Best DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

Having too many shoes and limited storage space is a common problem for many households. Proper shoe storage not only keeps your entryway, closet, or mudroom clutter-free but also helps maintain your footwear by avoiding dust and damage. If you are looking for creative solutions to organize your expanding shoe collection, DIY shoe storage ideas can offer inexpensive and customized options. Here are some of the best DIY shoe storage solutions to help keep your shoes neat, protected, and easy to access.

Utilize Vertical Wall Space

One excellent way to maximize your storage space is to go vertical with your shoe organization. Installing shelving units, wall-mounted racks, cubbies, or slatwall on walls and the backs of doors take advantage of vertical real estate.

Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted metal or wood racks with multiple rows of rails provide an organized way to neatly display shoes. Opt for open racks or ones with mesh panels to allow ventilation and prevent odors.

Shelving Units

Install shelving units like cabinetry or bookcases upside down to use the shelves for shoe storage. Place them in your closet or mudroom to hold multiple pairs of shoes.

Slatwall Panels

Slatwall panels are another good wall storage solution for shoes. The grid panel design has horizontal slats perfect for attaching a variety of hooks and brackets customized to hold your footwear.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging fabric shoe organizers have multiple clear plastic or mesh pockets to insert shoes. Hang them over closet rods or on the back of doors for easy access.

Repurpose Furniture

Give old furniture new life by repurposing it into functional shoe storage. Armoires, dressers, bookcases, and nightstands often work well for organizing shoes.

Entryway Benches

Turn a bench into a shoe storage seat by removing the top cushion and adding cubbies underneath for shoes. Place in your entryway for a handy spot to remove and store footwear.


Bookshelves or modular cubby units are ideal for displaying shoes if you place them horizontally. Make sure to anchor them to the wall for safety.

Entertainment Centers

The cubbies and shelves of old entertainment centers provide excellent built-in storage options for shoes. Place one in your closet or mudroom.

Dresser Drawers

Upcycle an old dresser by removing the drawers and using the empty cabinet to hold shoe storage containers or racks. The drawers can also hold accessories.

Create Custom Built-Ins

For a customized look, create built-ins specifically designed for your shoe storage needs. Coordinate with the rest of your decor by selecting matching cabinetry, trim, and hardware.

Entryway Cabinetry

Have cabinetry installed in your front entryway with pull-out drawers, shelves, and slide-out trays to neatly arrange all your family’s shoes.

Closet Built-Ins

Maximize closet space by installing custom built-in cabinetry with adjustable shelves, stackable shoe cubbies, pull-out trays, and other storage solutions tailored for your collection.

Under Stair Storage

Make use of awkward under stair space by adding built-in cabinetry with doors, shelves, or even slide-out racks specifically for shoes.

Optimize Closet Floor Space

Take advantage of the floor space in your closets and mudroom to add storage furniture and solutions for your shoes.

Storage Ottomans

Large ottomans with lift-up lids offer concealed storage to place shoes inside. Use to hold seasonal footwear or extras.

Underbed Shoe Storage

Slide underbed plastic bins and organizers under your bed to hold off-season shoes or overflow. Some have tiered shelving to double storage capacity.

Over the Door Racks

Hang multipurpose over-the-door racks or shoe bags on closet rods to maximize floor space. Use to store heels, athletic shoes, sandals, or accessories.

Cubby Bookcases

Low-profile bookcases with cube compartments are ideal for organizing closet floors. Label cubbies for different shoe types or family members.

Use Creative Containers for Concealed Storage

For a hidden shoe storage solution, use decorative baskets, trunks, or bins placed in your entryway or closet. This keeps clutter out of sight.

Painted Wood Crates

Give wooden crates a coat of paint or wallpaper in colors matching your decor. Stack them to hold shoes. Use lids for additional concealed storage.

Decorative Trunk

Vintage-style covered trunks not only add character but serve as functional storage. Place in your bedroom closet or at the end of your bed.

Seagrass Baskets

Attractive seagrass baskets in woven or lidded styles can hold shoes while blending with your room’s aesthetics. They’re ideal for nurseries or bedrooms.

Fabric Bins

Foldable fabric bins come in colorful patterns to brighten closet shelves. Use them to sort and contain different types of shoes.

Add Shoe Storage in Small Spaces

If space is limited, there are still effective shoe storage solutions to organize entryways, small closets, or apartments.

Over the Door Canvas

Hang multi-pocket over the door canvas holders vertically on the back of a door to maximize use of narrow spaces for shoes and accessories.

Tiered Hanging Shoe Shelves

Tiered metal hanging shelves that hook over closet rods are designed to hold multiple pairs of shoes to get them up off the floor.

Modular Stackable Crates

Square plastic stacking crates are ideal for small closets and apartments. Stack, label, and rearrange them to fit your space.

Under Furniture Risers

Lift furniture like beds and sofas using risers to create storage space underneath for slide-out bins or baskets holding shoes.

Display Collections Creatively

If you have an impressive shoe collection, showcase your most prized pairs around your home as unique decor.

Shadow Box Frames

Display your favorite heels, sneakers, or leather shoes in customized shadow boxes hung on the wall. Add lighting for drama.

Ledge Shelving

Acrylic ledges installed above cabinets are perfect for showing off a line of shoes. Angle them for better visibility.

Entryway Shoe Rack

A decorative rack placed in your entryway to hold shoes makes an eye-catching first impression. Select one with personality.

Artistic Wall Arrangements

Get creative by arranging shoes on picture ledges or directly mounted on the wall. Coordinate by color or style for artistic flair.

Tips for Maintaining Your DIY Shoe Storage

Once you’ve created the perfect shoe storage for your needs, keep it looking its best with simple maintenance:

  • Wipe down shelves and shoe racks regularly to prevent dust buildup.
  • Freshen shoes with anti-odor sprays or shoe deodorizer balls.
  • Use cedar blocks or scented sachets in storage containers to absorb moisture.
  • Store shoes away from direct sunlight to avoid fading colors or cracking materials.
  • Evaluate what works and what doesn’t over time and make adjustments.
  • Edit your shoe collection periodically, donating or selling pairs you no longer wear.

With some creativity and these DIY solutions, you can effectively organize your expanding shoe collection to keep your home clutter-free and shoes easily accessible. Find ways to maximize space through wall storage, furniture repurposing, custom builds, concealed storage containers, or artistic displays. Keep shoes protected and prevent odors by incorporating some simple maintenance practices. Have fun getting creative with these storage ideas to suit your unique space and style!