Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Yellow Kitchens

Yellow kitchens are making a big comeback lately, bringing warmth, cheer, and vibrancy to home interiors. Once considered dated, the color yellow is now being embraced for its ability to instantly brighten up a space. Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen an energizing facelift or want to jump on the sunny color trend, yellow is a fantastic choice.

To inspire your own yellow kitchen revamp, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples from around the web. From pale buttery hues to bold citrus shades, these editor-approved yellow kitchens showcase just how gorgeous this lively color can look. Paired with white for a classic and clean contrast or mixed with other colors for extra personality, yellow kitchens feel fresh yet timeless.

Keep reading for a dose of yellow kitchen inspiration, plus tips on how to use this cheerful color in your own space!

Warm and Welcoming Yellow Kitchens

One of the best qualities of the color yellow is its ability to create an inviting, cozy ambience. Yellow kitchens immediately feel more cheerful and welcoming, perfect for gathering with family and friends. Here are some stunning examples of yellow kitchens that radiate warmth:

Vibrant Citrus Yellow

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, a vibrant yellow like this one from Remodelista is sure to get attention. Paired with clean white cabinetry, walls, and trim, the citrusy yellow backsplash and hood act as an energetic focal point. This shade of yellow brings loads of personality.

Mustard Yellow Cabinets

Swap out standard white cabinets for lively mustard yellow ones like this kitchen featured on The Spruce. The golden hue gives the space warmth and makes the wood floor pop. Accent with neutral countertops and backsplash to keep the look feeling fresh and current.

Pale Buttery Yellow

For a more subtle approach, go for a pale buttery yellow like in this kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens. The soft hue keeps things feeling light and airy while still infusing color. Pair with white for a classic combo or add in natural wood tones for contrast.

Sunny Daffodil Yellow

The cheerful daffodil yellow cabinets in this kitchen designed by Jean Stoffer Design immediately brighten up the space. For balance, Jean paired the lively hue with a navy island. This showcases how yellow can pop against darker colors.

Elegant Yellow Kitchens

While yellow may seem like a casual color, it can also create a very elegant kitchen aesthetic. By selecting subdued yellow hues and sophisticated accent materials, your yellow kitchen can feel refined. Here are some ideas for elevating yellow in your kitchen design:

Pastel Yellow and Brass

This pastel yellow kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke keeps things elegant with pale yellow lower cabinets paired with warm brass accents. The metallic hardware, pendant lights, and fixtures add a glamorous vibe, while the soft yellow provides an uplifting yet sophisticated foundation.

Gold Accents and Tile

Playing up metallics is another great way to make yellow kitchens feel more elegant. This example from Remodelista incorporates glimmering gold accents and backsplash tile, contrasting beautifully against the muted lemon yellow cabinets. The effect is subtle yet posh.

Textured Yellow Backsplash

A beautiful backsplash like this textured, mosaic yellow tile featured on HGTV adds artisanal elegance. Pairing the artful backsplash with simple white cabinetry and a marble-topped island keeps the look refined.

Bright Yellow Island

Painting just one section of cabinets yellow as a focal point is another chic way to work this color into your kitchen. We love this sunny yellow kitchen island on 21 Oak Street against cooler toned cabinetry and stone backsplash.

Creative Yellow Kitchen Inspiration

Beyond just walls and cabinetry, don’t be afraid to bring yellow into your kitchen in creative, unexpected ways. From yellow appliances to decorative accents, there are lots of ways to work this lively color into your design.

Vintage Yellow Fridge

Make a retro-inspired statement by hunting down a vintage yellow fridge like this SMEG beauty in this Parisian kitchen designed by Dorothée Delaye. The pop of citrus yellow gives this otherwise neutral kitchen tons of character.

Yellow Kitchen Island

Painting the kitchen island yellow is an excellent way to get a punch of color while maintaining simple cabinetry. This kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens uses a sunny yellow island as a cheerful focal point.

Yellow Bar Stools

Even small doses of yellow can make a big impact. Adding bright yellow bar stools like in this kitchen photographed by The New Design Project is a fun way to work some yellow into your space.

Vintage Yellow Pieces

Vintage finds like this retro yellow step stool featured on My Domaine add hip, eclectic flair. Keep an eye out for vintage yellow kitchen accessories to give your space a playful, collected look.

Design Tips for Yellow Kitchens

Ready to join in on the yellow kitchen trend? Here are some key tips for selecting and designing the perfect sunny space:

Choose the Right Undertones

Not all shades of yellow are created equal. Warm yellows with orange or golden undertones tend to feel cheerful and welcoming. Cool yellows with green undertones can feel bright but less cozy. Select yellow tones with warm undertones for kitchen spaces.

Pair Yellow with White

White paired with yellow is a timeless, failsafe combination. Crisp white cabinets, walls, backsplash, or trim prevent bold yellows from feeling overpowering. For softer shades of yellow, white adds nice contrast.

Add Contrasting Colors

While white and yellow are a match made in heaven, don’t be afraid to bring in additional colors too. Hues like navy, gray, black, brown, or green can provide gorgeous contrast against yellow.

Use Yellow as an Accent

Painting all your kitchen cabinets or walls yellow may feel overwhelming. For a subtler pop of color, use yellow on just an island, backsplash, or accent wall. Yellow décor pieces also add nice pops.

Factor in Lighting

The hue of yellow paint often appears different under cool LED or warm incandescent lighting. Test swatches at different times of day and with different lighting to ensure you pick the right shade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yellow Kitchens

What colors go well with yellow in a kitchen?

Some of the best color pairs for yellow kitchens include crisp white, navy blue, gray, black, wood tones, brass metallics, and even red for a retro diner vibe. Ensure colors have warm undertones.

Is yellow a good color for small kitchens?

Yes! A bright, cheery yellow can actually make a small kitchen feel more open and expansive. Stick to light yellow hues and pair with white for the best effect. Use yellow on an accent wall rather than all over for a small space.

How do you decorate a yellow kitchen?

For decorating a yellow kitchen, stick to complementary color accents like white dishes, flowering plants, distressed woodcutting boards, ceramic canisters in neutral tones, and brass/gold accessories or geometric patterned accents in navy, black, or gray.

What kind of yellow is best for kitchens?

Warm shades of yellow like mustard, amber, or goldenrod work best for most kitchen designs. Avoid greenish shades of yellow. For a brighter effect, use custard or lemon yellow. Keep it pale and creamy for a soft, cheerful look.

Should you do an all-yellow kitchen?

An all-yellow kitchen can work beautifully, but it’s a bold choice. For a cohesive look that won’t be overwhelming, stick to pale creamy yellows rather than vivid yellows. Pair an all-yellow design with lots of white trim, cabinetry, or tiles.

Bring Cheerful, Sunny Style to Your Kitchen

Yellow kitchens have a magical way of instantly brightening any home and infusing spaces with energy and cheer. From pale buttercream hues to punchy citrus tones, there’s a shade of yellow that can liven up your kitchen’s aesthetic. Beyond just paint colors, don’t be afraid to bring in pops of sunny yellow through tiles, accessories, bar stools, and more.

Pair yellow with crisp whites, sleek metallics, natural wood tones, or even go bold with contrasting navy. Whatever your design style, there’s a way to stylishly incorporate this joyful color into your home. So whether you’re craving an invigorating kitchen refresh or want to jump on this sunny design trend, yellow is your color. Let these stunning editor-approved examples ignite your own creativity and bring fresh life to your space. Happy designing!