Blind or Corner Kitchen Cabinet Solutions

Kitchens are often the heart of a home, but maximizing storage and functionality in corner cabinets or near blind spots can be tricky. Thankfully, there are clever solutions and organizational tools to help make the most of challenging kitchen corners and tight spaces. Read on for an in-depth look at how to solve common blind and corner cabinet storage issues.

Why Corner Cabinets Are Problematic

Corner cabinets add valuable storage space, but the angled design makes them difficult to access fully. The cabinet’s depth and awkward interior angles limit visibility and usefulness. As a result, corner cabinets become disorganized catchalls where items get buried and forgotten.

Some common problems with corner cabinets include:

  • Limited visibility and access to items in the back
  • Difficult to see what’s stored inside
  • Odd angles make organizing shelves or drawers tricky
  • Food or items expire unseen in the back of the cabinet
  • Items fall over or get jumbled due to the diagonal shape

Take the time to evaluate your own corner cabinet storage challenges to identify the best solutions for your space. Getting organized will make your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable to work in!

Solutions for Blind Corner Cabinets

Blind corner cabinets present even more significant visibility and access issues. Situated between two perpendicular walls, the inner area of a blind corner cabinet cannot be seen when the doors are open. It becomes wasted dead space where items languish unused.

Thankfully, specialized organizational products and smart hacks can transform useless blind corner cabinets into highly functional storage. Consider these excellent blind corner cabinet solutions:

Lazy Susan Storage Turntable

A lazy Susan corner turntable allows easy access to items stored in the back of a corner cabinet. The spinning tray rotates a full 360 degrees so no item gets buried. Most lazy Susans have raised edges to keep items from sliding off.

Look for sturdy lazy Susan trays designed specifically for corner cabinets. Install it on the cabinet floor or a base shelf. Keep it stocked with frequently used products you want to keep within reach.

Vertical Tiered Storage Shelves

Vertical storage racks mounted inside the cabinet maximize space. Shelves allow visibility and access to the entire interior area. Opt for an adjustable system with removable shelves to accommodate different height items.

Try using a vertical storage rack for baking pans, cutting boards, baking sheets and other flat items. Or organize spices, canned goods or bottled products.

Diagonal Pull-Out Shelves

Diagonal pull-out shelves provide better accessibility and visibility than stationary shelving. Install shelves at an angle to match the cabinet’s corners. Fully extended, the diagonal shelves provide easy access all the way to the back corner.

Pull-out shelves are fantastic for blind corner cabinets. The smooth extension action lets you view and retrieve items with minimal effort. Use for heavy cookware, small appliances, or cleaning supplies.

Swing-Out Storage Units

A swing-out storage unit completely transforms a blind corner cabinet. It converts the whole interior area into easily accessible and visible storage space.

The unit includes vertical racks, shelves, trays and bins that swing all the way out when you open the cabinet door. Swing-out storage units come in many styles: some have open shelving while others contain drawers or baskets for concealed storage.

This storage solution makes the most of a difficult space. Use it for dishes, cookbooks, kitchen electrics, or food goods.

Hacks for Tricky Corner Cabinet Spaces

Don’t let challenging corner cabinets go to waste. Try these quick DIY hacks and tips to maximize usability:

  • Use risers or blocks under the cabinet floor to raise the back. This angles the base upwards and makes items slide toward the front.
  • Add LED strip lighting inside the cabinet to illuminate dark corners. Use battery-operated wireless lights for easy installation.
  • Use vertical dividers to create neat storage sections for baking sheets, cutting boards, trays, etc.
  • Install small utility racks on the cabinet walls to hold spice bottles, jars and other items upright.
  • Use a metal paper towel holder screwed into the side wall to store foil, baggies or plastic wrap vertically.
  • Place shallower bins and baskets near the front for small items. Reserve the deeper areas in back for larger goods.
  • Use hanging shelves or retractable spice racks on the interior walls to double storage.

