Beach Style Kitchen Ideas Inviting Feel of the Coastal Vibe

The beach style kitchen conjures up images of breezy, relaxed spaces with a casual, inviting feel. This coastal-inspired design brings the essence of seaside living into the heart of your home. With the right elements, you can create a beach cottage kitchen that feels light, airy, and tranquil.

Incorporating beachy accents doesn’t mean your kitchen has to feel overly nautical or themed. The goal is to evoke the laidback mood of being by the ocean through subtle nods to the coast. Think neutral backdrops accented with pops of color, lots of natural materials and textures, and finishes that reflect the sand and surf.

Follow these beach kitchen ideas to give your cooking space that breezy, coastal vibe.

Light and Neutral Backdrops

Beach style kitchens tend to have light, neutral backdrops that lend an airy, casual ambiance. These softer foundation colors allow you to layer on accent hues and materials inspired by sand, sea, and sky.

Some top neutral paint color choices for evoking a coastal kitchen include:

  • Creamy whites
  • Soft greys
  • Light taupes
  • Warm ivories
  • Subtle khakis

Painting upper and lower cabinets in different neutral shades adds subtle contrast while maintaining the easy, beachy look.

For a breezy accent wall, consider a whitewashed brick backsplash, shiplap planks, reclaimed wood, or beadboard. These textures bring in rustic, coastal charm.

Pops of Ocean-Inspired Color

While beachy kitchens tend to stick to softer backdrops, don’t be afraid to add some saturated accent colors reminiscent of the seaside. These bold punches liven up the space.

Some of the best ocean-inspired hues to try include:

Coastal Blues

From soft sky blue to deeper navy, these cooling shades are quintessential for the coastal look. Try a vivid blue backsplash tile, island base cabinets, or accent wall. Or opt for blue quartz or solid surface countertops.

Sandy Tans and Creams

Bring in the warmth of sand with neutral tans, creams, or oatmeal hues. Use them in brick or subway tile backsplashes, painted cabinets, or accent walls.

Sea Glass Greens

Sea foam greens in soft matte finishes lend a subtle nod to ocean hues. Incorporate this color in cabinetry, walls, or backsplashes. Deeper greens work too for a bold, ocean vibe.

Sunny Yellows

Cheery sunny yellows evoke beach umbrellas and ocean views at sunrise. Try this happy hue in a fun retro fridge, accent wall, or even cabinetry.

Coastal Reds

From brick red to terra-cotta, these earthy reds conjure up seaside cottages. Use in backsplash tile, accent walls, or cabinetry for a bold pop of color.

Natural Coastal Materials

Natural materials are a hallmark of the coastal design style. Their raw, organic textures help capture the relaxed essence of the beach.

Here are some top natural finishes to try in your beachy kitchen:

Wood Accents

Weathered driftwood, reclaimed barn wood planks, and whitewashed shiplap all bring in beautiful coastal wood accents. Use on walls, peninsulas, ceilings or open shelving.

Woven Accents

Incorporate woven textures reminiscent of beach hats and nets with rattan pendants, wood blinds, or rope trim along cabinets.

Stone and Tile

Natural stone or porcelain tile backsplashes and countertops have an organic, beachy vibe. Try subtle white carrara marble or sand-hued porcelain in subway tile patterns.

Shells and Coral

For fun coastal accents, decorate with real or faux shells, starfish, and coral on countertops, backsplashes, knobs, and walls.

Beachy Textures and Finishes

Recreate the weathered, relaxed look of seaside cottages with the right kitchen finishes. Here are some top options:

  • Whitewashed cabinets
  • Distressed or reclaimed wood surfaces
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Frosted and antique mirror backsplashes
  • Concrete, butcher block, or soapstone countertops
  • Beadboard or shiplap paneled walls
  • White brick or tile backsplashes

Avoid glossy and highly polished surfaces. Opt for matte, brushed, or gently distressed finishes instead. This helps reinforce the casual beach style.

Coastal Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas

Your cabinetry plays a big role in defining the overall look of your kitchen. Here are some great beach-inspired options:

Painted Cabinets

Painting cabinets in light neutrals or watery blues is ideal for the coastal kitchen aesthetic. Try a creamy white, pale grey, light oyster, or even robin’s egg blue.

Distressed Cabinets

Whitewashed cabinets with a distressed, chippy finish reinforce the relaxed, timeworn look. Try this finish on painted cabinets, shaker style doors, or reclaimed wood surfaces.

Open Shelving

Incorporate some breezy open shelving instead of always closing cabinets off. This allows you to display beachy ceramicware, azure bottles, and other coastal accents.

Mix White Uppers and Stained Lowers

For contrast, try white uppers paired with tan, driftwood gray, or navy lower cabinets. The contrast doesn’t overpower but provides visual interest.

