Comparing Snaidero to IKEA Euro-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Euro-style, or European-style, kitchen cabinets offer a sleek, contemporary look popular worldwide. With their clean lines, seamless drawers and door fronts, minimalist hardware and neutral palettes, euro cabinets create an elegant and functional kitchen aesthetic.

From Italian luxury brand Snaidero to Swedish giant IKEA, many manufacturers offer euro-style cabinetry. But quality, construction, customization, price point and other factors can vary widely. Comparing high-end Snaidero to affordable IKEA illustrates the range of euro cabinet options for homeowners.

Overview of Snaidero and IKEA


Founded in 1946 in Italy, Snaidero is a high-end manufacturer of European kitchen cabinets. They are known for using top quality materials like solid woods, soft-closing hardware, and innovative storage solutions. Snaidero offers completely customizable cabinetry designed for comfort and ergonomics. Their cabinets are handmade in Italy and they work directly with designers and homeowners to create the perfect kitchen. Snaidero’s cabinets are available through exclusive kitchen design showrooms.


Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA is known for well-designed, affordable home furnishings including kitchen and storage solutions. Their kitchen cabinets and components are mass-produced and made from particleboard, with laminate or foil finishes. IKEA offers more standardized options at much lower price points compared to other cabinetry brands. Cabinets come in flat packs for home assembly. The streamlined process makes IKEA cabinetry widely accessible.

Signature Traits of Euro-Style Cabinetry

Euro or European-style kitchen cabinets are marked by several distinctive traits that set them apart from traditional face-frame cabinets:

  • Slab cabinet fronts with invisible hinges
  • Drawers with minimal seams and integrated pulls
  • Matte lacquer, laminate and veneer finishes
  • Hidden or “tip-on” hardware
  • Frameless box construction
  • Streamlined profiles and recessed panels
  • Neutral tones and minimal ornamentation
  • Use of glass, metal and high-tech materials

This modern aesthetic flows seamlessly for a sophisticated, upscale look. While styles vary across brands, these qualities define the euro or European style.

Introducing Snaidero – Italian Luxury Cabinets

Founded in 1946 in Italy, Snaidero produces contemporary European kitchen cabinets favored by designers worldwide. Their cabinets grace kitchens from Mumbai highrises to Manhattan penthouses.

Luxury Reputation – Snaidero occupies the upper echelon of prestige cabinetry, on par with other Italian brands like Poliform and Scavolini. Their meticulous craftsmanship and leading-edge style command premium prices.

Bespoke Offerings – Each Snaidero kitchen is made to order in one of their 4 Italian factories. With unlimited customization of sizes, finishes, configurations and details, they create unique, tailored kitchens.

Innovative Materials – Snaidero was one of the first cabinet makers to utilize curved glass, colored lacquers, and metal finishes. Their R&D continuously pushes boundaries.

Global Presence – In addition to their global headquarters in Italy, Snaidero has flagship showrooms in over 50 international cities on 5 continents. Their kitchens know no borders.

With 75+ years perfecting their signature Italian flair, Snaidero deliver luxury euro-style cabinets to an exclusive clientele worldwide.

IKEA – Euro Style for the Masses

In contrast to Snaidero’s luxury offerings, IKEA makes sleek, European-inspired kitchens affordable and accessible to the masses.

Household Name Recognition – As one of the most well-known furniture brands worldwide, IKEA is practically synonymous with contemporary style. Their Scandinavian designs are familiar in households across all income levels.

Budget-Friendly Prices – IKEA’s prices are structured for affordability. Their cabinets cost a fraction of premium brands. Their euro-style Metod system starts under $100 per base cabinet.

DIY-Friendly – IKEA cabinets ship ready-for-assembly. Part of their cost-savings comes from DIY builds. With included instructions, homeowners can install their own new kitchen. It’s user-friendly and customizable.

Global Hub – IKEA’s ubiquitous big box stores make European minimalism available locally to shoppers worldwide. Their reach allows delivering this sought-after style globally.

While not bespoke luxury, IKEA’s euro offerings make this look attainable for the average homeowner through smart design and extreme accessibility.

Comparing Quality and Construction

A major difference between Snaidero and IKEA lies in quality of materials, construction and manufacturing precision.

