Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Stylish & Functional Vanity Designs

Selecting the right bathroom vanity can make a dramatic difference in your bathroom’s style and functionality. With so many options for sizes, materials, colors and designs, it may seem overwhelming to choose the perfect vanity. This comprehensive guide will walk you through different vanity types, popular styles, and things to consider as you shop for your new bathroom focal point.


The bathroom vanity serves as a focal point in any bathroom design. It sets the tone for the room’s style while providing essential storage and functionality. When selecting a new vanity, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Size – Measure your bathroom space carefully to ensure the vanity will fit. Standard vanity widths are 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″. Depth is usually 21″ or 25″.
  • Material – Vanities come in many materials like wood, metal, glass, stone, and laminate. Harder woods like oak or maple provide durability. Softer woods offer more customization.
  • Style – From modern and contemporary to traditional or farmhouse, your vanity should match your desired bathroom aesthetic.
  • Storage – Well-designed vanities maximize storage space with drawers, cabinets, and organizational features.
  • Top – Vanity tops come in materials like granite, marble, quartz, laminate. Undermount sinks provide a sleek look.
  • Faucet – Select a faucet that matches your vanity’s style and finish. Widespread faucets allow flexibility in placement.
  • Lighting – Add task lighting or accent lighting above or around the vanity for extra illumination.

Thoughtfully selecting your vanity will ensure it looks beautiful, provides smart storage, increases functionality, and acts as the stunning centerpiece of your new bathroom design for years to come. Read on for more details and inspiration!

Standard Bathroom Vanity Styles

Bathroom vanities come in a diverse range of styles to match any design aesthetic. Consider the overall look you want for your bathroom as you browse different vanity options. Here are some of the most popular vanity styles:

Modern Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities feature sleek, contemporary designs. Common traits include:

  • Simple, streamlined silhouettes
  • Straight, often boxy shapes
  • Neutral or bold colors like white, black, or gray
  • Shiny hardware and metal accents
  • Natural, industrial, or stained wood tones
  • Glass, metal, or lacquer cabinet materials

Modern vanities work well in contemporary, industrial, and eclectic bathroom designs. Pair with geometric patterns or unique basin sinks for added flair.

Transitional Vanities

Transitional style strikes a balance between traditional and modern elements. Hallmarks include:

  • Neutral finishes like navy, gray, white or wood
  • Subtly curved lines and softer edges
  • Mix of materials like wood cabinets and marble countertops
  • Simple, understated hardware
  • Open shelving or display areas

Transitional vanities complement both classic and refreshed bath spaces. Use as a sophisticated update in traditional bathrooms or to add warmth to modern rooms.

Traditional Vanities

Traditional bathroom vanities highlight classic sophistication with these characteristics:

  • Ornate molded details and woodworking
  • Elaborate accents like turned legs or carved trim
  • Dark finishes such as espresso, walnut, or cherry
  • Marble, granite, or quartz countertops
  • Inset cabinets with intricate hardware

Traditional styles pairs nicely with vintage, cottage, or farmhouse decor. Choose antique-inspired fixtures for added old-world appeal.

Farmhouse Vanities

Farmhouse style vanities bring a touch of rustic charm through these features:

  • Distressed paint or natural wood finishes
  • Slatted or embossed door fronts
  • Vintage-look hardware with galvanized metal
  • White stone or concrete sink basins
  • Open shelving with baskets for storage

Farmhouse vanities lend a cozy, casual feel to modern bathrooms or complement shabby-chic cottage spaces. Add reclaimed wood accents and floral fabrics for extra flair.

Country & Cottage Vanities

Country and cottage vanities share many farmhouse traits but also incorporate:

  • Playful colors like robin’s egg blue
  • Painted or washed wood tones
  • Delicate turned legs and skirting
  • Floral or gingham prints
  • Ruffled or lace-edged valances

Sweet country cottage vanities help create a lighthearted, welcoming bathroom environment. Use whimsical accessories like ceramic animal figurines or floral artwork to complete the look.

Bathroom Vanity Materials

Vanities are crafted from a diverse range of materials, each offering distinct advantages. Assess your lifestyle needs, design goals, and budget to select the ideal vanity material for your space.

Wood Vanities

Wood remains the most popular vanity material due to its beauty, versatility and durability:

  • Stains allow customization of color from light to dark hues.
  • Grain patterns and wood types like oak, maple or teak provide visual interest.
  • Resistant to scratches, warping and moisture damage.
  • Supports open shelving without sagging over time.
  • Softer woods like poplar can be painted in any color.

Focus on selecting a hardwood like oak or maple if you anticipate heavy usage and wear over time. Or choose a stain-grade wood like poplar for painted vanities.

Metal Vanities

Metal bathroom vanities offer unique modern appeal:

  • Materials like stainless steel, bronze, or powder-coated steel.
  • A sleek, ultra-contemporary look.
  • Versatile finishes from matte black to shiny chrome.
  • Extremely durable and water-resistant.
  • Supports vessel sinks or modern stone materials.

