Eclectic Kitchen Ideas Design Tips for Creating Stylish Eclectic Kitchens


Eclectic kitchen designs are a popular and stylish choice for homeowners looking to make a statement and reflect their personal style in their kitchen space. An eclectic kitchen brings together a mix of designs, textures, colors, and era influences to create a one-of-a-kind look. The freedom of eclectic design allows you to incorporate the items you love most and not worry about adhering to one particular style.

When designed thoughtfully, eclectic kitchens can result in creative and inviting spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. In this article, we will explore eclectic kitchen ideas and design tips to help you create the stylish and unique eclectic kitchen of your dreams.

Define Your Style

The first step in creating an eclectic kitchen is to take time to define what eclectic means to you. An eclectic style includes a blend of your favorite design elements, which could draw inspiration from:

  • Vintage or antique pieces
  • Flea market or secondhand finds
  • Modern and contemporary accents
  • Different finishes and textures
  • Artistic or worldly artifacts
  • Bold colors and patterns

Determine which influences speak most to your personal taste and style. Gather inspiration from decorator showhouses, interior design magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and real eclectic kitchens you admire. Defining your style will help guide you as you make design choices for your eclectic kitchen.

Select Your Palette

Eclectic kitchens lend themselves to bold, creative color palettes. You can use color to create visual interest and define the different zones of your kitchen space. Consider hues that resonate with your personality and style. For example:

  • Vintage palettes use soft pastels like mint green, pale yellow, or robin’s egg blue paired with antique brass or bronze hardware.
  • Contemporary palettes use bright pops of color like ruby red, citrus orange, or emerald green mixed with sleek stainless, black accents, or white lacquer cabinetry.
  • Bohemian palettes feature earthy tones like terracotta orange, olive green, deep blue, and golden yellow along with natural wood cabinetry.

You can also choose one dominant color to serve as an anchor for the entire kitchen’s palette. Then layer in accent colors through smaller decor items like bar stools, artwork, rugs, and window treatments.

Mix Up Your Flooring

Eclectic kitchen flooring ideas are one of the best ways to add interest to your space. Mixing flooring types and patterns is encouraged when cultivating an eclectic kitchen aesthetic. Consider using:

  • Geometric patterned tile on the floor as a bold focal point
  • Black and white checkerboard tile for a retro diner feel
  • Colorful mosaic tile in the backsplash area
  • Hardwood planks on the floor in a light or dark stained finish
  • Concrete floors for an industrial vibe
  • Vinyl flooring made to mimic patterns like encaustic tile or terrazzo

Don’t be afraid to use more than one flooring option within your open kitchen and dining space. Deliberately transitioning from one flooring to another can help define separate functional zones.

Choose Eclectic Cabinets

Your cabinetry serves as the foundation for your eclectic kitchen’s design. Take advantage of the flexibility of eclectic style when selecting cabinetry:

  • Mix finishes like painted cabinets combined with natural wood stain
  • Choose different styles like traditional upper cabinets with modern lower cabinets
  • Mix and match colors by picking a neutral like white for uppers and using navy blue lowers
  • Incorporate glass cabinet fronts to break up all the solid cabinetry
  • Use open shelving and unique cabinets like Hoosier-style bakers racks along with standard cabinetry

Hardware is another area to have fun with. Use vintage-style cup pulls, funky shaped handles, or modern metal bars to complement your eclectic cabinets.

Add Unique Countertops

Your countertops present another opportunity to infuse eclectic style. Consider forgoing traditional granite, quartz, or solid surface materials in favor of more unique options like:

  • Butcher block offers warmth and ties into vintage and farmhouse styles
  • Reclaimed wood makes a rustic and eco-friendly countertop
  • Poured concrete provides an edgy, industrial vibe
  • Soapstone is a great durable option that patinas over time
  • Tile like Moroccan, Spanish, or handmade subway tile
  • Paper composite made from recycled paper/resin for an eco-conscious option
  • Laminate with retro-inspired patterns or looks like Formica

Use Varied Lighting

Thoughtfully layered lighting helps create ambiance and visual interest in an eclectic kitchen. Use a mix of lighting sources like:

  • Pendant lights in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Sputnik chandeliers or retro swag lamps for character
  • Recessed can lighting for overall illumination
  • Under cabinet lighting for task lighting
  • French country sconces mounted on the walls
  • Vintage light fixtures from antique stores or salvage yards

Position lighting at different heights and locations to add dimension. Use dimmers and smart bulbs to make adjustments for different functions and moods.

