Brass Backsplash Glamorous & Eye-Catching Gold Backsplash Designs

Meta description: Brass backsplashes create a glamorous and eye-catching look with gold designs. Explore the benefits, styles, patterns, and costs for a brass and gold backsplash. Get inspired with gorgeous photos!


A backsplash serves both form and function in a kitchen or bathroom. While protecting walls from water damage and stains, it also provides an opportunity to add visual interest and personality. For those seeking a touch of glamour and luxury, a brass backsplash with gold designs takes the spotlight.

Brass backsplashes impart a richness and hint of vintage style. Gold accents and patterns pop against the warm, yellow tones of brass. Intricate motifs, creative shapes, and striking metallics make a dramatic decorative statement. Brass backsplashes with gold designs blend beautifully with other metal finishes like bronze, copper, pewter, and stainless steel.

Beyond looks, brass offers practical advantages as a backsplash material. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Brass backsplashes work with a variety of color schemes from bold jewel tones to calming neutrals. Read on to discover the compelling benefits, styles, patterns, costs, and design inspiration for a glamorous brass and gold backsplash.

Benefits of a Brass and Gold Backsplash

Luxurious and Timeless Style

Brass backsplashes impart a rich, exclusive look, reminiscent of gilt furniture or accents in European palaces. Gold designs provide eye-catching contrast and reinforce the opulent style. This regal aesthetic works in formal dining spaces, luxury bathrooms, and upscale kitchens. Brass and gold backsplashes offer timeless appeal, suiting both traditional and contemporary decors.

Strength and Durability

Brass is a sturdy, corrosion-resistant metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. It can withstand high heat, moisture, and heavy daily use. Brass won’t easily scratch, stain, or show water damage. Cleaning is simple, without harsh chemicals required. Brass backsplashes avoid cracking or chipping issues that arise with ceramic tile. With proper care, a brass and gold backsplash will maintain its beauty for years to come.

Design Flexibility and Customization

Brass backsplashes offer tremendous flexibility when it comes to shapes, patterns, and layouts. Homeowners can customize brass backsplash designs to perfectly complement a space. Mix brass tiles with other metals like stainless steel for contrast. Choose statement-making large-scale brass motifs as focal points. Integrate multiple brass finishes like polished, brushed, or antiqued. Add definition with raised relief designs. The possibilities are endless.

Creates a Cohesive Look

Brass finishes work beautifully to unify a kitchen or bath design. Match brass hardware like faucets, drawer pulls, and light fixtures to a brass backsplash for visual harmony. Echo brass accents found in cabinetry, pendant lights, or bar stools. The repeating brass color ties the whole room together.

Styles and Patterns for Brass and Gold Backsplashes

Metallic Motifs

Look for brass backsplash tiles featuring prominent metallic gold designs. Stylized floral patterns, Art Deco geometrics, or abstract swirls in gold provide eye-catching contrast against the brass background. Varying the scale and density of gold patterns adds further interest. Combining matte and polished brass finishes also spotlights the gold designs.

Mixed Metal Tiles

Some brass backsplash tiles artfully integrate complementary metals for more diverse colors and textures. Warm brass pairs well with the silvery tones of nickel, pewter, stainless steel, and aluminum. Mixing metal finishes creates depth and makes the gold pop.

Hammered Brass

Many backsplash tiles feature a hammered brass finish, which produces a subtly rippled, handcrafted look. The resulting play of light and shadow adds rich visual dimension to solid brass tiles. Pairing hammered and polished brass tiles maximizes contrast.

Antiqued Brass

An antiqued brass finish lends old-world character to backsplash tiles. Subtle dark accents in crevices mimic signs of natural aging and wear. Antiqued brass provides an appealing patina and vintage personality, suiting traditional kitchens.

Brass Relief Tiles

Three-dimensional raised relief or cast brass tiles showcase intricate, almost sculptural designs. Channel letter monograms, family crests, shells, and crosses make distinctive three-dimensional centerpieces for brass backsplashes.

Geometric Patterns

From crisscross lattices to repeating hexagons, geometric patterns bring bold impact to brass backsplash designs. Contemporary kitchens suit angular, graphic brass and gold motifs. Sleek vertical or horizontal brass strips produce clean-lined dimension.

Textured Looks

Layer visual interest with brass backsplashes featuring multifaceted textures. Options include ribbed, bead-like, wire mesh, perforated, and graduating size designs. These add tactile appeal when illuminated to highlight the surface textures.

Specialty Shapes

For a less conventional backsplash layout, explore shaped brass tiles like chevrons, circles, triangles, stars, and asymmetrical fragments. Shaped tiles can form their own mosaic patterns or creatively mix with classic squares and rectangles.