Don’t overlook simple solutions like lazy Susans, pull-out shelves and turntables that maximize corner cabinet storage. Take time to evaluate your needs and options. An organized corner cabinet helps make cooking and prepping a joy.

Solutions for Kitchen Blind Spots and Odd Spaces

Every kitchen has inconvenient dead spaces that get overlooked. But wasted areas mean missed storage opportunities! With some creativity, you can transform the odd gaps, corners and niches in your kitchen into functional storage space.

Consider these excellent solutions for utilizing blind spots and filling awkward areas:

Shelving Against Sloping Ceilings

Take advantage of the space under attic ceilings and eaves with custom shelving. Measure carefully and have shelves cut to fit. Use the area to store large platters, baking pans, or bulky appliances.

Slide-Out Slim Shelves

Install slim, sliding shelves in narrow gaps between cabinets and appliances. Fully extended, these versatile shelves are perfect holding spices, oils, condiments and other skinny items.

Multi-Tier Hanging Shelves

Make use of vertical wall areas with wall-mounted racks. Find hanging shelves with two, three or four tiers to maximize space. Use them to hold cookbooks, utensils, mugs or barware.

Undersink Organizers

Don’t forget the useful space under the kitchen sink! Install slide-out trays, vertical dividers, or an undersink cabinet organizer. Use for cleaning supplies, extra food containers, or trash bins.

Drawers for Deep Cabinets

Replace interior shelves with drawers to access items at the back of deep base cabinets. Drawers pull all the way out so contents don’t get buried.

Cabinet Door Storage

Take advantage of the back of cabinet doors by adding hanging racks, spice shelves or small storage caddies. This out-of-sight spot is perfect small items like spices.

Pull-Out Blind Corner Units

As mentioned before, blind corner pull-out units completely transform awkward diagonal corner cabinets. The swing-out storage design utilizes every inch of space.

With a bit of creativity, you can find a special storage solution for any awkward or inefficient spot in your kitchen. Target areas that are falling short to create a fully-functional cooking space.

Choosing the Best Storage Solutions

Kitchens require specialized storage to corral cooking gear, food items and serveware. When evaluating storage solutions, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the dimensions of the space – shallow or deep, width, height, etc. Measure carefully.
  • Look for high quality materials like solid wood frames, steel hardware and durable finishes.
  • Storage should fit your specific needs and organizational style – open, concealed, adjustable, etc.
  • Opt for functional designs made specifically for kitchen storage like pull-outs, roll-outs and slide racks.
  • Easy installation is essential for DIY projects – look for preassembled units or kits.
  • Storage that maximizes vertical space through stacking, hanging or tiered shelves saves room.
  • Look for interior fittings like removable bins, adjustable shelves and non-slip surfaces.
  • Full extension hardware on drawers, shelves and trays lets you access all items easily.
  • Items used most frequently should be the most accessible while bulky goods can go in back areas.
  • Hinges, slides and rails should be sturdy and allow smooth, easy motions when opening and closing.
  • Ventilation and airflow are important for corner cabinets and tight spaces.

Investing in well-designed, space-saving storage is a smart way maximize kitchen efficiency. Look for specialized cabinet inserts, roll-outs, trays and racks to conquer awkward areas and blind spots.

Recommended Storage Solutions for Blind Spots

Here are some top-rated, quality products to maximize tricky kitchen spaces:

Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet Lazy Susans

  • Sturdy blind corner lazy Susan turntable
  • Smooth ball bearing swivel motion
  • Raised edges keep items in place

DecoBros Supreme Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

  • Pairs with blind corner base cabinets
  • 2 easy-glide baskets with handle pulls
  • Chrome finish matches most kitchens

Abecause Kitchen Cabinet Lazy Susan

  • Two-tier turntable storage organizer
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Durable steel construction

simplehuman Sink Caddy Organizer Shelf

  • Sleek rustproof stainless steel
  • Customizable compartments
  • Fits around plumbing under sink

DecoBros Cabinet Door Organizer

  • 12 sturdy hooks for cabinet door
  • Hangs over door or can be screwed in
  • Great for utensils, towels, foil, etc.

