Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Add a Sense of Luxury


Adding a double sink bathroom vanity can be one of the best ways to add a sense of luxury and upgrade the look and functionality of your bathroom. With two sinks, there is less congestion and waiting when it comes to sharing the space. Double sink vanities also allow for more storage and counter space. When choosing the right double vanity, consider the size of your bathroom, the style you want, top materials, storage options and your budget. Read on to learn all about how a double sink vanity can add a touch of luxury to your home.

Size Matters – Choosing the Right Double Sink Vanity

When selecting a double sink vanity, the first thing to think about is size. You want something that fits the space properly and maximizes functionality.

  • Measure Carefully – Don’t guess on size. Carefully measure the length of your wall and existing plumbing locations. This will determine what size works. Allow for some clearance on each side.
  • 60″ is Popular – For most master bathrooms, a 60″ double vanity provides a good amount of counter space and storage. But a larger or smaller one might be better for your space.
  • Pay Attention to Depth – Standard depth is usually 21″, but counter depths can range from 18″ to 24″. Measure the depth of your existing vanity first before choosing.
  • Consider Symmetry – Double sink vanities often look best centered exactly on the wall between two mirrors. But your plumbing might dictate an asymmetrical placement.
  • Allow For Clearances – Make sure there is enough clearance from the vanity for the bathroom door to open. And allow for clearance between the vanity and toilet.

Materials & Design – Elegant Options

Another key factor is choosing the right materials and design elements you want for the double vanity. This influences the style and luxury level.


  • Wood – Stained wood brings warmth. Oak, walnut and teak are good wood double vanity choices.
  • Marble or Quartz – Elegant and durable natural stone tops evoke luxury. Marble looks classic while quartz adds glittery elegance.
  • Glass and Metals – For contemporary glamour, glass, chrome and stainless steel in the design conveys high-end style.

Design Elements

  • Drawers – Multiple full extension drawers maximize storage and accessibility. Soft-close glides add refinement.
  • Doors – Mirrored or wood doors on cabinets amp up the richness. Glass cabinet doors add openness.
  • Legs – Legs elevate the look. Metal hairpin legs add industrial appeal. Straight square legs evoke modernity.
  • Vessel Sinks – Unique vessel sinks sit atop the counter as works of art. This is a signature luxury look.
  • Quartz Countertops – Quartz vanity tops dazzle with bright, bold patterns for an ultra-contemporary luxe look.
  • Curves – Gentle curves soften the look for a more refined style.

Storage & Organization

One advantage of a double vanity is ample storage space. Optimize this with interior organizational features.

  • Drawers – Multiple drawers neatly stow away toiletries and supplies. Full extension drawer glides make access easy.
  • Shelving – Interior shelves neatly stack towels. Consider glass shelves to easily see contents.
  • Cabinets – Doors conceal clutter. Mirrored doors double visual space. Use glass fronts for visibility.
  • Trays – Removable trays or inserts to keep items from getting jumbled in cabinets.
  • Tip Out Sinks – Tip out sink cabinets rotate out fully to easily access plumbing.
  • Split Drawers – Central split drawers offer storage that can be accessed from both sides.

Luxurious Contemporary Styles

If your personal taste leans contemporary, there are many gorgeous modern double vanity styles that bring a look of luxury to the bath.

  • Floating Vanity – A streamlined floating double vanity is anchored to the wall, not the floor. This evokes a light, airy elegance.
  • Bowl Sinks – Unique molded bowl sinks make a bold style statement. Materials like glass, copper or concrete exude cutting-edge sophistication.
  • Mixed Metals – Combining polished chrome, matte black and brushed gold finishes lends an edgy vibe. Reflective surfaces add glamour.
  • Asymmetrical Design – An asymmetrically positioned sink and off-centered configurations create modern interest.
  • Glass Shelves – Mirrored or glass shelved cabinets keep contents visible while conveying openness and airiness.
  • Vessel Sinks – Perched atop the counter, vessel sinks make a stunning centerpiece. Materials like stone, copper or glass project luxury.
  • Wood + Metal – The blend of warm wood and cool stainless or black metal commands attention for contemporary chic appeal.

Classic Vanity Styles for Timeless Elegance

Prefer a more timeless look? Traditional styles of double vanities offer classic luxury.

