Best Air Filter Subscriptions

Having clean indoor air is extremely important for health and wellbeing. Indoor air can contain various pollutants like dust, dander, mold, chemicals, and more. These pollutants can aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Using high quality air filters is one of the best ways to remove these harmful particles from the air in your home. Investing in an air filter subscription service can help ensure you always have clean, filtered air.

Why Air Filter Subscriptions Are Beneficial

There are several key reasons why subscribing to air filter deliveries is advantageous compared to purchasing filters periodically at a store:


Air filter subscription services deliver new filters straight to your door. No more remembering to buy new ones or making a trip to the store. Filters arrive right when you need them. Many companies even offer free shipping. The convenience factor makes it easy to stay on top of replacing filters.


The best air filter subscriptions allow you to customize your filter plan. You can select the right type of filter for your home’s HVAC system, choose a delivery frequency that matches your needs, and make changes at any time. Customized plans ensure you get the right filters at the right interval.


Filter subscription services often cost less per filter compared to buying individually. You can save 10-15% typically. And the more frequent your delivery schedule, the higher your potential savings. Subscriptions help reduce waste too – no more buying the wrong size or type.

Performance Monitoring

Some air filter companies provide performance monitoring services with a subscription. Sensors can track when your filter needs changing based on usage and air flow. This takes the guesswork out of filter replacement.

High-Quality Filters

Subscribing means you’ll always have access to quality filters designed specifically for your home. You won’t have to settle for cheap, ineffective filters from the local hardware store. Filters are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Top Recommended Companies

If you’re considering an air filter subscription, these companies offer outstanding products, features, and service:

1. FilterBuy

FilterBuy is one of the most popular air filter subscription companies. They provide filters for both homes and businesses.

Customers can select from 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 month delivery frequencies. There are also filters designed specifically for HVAC systems, range hoods, water filters, and more.

All of FilterBuy’s filters utilize advanced filtration media to capture particles down to .3 microns. Their filters are MERV rated 8-13 for excellent particle removal.

Their subscription plans come with free shipping, ability to pause or cancel at any time, and lifetime warranty. Overall, FilterBuy makes it simple and affordable to maintain clean air.

2. Second Nature

Second Nature takes a personalized approach by incorporating home details and local climate factors into their filter recommendations. Their proprietary Filtration Audit provides filter suggestions tailored to your home’s unique needs.

Their filters utilize thick, pleated media to improve particle capture and carbon layers to help reduce odors/chemicals. Subscribers can select varying delivery frequencies from 1-12 months.

Second Nature also offers high-quality air purifiers and HVAC monitoring services. For whole home air purification, Second Nature delivers outstanding filter products coupled with robust home analysis.

3. Amazon

The Amazon air filter subscription program provides the convenience of Amazon’s delivery services coupled with flexible subscription options.

Amazon allows you to schedule filter deliveries from every 1-6 months. They carry a wide range of filter sizes and styles for all types of HVAC systems.

The MERV ratings range from 8-13, covering options good for dust removal up to hospital-grade filtration. Brands available include 3M, Nordic Pure, and Filtrete.

Given Amazon’s logistics expertise, their air filter subscriptions represent a reliable and hassle-free option. The pricing is also very competitive. Overall, Amazon is great for basic air filter replacements.

4. Lenovo

While not a household name for filters, Lenovo (yes, the electronics company) offers a unique air filter subscription service.

Lenovo’s filters feature a mesh fiber outer layer with a carbon fiber inner layer. This composite media enhances airflow while removing particulates down to 3 microns.

The filters come pre-cut to fit Lenovo’s Smart Air Purifier. With a subscription, replacement filters are shipped free every 6 months.

The subscription ensures you always have clean filters to power the maximum effectiveness of the Lenovo air purifier. It’s a complete air purification solution.

5. PurpleAir

PurpleAir specializes in air quality monitoring systems for home and business. Their filter subscriptions are designed to pair with their monitoring technology.

Subscribers receive new filters for PurpleAir’s panels every 3, 6, or 12 months. The filters utilize HEPA media effective at removing particulates.

Combined with PurpleAir’s network of air quality sensors, you can closely track indoor pollution levels and receive replacement filters just when required. It’s an air filtration system driven by actual usage data.

This performance-based approach makes PurpleAir’s subscriptions ideal for comprehensive air monitoring and purification.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Provider

Selecting the right air filter subscription involves evaluating a few key factors:

Filter Media: Look for filters using advanced media like HEPA or HEGA (high-efficiency gas absorption). These remove the most particles. Activated carbon layers also help capture odors/chemicals.