SALTR Under Sink 2-Tier Slide Shelf

  • Heavy-duty chrome wire shelves
  • Slides smoothly on built-in rails
  • Instant storage for sink base cabinet

Quality storage solutions don’t just save space – they also make your kitchen safer and more enjoyable to use. Investing in clever organizational products helps reduce frustration and clutter.

DIY Hacks for Tricky Kitchen Spaces

With a little DIY creativity, you can craft custom solutions for your home’s unique kitchen storage challenges. Try out these simple, budget-friendly ideas:

Under-Cabinet Spice Racks

Screw small utility racks designed for wall mounting under your upper cabinets. Use them to neatly arrange spice bottles and jarred goods.

Hanging Pot Lid Storage

Keep pot lids organized but out of the way by hanging them underneath cabinets. Use adhesive hooks, jumbo binder rings, or an over-the-cabinet door rack.

Salvaged Crate Shelving

Make warehouse-style shelving from old wooden crates or boxes. Cut to fit and stack in uneven corners or along staircases. Perfect for bulbous food storage containers.

Repurposed Ladder Bookcase

An old wooden ladder makes an ideal leaning bookcase or pot rack when propped against a wall. Hang utensils from the rungs or lean baking sheets vertically.

DIY Drawers for Deep Cabinets

Add functional drawers inside cabinet “dead zones” by repurposing dresser drawers or building custom pull-out boxes. Good for buried cookware and dishes.

Cabinet Door Message Boards

Mount a sheet of chalkboard paint, corkboard or whiteboard inside cabinet doors to leave notes for family members. Great on pantries or appliance garage panels.

With a trip to the hardware store and a bit of elbow grease, you can create storage that perfectly fits the unique contours and spaces of your kitchen. Get creative!

Avoiding Common Mistakes with Kitchen Storage Solutions

When tackling kitchen organization, it helps to know common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid:

  • Choosing style over function – storage should be practical first and pretty second. Don’t sacrifice usability.
  • Overloading drawers and shelves. Too many items only lead to disorganization. Allow room to grow.
  • Using storage meant for other areas of home like a closet system in your kitchen.
  • Failing to measure correctly and buying storage that doesn’t actually fit the space.
  • Not having a plan for what will go where. Be intentional about organization.
  • Improper installation that damages cabinets or results in crooked, unsafe storage elements.
  • Choosing flimsy materials and hardware that won’t stand up to heavy, frequent use.
  • Forgetting ventilation needs – avoid solid cabinets flush to ceilings or walls.
  • Overstuffing cabinets to the point where it’s hard to remove items in the back.
  • Wasted motion from poor kitchen work triangle. Make sure your layout makes sense.
  • Cluttering countertops with appliances so there’s no workspace.

By measuring carefully, choosing quality organizational products and taking time to plan, you can avoid storage pitfalls. Think through your unique needs and kitchen work habits before getting started.

Maintaining Kitchen Storage and Organization

Setting up organized kitchen storage is half the battle. Maintaining the system is essential for lasting success. Make it a habit with these maintenance tips:

  • Edit constantly – discard unused items taking up space
  • Clean regularly to keep shelves, drawers and racks free of dust and grime
  • Restock before you run out of staple supplies
  • Check expiration dates and rotate older non-perishables to the front
  • Rearrange as needed to accommodate new items or workflow changes
  • Prevent cabinet clutter creep by keeping everything in its place
  • Wipe spills immediately to avoid sticky drawers and residue buildup
  • Lubricate slides and hardware on pull-outs to ensure smooth motion
  • Tighten loose hinges and screws on racks to prevent sagging
  • Prevent moisture issues near the sink with trays and ventilation

A bit of regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping your storage organized. Quickly wiping, tidying and editing keeps kitchen cabinets functional and clutter-free.

