Boho Kitchen Backsplash Infuse Personality with Casual Style


A boho kitchen backsplash can infuse personality and casual style into any kitchen. With the right materials, colors, and patterns, you can create a backsplash that reflects your personal taste and brings a relaxed, eclectic vibe to the space. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore how to design a bohemian-inspired backsplash that’s creative, affordable, and easy to install.

From mosaic tiles to painted motifs, there are endless options for DIYers and pros alike. We’ll cover planning considerations like backsplash height and layout. You’ll discover beautiful examples to spark your imagination. And you’ll learn insider tips for selecting, arranging, and installing tiles with character and charm.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or giving it a mini makeover, a boho backsplash breathes new life into the heart of your home. Let’s dive in and infuse some laidback personality into your cooking space.

Planning Your Boho Kitchen Backsplash

The first step in creating your bohemian backsplash is planning out the design. Here are some key considerations:

Choosing Materials

The materials you select set the tone for your entire backsplash design. Some top options for boho kitchen backsplashes include:

  • Mosaic tiles: Tiny mosaic tiles in an eclectic mix of colors, shapes, and patterns epitomize the boho vibe. They allow you to create custom motifs.
  • Moroccan tiles: Inspired by intricate Islamic architectural details, these ornate, handmade tiles feature bold geometric and floral patterns.
  • Handpainted tiles: Whether you commission an artist or get creative yourself, handpainted tiles add a colorful, artistic touch.
  • Reclaimed wood: For a rustic, salvaged aesthetic, try a reclaimed wood plank backsplash. Distressed textures and natural grain patterns exude cozy charm.
  • Stainless steel: Hammered stainless steel backsplashes impart an earthy, industrial feel. Durable and stylish.
  • Textured stone: Honed travertine, marble, or slate backsplashes in natural tones convey casual sophistication. Their subtle flaws tell a story.

Selecting Colors

The hues in your backsplash introduce color and reinforce the relaxed vibe. Earthy neutrals and warm, saturated colors in the terracotta family work especially well. But don’t limit yourself. Have fun combining an eclectic mix of colors that reflects your unique taste.

Choosing a Layout

With a boho backsplash, creative freedom reigns. You can opt for full wall coverage or a focal point over the stove or sink. Play with geometric shapes or freeform patterns. Just make sure tiles are applied in a way that looks intentionally haphazard rather than sloppy. The right backsplash height also helps define the visual impact. Extending tiles to the bottom cabinets or countertops keeps the look cohesive and makes the space appear larger.

Incorporating Textures and Patterns

Varied textures and patterns add eye-catching visual interest to your bohemian backsplash. Handpainted motifs, carved wood details, pebble mosaics, crackled glazes, and hammered metal offer tactile appeal. Introduce your favorite global patterns inspired by Mexican tiles, Moroccan rugs, or Indian block prints. Distressed finishes reinforce the casual vibe.

Fabulous Boho Backsplash Ideas and Inspiration

Now that you know how to plan your design, here are some fabulous backsplash ideas to stir your imagination.

Vibrant Handpainted Tiles

Commissioning an artist to hand paint a series of tiles is a great way to incorporate color, pattern, and texture. The creative designs will make your backsplash pop.

Vibrant handpainted tile backsplash with flowers and designs in shades of blue, green and terracotta

Vibrant handpainted tiles create a colorful focal point. Image via Houzz

Eclectic Moroccan-Style Mosaic

Tiny mosaic tiles in moroccan-inspired colors and patterns interspersed with solid tiles exude boho personality. The mix of materials adds depth and visual interest.

Moroccan style backsplash with blue, green and terracotta mosaic tile accents

An eclectic mosaic backsplash with Moroccan flair. Image via HGTV

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Planks

For boho character on a budget, install reclaimed wood planks. The natural grain and color variations create rustic appeal. Stagger the boards for added texture.

Rustic wood plank backsplash made from reclaimed barn wood

Salvaged wood planks create a cozy, rustic backsplash. Image via Country Living

Global Patterned Mosaic Medallion

Make your backsplash pop by framing out a section above your stove for a mosaic medallion in global motif patterns. Infuse your favorite cultural touches.

Backsplash with colorful mosaic medallion containing global patterns

A patterned mosaic medallion adds boho flair. Image via HGTV

Hammered Metal Focal Point

For an earthy, industrial touch, incorporate sections of hammered metal against natural stone. The contrast of textures adds depth and interest.

Backsplash with hammered metal sheets on stone tile

Hammered metal adds an organic, handcrafted look. Image via Brownstonelistings

How to Select Tiles for Your Boho Backsplash

Choosing the right mixture of tiles is key to bringing your bohemian backsplash design to life. Follow this advice for selecting eye-catching tiles with character:

Seek out handmade tiles

Handmade tiles lend artistry and personality. Seek out ceramic studios, specialty importers, and artists to find one-of-a-kind tiles.