Snaidero Cabinets

  • Solid woods, hand-finished veneers, and metal accents
  • Doweled, mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery
  • Hand-assembled by master artisans
  • Impeccable seam alignment and gapping
  • Meticulous finish application process
  • Handsanding and hand-polishing steps
  • CNC machining for precision sizing

Their meticulous Italian craftsmanship standards result in heirloom-quality cabinetry built to last generations.

IKEA Cabinets

  • Engineered wood substrates and thermally fused laminates
  • Cam lock joinery system
  • Factory mass production
  • Modular sizing but less customization
  • Minimal sanding and finishing post-lamination
  • Heavy reliance on automated production
  • Some hand-finishing and checks by technicians

While lacking heirloom-quality, IKEA’s construction uses smart techniques engineered for affordability, durability and DIY assembly.

Comparing Appearances

Euro style defines the aesthetic of both Snaidero and IKEA’s cabinet offerings. But appearances still differ between luxury and budget versions.

Snaidero Finishes and Styles

  • Hundreds of lacquers, wood veneers, and glossy surfaces
  • Integrated metal, glass, stone and high-tech accents
  • Hand-applied finishes like brushing and stitching
  • Curved doors, drawers and geometry
  • Integrated state-of-art lighting schemes
  • Ultra-matte and ultra-glossy lacquers
  • Ability to match any paint color
  • Fully wrapped doors and drawers

Every detail is tailored with precision customization and elite hand-finishing.

IKEA Finishes and Styles

  • Substantial range of door styles and colors
  • Matte and gloss thermofused laminates
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Metal trim finishes like stainless, bronze, and matte black
  • Smooth seamless drawer fronts
  • Sleek integrated pulls
  • Neutral and cool-toned color palettes
  • Choose between standard sizes and arrangements

The streamlined “European” look prevails, achieved more through smart engineering than hand-crafting.

Comparing Prices and Budget

The cost difference between the two brands is substantial. Snaidero commands premium pricing given its luxury caliber, while IKEA delivers value through mass production and DIY factors.

Snaidero Pricing

A typical Snaidero kitchen starts around $60,000, with luxury versions easily exceeding $100,000. Their pricing structure includes:

  • Consultations with designers
  • Custom cabinetry hand-crafted to order
  • State-of-the-art materials and hardware
  • Meticulous hand-finishing and inspection
  • Packaging and shipping worldwide
  • Optional installation by Snaidero-certified teams

The price reflects the customization, quality materials, Italian craftsmanship and brand cache.

IKEA Pricing

In contrast, a typical IKEA kitchen can be purchased for under $5000 including countertops and appliances. Their affordability factors include:

  • Mass factory production
  • Modular sizing to reduce waste
  • Flat-packaging for reduced shipping
  • Engineered woods instead of solid woods
  • Limited color and finish options
  • Reduction of hand-finishing steps
  • DIY assembly by homeowners

IKEA simplifies kitchens to the essentials for an affordable euro-style look.

Comparing Customization Options

Both brands offer some degree of customization, but Snaidero takes it to another level with true bespoke luxury kitchens.

Snaidero Customization

  • Hundreds of finishes from matte to high-gloss
  • Custom lacquering in any color imaginable
  • Unique veneers, metals, glass and lighting
  • Made-to-measure for your space down to 1/8”
  • Adaptive designs – islands, galleries, peninsulas
  • Innovative functional features like hideaway appliance garages

Every decision from the smallest handle to island shape can be customized.

IKEA Customization

  • Front styles and colors to mix-and-match
  • Add IKEA lighting kits and organizational accessories
  • Choose base cabinet depths and heights
  • Modify with aftermarket doors and finishes
  • Add cabinets and trim beyond IKEA system
  • Geared towards standard layouts and footprints
  • Select countertop materials like granite

IKEA simplifies and limits options, but still allows some creativity.

Comparing Service and Support

The white glove service provided by ultra-luxury brands far surpasses the DIY ethos of affordable brands.

Snaidero Services

  • Global network of authorized dealers
  • Designer collaborations for full-service kitchens
  • On-site templating and measurements
  • Cabinet installation by certified Snaidero teams
  • Additional trim work like crown molding and lighting
  • Ongoing warranty and support for years
  • Concierge-style customer service

Snaidero pampers clients through the entire process.

