Eclectic Kitchen Backsplash Serve Characteristic Look with Eclectic Style


Kitchen backsplashes play an important role in bringing together the look and feel of a kitchen. They serve as a decorative focal point while also protecting the walls from splatters and spills. For homeowners looking to add visual interest to their kitchen, an eclectic backsplash can provide just the right amount of character. Eclectic backsplashes mix and match textures, colors, patterns and materials to create a look that is creative, unique and full of personality.

In this article, we’ll explore how eclectic backsplashes can serve to enhance the characteristic look of a kitchen with an eclectic style. We’ll cover popular eclectic backsplash materials, essential design tips for achieving a cohesive eclectic look, and ways to incorporate pops of color, texture and pattern into your backsplash design. Read on to discover how the right backsplash can bring your eclectic kitchen vision to life!

Defining the Eclectic Style

Before diving into eclectic backsplash options, let’s look at what defines the eclectic style. Eclecticism refers to a mix of decor elements from various time periods or styles to create an aesthetic that is highly personalized and unique. Eclectic rooms often feature:

  • A blend of modern and antique pieces
  • Lots of colors, textures and patterns
  • Global or vintage-inspired accents
  • Artwork and accessories with visual impact
  • Unexpected and unconventional style combinations

The eclectic look rejects uniformity in favor of celebrates self-expression. This makes it a perfect style for homeowners wishing to reflect their taste and personality in their kitchen design.

An eclectic kitchen backsplash can serve as the perfect focal point for showcasing this signature eclectic blend of colors, shapes, textures and materials.

Eclectic Backsplash Materials Provide Character

There are many materials suitable for crafting an eclectic backsplash. Mixing and matching materials is encouraged when aiming for an eclectic look. Consider using a combination of tiles, stones, glass, mirrors or metals to design a one-of-a-kind backsplash.

Here are some top materials to consider for an eclectic kitchen backsplash:


Tile offers endless options for creating an eclectic backsplash. Handpainted and handmade tile provides beautiful pops of color and artisanal charm. Reclaimed and recycled tiles are a great sustainable choice, lending antique character. Moroccan, Spanish or Talavera tiles can provide global inspiration. Look for tiles with an art deco, floral, geometric or Middle Eastern motif for a burst of pattern. Mismatched tiles in an array of sizes, shapes and colors also help capture the eclectic spirit.


Natural or tumbled stone tiles bring organic texture. Travertine, limestone, and marble backsplashes provide natural shades and veining that pairs well with eclectic decor. For a more modern take, try slate or polished stone tiles in interesting shapes.


Glass tile, chic mirrored tile, and stained glass provide shiny pops of color and light. The refracting effect of glass tile helps enhance the playful eclectic aesthetic.


For an industrial vibe, bring in metal with tin, copper, nickel or stainless steel backsplashes. Metallic finishes like brass, bronze and pewter also make a bold eclectic statement.

Creative Materials

Get crafty and make use of salvaged materials like old china plates or utensils, bottle caps, seashells, beads, marbles, buttons or wood slices. and Subway Ceramics offer handmade tile options to add an ultra customized touch.

Essential Design Tips

When dealing with the abundance of colors, patterns and textures involved in an eclectic backsplash, maintaining balance is key. Follow these guidelines when planning your design:

Combine colors intentionally – Follow basic color theory when combining hues. Stick with three main colors and repeat them throughout. Use white or neutral tones to provide separation between bright colors.

Vary textures thoughtfully – Too many competing textures can feel busy. Anchor your backsplash with a soft organic texture like marble, then layer in other textural materials like glass, metal or tile.

Echo shapes and motifs – Repeating certain shapes, lines or icons helps tie the look together. For example, use circle tiles sparingly but intentionally.

Allow room to breathe – Avoid going overboard on embellishments. Leave some negative space between key backsplash features and accessories.

Contrast with cabinets – If your cabinetry is ornate, opt for a simpler backsplash. With plain cabinet fronts, go bold with your backsplash design.

