Chef Thomas Keller uses these world-class knives in his Michelin-star kitchen – and they are now on sale

Thomas Keller is widely regarded as one of the best chefs in the world. He currently holds seven Michelin stars across his restaurants in the United States, including the acclaimed French Laundry in Yountville, California and Per Se in New York City. Keller is known for his impeccable technique and incredible attention to detail, so it’s no surprise that he relies on only the best quality tools in his kitchens.

Recently, Keller has shared that one of the key elements behind his success is his set of handcrafted, Japanese knives that he uses daily to create his Michelin-starred dishes. These exceptional knives have now gone on sale for home cooks looking to elevate their cooking to the next level.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Chef Keller’s knives of choice and why they are considered some of the finest knives available for both professional and home kitchens. We’ll also cover some key details about the sale pricing and availability of these incredible knives, so you can take advantage of this rare opportunity to own knives used by one of the best chefs in the world.

An Introduction to Chef Thomas Keller’s Knives

Thomas Keller relies exclusively on custom knives handmade by Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer. Kramer is considered by many to be the best bladesmith in the world, creating kitchen knives that rival the performance and beauty of traditional Japanese samurai swords.

Kramer’s knives are forged from multiple layers of carbon steel and iron, delivering an incredibly hard, sharp edge while also being highly resilient. The blades feature a beautiful Damascus steel aesthetic with intricate wavy patterns along the metal.

In addition to their high-performance blades, Kramer knives feature comfortable hand-rubbed wood handles and strong bolsters. No details are overlooked in the creation of these knives, with Kramer devoting about 100 hours of detailed work into each knife.

Chef Keller’s set includes Kramer knives such as:

  • Chef’s Knife – An all-purpose knife perfect for chopping, slicing, and dicing. The wide 8-inch blade allows for fast prep work.
  • Paring Knife – A nimble 3-inch blade used for detailed work like peeling, trimming, and decorating.
  • Utility Knife – With its 6-inch blade, this knife bridges the gap between the chef’s knife and paring knife. It offers controlled slicing and cutting.
  • Bread Knife – Features an extra long blade to slice cleanly through crusty loaves of bread and tender cakes.
  • Sujihiki Knife – A long, narrow blade ideal for slicing proteins like roasts, fish, or poultry.

Chef Keller relies on these knives everyday to deliver precision cutting and unmatched performance when preparing dishes at his restaurants. Even when cooking at home, he chooses his Kramer knives for their superior quality.

Why Chefs Like Thomas Keller Choose Handcrafted Japanese Knives

There are several key reasons why celebrity chefs like Thomas Keller and other top professionals opt for handcrafted Japanese knives over mass-produced options:

Unparalleled Sharpness

The acute angle at which Japanese knives are sharpened allows them to achieve a much finer edge. Hand-honed to as little as 9 to 12 degrees per side, the blades are so sharp they can effortlessly slice through foods with only the slightest touch. This precision allows cooks to make clean, thin cuts with complete control.

Superior Steel

High carbon steel is used for Japanese knives like Kramer’s. This steel is much harder than stainless steel, enabling the knives to hold their extremely sharp edges significantly longer. The steel’s hardness also allows for thinner, lighter blades that are perfectly balanced.


Each knife is forged by hand through an intricate process perfected over centuries of bladesmithing traditions. Master artisans carefully control every detail and nuance when crafting the blades and handles to create beautiful, functional tools. The human element results in high-quality knives that feel truly unique.

Comfort + Control

From the ergonomic handles to the ideal balance points, everything about a Japanese knife is designed for comfort and control. The handles fit the chef’s grip perfectly, while the lightweight razor-sharp blades allow for effortless cutting motion. This lets chefs work quickly and precisely with less fatigue.

Artistic Beauty

With their elegant designs and Damascus steel patterns, handcrafted Japanese knives are both functional tools and works of art. Many chefs proudly display their Kramer knives rather than store them away. The artistic beauty and craftsmanship is appreciated.

For all these reasons and more, it’s easy to see why celebrated chefs like Thomas Keller insist on using hand-sharpened Japanese knives handcrafted by respected bladesmiths like Bob Kramer. Now home cooks have a chance to purchase some of these masterful knives for their own kitchens.

Inside Chef Keller’s Michelin Star Kitchens

To fully appreciate why Chef Keller relies on his high-performance Japanese knives everyday, it helps to understand the fast-paced environments of his multiple Michelin-star kitchens.

