Best Cabinet Refacing Companies

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing is a cost-effective way to give your home a fresh, updated look without the expense of full cabinet replacement. Refacing involves replacing just the doors and drawers on existing cabinet boxes and applying new exterior finishes. When done properly by experienced professionals, the end result can rival a brand new custom cabinet installation.

Choosing the best cabinet refacing companies for your project is key to achieving the beautiful, functional kitchen or bath of your dreams. With hundreds of refacing contractors to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to find the right partner. This guide will walk you through the key factors to evaluate when selecting the ideal refacing pro for your goals, budget, and style.

What to Look for in the Best Cabinet Refacing Companies

Excellent Reviews and Referrals

One of the best ways to gauge the quality of work and customer service a refacing company provides is by checking reviews from past clients. Search for online reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. Look for companies with consistently glowing reviews praising their professionalism, attention to detail, and finished product.

Also ask the companies you’re considering for client referrals you can contact. Speaking to previous customers and seeing refacing projects firsthand can reveal a lot about what to expect. The best refacing pros will be happy to connect you with multiple satisfied clients.

A Proven Track Record

Choose established refacing specialists who have been in business for many years. They will have extensive experience advising on design options, accurately measuring for replacements, expertly installing new materials, and troubleshooting any issues.

Ask candidates how long they’ve offered refacing services and check any credentials they have from the National Kitchen and Bath Association and other industry groups. Look for at least 5-10 years of proven success refacing cabinets.

Extensive Refacing Expertise

Make sure the company focuses specifically on kitchen and bathroom refacing rather than general remodeling or cabinetry work. Ask about the training technicians receive and how many refacing projects they complete annually.

Opt for refacing specialists versus general contractors to ensure you get the highest quality workmanship. Make sure they have expertise with all major brands and types of cabinets.

A Wide Selection of Quality Materials

High-end finishes like solid hardwoods and durable laminates will upgrade the look of your existing cabinets. Ask to see samples of available wood types, laminates, and cabinet door profiles to find options matching your vision.

Verify the company offers a wide array of materials from leading manufacturers like KraftMaid, Perrin & Rowe, and Wilsonart. Quality materials professionally installed make all the difference.

Extensive Design Experience

Maximize the visual impact of refacing with help from experts well-versed in design principles and trends. Look for a company employing designers to help you select optimal door styles, finishes, and hardware.

Ask how they can match or enhance your home’s architecture with their product selection. Great designers will draw inspiration from your space to suggest solutions you may not have considered.

Accuracy in Measurement

Precision measurements of existing cabinet dimensions are crucial for new doors, drawers, and finishes to fit correctly. Make sure the company has a proven process for measuring accurately.

Ask how many measurements they take per cabinet and if they make allowances for issues like crooked walls. Any inaccuracies can result in gaps or misalignments in the finished project.

Quality Installation and Construction

Refacing transforms cabinets’ appearance but relies on existing cabinet boxes for support. Look for companies that properly prepare surfaces, adjust hinges and pulls, and install new components securely for optimal function and aesthetics.

Ask about their installation methods, including how they ensure new doors hang evenly and pulls align across cabinets. Solid construction gives you years of trouble-free use.

Limited Mess and Disruption

Since refacing doesn’t involve fully removing existing cabinets, the process causes minimal disturbance to your home. Opt for pros who take care to protect surrounding surfaces and clean up thoroughly afterwards.

Ask how they isolate the workspace and limit noise, dust, and debris. Refacing performed by meticulous crews allows you to enjoy the results faster.

Wide Range of Design Options

The beauty of refacing is transforming cabinets affordably while still offering immense possibilities for customization. Look for companies offering diverse door styles, stains, laminates, hardware choices, and accessory upgrades.

Verify they can fulfill specialized requests like integrating glass door inserts or mullion frames to divide large cabinets. Expansive options mean achieving your dream design.

Cabinet Interiors Organization

While refacing updates cabinet exteriors, look for companies that can also organize interiors based on how you use the space. Ask about adding easily accessible drawer dividers, pull-out shelves, spice racks, and other updates.

Streamline inner cabinet storage and functionality to get the very most out of your new refacing project. Coordinated exteriors and interiors amplify the benefits.

Key Factors When Choosing Refacing Companies

Now that you know what capabilities and services to look for, focus on these key factors as you evaluate refacing specialists:

Fit with Your Design Vision

Make sure the company listens to your aesthetic goals and presents options tailored to your tastes. You want a partner invested in achieving your ideal finished look.

Total Cost and Budget

Secure quotes from at least three refacing companies you’re considering to compare pricing. Get a clear, line-item breakdown of costs rather than a single vague estimate.

Timeline for Completing the Project

Ask for a detailed schedule with timeframes for design, measurement, material ordering, delivery, installation, and finish work like hardware adjustment. Build in some cushion for potential delays.

Credentials and Certifications

Verify licensure, insurance coverage, training certifications, and compliance with building codes and industry standards. This helps protect you from defects.

Warranty on Labor and Materials

The best refacing companies offer warranties of at least one year on labor and five years or longer on materials. Extended warranties give you peace of mind.

Range of Financing Options

Many companies offer financing plans to pay for refacing over time. Compare terms like interest rates, down payments, and monthly payments as you select the best fit.