Ideal Color Pairings for Brass and Gold

Rich jewel tones

Deep green, sapphire blue, eggplant purple, and ruby red paint or accent tiles energize a brass backsplash. The mutual vibrancy creates an elegant, striking combination.

Natural wood tones

Warm maple, oak, or walnut cabinets allow brass and gold to shine as a focal point, grounded by the natural wood hues. Brass also complements butcher block counters.

Black and white

A brass backsplash pops against a classic black-and-white color scheme. Use graphic patterns like checks for high contrast interest.

Earthy neutrals

Subtle tones like beige, cream, tan, and light brown provide a soothing, relaxed backdrop for gleaming brass and gold.

Cool grays

From pale driftwood to rich charcoal, gray offers a refined accent color to spotlight a bright brass and gold backsplash.

Costs for a Brass and Gold Backsplash

Prices for brass backsplash tiles range widely based on material, size, pattern complexity, and finish:

  • Solid brass tiles: $15-$50 per square foot
  • Brass tiles with metal accents: $25-$75 per square foot
  • Intricate patterned, molded, or shaped brass tiles: $50-$150+ per square foot
  • Handcrafted custom brass tiles: $100 per square foot or more

Always employ an experienced contractor for proper installation, which generally runs an additional $5-$10 per square foot. Carefully measure the backsplash area and create a layout to determine the total project cost.

While pricier than ceramic or glass tile, a brass and gold backsplash makes a significant style impact as a focal feature, not merely a utilitarian surface. The luxury material and artisan details create a special, personalized look well worth the investment for many homeowners.

Design Inspiration: Gorgeous Brass and Gold Backsplashes

Dramatic Relief Medallion

A intricately molded brass medallion featuring a raised fleur-de-lis design provides stunning visual impact over a fireplace mantel. Radiating circles embellished with gold tracing create an eye-catching sunburst effect.

Luxe Arabesque Pattern

Interspersed polished and hammered finish brass tiles in an ornate Arabesque lattice pattern provide exotic Moroccan flair. The relief design beautifully catches light from multiple angles.

Vintage Charm

Antiqued brass subway tiles with beveled edges evoke early 20th century metro station architecture. Their weathered patina adds rustic personality behind a traditional apron-front sink.

Geometric Pop

A mod colorblocked backsplash in retro seafoam green, orange, and yellow generates excitement. Glossy brass framed in chrome tracing provides bold geometric contrast.

Gilded Opulence

To recreate palace decadence, shiny brass tiles feature baroque curling foliage designs in metallic gold. Ornate gold molding frames the backsplash for an ultra-luxe presentation.

Contemporary Energy

Teardrop-shaped brushed brass tiles in graduating scales create a kinetic cascading effect. Their overlapping irregular layout provides energetic dimension.

Natural Inspiration

Organic hammered brass tiles mimic turtle shell textures in golden brown hues. The naturalistic shapes and finish provide a mellow complement to creamy cabinetry.

FAQs about Brass and Gold Backsplashes

What’s the best way to clean and care for a brass backsplash?

Use mild soap and water to routinely clean brass backsplash tiles, rinsing thoroughly. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing. For shinier results, regularly apply a brass polish paste wax and buff to brighten the finish over time.

Can I mix brass and gold backsplash tiles with other materials?

Absolutely! Brass tiles pair well with complementary metals like stainless steel, copper, bronze, and nickel. Brass and gold patterns also pop against marble, stone, ceramic, or glass backsplash tiles.

How do I incorporate a brass backsplash into my existing kitchen design?

Select brass finishes already present in cabinet hardware, lighting or plumbing fixtures to create a unified look. Echo any brass accents in your decor like vases, wall art, or throw pillows. Ensure your current paint colors harmonize with the warm, yellow brass tones.

Is a brass backsplash suitable for bathrooms?

Definitely. The water-resistant properties of brass make it an ideal bathroom backsplash material behind sinks and bathtubs. For high humidity areas, select brass tiles with grouted seams to minimize penetration behind the tiles. Avoid porous brass finishes.

Can brass backsplash tiles be installed in a brick or stone surface?

Yes, with proper preparation. The masonry surface must be flattened and smoothed. Use caution drilling into brick or stone to avoid cracking. Apply a flexible tile mortar suitable for metal when setting the brass tiles to allow for subtle expansion and contraction.


For a glamorous design accent, few materials rival the beauty of a brass and gold backsplash. The striking visual presence transforms kitchens and bathrooms from drab to dramatic. Brass backsplashes also supply durability and easy maintenance. With countless design possibilities from gilded traditional to bold contemporary, brass and gold backsplashes offer personalization options to suit any style. For homes seeking a touch of timeless luxury and charm, invest in this eye-catching backsplash trend.