Bathroom Window Ideas Create Spacious and Bright Atmosphere

Having proper lighting and a feeling of openness in your bathroom is so important for making it a relaxing and enjoyable space. Bathroom windows play a key role in creating brightness and a spacious atmosphere. Carefully choosing the right bathroom window ideas can drastically improve the ambiance.

There are many factors to consider when selecting windows for your bathroom. The size, placement, style and material will all impact the lighting and aesthetic. This article will explore different bathroom window ideas to help create a bright and airy bathroom design. Discover how to make the most out of your bathroom windows!

Size of the Bathroom Window

The size of your bathroom window will determine how much natural light can enter the space. Often bathroom windows are quite small, but expanding them can make a world of difference.

Here are some bathroom window size ideas:

  • For a small bathroom, choose the largest window size the space can accommodate. Look for windows that extend all the way to the ceiling to allow more light in. Avoid tiny, skinny windows that don’t let in much natural brightness.
  • Expand a window to the size of a full wall for a dramatic effect. This wall of windows floods the bathroom with sunlight.
  • Opt for multiple windows throughout the bathroom space rather than just one. Adding windows in the shower and above the tub disperses natural light.
  • Incorporate an expansive skylight into the bathroom ceiling for incredible overhead illumination. This also gives a spacious feel.

When choosing the window size, make sure to select energy efficient glass to keep heating and cooling costs down. Also have the proper window treatments to control glare as needed.

Bathroom Window Placement

Where you place the window or windows in your bathroom matters for controlling the spread of natural light. Here are effective bathroom window placement ideas:

High on the Wall

Installing the window higher up on the wall allows more indirect sunlight to filter into the bathroom. Place the window at least 5-6 feet high for the best ambient lighting. The tall height prevents the light from being too harsh or creating glare.

In the Shower

Putting a window right in the shower is a smart way to create a bright, airy open feel. The steam won’t damage a moisture-resistant exhaust fan window. Make sure to choose textured glass for privacy.

Across from the Vanity

Situate a large window directly across from the vanity for ideal lighting when applying makeup and doing hair. The even illumination prevents shadows on your face.

Above the Tub

There’s nothing more relaxing than resting in the bathtub with soft natural light streaming in from above. Position the window above the tub rather than directly beside it.

Multiple Angles

Add windows on adjacent or opposite walls to fill the whole bathroom with sunshine. Combining different vantage points prevents singular harsh lighting.

Styles of Bathroom Windows

From classic to modern and everything in between, bathroom windows come in endless styles to match your home. Consider these window design options to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic:

Double Hung

Double hung windows are two sash windows stacked vertically that slide up and down for venting. The classic style matches traditional bathroom designs.


Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward. Large casement windows give an elegant, European vibe.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out from the bottom. Good for high bathroom windows to allow light and air in.


Sliding windows move horizontally to open. They work well for contemporary styled bathrooms.

Round and Oval

For a unique bathroom window, try round porthole or oval shapes. The fluid curves add character to modern or vintage bathrooms.

Corner Windows

Placing a triangular window in the corner of a bathroom maximizes natural light from multiple angles.

Skylights and Clerestories

Skylights and clerestory windows positioned up high or on ceilings create bright, spacious bathrooms. Perfect for windowless bathrooms or attics.

Privacy Glass

Intricately patterned privacy glass obscures the view for natural light while maintaining privacy. Ideal for bathrooms with street-facing windows.

Bathroom Window Materials

Bathroom windows come in a variety of different materials. Choosing the right materials enhances the window’s functionality and ties into your design style.


Aluminum window frames are affordable, low maintenance, and contemporary looking. Modern bathrooms benefit from large aluminum windows.


Vinyl windows insulate well and never need painting. Choose wood-look vinyl frames for a natural bathroom window material.


Painted or stained wood windows lend classic charm to traditional styled bathrooms. Fir, pine, oak, and cedar make attractive frames.


Composite bathroom windows like fiberglass are impact resistant and mimic painted wood. Great for high moisture areas.


Wrought iron window frames have an artisanal old-world feel. The metal works for vintage cottage or farmhouse bathrooms.

Make the Most of Small Bathroom Windows

If you’re stuck with a tiny window, all hope for natural light is not lost. There are clever tips for making a small bathroom window more effective.

  • Remove the window treatments to eliminate any visual barriers and let in maximum light.
  • Repaint walls and trim white to make the space appear larger and reflect light around.
  • Keep the window glass pristine clean so it transmits the most available light.
  • Supplement with adjustable recessed lighting to create bright ambiance.
  • Add a convex or fish eye mirror beside the window to reflect and amplify the natural light.
  • Install a sun tube skylight to funnel daylight into the center of the bathroom.
  • Change a transom window above the door into clear glass rather than privacy textured glass.
  • Swap out the window frame for one that’s narrow and takes up less space.

With strategic design choices, even the tiniest bathroom window can make a difference in creating a well-lit space.

Answering Common Bathroom Window Questions

Still have some questions about designing your bathroom windows? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best window for a bathroom?

The best bathroom windows are moisture-resistant, made of durable low-maintenance materials, easily cleaned, insulated for energy efficiency, and properly ventilated.

Should bathroom windows open?

Having windows that open in a bathroom is recommended for ventilation to prevent mold and mildew growth. Opt for awning, casement, or double hung windows that provide refreshing airflow.

Where should you not put a window in a bathroom?

Avoid putting windows directly across from the toilet or shower where they can’t be covered for privacy. Don’t position windows where they will be damaged by splashing water.

How high should bathroom windows be?

For optimal light distribution, bathroom windows should typically be installed at least 5-6 feet high or starting near the ceiling. This prevents harsh direct sunlight that causes glare.

Should bathroom windows have treatments?

Window treatments like blinds and curtains allow you to control light and privacy as needed. Make sure they can withstand bathroom moisture.

Refreshing Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Dressing your bathroom windows in suitable window treatments finishes off the design while providing adjustable privacy and light control.

Natural Linen Curtains

Unlined linen curtains offer a breezy, casual look perfect for beach house bathrooms. They let in light while diffusing harsh rays.

Classic Roller Shades

Flexible roller shades mounted outside the window frame roll up and down for privacy when needed. Choose light filtering or blackout fabrics.

Rainfall Blinds

Rainfall blinds made of wispy overlapping plastic or metal strips filter sunlight and boost ventilation from their curved open shape.

Matchstick and Bamboo Blinds

Both slim bamboo and small matchstick blinds provide optimal natural light control with their thin, spaced out slats.

Patterned Fabric Roman Shades

Elegant pleated roman shades covered in colorful print or Dacron fabrics soften bathroom windows beautifully.

Natural Jute Shades

Woven jute in relaxed shades creates an earthy, cozy feel paired with windows. The material suits rustic bathrooms.

Cafe-Style Curtain Rods

Hang lightweight curtains from small cafe-style curtain rods right below the window for a charming character.

Let the Sun Shine In

The importance of ample natural light in a bathroom cannot be overstated. Bathroom windows provide so many benefits beyond just illumination, from visual appeal, to ventilation to spaciousness. Hopefully the ideas in this article sparked inspiration for how to add windows to your bathroom or make the most of existing ones.

Use large window sizes, strategic positioning, alluring designs, and suitable materials to create a sun-drenched oasis. Your morning routine will feel more rejuvenating and nighttime rituals more relaxing with the glow of natural light. A bathroom bathed in sunshine provides the perfect ambiance for enjoying this essential living space.