Metal vanities work well in urban lofts, modern spaces, or industrial bathrooms. Avoid highly polished finishes that show water spots easily.

Glass Vanities

Glass vanities create a lightweight, transparent look:

  • Clear glass, frosted glass, or tinted glass colors
  • Tempered for safety and durability
  • Paired with metal frames and hardware
  • LED lighting creates fun effects
  • Not as durable or scratch-resistant as other materials

Glass vanities lend a glamorous vibe but require gentle care. Use in low-traffic bathrooms or pair with an acrylic sink basin.

Stone Vanities

Natural stone offers unmatched beauty and luxury:

  • Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, onyx
  • Each slab with one-of-a-kind veining
  • Withstands scratches, stains, and heat damage
  • Adds majestic elegance to any bathroom
  • Requires sealing to prevent etching

For high-end bathrooms, a stone vanity creates an incredible focal point. Protect the surface with sealers and avoid exposing to acids or abrasive cleaners.

Laminate Vanities

Laminate vanities offer an affordable, durable option:

  • Made from synthetic materials like melamine resin
  • Printed patterns mimic wood, stone, and other finishes
  • Resists moisture, warping, and scratches
  • Easily cleaned just by wiping down
  • Prone to chipping at edges with impact

Budget-friendly laminate vanities emulate the look of pricier materials. Opt for thicker surfaces and proper installation to minimize potential damage.

Bathroom Vanity Shapes & Sizes

Bathroom vanities come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any space. Consider existing plumbing locations, traffic flow, and storage needs as you select the ideal vanity silhouette and dimensions.

Vanity Shapes

Rectangular vanities maximize storage while fitting common bathroom layouts. But vanities also come in these specialized shapes:

  • Corner vanity – Fits in a corner, with cabinets on one side. Great for small bathrooms.
  • Oval vanity – Provides an elegant focal point for powder rooms. Limited storage.
  • Pedestal vanity – Open on all sides. Ideal for small spaces but offers no storage.
  • Wall-mounted vanity – Floats on the wall with minimal footprint. Must hit wall studs firmly.

Measure the empty space carefully, considering plumbing and traffic patterns. Then choose a shape that best suits your bathroom.

Vanity Sizes

Standard vanity sizes include:

  • 24 inches – Best for small powder rooms or tight spaces
  • 30 inches – Accommodates a single sink basin comfortably
  • 36 inches – Classic size for master baths, with room for his/her sinks
  • 48 inches – Spacious double vanity good for two users
  • 60 inches – Oversized double vanity creates a luxurious statement

Take measurements to confirm which width fits your existing space. Standard depths are 21” for smaller baths or 25” for larger rooms.

Vessel Sink Vanities

Vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity surface, requiring specialized vanities designed just for these unique basins.

Key features of vessel sink vanities include:

  • Higher cabinet height to align with raised vessels
  • Narrower width around 16-22 inches
  • Top material that complements vessel materials like stone
  • Open knee space and paneling rather than cabinets

Always select vanities designed specifically for vessel sink compatibility. Measure vessel height to ensure the vanity top aligns properly.

Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

Well-designed vanities keep bathrooms organized with smart storage options. Consider how you’ll use the vanity space to determine the best storage features.


Drawers allow organized storage for smaller items. Look for:

  • Full extension drawers that open completely.
  • Soft-close glides for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Multiple stacked drawers to maximize space.
  • Customizable inserts or dividers.

Drawers keep items neatly tucked away but easy to access. Great for organizing toiletries, cosmetics, hair appliances, and medications.


Cabinets neatly stow larger tools and supplies. Seek out:

  • Spacious single cabinet for laundry baskets or cleaning tools.
  • Adjustable shelves to customize storage.
  • Door storage with racks or cubbies built in.
  • Lazy susans in corner cabinets.

Maximize unused cabinet space with organizational inserts. Use for hair dryers, towels, toilet paper and other bulky items.

Open Shelving/Display

Open shelving shows off decorative items and provides open access:

  • Use for rolled towels, candles, or bathroom decor.
  • Choose sturdy metal brackets or wood supports.
  • Add fun accent lighting.
  • Limit moisture exposure with careful placement.

Open shelving works well for minimalists. Take advantage of all available wall space surrounding the vanity.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets add storage without sacrificing style:

  • Conceal clutter while reflecting light.
  • Integrated lighting illuminates interiors.
  • Magnifying mirrors perfect for makeup application.
  • Soft-close hinges prevent slamming.

Mirrored cabinets keep necessities accessible but out of sight. Help enlarge and brighten smaller bathrooms.

Double Bathroom Vanities

Double vanities deliver spacious storage and functionality for two users. They work well in master bathrooms or for busy family spaces.

Double Vanity Configurations

Typical double vanity setups include:

  • Side-by-side vanities of equal size.
  • Staggered vanities with one larger and one smaller.
  • His and hers vanities with personalized storage options.
  • Two pedestal sinks or wall-mounted vanities.

Allow at least 36” between the two vanities so users can access sinks and storage comfortably.

