Dekton Countertops for Your Kitchen


Installing new countertops can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Dekton countertops are an increasingly popular option that offers durability, style, and ease of maintenance. Made from a blend of raw materials that undergo an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes over thousands of years, Dekton is a relatively new engineered stone that is ideal for kitchen countertops.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Dekton countertops and why they might be the perfect choice for your kitchen remodel or new construction project. We’ll cover topics like:

  • What is Dekton and how is it made?
  • Benefits and features of Dekton kitchen countertops
  • Styles, colors and finishes available
  • How to care for and maintain Dekton countertops
  • Costs and comparisons to alternatives like granite and quartz
  • Professional installation tips and considerations

After reading this article, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to decide if durable, stylish Dekton is the right counter material for your kitchen.

What is Dekton and How is it Made?

Dekton is an innovative new countertop material created by Cosentino, the Spanish company that makes Silestone quartz surfaces. It’s made from a proprietary blend of raw materials that undergo an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes over thousands of years.

The manufacturing process uses particles of glass, porcelain, and quartz which are mixed with a binding agent and colored pigments then compacted under intense heat and pressure. This causes the materials to fuse and transform, resulting in a surface that has the beauty of natural stone but enhanced durability and resistance to stains, scratches, heat, and UV rays.

Unlike quartz countertops which consist of approximately 90% ground quartz and 10% polymer resins, Dekton contains fewer resins so it’s closer in composition to granite or quartzite. The particle size of the raw materials used in Dekton is also smaller, allowing for a denser and finer-textured finished product.

So in summary, Dekton combines the best qualities of natural stone, porcelain, glass, and quartz surfaces, while minimizing the weaknesses. The result is a next-generation engineered stone that performs even better than granite or quartz in both beauty and durability.

Benefits and Features of Dekton Countertops

There are many advantages to choosing Dekton for your kitchen counters over materials like granite, marble, quartz, or laminate:


  • Highly scratch, stain, scorch, and heat resistant. Dekton can withstand temperatures up to 482°F making it very resistant to hot pots and pans.
  • Withstands UV rays and freeze/thaw conditions making it ideal for outdoor kitchens.
  • Compressive strength is 6 times that of granite, ensuring durability under impact.

Low Maintenance

  • Non-porous so resists liquid absorption, mold growth, and staining.
  • Cleaning is simple using mild soap and water, or commercial stone cleaners when needed.
  • Never needs sealing or waxing.


  • Available in a wide range of colors and realistic stone-like veining patterns.
  • Multiple finish options from matte to textured to polished sheen.
  • Large format slab sizes up to 56×126 inches allowing for seamless countertops.
  • Can be fabricated into integrated sinks, backsplashes, islands, and more.


  • Up to 26% recycled content from glass, porcelain, and industrial waste.
  • Manufacturing process uses 20% less water than other countertops.
  • Greenguard Gold certified for low VOC emissions.

In summary, Dekton offers a complete package when it comes to both form and function. It’s an ideal blend of good looks, exceptional durability, easy care, and eco-friendliness.

Styles, Colors and Finishes Available

One of the great things about Dekton is the wide range of options available to match any kitchen’s style:


Dekton comes in 50+ different colors with options ranging from subtle whites and creams to bold, vivid hues:

  • Whites – Glacier, Nayla, Korus, Kira, Dorian, Blanc Concrete
  • Beiges – Edora, Vera, Natura 18, Lunar, Sirocco
  • Greys – Sirius, Spectra, Kelya, Domoos, Kreta, Venetian
  • Blacks – Galema, Feroe, Oberon, Orix
  • Browns – Kotah, Entzo, Taga, Keranium, Edora
  • Blues – Baltic, Fossil, Borealis
  • Greens – Natural, Radium, Verde Uyuni

Dekton also mimics the look of natural stone with options that emulate marble, soapstone, granite, and onyx. Popular examples include Milar, Danae, Kepler, Rem, and Laurent.


Countertops can be fabricated in three main finishes:

  • Polished – Glossy, reflective surface like granite. Enhances color and veining.
  • Matte – A flat, honed look. Provides some texture but avoids shine.
  • Textured – Rougher finish with more noticeable graining. Rich look but can show smudges.

Polished and matte are most common in kitchens where ease of cleaning is key. Textured finishes work well in bathrooms or backsplashes.


Dekton comes in large-format slabs, minimizing seams on countertops:

  • Thickness – Either 0.8cm or 1.2cm slabs. The thicker option provides a sturdier feel.
  • Width – Up to 126 inches wide.
  • Length – Maximum length is 56 inches.