Consider flow – Arrange tile patterns in a way that draws the eye across the whole backsplash and keeps visual interest moving.

Incorporate Pops of Color Creatively

Color is an important ingredient in any eclectic kitchen. Use your backsplash as a place to incorporate playful pops of color to liven your space.

Painted tiles – Custom painted tiles come in any color imaginable. Paint factory tiles or upcycle old china plates by painting them in your favorite hues.

Bright mosaics – Opt for mosaic sheets of tile in vibrant shades like emerald, sapphire or crimson. Intersperse these bold bursts of color throughout your backsplash.

Handmade tiles – Many artisan tile companies offer hand-pressed tile in every color under the sun. Handpainted tiles also provide plenty of punch.

Ombre colors – An ombre backsplash with gradient bright colors provides an eclectic focal point. The color transitions keep it from feeling overwhelming.

Contrasting grout – Make your grout lines pop by choosing a contrasting shade. Bold black, navy or red grout provides rhythm against pastel tiles.

Coordinating accessories – Incorporate accent colors from your backsplash into your window treatments, artwork, rug and kitchenware for harmony.

Add Eye-Catching Textures

Beyond color, don’t be afraid to add tactile surfaces and multi-dimensional elements to enrich your eclectic backsplash. Some textural approaches include:

3D tile – Dimensional tile, like handcrafted ceramic relief tiles, adds artistic depth. Opt for sculptural tiles that cast shadows and catch the light.

Natural materials – The raw texture of stone, wood and metals feels both rustic and modern. Mix these tactile materials in among smoother surfaces.

Unconventional accents – Incorporate found objects like old silverware, wine corks, or marbles. Attach items like shells, beads, buttons, or bottle caps directly onto your tiles.

Mixed finishes – Combine high-shine glass with matte stoneware or pair glossy metal with ceramic subway tile. The more surface variation the better.

Shapely tiles – Use tiles cut into interesting shapes like stars, circles, hexagons or diamond shapes. Irregular handmade tiles also provide visual intrigue.

Crackle glass – Crackled glass tile has an antiqued look with craze lines that catch and refract the light. Pair with smooth glass for contrast.

Rippled metal – Metallic tile comes in various finishes like hammered, rippled and wavy. Opt for dimensional metal over flat for eclectic style.

Rock on – Create a faux stone wall effect by layering thin stone veneer panels over drywall. This textural stone brings depth.

Infuse Global Flair with Worldly Patterns

Don’t limit yourself to solid tiles. Embrace pattern and motif to enhance the eclectic vibe. Here are some ways to work captivating global patterns into your backsplash:

Moroccan tiles – Choose vibrantly colored tiles with eight-pointed stars, intricate geometric shapes, or decorative Arabic script.

Middle Eastern motifs – Opt for backsplash tile featuring arches, paisley prints, flower medallions and intricate arabesques.

Spanish style – Enliven your backsplash with colorful Spanish tiles adorned with flamenco dancers, bullfighters or floral designs.

Asian influences – Try cherry blossom prints, bamboo motifs, or swirling dragons to introduce Eastern flair.

Traditional toile – Adapted from French textiles, toile patterns depict pastoral scenes and make a charming vintage backsplash statement.

Tropical motifs – Liven up your kitchen with banana leaf prints, bamboo stalks, palm trees or exotic birds.

Global artifacts – Incorporate decorative objects like masks, statues or vases to provide an anthropological touch.

Meaningful messages – Opt for handpainted tiles adorned with foreign words and phrases that hold personal significance.

Cleverly Work in Pops of Pattern

While an eclectic backsplash celebrates creativity, you’ll want to take care not to go overboard on busy patterns. Use these techniques to thoughtfully incorporate pops of pattern:

Limit patterned area – Cover a small section of your backsplash in a dynamic patterned tile instead of the whole thing. Treat it like an accent wall.