Add Pops of Color With Appliances

Incorporate color into your eclectic kitchen through your appliances. Options like:

  • A retro mint green or cherry red refrigerator
  • A sunflower yellow oven range or robin’s egg blue stove
  • A cornflower blue dishwasher or orange retro microwave

Colorful appliances introduce vibrant personality into the kitchen. Coordinate appliance hues with your cabinetry or palette to pull the look together.

For a budget-friendly way to get color, simply apply a removable appliance paint to give your existing appliances an eclectic update. Use high-heat paint formulated specifically for appliances.

Finish With Unique Details

The finishing touches you add to your eclectic kitchen are key for creating a layered, collected look. Incorporate:

  • Textured rugs like jute, sisal, or shag under your dining table
  • Artwork or mirrors above your kitchen cabinets
  • ** architectural elements** like arched doors or decorative molding and trim
  • Display shelves filled with colorful dishware, cookbooks, or plants
  • Textiles like pillows, curtains, and tea towels in playful prints

These details showcase your personality and design style to bring your eclectic vision to life. Don’t be afraid to mix, blend, and collect an assortment of decor that sparks joy for you.

Eclectic Kitchen Ideas To Inspire

Here are some beautiful eclectic kitchen examples to fuel your inspiration:

Vintage Eclectic Kitchen

This vintage eclectic kitchen features painted mint green cabinets, butcher block countertops, a white apron-front sink, and an exposed brick backsplash. The retro wallpaper and lighting add a playful accent.

Midcentury Modern Eclectic Kitchen

With its sleek lines, wood accent wall, and pops of orange, this kitchen seamlessly blends midcentury and contemporary elements into one eclectic space.

Boho Eclectic Kitchen

Earthy terracotta tile, woven pendant lights, and rattan barstools give this kitchen a breezy bohemian vibe even with the modern white cabinetry.

Bold Color Eclectic Kitchen

This eclectic kitchen isn’t shy about using color with its mix of emerald green lower cabinets, neon barstools, and geometric patterned backsplash tile.

Designing Your Dream Eclectic Kitchen

The freedom of eclectic design allows you to break conventions and get creative with your kitchen. Define your style, then look for ways to incorporate vintage charm, quirky detailing, artistic flair, and personalized elements. Keep proportions and balance in mind as you blend textures, eras, colors, and materials.

Though eclectic kitchens march to the beat of their own drum, they still require thoughtful planning and expert execution. Invest in a talented kitchen designer to help turn your eclectic vision into a functional, beautiful reality. With an eclectic kitchen, you can fully express your taste and create a space as unique as you are. Let your inner eccentric shine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eclectic Kitchens

What are the key elements of an eclectic kitchen design?

Some hallmarks of eclectic kitchen design include mixing finishes and cabinet styles, using bold colors and patterns, blending lighting fixtures, incorporating vintage or antique pieces, opting for unique countertops, and adding one-of-a-kind details.

How do I mix styles in my eclectic kitchen?

Focus on blending 2-3 complementary styles like modern and midcentury or industrial with cottage style. Use your cabinetry, lighting, hardware, and decor to incorporate these varied influences.

What colors work well in an eclectic kitchen?

Eclectic kitchens allow you to use an array of colors. Both bold saturated hues and softer muted tones work. Try to choose 3-5 colors to establish your palette. Tie things together with one dominant color.

Should I use matching appliances in my eclectic kitchen?

Not necessarily. Mixing appliance finishes or using vintage appliances with more modern ones fits eclectic style. Or choose colorful appliances in coordinating tones. Go bold and choose what you love!

What flooring options work for eclectic kitchens?

This is an area where you can really get creative! Mix and match tile, wood, concrete, and vinyl floors within your kitchen space. Use flooring patterns or changes between flooring to define zones.


An eclectic kitchen offers you the freedom to highlight your favorite eras, influences, pieces, colors, and details. While eclectic style conquers kitchen design conventions, be sure to keep your space functional by having a thoughtful floorplan. Curate and collect with intention to create your personal oasis. Infuse your passion into your kitchen space and embrace your inner eccentric.