Cute Bathroom Ideas: Colorful, Positive and Eye-catching Designs

Decorating a bathroom can be a fun and creative way to add personality to what’s often one of the most utilitarian rooms in a home. Choosing a cute, colorful, and eye-catching design for your bathroom is an excellent way to create an uplifting, positive space.

There are many different cute bathroom ideas to consider that allow you to highlight your own personal style. From bright and cheerful colors, to unique patterns and textures, a well-designed bathroom can transform an ordinary utilitarian space into your own private spa oasis.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the best cute bathroom ideas to create a colorful, positive, and eye-catching bathroom design.

Why Choose a Colorful, Positive Bathroom Design?

There are many great reasons to decorate your bathroom in a fun, upbeat way with bright colors and patterns:

  • Boosts mood – A colorful, cheerful bathroom design is uplifting and can help improve your mood, especially first thing in the morning. The bright, happy colors stimulate senses and set a positive tone for the day.
  • Adds personality – Decorating with bright colors, prints and patterns allows you to infuse your unique personal style into the bathroom. It’s a great way to showcase your tastes.
  • Feels special – A colorful, well-designed bathroom feels cozy, inviting and even a bit glamorous. It transforms an ordinary utilitarian space into a fun oasis.
  • Inspires creativity – Surrounding yourself with bright happy colors and prints can help stimulate creative energy. It’s a whimsical artistic approach to bathroom decor.
  • Makes a statement – Vibrant colors and prints command attention. A colorful bathroom is an artistic way to express yourself.

The key is choosing colors, patterns and decorative accents that appeal specifically to your personal taste. An eye-catching bathroom design should reflect your style.

Cute Color Schemes for a Bright, Cheerful Bathroom

One of the easiest ways to create a cute, positively uplifting bathroom is to use a bright, vibrant color scheme. Here are some fun color combo ideas to consider:

Pink and Green

A pink and green color scheme is a classic combination that instantly evokes feelings of springtime. For bathrooms, powdery pinks paired with fresh greens like mint, sage or lime create a soft, feminine look. Add in white trim and accessories for a timeless color combo.

Yellow and Gray

Pairing bright sunshine yellow with clean, crisp grays makes for an energizing color duo. Gray helps tone down and mute the bold yellow. Together they create a fresh modern bathroom palette. Add in white, natural wood or black accents.

Turquoise and Coral

For a punchy color scheme, combine vibrant turquoise and orange-y coral. These fun, tropical inspired colors are uplifting and lively. Offset them with crisp whites, modern chrome fixtures and pops of black.

Purple and Teal

Jewel-toned purple and teal make a gorgeous color combination. Pair deep eggplant or lilac purples with aqua blues for a luxurious, spa-like vibe. Accent with cream, gold or silver metallic touches.

Red and Aqua

Perhaps the brightest, boldest color duo — red and aqua green make a dramatic statement. Use bright true reds and aqua blues and then add in white tile, black accents and gold fixtures for stylish contrast.

Cute Bathroom Décor and Accessories

In addition to color, decorating and accessorizing your bathroom with cute, playful style can help create a positive upbeat space. Some fun ideas include:

Patterned and Printed Textiles

  • Floral shower curtains
  • Checked or striped cotton towels
  • Bold patterned bath mats
  • Whimsical shower curtain and towels that match
  • Vintage style ceramic vessel sinks

Fun Wallpaper or Tiles

  • Retro inspired geometric, floral or scenic print wallpaper
  • Moroccan fish scale tiles
  • Colorful hand painted tiles or tile murals
  • Distressed subway tiles

Unique Lighting Fixtures

  • Crystal or beaded chandeliers
  • Vintage pendant lights
  • Marquee letter lights that spell words
  • Colored globes or patterned lamp shades

Mirror Décor

  • Frame mirror with ribbons, flowers or macrame
  • Outline mirror in string lights
  • Lean printable art or photos against mirror

Unexpected Bathroom Art

  • Framed botanical prints, watercolors or paintings
  • Patterned decals for walls
  • Shelves displaying collected colorful objects

Storage Baskets and Bins

  • Woven baskets for toiletries
  • Bright patterned bins for towels
  • Wire carts for extra storage

By accessorizing with vintage inspired or handmade decorative pieces, it’s easy to add a dose of color, texture and personality into your bathroom design.

Cute Bathrooms with Colorful Bathtubs

An eye-catching colored bathtub can become the charming focal point of your colorful bathroom. From deep vintage clawfoot tubs to modern soaking tubs, choose a tub in a bright hue to anchor your bathroom.

Some fun bathtub color ideas include:

  • Bright cherry red cast iron tub
  • Turquoise blue apron front tub
  • Mustard yellow standalone tub
  • Blush pink corner tub with brass feet
  • Metallic gold contemporary tub
  • Bold black porcelain tub

Position the colorful tub against a neutral wall or tile. Add in coordinating shades with towels, stools, artwork and accessories for a cohesive joyful look. Vintage style fixtures like bridge faucets and overhead showers work well.