The ability to fabricate counters from a single piece avoids unsightly seams while showcasing the continuous veining patterns.

So in summary, with the wide color palette, multiple finishes, and large slabs available, Dekton offers endless possibilities to create your perfect kitchen aesthetic.

How to Care for and Maintain Dekton Countertops

Dekton’s near-zero porosity makes caring for it simple compared to more porous natural stone:

  • For day-to-day cleaning, wipe down with a soft, damp microfiber cloth and mild soap or stone cleaner if needed.
  • Periodically use a non-abrasive scrub pad for tougher dirt and grime.
  • For drying, a squeegee can help prevent water spots.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals like oven cleaners, alkaline drain cleaners, etc. Rinse any spills quickly.
  • Re-sealing is never required unlike granite counters.
  • Check the manufacturer’s care guide for recommended products.
  • Avoid using abrasive powders, scouring pads, or rough sponges that could scratch.
  • Cutting directly on the surface is not recommended to prevent dulling over time. Use a cutting board.
  • Heat damage can occur from hot pans. Consider using trivets and hot pads.

With routine cleaning and care, Dekton counters will stay looking like new for decades. The minimal maintenance is a big selling point over high-maintenance natural stone.

Costs and Comparisons to Granite and Quartz

Dekton countertops are in the premium tier of pricing along with granite and quartz:

  • Total installed cost – $80 – $160 per square foot installed. This can vary based on slab choice and regional labor pricing.
  • Comparable to granite – Similar price range though granite has a wider spectrum from low to high cost.
  • More expensive than “standard” quartz – Dekton sits at the higher end of engineered quartz products cost-wise. Basic quartz can start around $50 per square foot.
  • More affordable than exotic quartz and stone – Prices max out around $160 per square foot whereas rare granite types can be $200+ per square foot.

When comparing quotes, be sure to consider:

  • Product grade – Basic, mid-range or premium levels based on color/pattern.
  • Edge details – Unique edges like bevels, laminations, etc. add cost.
  • Thickness – 1.2cm slabs are 10-15% more than 0.8cm.
  • Cutouts – Extra fabrication time for sinks, cooktops, etc. adds cost.
  • Regional pricing – Labor and installation costs vary geographically.

While not the cheapest option, Dekton offers excellent value given its outstanding performance, longevity, and hassle-free maintenance. The cost difference over quartz is justified by the superior durability and stain resistance.

Professional Installation Tips and Considerations

Installing Dekton countertops is best left to experienced professionals. Some tips for a successful installation:

  • Carefully measure your existing space and templating your counters. seamless fit.
  • Communicate the location of any cutouts for sinks, faucets, and appliances.
  • Handle slabs carefully to avoid cracking or chipping the edges. Dekton is durable but not indestructible.
  • Use specialized stone adhesive and precise seam bonding techniques for durable seams.
  • Allow adhesive to fully cure for 24-48 hours after install before use. Avoid sitting or placing heavy objects on counters during this time.
  • For corners and seams, choose colors/patterns that camouflage the joints well. Busy granites help hide seams.
  • For an integrated sink, confirm that cutting the sink hole won’t compromise the counter stability. Undermount sinks usually recommended.
  • Consider eased or beveled front edges for a soft, finished look that prevents chipping on the leading edge.
  • Seal any joints with a color-matched caulk that resists mold and mildew.
  • Discuss any questions or concerns about your layout, overhangs, support requirements, etc during templating.

Choosing experienced fabrication and installation pros is advised to ensure proper prep, cutouts, and seam bonding when working with large-format Dekton slabs. Taking the time to get measurements and details right will ensure your counters fit perfectly for years to come.

Dekton Countertops for Your Kitchen

Dekton offers an unmatched combination of aesthetics, durability, and ease of care that makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, Dekton is definitely worth exploring as an alternative to traditional stone surfaces.

The variety of colors and patterns available allows you to find the perfect hue and style to suit your kitchen. And you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your counters can withstand the daily wear and tear of cooking and cleaning without having to “baby” them.

While the price may be a bit higher than basic quartz or laminate, Dekton pays off in the long run with incredible longevity, not to mention improved resale value for your home. With minimal care needed compared to natural stone, Dekton delivers outstanding performance and beauty with little hassle.

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen with durable, stylish countertops that will stay looking fabulous for decades, be sure to consider Dekton! Consult with knowledgeable suppliers and installers in your area for pricing and options to get started.