Split Vanity Designs

Split vanities separate the sink and storage sections:

  • Sinks can stand alone, be wall-mounted, or placed on a shared surface.
  • Storage units like tall cabinets can be positioned anywhere.
  • Allows flexible placement for tricky layouts or plumbing.

Get creative with split vanity designs. Optimize traffic flow and get storage exactly where you need it.

Double Vessel Sink Vanities

Vessel sinks can be paired atop a double vanity in several configurations:

  • Sinks side by side spaced nicely apart.
  • Sinks spaced very close together with minimal separation.
  • Sinks atop a continuous shared countertop surface.

Balance vessel placement with each user’s needs. Allow enough counter space on each side for toiletries and daily essentials.

Best Small Bathroom Vanities

Even the smallest bathrooms can support a vanity. Well-designed compact vanities transform tight spaces with style and function.

Corner Vanities

Tuck a narrow vanity neatly into an unused corner. Look for:

  • Angled front cabinets with storage on one side.
  • Pull-out shelves behind cabinet doors.
  • Open bottom cabinets, great for rolled towels.

Corner vanities maximize precious floor space. Select plumbing orientated correctly.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks offer open shelving with a petite footprint. Consider:

  • Classic porcelain pedestals in white or colors.
  • Units sized 24”-30” wide.
  • Towel bars or wall shelves for extra storage.
  • Matching space-saving toilets to complete the look.

Pedestal sinks deliver a timeless look. Supplement with wall-mounted cabinets for concealed storage.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Hang a compact vanity on the wall out of the way. Features include:

  • Units sized just 16”-24” wide.
  • Wall brackets for industrial vibe.
  • Floating shelf below for decorative items.
  • Medicine cabinets above replace storage.

Wall mounts fit even the tiniest bathrooms. Ensure it hits studs securely.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Spaces

Beyond compact vanities, utilize these tips to maximize your tiny bathroom’s potential:

  • Mount the mirror vertically – Hang a tall, slim mirror to expand the look of limited wall space.
  • Add shelving – Fitting wall-mounted shelving nooks around the vanity doubles storage areas.
  • Try a sliding barn door – A classic wood sliding door saves precious square footage.
  • Install a fold-down wall cabinet – Hidden cabinets extend when needed.
  • Use a lightweight curtain – Forgo a space-hogging shower door with a pretty cloth curtain.

With thoughtful planning, even the smallest powder room can support a comfortable vanity space. Follow these principles to enhance limited square footage.

Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

For master suites and luxury bathrooms, select impressive vanities that create a relaxing spa-like retreat.

Oversized Double Vanities

An extra wide double vanity makes a dramatic statement. Considerations:

  • 60”+ width allows comfortable his/her spacing.
  • Separate sinks, faucets, and mirrors for true customization.
  • Deep drawers for ample shared storage.
  • Towering mirror centered between sinks.

Oversized double vanities lend hotel suite elegance. Allow space to pull chairs up and use comfortably.

Beautiful Natural Stone

Luxurious natural stone vanities create a spa vibe. Choices include:

  • White Carrara for an airy, elegant look.
  • Black granite or obsidian for bold drama.
  • Green malachite or blue lapis lazuli provide striking colors.
  • Translucent onyx full of dreamy striations.

Invest in stone sinks and countertops to match for a cohesive look. Avoid strong acids or seal regularly.

Curved Silhouettes

Gentle curves soften a vanity’s aesthetic. Consider:

  • Oval or elliptical basin sinks.
  • Contoured cabinets for movement.
  • Arched details along the top.
  • Circular mirror framing above.

Softened curves add dimension. Choose contemporary styling for modern elegance or traditional patterns for old-world grandeur.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

DIY-savvy homeowners can build their own custom bathroom vanity. Follow these tips for a successful vanity project:

Repurpose Furniture

Convert a dresser or sideboard into a stylish vanity.

  • Sand and restain to refresh the color.
  • Cut out the back panel to access plumbing.
  • Seal the wood against moisture.
  • Add new knobs in a finish that works with your bathroom.

Salvaged furniture makes eco-friendly bath vanities for less. Just mind the measurements.

Build a Wall-Mounted Vanity

Construct a wall-mounted vanity for modern appeal.

  • Use 2x4s for the frame and plywood for the cabinet.
  • Choose plumbing fixtures with matching finish.
  • Add floating shelves for storage.
  • Finish with bold paint or rustic wood stain.

Building your own wall-mount skips the need for legs while showing off your carpentry skills.

Mix DIY and Purchased Pieces

Combine store-bought elements with personal handiwork.

  • Buy pre-made cabinet boxes and doors to simplify construction.
  • Build a custom reclaimed wood top to showcase your style.
  • Install a unique recycled sink like a vintage bowl.
  • Add handmade ceramic knobs and shelf brackets.

Blending manufactured cabinetry with custom details checks all the boxes for a personalized bathroom focal point. Get creative!

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Vanity Fixtures

Along with the vanity itself, select fixtures and accents that complete the look.


Faucet finish should match other metal details in the bathroom. Styles include:

  • High-arch goose