Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures: Creative Lighting Designs and Ideas

The bathroom vanity area is one of the most important parts of a bathroom’s design. Proper vanity lighting is crucial not only for function, but for creating the right ambiance. With creative lighting fixtures and thoughtful design, you can transform your bathroom vanity into an inviting and beautiful space. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore creative vanity lighting ideas to illuminate your bathroom with style.


Bathroom vanities need focused task lighting for grooming, applying makeup and more. But the right vanity lighting also sets the mood and complements your decor. The key is choosing fixture styles and bulb types that provide both form and function.

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to vanity lights. Sconces, pendants, flush mounts and led strips can all be used to create a custom look. Mixing fixture types and finishes is on-trend, but your lighting design should harmonize with the vanity style and larger bathroom aesthetic.

Proper placement is also essential for optimal lighting. Experts recommend installing vanity lighting on both sides of the mirror, with the bulbs at eye level. This provides even illumination and reduces shadows on your face. Dimmer switches give you flexibility for setting just the right brightness.

In this guide, we will explore vanity lighting essentials, popular design trends and creative fixtures to illuminate your bathroom with style. Let’s shine some light on beautiful and functional vanity lighting ideas!

Vanity Lighting Design Considerations

Choosing vanity lighting involves both practical and decorative considerations. Follow these tips to select fixtures and bulbs that check all the boxes:

Lighting Type

  • Task lighting – Focused light for grooming tasks. Usually requires brightness between 30-40 lumens per square foot.
  • Accent lighting – Adds style and dimension. Often used in addition to task lighting.
  • Ambient lighting – Provides soft, even general lighting. Usually from a ceiling fixture or recessed cans.

Fixture Types

  • Sconces – Mounted on wall beside mirror. Classic look, provides direct lighting.
  • Pendants – Suspended above vanity. Stylish accent lighting, casts diffuse glow.
  • Flush mount – Ceiling fixture directly over vanity. Unobstructed light, minimalist style.
  • LED strips -Installed under cabinets for accent. Great for additional focused task lighting.

Bulb Types

  • LED – Energy efficient, long lasting, excellent color rendition. Crisp white light.
  • Halogen – Bright, spot lighting. Tend to run hot.
  • Fluorescent – Cost effective but hum/flicker may be annoying.
  • Incandescent – Warm light but inefficient. Mostly phased out.


  • Install task lighting fixtures at eye level on both sides of the mirror for shadow-free illumination.
  • Accent lights can be placed higher, lowered and throughout the space.
  • Use dimmers to adjust brightness as needed.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

The options for vanity lighting fixtures are nearly endless. Here are some popular design ideas to illuminate your bathroom with style:

Linear Lighting

Integrating LED lighting into the mirror itself creates a clean, modern look. Strip lighting is discreet yet provides perfect task illumination.

Linear fixtures work with any decor from ultra-contemporary to traditional. For a soft glow, opt for backlit perimeter lighting.

Linear vanity lighting

Linear LED lighting built into the mirror provides soft even lighting. Image from


Wall mounted light fixtures are a classic vanity lighting choice. Sconces flanking the mirror provide balanced illumination and timeless style.

Opt for sconces with adjustable swing arms to direct light where needed. Go for vintage appeal with candlestick sconces or modern elegance with sleek glass and metal.

Bathroom sconces

Swing arm sconces provide flexibility for directing light. Image from Houzz.


Hanging pendant lights above the vanity create an eye-catching style statement. Opt for synchronized fixtures at matching heights for visual harmony.

Pendants work with any decor from ornate vintage to contemporary. Go modern with a sleek row of black pendants or try crystal and brass for traditional glamour.

Bathroom vanity pendants

Crystal pendants add elegance above a traditional vanity. Image from Houzz.

Flush Mounts

Ceiling flush mount fixtures provide broad, unobstructed lighting over the vanity. This minimizes shadows for grooming tasks.

Seeking an ultra-streamlined look? Flush mounts are the way to go. Position the fixture directly over the sink for optimal illumination.

Bathroom flush mount lighting

A sleek flush mount fixture provides shadow-free task lighting. Image from Houzz.

LED Strip Lights

LED tape lighting installed under cabinets creates perfect accent lighting. Point light down to brighten the countertop work area.

Control strip lighting color and brightness with remote controls or smart home systems. Use color changing LEDs to create fun mood lighting.

Under cabinet LED strip lighting

Discreet LED strip lighting provides accent lighting under cabinets. Image from Houzz.

Mixed Lighting

Don’t limit yourself to just one vanity lighting fixture. Layering several types creates visually interesting designs.

Flank the mirror with sconces, while accenting the countertop with pendant and under cabinet lighting. The more layers, the more stunning the look.

Bathroom vanity mixed lighting

Combining sconces, pendants and accent lighting creates an eye-catching vanity. Image from Houzz.

Choosing Fixtures by Bathroom Style

Your bathroom vanity lighting should complement the design aesthetics of the space. Here are lighting ideas tailored to popular decor styles:

Modern Bathroom Lighting

The modern bathroom embraces sleek, contemporary designs. Linear lighting, eye-catching pendants and minimalist flush mounts enhance the streamlined style.

Bright white light keeps things crisp and clean feeling. Smart home technology lets you control lighting scenes and color with your phone.

Modern bathroom vanity lighting

Sleek linear and pendant fixtures complement the modern style. Image from Houzz.

Traditional Bathroom Lighting

The traditional bathroom is all about infusing elegance into classical designs. Ornate sconces, crystal pendants and chandeliers bring opulence to the vanity.

