsplash. Image via Truly Topia

Bold Black & White Contrast

For serious drama, go bold with a black and white color scheme. Use glossy white elongated hexagon tiles paired with flat black hexagons.

Lay out the contrasting tiles in a striking geometric pattern, like alternating rows or a zig-zag layout. This creates exciting visual motion.

The bold black and white combo makes for an eye-catching backsplash. It’s a great choice for contemporary or modern farmhouse kitchen designs.

Black and white elongated hexagon tile backsplash

Bold black and white elongated hexagon tile backsplash. Image via Lindye Galloway Interiors

Stacked Elongated Hex Layout

Try offsetting rows of elongated hex tile to create a “stacked bond” pattern. Lay tiles so their edges overlap each other in an asymmetrical layout for plenty of dimensionality.

Use glossy tiles in neutral tones like white, gray and beige and alternate between shades. The stacked pattern adds beautiful texture and visual movement.

Finish it off with skinny grout lines in a dark charcoal gray tone to define each unique tile shape. The textural stacked design makes for an elegant, memorable backsplash.

Stacked elongated hexagon tile backsplash

Stacked elongated hexagon tile backsplash. Image via Studio Dearborn

Vintage Blues Color Scheme

Elongated hex tile shapes work well with both modern and eclectic kitchen aesthetics. Embrace vintage charm with a pastel blue color scheme.

Use soft sky blue tiles paired with a pale robin’s egg blue. Intersperse some white tiles for contrast. Choose a mix of glossy and matte finishes for visual depth.

The soothing blue hues have a timeless, romantic appeal. For a bit of retro-inspired flair, opt for a colorful floral patterned floor tile. Then let the elongated hex backsplash be the crowning jewel.

Vintage blue elongated hexagon tile backsplash

Vintage blue elongated hexagon tile backsplash. Image via Joan Behnke Associates.

Geometric Moroccan Accent Wall

Take your elongated hex tile up a notch by using it beyond the backsplash. Create a statement accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom using bold geometric tiles.

Opt for glossy tiles in earthy Moroccan-inspired hues like terracotta red, deep orange and sunny yellow. Combine the vivid colors in a striking graphic pattern.

The elongated hexagon shape will add beautiful dimension. Break up the geometric pattern by integrating decorative medallions or texture tiles.

Geometric Moroccan style elongated hexagon tile accent wall

Geometric Moroccan style elongated hexagon tile accent wall. Image via Ceramica Rondine.

Modern Graphic Pattern

For contemporary edge, use elongated hexagon tiles to create a bold graphic pattern backsplash. Play with scale and lay out different sized tiles in an asymmetrical design.

Incorporate white, black and gray tiles in a mix of finishes like matte, polished and speckled. The graphic motif makes a unique artistic statement.

Keep the rest of the kitchen sleek and modern to allow the artsy elongated hex tile design to shine. This on-trend look caters to urban lofts and modern homes.

Modern graphic black and white elongated hexagon tile backsplash

Modern graphic black and white elongated hexagon tile backsplash. Image via Neumann Müller Architects.

Textural Multi-colored Pattern

Don’t be afraid to get creative and playful with your elongated hex backsplash design. Using a multi-colored tile scheme adds energy and vibrancy.

Choose a mix of glossy and matte finishes in fun hues like mint green, pale yellow, robin’s egg blue and salmon pink. The tile colors will pop next to crisp white cabinetry.

Vary up the tile finishes even more by integrating natural stone, marbled and crackled tiles. This adds beautiful and textural intrigue.

Multicolored textural elongated hexagon tile backsplash

Multicolored textural elongated hexagon tile backsplash. Image by Kristin Peake.

Elongated Hexagon Backsplash Design Tips

Ready to install this special tile shape in your home? Keep these backsplash design tips in mind:

  • Select tiles in a thinner, narrow size to highlight the elongated shape. Thicker hexagon tiles lose some of the stretched effect.
  • Use large format tiles 12 inches or larger for greater visual impact. Small tiles disintegrate the elongated shape.
  • Mix up glossy and matte tile finishes to add dimension. Keep grout a consistent white or gray.
  • For walls, install tile in a staggered brick pattern. Stacked offsets create interest.
  • On floors, lay out tiles in a simpler grid pattern to maintain the elongated shape.
  • For kitchen backsplashes, extend tile to the ceiling for a full accent wall effect.
  • Incorporate decorative inserts like marble medallions to break up all-over tile patterns.
  • Pair with sleek modern faucets and fixtures or vintage brass for eclectic charm.
  • Contrast the linear tile shape with curvy furniture and accents for visual tension.

Where to Buy Elongated Hexagon Tiles

Many tile retailers now carry elongated hexagon-shaped tile options. Here are some top sources to shop online:

The Tile Shop

This tile megastore offers one of the largest selections of elongated hex backsplash tiles. Choices range from porcelain and ceramic to marble and glass.


Browse Wayfair’s extensive inventory of hexagon backsplash tiles. Filter by elongated shape to see modern color and pattern options.


Shop a variety of elongated hexagon tile materials like stone, ceramic and porcelain tile here.


Overstock provides affordable pricing on large-format elongated hex tile options for backsplashes.


Browse TileBar’s curated elongated hexagon tile collection showcasing metro tile, moroccan patterns, and slate materials.


Search Amazon for deals on discounted elongated hexagon tile selections and backsplash kits.

Elevate Your Space With Elongated Hex Tiles

Elongated hexagon tiles provide a fresh contemporary twist on a classic shape for today’s modern homes. Their stretched six-sided silhouette brings unique visual appeal and geometric design possibilities.

If you want your backsplash or accent wall to have an elevated, contemporary edge, elongated hexagon tile delivers. The sleek shape and endless pattern options create a special, customizable focal point.

Embrace this on-trend tile shape to bring chic modern style home without going overboard. Elongated hexes strike the perfect balance of eye-catching intrigue and relaxing appeal.

So break out of the backsplash box and explore the creative geometry elongated hex tiles offer. Your kitchen or bathroom will never look so stunning!