Incorporate Rattan or Wicker

Woven rattan or wicker cabinet fronts, full cabinets, or just trim and knobs bring lovely beachy texture. Try these especially in pantries, closets or laundry spaces.

Beach Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Breezy, sun-drenched lighting complements the beach kitchen vibe perfectly.

  • White drum or bell pendant lights feel coastal and airy over islands and peninsulas
  • Woven rattan pendant lights add natural beach flair
  • Seaglass lanterns and sconces lend soft nautical ambiance
  • Recessed can lighting provides clean, bright illumination for tasks
  • Frosted glass flushmount lights reinforce the casual aesthetic
  • Spotlights or picture lights highlight beachy wall art
  • Undercabinet lighting illuminates workspaces beautifully

Avoid heavy traditional fixtures and opt for lighter options with a casual, artisanal look. Mixing in some antique or vintage pendants also suits the relaxed beach style.

Beach Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is a great spot to infuse some character and color into your coastal design.

  • Paint or stain the base cabinets a saturated ocean hue like navy, sea glass, or coral. Keep the perimeter cabinetry light.
  • Use beadboard or shiplap panelling on the island front for rustic texture.
  • Incorporate reclaimed driftwood or barn wood into the island design.
  • Opt for a concrete, limewashed or butcher block countertop surface.
  • Include casual open shelving for displaying beachy ceramicware and glassware.
  • Anchor the island with retro metal stools or woven barstools to match the relaxed vibe.

Beach Kitchen Backsplashes

The backsplash presents ample opportunity to bring in coastal tile, texture, color or material.

Some chic possibilities include:

  • Whitewashed or white brick backsplash
  • Subway tiles or beach glass mosaics in aqua blues
  • Handpainted mermaid or tropical pattern tiles
  • Weathered wood plank backsplash
  • Coral, shell or sand dollar accents
  • 3D wave, fish scale and sea-inspired tiles
  • Lighter Carrara marble or white quartz

Avoid polished, glossy finishes and opt for softer white or blue-hued matte tiles. This helps reinforce the casual, beachy look.

Beach Kitchen Countertops

When selecting countertops, materials like quartz, stone, concrete, and butcher block suit the laidback style. Steer clear of high gloss laminates.

Some specific countertop ideas that work beautifully include:


With its gentle mottling and soft grey hue, soapstone makes an ideal coastal countertop. It has great durability along with an organic look.

Carrara Marble

The subtly weathered white and grey veining of Carrara marble is fitting for a beach kitchen. It has an elegant yet beachy vibe.


Warm sandstone countertops in organic neutral tones add wonderful texture and nature-inspired color. Great for coastal rustic spaces.

Wood Butcher Block

Wood grain butcher block countertops lend wonderful warmth and casual ambiance to the coastal kitchen. Maple, oak and walnut work well.


Simple, industrial concrete makes an ideal beachy kitchen surface. Opt for matte finishes and soft cream, grey or white-washed concrete.

Beach Kitchen Backdrop Ideas

Several backdrops can help reinforce the breezy, coastal essence of the beach style kitchen. Consider trying:

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

A whitewashed brick backsplash or accent wall adds wonderful weathered texture. Opt for lighter tumbled bricks over deep red.

Driftwood Accent Wall

Distressed driftwood planks create a stunning textural feature wall or backsplash. It brings coastal essence to the space.

Beadboard Backsplash

Classic white beadboard makes an ideal backsplash alternative to tile. It has cottage charm and breezy flair.

Shiplap Accent Wall

Crisp white shiplap planks lend a relaxed, coastal cottage look popular in beach homes. Use on backsplashes or accent walls.

Ocean Inspired Mural

Commission a custom mural depicting crashing waves, seashells, starfish or sea creatures. This makes a bold coastal statement.

Beach Kitchen Window Treatments

Continue the breezy vibe with window treatments that complement the casual style.

  • Woven wood or bamboo shades
  • Burlap drapes or valances
  • Muslin curtains with subtle stripe or sailboat patterns
  • Linen or hemp Roman shades
  • Natural raffia drapery panels
  • Driftwood blinds or shutters

Avoid formal treatments like heavy swags, tailored drapes and pleated shades. Keep it relaxed.

Beach Kitchen Accessories

Accessories are a fun way to reinforce the coastal look and personalized vibe. Incorporate:

  • Tableware with nautical motifs like ropes, shells, fish, anchors
  • White or blue-hued ceramic dinnerware
  • Beach glass bottles and vases
  • Metal, rope or driftwood accent pieces
  • Faux coral, starfish, sand dollars and seashells
  • Woven baskets for storage
  • Driftwood trays and bowls
  • Whale or ocean inspired wall art and prints
  • Sand and seashell filled apothecary jars

Bring in personal treasures like sea glass collected on trips, family beach photos, or other nostalgic accessories that speak to you.