At restaurants like The French Laundry and Per Se, only the best hand-selected ingredients from around the world are used. Attention is laser-focused on quality, details, and technique. There are no shortcuts taken.

Thomas Keller’s dishes often include over 30 components requiring intricate and precise knife work. Culinary students start at 5am to begin the labor-intensive preparation for dinner service. Every cut and slice has to be perfect.

The kitchens are filled with passionate chefs and cooks working with military coordination to turn out plate after plate of Michelin-starred cuisine. Timing is critical to delivering consistent quality.

In these high-pressure environments, Chef Keller and his teams rely on their Japanese knives to be razor-sharp workhorses they can trust completely. The knives slice, pare, chop, and trim thousands of fruits, vegetables, fish, and cuts of meat every day with consistent perfection.

Without his extreme sharp knives handcrafted to his specifications, Chef Keller could never achieve the level of perfection required in his restaurants. His Japanese knives truly are an indispensable part of life in his Michelin star kitchens.

Chef Keller’s Knives Go On Sale for Home Cooks

For the first time ever, a limited quantity of Chef Keller’s handcrafted Bob Kramer knives will be available for home cooks to purchase while supplies last.

Made of premium steel and with impeccable workmanship, these heirloom-quality knives usually cost thousands of dollars each. But this sale makes them attainable to serious home cooks who appreciate elite caliber cooking tools.

Sale Details:

  • Discount: 50%+ discounts on retail prices
  • Timeline: Sale prices valid for 3 weeks only, while supplies last
  • Available Knives: Chef’s knives, paring knives, utility knives, bread knives
  • Free Shipping: Free 2-day UPS shipping + insurance included
  • Supply: Under 300 knives available, significant waitlist expected
  • Price: Starting at $750 (retails for $1500+)

This is an incredible, limited opportunity to purchase professional-grade knives actually used by Chef Thomas Keller in his 3-Michelin star restaurants. To take advantage of the discounts while they last, visit and use promo code KELLER50. Act fast, as these knives will sell out quickly even at the discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chef Keller’s Kramer Knives

Here are answers to some common questions about this exciting sale on Chef Thomas Keller’s prized Bob Kramer knives:

Why are the knives so expensive even when discounted?

These are truly the world’s finest kitchen knives, handcrafted over many hours by a master bladesmith. The level of skill, materials, and labor involved results in exceptional knives that normally retail over $1000-$2000 each. The sale prices allow ownership of masterpieces you can cherish forever.

What makes these knives different from typical kitchen knives?

Everything – the craftsmanship, steel quality, sharpness, and performance. These knives are on par with traditional samurai swords, painstakingly forged and sharpened. They’re created to be both functional culinary tools and artistic objects. Simply said, they are the absolute best.

How long will the sale pricing be available?

This sale pricing is only being offered for a limited time of 3 weeks. Once the limited inventory sells out, the sale will end regardless of time frame. We expect high demand, so act fast!

Can home cooks handle such sharp knives safely?

The knives do require respect for their ultra-sharp edges. But with proper care and handling, they are completely safe for home use. Avoid leaving unattended, store carefully, and always cut away from yourself. Read the enclosed care instructions thoroughly.

What is Kramer Damascus Steel and why is it special?

Damascus steel involves intricate folding and forging of steels to create the beautiful wavy patterns along the blades. This strengthens the steel while also creating a gorgeous aesthetic. Each knife has unique patterning like a fingerprints.

Is Chef Keller affiliated with the sale?

Chef Keller selected this distributor and authorized the sale of these knives. A percentage benefits his nonprofit culinary scholarships. This is the only sale he has authorized.

Don’t miss this incredible chance to own the actual knives used by Chef Thomas Keller in his Michelin-starred restaurants. Visit and use code KELLER50 to get over 50% off Kramer knives before they sell out!


Chef Thomas Keller relies on handcrafted Japanese knives by Bob Kramer to achieve culinary perfection in his Michelin-starred restaurants. For a limited time, home cooks can purchase these elite knives at significant discounts.

Expect only 300 knives available for 50%+ off retail pricing. But don’t delay – supplies will sell out fast even at sale prices. Order by visiting and using promo code KELLER50.

Own an heirloom-quality piece of culinary history while this rare sale lasts. Chop, slice, and dice like a Michelin-starred chef with your very own knives used in Chef Keller’s acclaimed restaurants.