Bathroom Storage Ideas Smart and Functional Storage Organizations


Finding adequate and intelligent storage solutions for your bathroom can be challenging. With the limited space available, you need ways to keep things organized while also making the most of every inch. The right bathroom storage ideas can help maximize your space for both functionality and an appealing aesthetic.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore numerous smart and useful bathroom storage concepts to optimize organization. From vanities and medicine cabinets to freestanding and wall-mounted options, there are many creative possibilities. With the right storage setup, you can gain easy access to toiletries, tuck away unsightly clutter, and enjoy a clean, uncluttered space. Read on for our top tips and recommendations for intelligent bathroom storage for any home.

Choosing Bathroom Storage Furniture

The main bathroom storage furniture choices include vanities, medicine cabinets, linen cabinets, freestanding cabinets and shelving units. Consider the pros and cons of each option for your space:

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities provide both storage and counter space. The cabinets and drawers allow you to organize and conceal everything from extra toilet paper to cleaning supplies. Benefits include:

  • Generous storage capacity in the cabinet and drawers
  • Counter area for displaying decorative items
  • Can conceal plumbing fixtures
  • Models with sinks and countertops to fit any space

Look for water resistant finishes and materials to withstand bathroom humidity. Glass doored cabinets add style while still keeping necessities easily accessible.

Medicine Cabinets

Mounted on the wall, a medicine cabinet provides narrow but useful storage. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, benefits include:

  • Compact storage of toiletries and medications
  • Mirror front options for an aesthetic look
  • Can mount surface or recessed into the wall
  • Some have charging stations for electric toothbrushes and razors

Look for durable front opening models with adjustable shelves and optional lighting. Illuminated cabinets provide better visibility.

Freestanding Storage Units

Freestanding cabinets and shelving units give you flexible options for adding storage without taking up wall space. Consider:

  • Tall bathroom cabinets provide ample storage in a slim profile
  • Modern ladder shelves neatly display folded towels and toiletries
  • Small caddies conveniently stow cleaning essentials close at hand
  • Furniture-style cabinets contribute both storage and decor

Look for water-resistant finishes to prevent damage from moisture and leaks.

Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Linen cabinets provide space to neatly fold and store towels, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. Pros include:

  • Ample, dedicated space to store bulky towels
  • Concealed storage with doors to reduce clutter
  • Can select tower, wall-hung or corner cabinet styles
  • Good for families that require more linen storage

Look for moisture resistant cabinets with plenty of adjustable shelves. Include drawers or roll out trays for easier access to contents.

Storage Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

The vanity provides both storage and counter space in your bathroom. Maximize the organization and functionality using these smart ideas:

Built-In Trays and Dividers

Install built-in pull out trays or add removable dividers to keep toiletries and supplies neatly organized inside vanity cabinets. This allows you to quickly find what you need without sorting through a jumbled mess in the cabinet every day.

Tiered Shelving and Risers

Introduce tiered shelving or risers to better organize the often chaotic cabinet space below bathroom sinks. This lifted design helps segregate items, with some examples including:

  • Stacked pull out trays
  • Step organizers with multiple levels
  • Lifting makeup organizers and brush holders
  • Under-sink standalone tiered storage carts

Efficient Drawer Organization Systems

Adopt some clever drawer storage systems to neatly arrange all those small care items, makeup products and toiletries. Options include:

  • Customizable drawer dividers and compartments
  • Foam or microfiber cosmetic organizing inserts
  • Stackable trays or similar compartment systems
  • Standing vertical dividers to create columns

This allows you to neatly stand brushes and bottles upright so you can see everything at a glance when you open the drawer.

Optimize Corner Cabinet Space

Make use of tricky corner vanity cabinet space with smart storage solutions. Add a lazy susan or turntable so you can easily spin to access items tucked in the back corner. Other options include:

  • Multi-layered corner shelving units
  • Tiered corner storage stands for stacked access
  • Use the full cabinet depth with pull out storage

This takes advantage of all available space, even challenging corners.

Clever Under-Sink Bathroom Storage Ideas

Maximize the often under-utilized area under bathroom sinks with these clever storage solutions:

Tiered Organizers and Risers

Create more usable vertical storage under the sink with tiered and stepped organizers, risers or lift kits. These raise items off the base cabinet floor to allow better storage on multiple levels.

Slide Out Trays

Install slide out trays which extend out when you open the cabinet doors. Look for trays and drawers with tall sides to contain small bottles and items.