Brass, nickel and antique finishes give a sense of heritage. Dimmer controls let you set the perfect sophisticated mood lighting.

Traditional bathroom lighting

Ornate sconces and pendants bring elegance to traditional bathrooms. Image from Houzz.

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

The farmhouse style embraces vintage simplicity with rustic charm. Galvanized metal pendants, exposed bulb fixtures and swing arm sconces pair well with reclaimed wood vanities.

For sinks with backsplashes, install sconces on swinging arms to direct light where needed. Add some greenery for an earthy touch.

Farmhouse bathroom lighting

Swing arm sconces flexibly illuminate sinks with backsplashes. Image from Houzz.

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

The industrial look features edgy, ultra-modern design against raw, unfinished backdrops. Black pendant lamps, metal sconces and bare bulb lighting play up the gritty urban vibe.

Accent with copper or stainless steel finishes. LED strip lights concealed under cabinets keep the look clean while providing task lighting.

Industrial bathroom lighting

Bare bulbs and black metal pendants complement the industrial look. Image from Houzz.

Coastal Bathroom Lighting

Coastal decor embraces easy, beachy style with light airy colors and natural textures. Woven pendants, shell inlaid sconces and sunburst mirrors evoke seaside cottage charm.

Seeking to add ambiance? Try fixtures with frosted or seeded glass for a soft, relaxing glow. Use dimmers to set the perfect laidback mood.

Coastal bathroom lighting

Woven pendants and seeded glass sconces complement coastal cottage bathrooms. Image from Houzz.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting By Size

The scale of your lighting fixtures should fit the dimensions of your bathroom. Here are tips for vanity lighting based on room size:

Small Bathroom

In a compact bathroom, opt for streamlined linear lighting and minimalist sconces. Flush mount fixtures keep sight lines clean.

Go for one mirrored sconce if tight on space. Accent with under cabinet LED strips. Avoid bulky pendant lights that encroach on limited room.

Small bathroom vanity lighting

Discreet linear lighting is perfect for small bathrooms. Image from Houzz.

Medium Bathroom

In mid-sized bathrooms, you have flexibility to add accent fixtures like pendants while maintaining a sense of airy openness.

Flank the vanity with matching sconces at equal height. Hang small-scale pendants above the sink. Add LED cabinet lighting for task illumination.

Medium bathroom lighting

Proportionate pendants and sconces provide the right scale lighting for medium bathrooms. Image from Houzz.

Large Bathroom

A spacious bathroom gives you the chance to go bold with dramatic lighting fixtures. Make a statement with oversized pendants, chandeliers and candelabra sconces.

Introduce lighting at varying heights and scales to create visual intrigue. Use dimmers to transform the ambiance from day to evening glamour.

Large bathroom lighting

Make a dramatic style statement in large bathrooms with oversized pendant and sconce fixtures. Image from Houzz.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting By Finish

From polished chrome to antique brass, your fixture finishes contribute to the overall aesthetic. Consider finishes that complement faucets, mirrors and other decor elements.

Polished Chrome

Sleek polished chrome fixtures add a luxe hotel bathroom vibe with contemporary elegance. The ultra-reflective finish pairs best with cool grays, whites and blues.

Polished chrome bathroom lighting

Polished chrome finishes lend modern refinement. Image from Houzz.

Brushed Nickel

With a soft satin sheen, brushed nickel strikes an elegant balance between warm and cool tones. It works with a diverse range of styles from traditional to modern.

Brushed nickel bathroom lighting

Brushed nickel pairs well with various color schemes. Image from Houzz.

Matte Black

Matte black fixtures make a sophisticated style statement. The dark espresso finish grounds lighter elements while contrasting beautifully with wood tones.

Matte black bathroom lighting

Matte black lighting complements wood vanities. Image from Houzz.

Antique Brass

With an aged golden patina, antique brass infuses traditional to modern spaces with vintage warmth. It brings out wood grains and pairs perfectly with greenery or blues.

Antique brass bathroom lighting

Antique brass finishes add vintage appeal. Image from Houzz.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

This deep brown living finish has old world ruggedness. Oil-rubbed bronze gives lighting a graceful aged look over time. It works with mission, arts and crafts and rustic decor.

Oil-rubbed bronze bathroom lighting

Oil-rubbed bronze compliments mission style decor. Image from Houzz.

Creative Vanity Lighting Ideas

Looking for unique vanity lighting ideas? Get inspired by these creative designs:

Backlit Onyx

Slices of luminous onyx turn these pendants into natural art. The striking striations emit a soothing glow. Hang above a stone or concrete vanity for organic elegance.

Backlit onyx pendant lighting

Backlit onyx pendants by TCWP Studio. Image from Houzz.

Geometric Pendants

These sculptural wooden pendants impart nifty optical illusions. The multi-angled fixtures are artfully arranged for visual intrigue. Makes a graphic statement above any vanity.

Geometric wood pendant lighting

Geometric pendant design by Norm Architects. Image from Houzz.

Mirrored Sconces

These mirror-fronted sconces add lightness and visual expansion to tight spaces. Concealed bulbs emit glare-free illumination – ideal for vanity task lighting!

Mirrored bathroom sconce lighting

Mirrored sconces by Paige Little Design. Image from Houzz.

Swinging Sconces

Adjustable swing arms let you get the lighting just right at the vanity. Try combining a stationary and swing arm sconce for the best of both worlds.