Look for variation

Subtle color variations, cracks, drips, and other slightly imperfect textures reinforce the casual vibe.

Mix sizes and shapes

Incorporate different tile sizes and shapes to add movement and depth. Hexagons, circles, diamonds, rectangles, and irregular pieces all work.

Sample before you commit

Order tile samples and play with arrangement options before purchasing. Make sure colors and textures complement each other.

Account for grout lines

Grout lines will impact the look. Dark grout makes tiles pop while matching grout blends them together. Factor in grout color as you select.

Purchase extra tiles

Purchase 10-20% extra in case tiles get broken during shipping, installation, or later repairs. Store extras safely for future needs.

How to Arrange Tiles for a Boho Backsplash

Once you’ve selected your tiles, it’s time for the fun part – arranging them in a creative pattern. Follow these tips to assemble your boho backsplash mosaic:

Map it out first

Lay out tiles on the floor or in a grid to visualize placement and ensure you have the right quantities. Shuffle arrangements until you’re happy.

Vary directions

Spin tiles in different directions rather than keeping them all straight. This adds movement and energy.

Mix up colors and textures

Distribute colors and textures evenly throughout rather than clustering similar tiles together. Strike the right balance of cohesion and contrast.

Scatter focal points

Add pops of color, handpainted tiles, or special shapes throughout the backsplash rather than just in one section.

Work in sections

Divide your backsplash into sections to arrange and install one part at a time for easier organization.

Embrace imperfection

Slight unevenness in grout lines and spacing reinforces the laidback vibe. Don’t stress over perfection.

Step back frequently

Step back periodically to check that your pattern looks cohesive from a distance and make adjustments.

DIY Installation Tips for Your Boho Backsplash

Once you’ve selected and arranged your tiles, it’s time to install them. While professional installation is recommended for large or intricate backsplashes, you can absolutely DIY a boho backsplash with proper planning and preparation. Follow these top tips:

Gather supplies

You’ll need tile adhesive, grout and tools like a tile cutter, notched trowel, spacers, grout float, and sponge. Have everything ready before starting.

Prep the surface

Ensure the wall surface is smooth, clean, and dry. Apply any needed repairs or primer. This helps tiles adhere properly.

Establish your layout

Figure out the midpoint of your backsplash area and mark a plumb line to align the first row of tiles.

Mix thinset mortar

Mix a thin layer of thinset mortar adhesive according to package directions. Apply to one small section of the wall at a time.

Install bottom row first

Start by installing the bottom row of tiles. Align them evenly along the plumb line and use spacers between.

Work in sections

Continue installing tiles in sections moving upward row by row. Let thinset mortar dry before applying more.

Cut final row tiles

Measure and cut the tiles needed to finish the final row at the top using a wet saw or tile cutter.

Let tiles set

Allow tiles to fully cure overnight before grouting. This prevents grout cracking or tiles shifting.

Mix and apply grout

Apply grout using a float, pushing it firmly into joints. Wipe away excess grout with a sponge and water.

Seal and protect

After grouting, apply a penetrating sealant to protect tiles from moisture and stains.

FAQs About Boho Kitchen Backsplashes

Some common questions about designing and installing bohemian-inspired backsplashes include:

What’s the best backsplash height for a boho look?

A: Extending your backsplash to the bottom cabinets or countertops (generally 18-24 inches high) helps create a cohesive boho vibe. Partial backsplashes can work too but make more of an eclectic accent.

Can you use bohemian backsplash tile on a budget?

A: Absolutely. Ceramic mosaic sheets, hand painted bargain finds, and faux moroccan vinyl stickers are some wallet-friendly options. Focus on creative arrangement rather than costly materials.

What about a boho-chic metal backsplash – is that possible?

A: Yes, hammered copper, zinc, or stainless steel backsplashes impart gorgeous earthy texture. Attach metal sheets to a water-resistant backing board for durability and moisture protection.

How do I clean and care for a bohemian backsplash?

A: Gently clean tiles with mild soap and water. Re-seal grout annually. Limit harsh chemicals or abrasives. Handpainted tiles may require extra care and touch up over time.

Can I install a boho backsplash myself or do I need to hire a pro?

A: Ambitious DIYers can absolutely install their own backsplash with proper planning and by following installation best practices. But for large, intricate designs, hiring a tile pro pays off in the long run.

Infuse Your Kitchen with Boho Backsplash Style

Creating a bohemian-inspired backsplash is one of the easiest ways to infuse personality and casual style into your kitchen. With so many possibilities for materials, colors, globally-inspired patterns, and eclectic arrangements, you can add a custom focal point that expresses your personal taste.

While professional installation provides ideal results, a DIY backsplash is very achievable with our tips. Before getting started, think about the overall look you want to achieve. Gather inspiration from cultures and eras you love. Source handpicked materials with artisanal appeal. Sketch your design and play with tile arrangements. And finally, install your boho backsplash with care to create an eye-catching feature wall that infuses relaxed beauty into your cooking space.