Color Trends – Trendiest Colors that Will Be Everywhere

Color trends are constantly evolving in the world of design, fashion, and home decor. Every year new shades emerge as must-have colors, often influenced by culture, nature, technology, and global events. For 2023, bold, feel-good hues are expected to be everywhere.

These trending colors represent optimism, energy and a desire for playfulness after muted years. They provide a chance to experiment with vibrant shades in fresh ways. Knowing which color directions are rising can help guide choices in products, branding, apparel, and more.

Here is an overview of the trendiest, most influential colors you can expect to see more of this year and beyond.

Viva Magenta – Pantone’s Color of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute forecasts global color trends and chooses an emblematic Color of the Year annually. For 2023 they have selected an unconventional reddish pink hue called Viva Magenta.

Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta is a bold, brave color that provides a feeling of joy and optimism. The shade has an electrifying, boundaryless presence that encourages creativity and expression. It adds flair and drama to designs and fashion.

Some key notes about this head-turning pink:

  • Vibrant reddish-pink family, but not primary red.
  • Attention-grabbing, optimistic tone that energizes.
  • Nature inspired, evoking the red of cochineal insects.
  • Works well in prints, products, makeup, fashion, and decor.
  • Pairs nicely with neutrals, greens, blues, metallics.

Look for this vivacious magenta to make a statement in branding, ads, clothing, accessories, furniture, art and more in the coming months.

Vintage Brights

While vivid neon shades have been popular in recent years, 2023 will see the return of vintage brights. These are joyful, saturated mid-tone colors that are softer and more nuanced than neons.

Some key vintage bright colors predicted to trend:

  • Golden lime green – Warm bright green with yellow undertones
  • Cherry cola red – Retro pink-red that looks delicious
  • Buttercup yellow – Cheery, not-too-pale yellow
  • Groovy orange – A bold, fun orange with retro vibe
  • Cosmic blue – Mid-tone blue with ’60s/’70s feel

These playful retro shades paired together or with neutrals will add energy and nostalgic flair to all kinds of designs and products.

Using Vintage Brights

Vintage brights allow more flexibility than neon shades. They can be incorporated in these ways:

  • Accent colors – Use for pops of color in prints, logos, ads, illustrations.
  • Focal walls – Paint one wall in a bright tone to accentuate an area.
  • Graphic prints – Pair with neutrals in mod graphic prints.
  • Small doses – Add brightness with accessories, shoes, bags, art.
  • On color palettes – Mix with muted natural tones and deep shades.

Earthy Neutrals

On the other end of the spectrum, warm, earthy neutrals will also surge in popularity after years of cool grays. These natural, grounded tones provide a feeling of comfort and familiarity.

Look for more use of these earthy neutrals in interior design, fashion, and branding:


  • Creamy, warm, calming
  • Works in Scandinavian and modern boho styles
  • Popular in apparel and textiles


  • Distinct from brown, more yellow
  • Great for furniture, leather, accessories
  • Pairs with blues and greens


  • Natural light brown with gray undertone
  • Sofisticated, pleasant, versatile neutral
  • Ideal for small accessories or large furniture


  • Mix of gray and beige
  • Sophisticated but not harsh
  • Provides a cozy, relaxed vibe

These subtle earth tones work beautifully in combination with bright accents, pastels, or other neutrals for a grounded, organic palette.

Feel Good Greens

Shades of green, nature’s color, never truly go out of style but have cycles of increased popularity. For 2023, a range of feel-good greens will emerge in response to a desire for environmentalism, balance, and new growth after challenging recent years.

Trending Green Tones

  • Avocado green – mid-tone green with yellow undertones
  • Celadon green – pale, soft green with grayness
  • **Bottle green ** – deep hunter green
  • Bright clover green – vivid springlike green
  • Sage green – calming gray green

These uplifting greens work beautifully in home decor, fashion, beauty packaging, and graphic design. They pair nicely with contrasting brights or earth tones. Expect to see joyful use of green in prints, accents, furniture, and more.

Tranquil Pastels

In addition to vibrant brights, a range of soft, ethereal pastels will trend across markets. These bring a sense of calmness and comfort.

Soothing Pastel Tones

  • Lilac – romantic purple with grayness
  • Watermelon pink – pale juicy pink
  • Buttermilk – pale creamy yellow
  • Water blue – light airy blue
  • Cantaloupe orange – soft peach-orange

Pastels add delicate personality when used in clothing, websites, product packaging, textiles, and interiors. They pair nicely with bold brights and muted neutrals in modern color schemes.

Using Pastels Stylishly

Since pale pastels can appear washed out if overused, follow these tips:

  • Use pastels sparingly in accents, prints, and details
  • Mix light and medium pastel tones together
  • Combine pastels with dark neutrals or brights for contrast
  • Add texture and interest with pastel accessories and art

This helps keep pastel color palettes looking fresh and intentional.

Optimistic Tangerine

New takes on orange will also see a resurgence in 2023. Specifically, vibrant tangerine shades add a welcoming pop of energy and positivity.

This bold citrus orange provides an optimistic pick-me-up. It works nicely in youthful, casual settings but also adds flair to formal spaces.

Tangerine orange can be incorporated:

  • As an invigorating accent wall or front door color
  • In energizing graphic prints when paired with neutrals and brights
  • In furniture, pillows, rugs and decorative objects
  • As a jolt of color in fashion, shoes, accessories and beauty products

So don’t be afraid to add this cheerful, uplifting orange in strategic ways. A little tangerine goes a long way in any design or product.

Dreamy Lavender Purple

Along with punchy brights, a specific shade of purple will surge in popularity for its soothing, romantic vibe.

Lavender purple has a soft, dreamy quality with elegant vintage appeal. However, modern lavender tones are deeper and brighter than their subdued Victorian counterparts.

Look for more use of this mystical purple:

  • In packaging and branding seeking to relay relaxion and wellness
  • Paired with contrasting brights in prints and graphic designs
  • In accent upholstery, pillows, rugs, and wall colors
  • In beauty and fashion when a magical feel is desired

Peaceful lavender evokes imagination and tranquility while stillfeeling modern. It is versatile enough for many applications in markets hungry for enchantment after gloomy pandemic years.


What is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023?

For 2023, Pantone has chosen a reddish pink called Viva Magenta as the emblematic Color of the Year.

What are some examples of vintage bright colors predicted to trend?

Some examples of predicted vintage brights include golden lime green, cherry cola red, buttercup yellow, groovy orange, and cosmic blue.

How can earthy neutrals like beige, tan, oatmeal, and greige be incorporated?

Earthy neutrals can be used in furniture, textiles, accessories, graphic design, fashion, and home decor to provide a natural, grounded feel. They work well with bright colors.

What are some examples of feel-good greens that will trend?

Some trending greens include avocado, celadon, sage, clover, and bottle green. These reflect a desire for environmentalism, renewal, and soothing natural colors.

What are tips for stylishly using pastels?

Use pastels minimally in accents and prints, combine light and medium tones, pair them with bold brights or dark neutrals, and add interest with pastel accessories. Don’t overdo them.


The color trends for 2023 reflect a desire for optimism, energy, and cheer after challenging recent years. Vibrant brights like Pantone’s Viva Magenta, as well as earthy neutrals and airy pastels, will dominate the year and beyond. Understanding these rising color directions allows for informed choices in any industry when planning designs, branding, products, fashion, and more. Embracing uplifting colors offers a chance to invigorate designs with personality and positivity.