Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas Bring Coastal Vibes to Your Bathroom

Bring the feel of the beach right into your bathroom with these stunning blue bathroom vanity ideas! From light and airy pastel blues to bold, dramatic navy hues, incorporating blue into your bathroom design is an excellent way to evoke coastal vibes.

Whether you opt for blue walls, tile, accessories or vanities, there are so many ways to work this versatile color into your space. Blue makes an especially good choice for bathrooms, as it has a calming, tranquil effect. It pairs beautifully with whites and neutrals for a clean, refreshed look.

Read on for tips, inspiration and blue bathroom vanity ideas to give your space a coastal makeover!

Benefits of Using Blue in Bathroom Design

There are many reasons why blue makes an excellent color choice for bathrooms:

It’s Soothing and Relaxing

The color blue has long been associated with feelings of calmness and serenity. Darker blues are especially peaceful and tranquil, while lighter pastel blues have a soothing, airy quality. Surrounding yourself with soft blue hues in the bathroom creates a therapeutic, spa-like environment.

It’s Timeless and Versatile

Navy blues and other darker shades have an elegant, timeless appeal that works in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Lighter blues are equally versatile and can be dressed up or down. Blue is a great neutral that pairs well with many other colors and materials.

It’s Fresh and Invigorating

Blue brings to mind clear skies and ocean waves, giving bathrooms an airy, open feel. The cool tones are refreshing and feel energizing, especially at the start of the day. Blue is perfect for creating a clean backdrop.

It’s Flattering and Relaxing Lighting

Bathrooms usually have bright, harsh lighting. But blue light wavelengths are among the most flattering. Soft blue paint absorbs warm yellow light, creating a more comfortable ambience.

Complementary Color Schemes for Blue Bathrooms

What colors go well with blue in bathroom design? Here are some of the best color combinations to consider:

Blue and White

Crisp, classic and timeless. All shades of blue pop against bright white. Add white subway tile, shiplap walls, white cabinets and marble or quartz countertops.

Blue and Green

Think beachy and coastal! Aquas and teals paired with sage, seafoam or emerald green evoke tranquil ocean and seaside hues. Great for spa-like baths.

Blue and Gray

From light sky blue with cool gray to dramatic navy and charcoal, blue grays are elegant and modern. Consider using in a more contemporary or masculine bath.

Blue and Brown

Deep navy or cobalt blue pops against warm wood tones and brown accents. Use for a more traditional, inviting look.

Blue and Yellow

Cheerful and sunny! Pale blue combined with buttery yellow or gold accents creates a bright, happy mood.

Types of Blue Bathroom Vanities

Vanities come in an array of blue shades and materials to match any style. Consider one of these beautiful options:

Painted Vanities

Repainting your existing vanity or choosing a pre-painted one allows you to add any blue tone you love. Soft pastel sky blues are ethereal.

Stained Wood Vanities

Wood vanities stained a grayish blue-green add an organic, beachy look. Use driftwood or whitewashed blues on more natural wood grains.

Lacquered Vanities

Glossy lacquered vanities in dark navy or inky blues make a dramatic style statement. They have a glamorous, reflective sheen.

Distressed Vanities

Timeworn, weathered blues with a distressed patina work for cottage, farmhouse or coastal designs. Whites and worn wood pair well.

Tile or Stone Vanities

Natural stone slabs or glass and ceramic tile in blues create a cool, sleek look. Great for pairing with marble, quartz or concrete.

5 Light Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you’re looking for an airy, ethereal bathroom vibe, you can’t go wrong with a light blue vanity. Here are five fresh ideas:

1. Whimsical Pastel Blue Vanity

A sweet vanilla or powder blue vanity is playful and elegant. Pair with a classic tub, sconces and marble accents for chic contrast.

Whimsical pastel blue bathroom vanity with marble top

Whimsical pastel blue pairs beautifully with marble and gold accents.

2. Airy Sky Blue Shaker Vanity

A sky blue single vanity with shaker cabinets and an earthy wood top is timeless. Add woven baskets and a large mirror above.

Sky blue shaker vanity with wood top and rattan baskets

Brighten up a bathroom with an airy sky blue shaker vanity. Via:Home Bunch

3. Whitewashed Blue Beach Vanity

A whitewashed double vanity with soft blue undertones is perfect for a Hamptons or coastal bath. Use weathered corbels and driftwood accents.

Beachy whitewashed blue vanity

Whitewashed blue vanities complement beachy designs with corbels and driftwood accents.

4. Painted Blue Gray Vanity

An existing vanity painted in a blue-gray hue gives vintage charm to a bathroom. Add vintage knobs, framed mirrors and sconces.

Painted vintage blue grey double vanity bathroom

Blue-gray painted vanities with vintage charm work beautifully with existing cabinetry.

5. Distressed Blue Vanity

For cottage charm, try a timeworn double vanity in faded denim blue. Whitewashed distressing and woven baskets boost the cozy factor.

Distressed denim blue double vanity

A distressed, whitewashed blue vanity brings plenty of cottage charm.