Rotating Corner Lazy Susans

Lazy susan turntables are perfect for utilizing awkward cabinet corners. Spin the tray to easily access items.

Standing Shelving Towers

Freestanding shelving units come in tall, narrow sizes ideal for unused under sink space. Get handy storage for extra toilet paper rolls, towels and cleaning supplies.

Hanging Fabric or Mesh Storage

Install hanging mesh pouches, fabric cubbies or wire storage baskets. Great for holding spray bottles upright and organizing all those small care and cleaning items.

Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

Take storage up to the walls with these practical and space-saving ideas:

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall cabinets provide contained storage without taking up valuable floor space. Have cabinets custom built to fit the wall above the toilet, behind the door or over the vanity.

Floating Shelves

Introduce convenient open storage with floating shelves. Stagger lengths and locations to display toiletries and decorative items. Glass or acrylic shelves have an airy, streamlined look.

Ladder Shelf Storage

Ladder-style shelves mounted vertically or horizontally add both storage and style. Use for neatly folding and storing towels or displaying self-care products.

Bathroom Storage Ledges

Ledges give you an easy place to store frequently used items within arm’s reach. Attach narrow ledges above sinks, by showers or near toilets.

Wall-Mounted Organizers

Adhere wall-mounted storage units like magazine holders, corner racks or mesh caddies. Great for stashing extra toilet paper rolls or small bathroom necessities.

Freestanding Bathroom Storage Solutions

Freestanding storage furnishings allow you to add practical space-saving storage anywhere in the bathroom:

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Tall narrow cabinets provide ample closed storage for a clean look. Opt for cottage-style or contemporary designs to match your decor.

Over the Toilet Storage Units

Install storage units like shelves or cabinetry over toilets to take advantage of unused vertical space. Just remember to allow suitable clearance.

Rolling Bathroom Carts

Rolling carts conveniently tuck under sinks or in corners, then roll out when you need access. Ideal for storing backup toilet paper, first aid items and cleaning supplies.

Bathroom Storage Benches

Benches allow seating while also stashing towels, toiletries and other essentials inside the lift-up seat. Include coat hooks or shelves for even more storage capacity.

Bathroom Storage Towers

Narrow corner towers or cylindrical storage units take up minimal space while still providing contained storage. Great for tucking beside vanities or near showers.

Creative Medicine Cabinet Storage Solutions

Even small medicine cabinets can incorporate smart storage with these ideas:

Cabinet Door Organizers

Affix mesh pouches, small shelves or other organizers directly onto the inside of cabinet doors to effectively use the back.

Undershelf Baskets

Install hanging wire baskets under shelves to double your storage capacity for small bottles and items.

Retractable Cosmetic Mirrors

Look for medicine cabinets with retractable magnifying mirrors. Choose models with shelves behind the drop down mirror for bonus storage space.

Outlet Shelves

Some cabinets have built-in shelves with cutouts specifically designed to hold electric toothbrush bases, razors or other bathroom devices while charging.

Tiered Internal Storage Racks

Find medicine cabinets with interior metal tiered racks or shelving systems to allow more vertical storage inside the narrow cabinet box.

Hidden Bathroom Storage Ideas

Conceal necessary bathroom items with these secret storage spots:

Recessed Shelves

Have shallow shelving recessed into walls to act as built-in hidden storage nooks. Great for stowing extra toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies.

Hollow Vanity Risers

Vanity riser units with a hollow interior create hidden storage under the sink. Access by lifting off the countertop or with concealed doors.

Toilet Top Storage Cistern Units

Special toilet top cistern units have a lifted lid with an interior storage compartment for discreetly stashing bathroom necessities.

Niche Shelving in Shower Walls

Build out a shallow niche in shower surround walls for waterproof shelving. Perfect for holding shampoo bottles and showering accessories.

In-Drawer Secret Storage

Install false drawer fronts to conceal storage drawers behind cupboards or hinged mirror cabinets. Keeps items hidden from sight but easily accessible.

Bathroom Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Maximize every inch in a small bathroom with these savvy storage ideas:

Wall-Mounted Corner Shelves

Corner shelves mounted diagonally utilize wasted wall space. Ideal for compact bathrooms.

Sliding Door Cabinets

Cabinets with sliding doors save space over traditional swinging doors. Look for wall mount or freestanding sliding door designs.