Questions to Ask Prospective Refacing Companies

Interviewing refacing contractors before hiring one allows you to gauge which company best fits your needs. Here are some great questions to ask:

  • How long have you offered kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing services?
  • How many refacing projects do you complete in a typical month or year?
  • Do you have design experts on staff to help customers select finishes, hardware, and details?
  • Can I see samples of the types of materials you offer and door profiles available?
  • What brands do you use for cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware?
  • What is your measuring process to ensure existing cabinets are fitted properly?
  • Do you make any structural or internal changes to cabinets besides replacing doors, sides, and drawers?
  • How do you prepare and finish cabinet surfaces prior to installing new components?
  • What is your typical installation process and how long does it take?
  • How do you ensure new doors hang evenly and hardware aligns correctly?
  • How do you isolate the work area to contain mess and debris?
  • Do you offer any interior organizational systems or upgrades?
  • What warranty do you provide on labor and materials?
  • What are your payment terms and financing options?
  • Can you share referrals from recent clients I can contact?
  • Do you have any refacing projects I can see in person in the local area?

Indications You’ve Found the Right Refacing Company

When you meet with prospective refacing pros, you’ll get a feel for who will be the best fit. Here are several great signs you’ve found the right partner:

  • They listen attentively to your goals and provide ideas to bring your vision to life.
  • They answer all questions thoroughly and welcome you contacting past clients.
  • They have extensive refacing experience specifically.
  • Their designers showcase unique, on-trend products you love.
  • They give detailed explanations of their entire process.
  • They offer multiple financing options to meet your budget needs.
  • They guarantee quality results by warrantying their labor and materials.
  • They repeatedly mention attention to detail in their workmanship.
  • They emphasize minimizing disruption and leaving your home spotless.
  • You feel confident they will deliver truly amazing results.

Transform Your Kitchen or Bath Affordably with Refacing

Kitchen and bathroom refacing performed by the best companies provides an easy, cost-effective update that can modernize the look and function of your existing cabinetry. Following the guidance above will help you find the ideal partner to bring your unique vision to life.

With meticulous measurements, quality materials, expert installation, and artful design, you can have the fresh, beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of at a fraction of total replacement cost and hassle. The right pro makes all the difference, so take time to understand your options and make an informed decision.

In no time, you can enjoy revitalized cabinets perfect for comfortable living and entertaining. Don’t settle for lackluster results or overpay for unnecessary replacement. Consult the best cabinet refacing companies in your area and start planning your exciting kitchen or bath renovation today!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Cabinet Refacing Companies

  1. What are the main benefits of choosing professional refacing versus DIY or full replacement?

The main benefits of professional refacing include a stunning, quality finished product, hassle-free installation by experts, and significantly lower costs compared to replacement. Refacing companies have the skills, materials, and experience for superior results vs DIY.

  1. How long does a typical professional refacing project take from start to finish?

The refacing process takes 2-5 days total depending on cabinet quantity and complexity. Professionals efficiently complete design selections, measurements, material delivery, installation, adjustments, and cleanup with minimal disruption to your home.

  1. Should I expect to need to do anything to prep my existing cabinets before refacing?

Reputable companies will handle all necessary preparation as part of the refacing process. This includes removing doors/drawers, cleaning surfaces thoroughly, making minor repairs if needed, and ensuring cabinets are ready for new components.

  1. Will I lose storage or counter space by having my cabinets refaced?

No. An advantage of refacing is keeping your existing cabinet footprint intact. Companies can even customize interiors with additions like pull-out shelves to maximize space.

  1. How long can I expect refacing materials and workmanship to last compared to new cabinets?

High-quality refacing materials and professional installation should last 15-20 years or longer – nearly as long as new cabinets. Refinishing preserves your existing cabinet structure.

  1. If I want to change my cabinet layout, is refacing still an option?

Yes, companies can reconfigure your layout by refacing some cabinets, removing others, and adding new ones seamlessly. This is still often less expensive than full replacement.

  1. What are signs I may need cabinet refacing instead of refinishing or painting existing surfaces?

Signs it’s time to reface include severe damage, warped or peeling laminates, outdated oak or 80s style, limited color/finish options, and need for improved storage solutions.

  1. Should I expect to need new countertops when I reface cabinets?

Not necessarily. Refacing alone can provide a fresh updated look. But if your countertops are very dated or damaged, completing both updates together is recommended.

  1. What should I avoid cleaning my newly refaced cabinets with?

Avoid abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or scrubbing that can damage the finish. Use only mild soap and water. Ask your pro for cleaning recommendations.

  1. What are some innovative organizational products available to include when refacing kitchen cabinets?

Smart additions include pull-out spice racks, cabinet door racks for cooking utensils, adjustable storage drawers, blind corner organizers, and full-height pantry pull-outs.

In Conclusion

Kitchen and bathroom refacing delivers amazing transformations without the investment of full replacements. By following this guide and partnering with one of the best cabinet refacing companies in your local area, you can actualize your dream space with upgraded style, smarter storage, and costs averaging just 30-50% of new cabinets.

Take your time to understand all that premier refacing companies offer. Schedule consultations and get quotes from top contenders. Choose the pro who clearly outlines their specialized process, uses quality materials, and exemplifies refinement in their work.

With the right partner’s expertise elevating and modernizing your existing cabinet boxes, you can enjoy a fresh, functional, and beautiful kitchen or bath perfect for making memories for years to come. Don’t just imagine your dream design – make it a reality with professional cabinet refacing.