IKEA Services

  • Self-serve in massive warehouse stores
  • Hassle-free returns up to 365 days
  • Children’s play places and restaurants in-store
  • Affordable delivery options
  • Basic 1-year limited warranty
  • Digital tips for planning and DIY install
  • Phone and email assistance

IKEA empowers DIY homeowners with inspiration and cost savings.

Comparing Brand Reputations

Both companies are established players with stellar branding, albeit at different ends of the spectrum.

Snaidero Reputation

  • Long-standing heritage of quality since 1946
  • Hallmark of Italian luxury and precision
  • Elite designer collaborations, like Pininfarina
  • Status symbol conveyed by the brand
  • Meticulous old-world craftsmanship
  • Cutting-edge innovations in materials
  • Artistry and mastery showcase worth

The Snaidero name carries a reputation for the pinnacle of luxury.

IKEA Reputation

  • Universally known brand since 1943
  • Retail and marketing genius
  • Democratized sleek, modern style
  • Made euro minimalism mainstream
  • Empowers homeowners as DIY brand
  • Splashy marketing and powerful catalogues
  • Approachable, affordable, and colorful
  • Value and functionality driven

While not luxury, IKEA is beloved worldwide as a lifestyle brand.

Comparing Costs

The cost for Snaidero cabinets is exponentially higher than IKEA.


  • A typical Snaidero kitchen costs $50,000 to $100,000.
  • Higher-end or larger kitchens easily exceed $100,000.
  • The quality materials, construction and custom options come at a premium.
  • Additional costs for shipping from Italy as well as professional installation.


  • A typical IKEA kitchen costs between $3,000 to $8,000.
  • Higher-end IKEA kitchens with more cabinets cost $15,000 or less.
  • Affordable due to particleboard construction, mass manufacturing, and DIY assembly.
  • Can save on installation costs by assembling yourself.

For homeowners on a tight timeline and budget, IKEA provides a lot of value. For those wanting a luxury forever kitchen, Snaidero is a worthwhile splurge.

Comparing Pros and Cons


  • Pros: Total customization, high-end materials, quality construction, luxury aesthetic.
  • Cons: Expensive, long lead times, professional installation required.


  • Pros: Affordable, good functionality, easy assembly, lots of coordinating pieces.
  • Cons: Particleboard construction, limited customization, unremarkable aesthetics.

Key Differences

| Snaidero | IKEA |
| Handcrafted in Italy | Mass-produced |
| Luxurymaterials | Cost-friendly materials |
| Fully customized | Modular standard sizes |
|longer lead times | Faster turnaround |
| Professionallyinstalled | DIY assembly |
| Ultra high-end | Great value |

Comparing Kitchen Cabinet Options: FAQs

What are the main differences between Snaidero and IKEA cabinets?

The main differences are in quality of materials, precise construction, extent of customization, installation services, pricing, brand reputation, and product exclusivity.

Can IKEA kitchen cabinets be customized?

Yes, IKEA allows some customization with cabinet sizes, finishes, and accessories. But the range of options is still limited compared to fully bespoke products.

Is the quality comparable between mass retailers like IKEA and luxury brands?

No. While IKEA makes durable, functional cabinets, luxury brands use superior materials, joinery, and artisanship leading to better quality and longevity.

Can I get a luxury look for less by re-facing IKEA cabinets?

To a degree. Adding higher-end doors, finishes and hardware elevates the look substantially. But the substrate and construction differ greatly from true luxury cabinetry.

Are euro-style cabinets a passing trend or here to stay?

The minimalist euro look has remained popular for decades given its clean lines and versatility. Slight styling evolutions keep it fresh but the integrated, seamless essence endures.

Achieving the Euro Look at Any Budget

Snaidero undeniably produces works of artisan cabinetry for the elite, while IKEA democratizes european minimalism for the masses. But both satisfy desires for modern, integrated kitchens with sleek euro styling.

Your budget determines which offering best suits your needs. Combine IKEA bones with some elevated finishes for an affordable custom look. Or invest in lifelong Snaidero luxury. Either approach reflects the esteemed european aesthetic that remains sought after worldwide.