Border or band – Run a strip of your favorite patterned tile horizontally along the lower third of your backsplash or around the perimeter.

Inside detail – For open shelving, line the interior backs with a vibrant pattern to hide inside the shelves. Keep surrounding areas simple.

Mix and match – Pair subdued tiles with occasional patterned tiles spaced strategically throughout your backsplash.

Contain it – Frame patterned tiles within solid tiles to avoid a dizzying effect. This helps define the patterned area.

Keep countertops plain – Pair a hectic backsplash with unadorned countertops. Try white, black or neutral solid surface options.

Pattern sparingly – Limit patterns to tile accents, a backsplash niche, or as a geometric border. Keep the majority neutral.

Creative Touches Elevate an Eclectic Backsplash

Beyond materials and patterns, don’t forget the finishing details that help put an artful spin on your eclectic backsplash. Get inspired with these inventive touches:

Make a mosaic – Craft a mosaic backsplash or collage from broken china, marbles, beads, sea glass or tiles. Add dimension with handmade ceramic tiles.

Show off collections – Display treasured finds like stamps, postcards, coins or labels behind glass tile or in a backsplash niche.

Picture this – Adhere vintage photos, artwork prints, pages from books or sheet music behind glass tile for a personalized gallery wall effect.

Light it up – Accent your backsplash with pendant lights, sconces or undercabinet lighting for ambiance. Go for whimsical fixtures.

Introduce metal – Incorporate handcrafted copper or tin backsplashes. Hammered metal adds cottage character while stainless steel evokes an industrial vibe.

Salvage and upcycle – Give new life to old barn wood, pallet slats, piano keys, or silverware by repurposing them into your eclectic backsplash design.

Go dimensional – Opt for 3D tile, hand-sculpted reliefs, molded accents or protruding glass tile shelves for artistic flair.

Make it functional – Include a chalkboard section for scribbling notes and menus. Or try a magnetic section for pinning up photos and to-do’s.


What color cabinets work best with an eclectic backsplash?

Neutral toned cabinets in black, white, gray, cream or wood allow your eclectic backsplash to really shine as the focal point. Avoid competing with overly colorful or patterned cabinetry.

What kitchen flooring complements an eclectic backsplash?

Hardwood, concrete, stone or cork floors balance beautifully with an eclectic backsplash. Avoid matching the backsplash color or material too directly. A contrasting floor prevents overwhelm.

What countertop materials pair well with an eclectic backsplash?

White, black or neutral solid surface countertops help anchor eclectic backsplashes. Quartz, soapstone, butcher block or concrete counters also complement without competing.

What are good paint colors to compliment an eclectic backsplash?

Neutral, earthy or pastel wall colors like beige, olive green, light blue or sage green allow an eclectic backsplash to take center stage. Avoid loud competing colors.

Should my eclectic backsplash match my hardware and fixtures?

It’s fine to incorporate complementary metals or finishes, but don’t feel a need to match directly. The eclectic look thrives on mixes of finished and mismatched metals.

How do I clean and care for an eclectic tile backsplash?

Review manufacturer cleaning guidelines for specialized tiles like handpainted. For most tile, just use a mild detergent and soft sponge or non-abrasive pad. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage grout or tile finishes.


The eclectic style is all about creative self-expression and decorating with items that reflect your personality and interests. An eclectic backsplash serves as the ideal canvas for showcasing this signature blend of colors, patterns, textures and materials you love.

As we’ve explored, crafting an eclectic backsplash means combining tiles, glass, metal, stone and other materials in an imaginative way. Thoughtfully repeating colors and shapes while layering in global patterns and artful finishes helps achieve a cohesive eclectic look. Always keep balance in mind and don’t overwhelm with overabundant colors and competing busy patterns.

With an eclectic backsplash as your decorative focal point, your kitchen is sure to make a colorful, textural and highly personal style statement. Bring your creative vision to life and enjoy the process of designing a one-of-a-kind backsplash that captures your unique eclectic flair.