Beach Kitchen Ideas: Dos and Don’ts

When designing your coastal-inspired beach kitchen, keep these key dos and don’ts in mind:


  • Do opt for light, airy backdrops like creamy whites or pale blues
  • Do incorporate lots of breezy natural textures and materials
  • Do add pops of bolder ocean hues like navy, aqua or sea foam
  • Do include weathered, reclaimed woods for rustic coastal charm
  • Do use mostly matte and brushed materials and finishes
  • Do bring in antiqued metals and woven accents


  • Don’t overuse stark whites or harsh grays
  • Don’t add too many highly saturated colors
  • Don’t overdo nautical themed décor
  • Don’t use glossy, high-shine surfaces and materials
  • Don’t include heavily formal furnishings or traditional embellished styles

Beach Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Choosing the right flooring sets the foundation for your coastal kitchen’s look and feel. Here are some great beach-inspired flooring options to consider:

Whitewashed Wood Planks

Wide plank white oak or driftwood-stained pine floors have a wonderful weathered, coastal vibe. The soft greyish tones complement beach kitchens beautifully.

Tile Flooring

Handpainted or crackled tiles in soft blues, sea greens, and creams evoke lovely coastal cottage floors. Try animal prints or shell patterns for fun.

Natural Stone

Honed travertine, limestone, and lighter granite bring organic texture and work well for beach kitchens. Avoid polished finishes.

Concrete Flooring

Simple poured concrete flooring makes an ideal foundational surface for the relaxed beach style kitchen. Great durability too.

Bamboo Flooring

With its sandy blonde coloring and natural feel, stranded woven bamboo flooring suits coastal casual spaces.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Quality luxury vinyl plank flooring mimics coastal looks like weathered driftwood and concrete beautifully at a lower cost.

Whatever flooring you choose, opt for lighter tones and casual, relaxed visuals over dark dramatic floors to keep that easy, beachy essence.

Creating a Coastal Modern Beach Kitchen

For a beachy yet updated look, the coastal modern kitchen blends breezy elements with cleaner contemporary lines. Try these tips:

  • Incorporate a light and neutral palette accented with pops of ocean blues and greens
  • Use a mix of white subway tile and natural stone backsplashes
  • Add in reclaimed driftwood accents and woven textures
  • Choose sleek Shaker style cabinetry in whites and light taupes
  • Include open shelving and glass-front upper cabinets for breezy ambiance
  • Opt for concrete, quartz, or marble countertops
  • Install brass fixtures, aged bronze or nickel hardware
  • Add in crisp white paneled appliances to keep the look light and bright
  • Use pendant lights and recessed lighting for bright open appeal
  • Add a touch of modern with acrylic barstools or dining chairs

The coastal modern kitchen artfully blends beachy design with chic modern elements for the best of both worlds – casual seaside charm meets contemporary.

FAQs About Designing a Beach Style Kitchen

What paint colors work best for a beach kitchen?

Soft neutrals like creamy whites, light blues, warm ivories, and pale greys make ideal backdrops for the beach kitchen. They keep the space feeling airy and casual.

What type of flooring suits a coastal kitchen?

Light wood planks, concrete, stone, woven vinyl plank, and bamboo all make good beachy kitchen flooring options. Avoid very dark or formal floors.

What kind of countertops work best for the coastal look?

Natural countertops like butcher block, concrete, limestone, and soapstone make ideal choices. Carrara marble and quartz in soft neutrals are also fitting options.

How do you add color to a beach kitchen?

Use ocean-inspired hues like pale aqua, sea foam, sky blue, sandy beiges, and sunny yellows in your cabinetry, backsplash, walls or accent pieces. Avoid going overboard with color.

What are coastal cottage style kitchens characterized by?

Breezy, neutral backdrops, whitewashed elements, reclaimed woods, woven and rattan accents, natural materials, and matte relaxed finishes create the coastal cottage kitchen look.

How do you give a beachy feel without using coastal theme?

Focus more on light airy elements, natural materials, calm colors, and weathered finishes over themed decor. Bring in greenery, woven and wood accents, antique metals, and artisanal accessories.

How do you add character to a beach kitchen?

Paint your island a bold ocean blue. Install a driftwood plank statement wall. Add beadboard backsplashes and open breezy shelving. Incorporate woven stool seating and vintage accessories.


A beach style kitchen is a wonderful way to infuse breezy, coastal essence into your home’s heart. Lighter backdrops, weathered woods, ocean-inspired hues, and natural materials all help create a space that feels casual, tranquil and inviting. Mixing in meaningful accessories and vintage finds adds lovely beach cottage character.

With this guide’s tips and ideas, you can design a beautiful coastal-inspired kitchen oasis. Just remember to focus on light and neutral foundations, breezy accents, weathered and reclaimed finishes, and relaxed furnishings. The end result will be a chic, welcoming space with that effortless seaside charm.