MERV Ratings: MERV stands for “minimum efficiency reporting value” and rates a filter’s particle removal effectiveness from 1-16. Find the MERV rating your HVAC system requires.

Delivery Frequency: Most companies offer delivery every 1-12 months. Choose based on filter capacity, usage levels, and seasons. More frequent may be better for allergy seasons.

Customization: Opt for a provider that offers filter size/type options and allows you to update/modify subscriptions easily.

HVAC System Compatibility: Make sure the provider has filter sizes and styles that properly fit your system.

Price/Value: Compare price per filter and look for deals on multi-month subscriptions. Quality varies so factor that in as well.

Reputation/Reviews: Vet the company thoroughly. Check reviews and complaints with the Better Business Bureau. More established companies tend to be more reliable.

Performance Tracking (Optional): If air quality data matters, some providers offer monitoring systems to pinpoint optimal filter replacement times.

Choosing the right provider involves balancing these factors – filtration performance, flexibility, affordability, and service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Filter Subscriptions

Air filter subscriptions represent a convenient solution but also come with common questions. Here are detailed answers to some frequently asked questions:

How Often Should I Replace Air Filters?

Most filters should be replaced every 1-3 months, but frequency depends on several factors:

  • Usage: Homes with high occupancy, pets, or activity need more frequent filter changes
  • HVAC Runtime: Filters in systems that run all day require more changes than intermittent use
  • Filter Type: Pleated media traps more particles so replaces less often than fiberglass
  • Time of Year: Pollen season or summer/winter extremes impact filter lifespan
  • Airflow: Declining airflow indicates a dirtier filter ready for replacement

Ideally, check your filter at least monthly and replace when airflow is noticeably diminished. For high usage times, every 1-2 months is recommended.

What Air Filter Should I Use?

Choose an air filter matched to the MERV rating specified by your HVAC manufacturer, usually around MERV 8-12. Higher MERV = higher filtration but lower airflow.

Media choice also matters:

  • Pleated synthetic media (cotton/polyester blend): Good particle removal and airflow
  • Pleated HEGA: Max filtration of gases and odors but pricier
  • Activated carbon layer: Helps trap gases and odors
  • Basic fiberglass: Cheap but not great filtration

For most homes, a MERV 10 or 12 pleated synthetic filter offers the best balance of particle removal, reasonable cost, and airflow.

Can’t I Just Use a Cheap Filter from the Hardware Store?

Technically yes, but cheap hardware store filters come with performance drawbacks:

  • Fiberglass media is only ~25% efficient at removing particles
  • Poor particle capture allows dirtier air to recirculate
  • Can lead to reduced airflow and higher energy bills
  • Fibers can break off and become airborne irritants themselves

Spending just a few extra dollars per filter improves performance dramatically. Investing in better air filtration protects health and HVAC equipment.

How Much Does an Air Filter Subscription Cost?

Cost depends on filter grade, size, frequency, and quantity. But typically:

  • Standard pleated filters: $10-25 per filter
  • High-end HEGA or HEPA: $25-50+
  • Multi-packs offer 5-10% discounts usually
  • Deliveries every 3+ months provide lower per unit cost

Many companies also offer first order discounts. So initially expect to spend $40-100 for the first multi-filter order. Replenishment shipments will be less.

What If I Don’t Know My Filter Size?

If the size isn’t printed on your existing filter, there are a few ways to find it:

  • Check the HVAC system manual for filter dimensions
  • Measure the length, width, and depth yourself
  • Take a photo showing the full frame and any size markings
  • Consult with an HVAC company to identify

It’s important to get the size right so air flows properly through the unit. Don’t guess – an inaccurate filter size can harm your system.

Is It Hard to Change Air Filters?

For standard HVAC systems, changing filters only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools. The process is:

  1. Turn off HVAC system
  2. Locate filter door panel on unit body
  3. Release cover latch if present
  4. Slide out old air filter
  5. Check for alignment arrow on new filter
  6. Insert new filter following arrow direction
  7. Close cover and turn HVAC back on
  8. Reset filter change reminder if available

Changing filters is a quick DIY task. Just take care not to touch the interior HVAC components. If accessing the filter proves difficult in your system, an HVAC company can assist.


Regularly maintaining clean air filters is one of the best ways to remove harmful particulates and allergens from your indoor air. Air filter subscriptions represent a convenient, customizable way to stay on top of replacements. Companies like FilterBuy, Second Nature, Amazon, and PurpleAir all offer quality filters shipped to your door when you need them.

Choosing the right subscription involves factoring in filter performance, delivery options, system compatibility, and pricing. Properly filtered air pays dividends through improved HVAC efficiency and reduced health issues. Give air filter subscriptions a try and breathe easier!