  • Marble Top – Elegant marble countertops evoke a look of refinement. Carrara marble remains a top choice with its distinctive veining.
  • Arched Mirrors – Frame vanity mirrors with intricately carved arches for old-world panache.
  • Turned Legs – Legs with lathe-turned design details lend traditional charm.
  • Inset Doors – Framed cabinet doors with inset rectangular panels exude crafted style.
  • Tapered Legs – Tapered legs on a wooden vanity add subtle elegance and visual interest.
  • Subway Tile – Adorning the wall with white subway tile achieves a timelessly classic look.
  • Quatrefoil Mirrors – Ornate framed mirrors with quatrefoil designs evoke antique allure.
  • Clawfoot Tubs – Positioning a double vanity across from a clawfoot soaking tub captures old-world luxury.

Top Brands Known for Luxury

Certain brands have earned reputation for luxury vanities with gorgeous designs and quality construction.

  • BathInteger – Known for hand-crafted wood vanities made in the USA using quality materials.
  • Stone Forest – Makes one-of-a-kind stone carved vanities as functional sculpture.
  • Native Trails – Sustainably-sourced vanities with nature-inspired materials like stone, copper and glass.
  • Signature Hardware – Offers a wide range of classically elegant traditional and contemporary vanity styles.
  • Virtu USA – Contemporary designs featuring quality materials like solid wood and stone.
  • Wyndham Collection – Luxurious vanities often featuring marble/quartz tops and intricate leg designs.

DIY Installation Tips

Looking to DIY install your luxury double vanity? Here are some tips.

  • Gather tools – tape measure, level, screwdriver, wrench, silicone caulk, plumber’s putty
  • Turn off water supply lines and disconnect existing vanity
  • Measure new vanity and ensure adequate clearance to walls and doors
  • Set new vanity in place and level by adjusting feet
  • Connect drain pipes using plumber’s putty to seal joints
  • Connect water supply lines to faucet inlet tubes
  • Seal any gaps between wall and vanity back with caulk
  • Install new faucet fixtures and drain assemblies
  • Make final water supply connections and test for leaks
  • Add drawers, doors and finish up cabinet details
  • Install new countertop if one was not pre-installed

Luxurious Double Vanity Inspiration

Need visual inspiration for a luxurious double vanity? Here are some eye-catching ideas.

![Marble double vanity with glass vessel sinks]( Web_02.jpg)

This marble double vanity features symmetrical glass vessel sinks for modern elegance.

![Rustic wood double vanity]( bertazzoni-img~0ae1ab680bae11ea_4-3563-1-a07af362.jpg)

A wooden rustic double vanity with plenty of storage space exudes cozy charm.

Modern double floating vanity

This sleek floating double vanity provides a light modern look.

Contemporary double vanity with bowl sinks

The unique bowl sinks and quartz counter of this vanity create contemporary allure.


What is the standard size for a double vanity?

The most popular size for a double sink vanity is 60 inches wide. This allows two sinks spaced comfortably apart with storage and counter space in between. But sizes vary, so carefully measure to find the right fit.

Should I get a double vanity with one piece counter or split?

One piece double vanity tops maximize counter space since there is no seam down the middle. Split vanity tops allow you to choose two different materials or colors. One piece is better for resale value.

What depth should I choose for a double vanity?

Standard vanity depth is 21″. But you can find depths ranging from 18″ to 24″. Take measurements of your existing vanity first to help determine the right depth. Allow for sink clearance if the sinks will face out.

What should I consider when selecting materials?

The materials influence look and durability. Natural stone like marble or quartz have an elegant, high-end look. Solid woods like oak add warmth. Glass, chrome and metal creates a sleek modern look. Research durability for heavy usage areas.

How much space do I need for a double vanity?

Ideally allow 60-72 inches of wall space for the actual vanity. Make sure there is enough clearance from the vanity for the door to fully open. And allow space between the vanity and toilet for comfortable moving around.


Choosing the right double sink vanity can luxuriously transform your bathroom’s form and function. Pay attention to size, materials, storage needs and style when selecting the perfect vanity. Investing in a high quality, well-designed vanity can make your bathroom a beautiful oasis for years to come. With the right double vanity, you can add a little luxury to your daily life.