6 Bold Navy Blue Vanity Ideas

Make a dramatic statement in your bathroom with a rich navy blue vanity. Here are six gorgeous ways to incorporate this bold shade:

1. Glossy Navy Lacquered Vanity

A sleek, lacquered navy vanity pops against white marble counters and subway tile walls for contemporary contrast.

Glossy navy blue lacquered double vanity bathroom

Bold navy blue lacquered vanities make a dramatic statement.

2. Navy Vanity with Brass Accents

Warm up a navy vanity with unlacquered brass hardware, sconces and fixtures. Try adding a vintage Persian runner for texture.

Navy blue bathroom vanity with brass and white marble

Brass light fixtures brighten up a dark navy vanity.

3. Navy Shaker Style Vanity

Traditional shaker style cabinetry looks sharp in navy for a classic look. Pair with a marble herringbone backsplash tile.

Navy shaker vanity with marble herringbone backsplash

Shaker style navy vanities maintain a classic, timeless look.

4. Inky Blue Vanity with Natural Stone

An inky indigo vanity paired with rough-cut marble and stone mosaic tile evokes a luxury spa. Use wall sconces for mood lighting.

Inky blue bathroom vanity with stone tile

Inky indigo vanities complement natural materials like stone for a cozy spa feel.

5. Whitewashed Blue Beach Vanity

A coastal whitewashed double vanity in driftwood blue-green looks gorgeous with a scallop edge quartz top and matching knobs.

Whitewashed blue green double vanity

Whitewashed blue vanities capture a lovely beachy vibe.

6. Distressed Navy Vanity

For extra character, try a distressed double vanity in weathered navy blue. Add pops of mustard yellow and vintage accessories.

Distressed navy blue double vanity

Distressing gives depth and cottage charm to navy blue vanities.

Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas by Style

Blue lends itself well to a variety of decor styles. Here are some blue vanity ideas tailored to specific aesthetics:

Beachy Coastal Vanity

  • Whitewashed driftwood blue vanity
  • Weathered open shelves
  • Woven baskets for storage
  • Beachdrift accents

Contemporary Vanity

  • Sleek lacquered navy or electric blue
  • Floating design
  • Metallic hardware
  • Large contemporary mirror

Traditional Vanity

  • Classic shaker style in airy sky blue
  • Marble countertop
  • Vintage brass fixtures
  • Framed mirror

Modern Farmhouse Vanity

  • Buttermilk blue painted finish
  • Aged metal knobs
  • Vessel sink
  • Woven lampshade

Industrial Vanity

  • Rich denim blue stained wood
  • Black pipe shelving
  • Concrete or metal countertop
  • Exposed bulb lighting

Bohemian Vanity

  • Turquoise painted finish
    -Patterned floor tiles
  • Macrame wall hanging
  • Round rattan mirror

Design Tips for Blue Bathroom Vanities

Ready to start designing your dreamy blue bathroom? Keep these tips in mind:

Select a Focal Point

Choose whether to make the vanity, walls or tile the main blue element so the look doesn’t get overwhelming.

Layer Lighting

Use varied lighting like pendants, sconces and natural light to show off blue surfaces.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Natural materials help balance out cool blues. Try driftwood, woven accents, greenery and stone.

Mix Metallics

Warm metals like brass, copper and gold pair strikingly with navy and bold blues.

Choose Complementary Colors

Accent with neutral whites and beiges or pair blue with shades like yellow, gray and green.

Add a Pop of Contrast

Pops of contrasting color in accessories, art and floral arrangements help brighten up blue.

FAQs About Blue Bathroom Vanities

How do I choose the right shade of blue for my bathroom?

Consider the mood you want to create and how much natural light the space gets. Soft powdery blues suit dim lighting. Go for crisp navy or cobalt blues in sunny rooms.

What color floors look best with a blue vanity?

Light blue vanities look great with white, bleached wood or neutral floors. Dark blues pair well with medium-toned woods. Tiled flooring in blue, gray or mosaic complements blue vanities.

What backsplash tiles work with a blue vanity?

White subway, marble, glass and stone mosaic tiles make excellent backsplashes for any blue vanity. Try tiling in a herringbone pattern or metallic accents.

Should I paint my bathroom blue if it doesn’t get much natural light?

Pale powder blues can feel cold in dim bathrooms. Opt for lighter sky blues or a soft sage green instead. Navy can work if you add plenty of lighting.

What kind of vanity top goes well with a blue vanity?

Crisp whites like marble, quartz or limestone counter tops pair beautifully with blue vanities, as does concrete in a grayish tone. Butcher block or wood tops also give a nice contrast.

Make a Splash with Blue Bathroom Vanities

Blue bathroom vanities are a great way to infuse your space with tranquil, coastal character. Whether you opt for an airy sky blue, dramatic navy or weathered coastal hue, this versatile color brings classic beauty and elegance into bathroom design.

Pair your blue vanity with crisp whites, natural textures, warm metallics and pops of contrasting colors for a soothing yet visually appealing space. With the right vanity, tiles, lighting and decor, you can easily achieve the coastal oasis you’ve always dreamed of.