Inspiring Ideas for Better Kitchen Storage

Need a little extra organizational inspiration? Here are some creative ways to maximize kitchen storage using specialty products:

Hospitality Cart Pantry

An ornate hospitality cart with wheels takes your pantry on the go. Use for spices, oils, canned goods and extras. Roll into prep area as needed.

Ceiling Pot Rack for Weightless Storage

Gain back precious cabinet space by storing bulky pots, pans and lids on a ceiling-mounted rack. Choose a style that suits your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Two-Tier Dish Rack Rollout

Sliding wire racks below the sink keep wet dishes organized and out of the way. Let dishes air dry completely before putting away.

Wall-Mounted Knife Strips

Keep knives visible but safely out of drawers. Mounted wood or magnetic knife strips preserve blade edges and look professional.

Pegboard Tool Storage

Cover the backsplash, pantry door, or an empty wall with perforated pegboard. Use hooks to hang utensils, mugs or gadgets wherever you need them.

Undershelf Stemware Holders

Utilize open space between upper cabinets by installing hanging wine glass racks. Stemware hangs elegantly above the countertop.

Find solutions perfect for your cooking style, kitchen setup and organizational needs. With specialized storage in place, you can stop dreading hard-to-reach cabinets and enjoy cooking again!

Frequently Asked Questions About Blind and Corner Kitchen Storage Solutions

Having trouble making the most of the awkward corners and blind spots in your kitchen? Here are answers to some frequently asked storage solution questions:

What are some good ideas for corner cabinet organization?

Lazy Susans, vertical storage racks, diagonal pull-out shelves and swing-out pantry units all provide great corner cabinet access and visibility.

How can I add storage to an awkward angled corner?

Try custom-cut shelving to fit the exact space. Or install multi-level hanging wall shelves perpendicular to the corner.

What should I store in my blind corner cabinet?

Blind corner units are perfect for bulky kitchen tools like stand mixers, dishpans, and large pots. Or use for preset ingredients like oils, spices, canned goods.

How do I maximize storage next to my refrigerator?

Install floor-to-ceiling shelving adjacent to the fridge. Use the vertical space fortall items like pizza pans or water pitchers.

What are some organizational must-haves under the kitchen sink?

Slide-out trays, caddies, and tip-out cabinets keep clutter contained yet accessible. Try a two-tiered rollout.

How can I add storage space above my kitchen cabinets?

Take advantage of air space with wall-mounted rail systems. Hang utensil hooks, shelves, or storage baskets from the rails.

What should I store on the back of cabinet doors?

Install small wire racks for seasoning packets, paper towel rolls, plastic wrap boxes and other skinny items.

How do I make use of the space near my kitchen window?

Try hanging a bar underneath the window for S-hook storage of cooking tools. Or mount shallow shelves over the window for spices.

With the right organizational products and a bit of DIY creativity, you can conquer any awkward kitchen storage space. Start evaluating your unique problem areas today.


Dealing with the blind corners, gaps and awkward angles common in many kitchens can be immensely frustrating. Fitting everything into cabinets while keeping items visible and accessible often seems impossible. But there are many excellent storage solutions specifically designed to maximize tricky spaces.

With specialized Lazy Susans, vertical racks, pull-out shelves and other smart inserts, you can transform any hard-to-use kitchen cabinet. Prioritize organization in problematic areas first so you can work smoothly and comfortably. Don’t underestimate the impact well-designed storage can make!

Invest in quality products made from durable materials that suit your cooking and organizational style. Take measurements and install new organizers properly to avoid safety hazards. Maintain your storage system by regularly editing, cleaning and restocking.

Stop dreading your own kitchen! Stay inspired by the wide range of functional yet beautiful storage options available. With a bit of strategic planning and elbow grease, you can conquer the storage challenges of any uniquely-shaped, inefficient kitchen. So bring joy back to your cooking by tackling those troublesome cabinets and blind spots once and for all. Your kitchen is worth it.