Let the vibrant tub become the main event in your cheerful bathroom. A colorful bathtub is a great way to add uplifting style to your bathroom design.

Cute Bathroom Styles and Themes to Try

In addition to color, there are many creative stylistic approaches you can take when designing an eye-catching bathroom filled with positive energy.

Boho Chic Bathroom

Channel free-spirited bohemian style with pattern mixing, natural textures, lush greenery and vintage accents. Key elements for a boho bathroom include:

  • Tapestry prints and macrame accents
  • Distressed wood furniture and rattan baskets
  • Hanging plants in woven and ceramic pots
  • Gallery wall with eclectic framed art
  • Patterned tiles in terra cotta, blue, green and mustard yellow
  • Moroccan arched mirrors and pendant lighting
  • Clawfoot tub or rustic vanity sink

The boho look is all about creative color combinations, unique collected pieces and bringing the outdoors in.

Retro Bathroom

For a perky nostalgic bathroom, take inspiration from fun retro eras like the 1950s and 1960s. Incorporate elements like:

  • Black and white checkerboard tile floors
  • Bubblegum pink or robin’s egg blue colors
  • Kitschy flamingo, palm tree or tropical print shower curtain
  • Vintage style cosmetic organizing trays
  • Subway tiles and a colored corner sink
  • Curved shower rod and embroidered cotton towels
  • Mid-century modern wooden vanity and sconces

The retro approach is playful and ironic. Have fun with overly cheerful colors, novelty prints and kitschy accessories.

Cottage Bathroom

Capture countryside charm with a cute cottage bathroom style. Key features include:

  • Painted wood shiplap walls or whitewashed beadboard
  • Gingham and floral fabrics in sunny yellow, sky blue and apple green
  • Vintage glass vessels filled with wildflowers
  • Wire storage baskets and ceramic canisters
  • Checkered shower curtain and striped bath rugs
  • Painted distressed wood mirror frames and floating shelves
  • Clawfoot tub or cozy corner shower with curtain

Cottage decor has an informal, relaxed vibe with charming vintage appeal. Pretty florals, easy color combos and brightly painted wood create a welcoming country bathroom.

Modern Rainbow Bathroom

Make a bold colorful statement with a modern rainbow bathroom using primary shades. Key elements can include:

  • Glossy reds, sunny yellows, cobalt blues on walls and tile
  • Minimalist floating wood vanity in crisp white or black
  • Sleek vessel sink and chrome fixtures
  • Graphic graphic black and white floor tile
  • Large frameless mirror and sconces for task lighting
  • Glass shower stall with colorful striped accent tile
  • Crisp white towels and shower curtain provide contrast

Primary colors make a powerful impact. Keep fixtures and furnishings simple to let the vibrant hues take center stage in a modern rainbow bathroom.

FAQ About Creating a Cute, Colorful Bathroom

What colors make a bathroom look bigger?

Lighter colors like white, light gray, and soft blue or green help make a bathroom look more spacious and airy. Avoid dark colors on walls and floors in a small bathroom.

How do you decorate a bathroom on a budget?

Some inexpensive ways to decorate a bathroom include using peel-and-stick wallpaper or decals, painting the walls instead of retiling, and buying secondhand furniture and lighting fixtures from thrift stores.

What colors complement a pink bathroom?

Pretty shades like light blue, pale green, lavender and soft yellow pair attractively with pink in a bathroom. Keep the pink soft and muted for a more sophisticated look.

Should you match bathroom accessories to the color scheme?

It’s not mandatory, but matching towels, rugs, shower curtain and other accessories to the color scheme helps pull the whole bathroom design together into a cohesive theme.

What are the latest bathroom tile trends?

Some of the most popular current bathroom tile trends include bold graphic prints, intricate Moroccan fish scale tiles, vibrant colors like aqua and emerald green, 3D dimensional tiles, and large format tiles for sleek walls and floors.


Decorating your bathroom in a playful, colorful style with cute details is an excellent way to create an upbeat space filled with positive energy. Whether you opt for retro patterns, a modern rainbow color scheme, cottage chic style or a bohemian vibe, the options for an artistic, cheerful bathroom design are endless.

Be bold and express your unique taste with fun colors, prints, textures and accessories. Don’t be afraid to use your bathroom as a creative canvas to showcase your style. With an inspiring color scheme, eye-catching details and innovative decor, your bathroom can become your own private happy place.

So explore all the creative ways to incorporate color and hire a professional decorator if you need help realizing your vision. An uplifting bathroom design will brighten your mornings and refresh you before bedtime. A little extra artistic flair can transform any ordinary utilitarian bathroom into a special oasis just for you!