Mirrored Cabinets Do Double Duty

Mirrored cabinet fronts add depth visually while also reflecting more light. Bonus – mirrors provide a place to store essentials.

Multifunctional Furniture

Use every piece of furniture to serve multiple purposes. For instance, vanities with built-in hampers, cabinets with laundry bins or benches with interior storage compartments.

Extend Storage Vertically

Add storage vertically with wall cabinets, floating shelves, ladder racks and other vertical storage elements. Gets items up and out of the way.

Limit Permanent Fixtures

Skip built-in cabinets and opt for portable storage furnishing like rolling carts, freestanding shelves and movable cabinets. Allows you to reconfigure as needed.

Bathroom Storage Solutions for Families

Families with multiple users require ample, well-organized bathroom storage:

Designated Storage Spaces

Give each family member their own drawer, shelf or closet area for personal care items. Mark spaces clearly with name labels.

Extra Towel Storage

Plan for lots of towel storage like a wall cabinet or large linen closet. Roll out trays make towels accessible.

Multi-User Medicine Cabinets

Use expansive medicine cabinets with mirrors or install two separate cabinets for his and hers storage.

Deep Drawers

Opt for vanities and cabinets with large, deep drawers to contain multiple family members’ toiletries and supplies.

Convenient Open Storage

Have open shelving for quick access to shared items like extra toilet paper rolls, hair products and cleaning supplies.

Large Under Sink Storage Solutions

Maximize under sink space with roll out trays, lazy susans and multi-level organizers to hold bulk family essentials.

Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

Functional storage doesn’t have to detract from your desired bathroom aesthetic. Consider these attractive options:

Pretty Containers and Organizers

Use pretty boxes, trays, baskets and bins to hold necessities like cosmetics, toilet paper rolls or cleaning supplies. Coordinate colors with your decor.

Mirrored Cabinets and Shelves

Mirrored cabinet fronts and shelves add light and the illusion of expanded space. They keep stored items concealed while allowing open views.

Decorative Ladder Storage

An articulated ladder shelf contributes both storage and a visually appealing display for neatly folded towels and attractive soaps.

Furniture-Style Cabinets

Freestanding storage cabinets come in so many designs from modern to vintage farmhouse styles. Choose a look that matches your existing decor.

Glass Shelves and Doors

Glass adds a lightweight, transparent look on wall mount or freestanding shelves. Glass-front cabinets keep contents obscured but visible.

Coordinated Hardware

Match cabinet and drawer hardware to other finishes like faucets for a pulled together, bespoke look. Aged brass and matte black work with most styles.

DIY Bathroom Storage Projects

If you are handy and on a budget, consider these DIY bathroom storage projects:

Build a Reclaimed Wood Wall Cabinet

Make your own rustic bathroom wall cabinet using reclaimed wood boards and planks. Scour salvage yards for unique materials.

Fashion a Shelf From Plumbing Pipes

Get crafty by turning unused copper pipes into towel rods or shelves with artistic appeal. Clean and polish pipes to play up the material’s natural gleam.

Craft Concrete and Wood Shelves

For industrial edge, pour and mold your own concrete shelves and pair with reclaimed wood brackets or legs. Choose sleek rectangular molds for modern appeal.

Upcycle Ladders Into Storage

Turn a vintage wooden ladder into handy wall-mounted storage. Secure safely to studs and use for draping towels or folding linens.

Build Unfinished Wood Box Shelves

Put those woodworking skills to use by constructing basic box shelves from unfinished lumber. Add finishing touches like trim accents, molding or color stain.

Fashion Industrial Pipe Shelving

Use plumbing pipes again to create an exposed pipe shelving system. Cut and assemble pipes, then securely anchor the shelf unit to studs.

Maintaining Organized Bathroom Storage

The hardest part about staying organized is maintaining the system over time. Try these tips for keeping bathroom storage spots decluttered:

Do a Seasonal Bathroom Purge

Go through bathroom storage areas seasonally. Toss expired items, donate unused supplies and deep clean disorganized spaces.

Give Everything a Designated Home

Ensure every item has an assigned storage spot so things can be returned and located easily. Use trays, containers and organizers to hold specific products.

Get Other Household Members On Board

Train all household members, especially kids, how to properly maintain the bathroom storage system. Demonstrate where things belong.

Edit and Limit Supplies

Prevent clutter by limiting supplies. Keep only essential healthcare and hygiene items you actually use. Edit out duplicates or unneeded products.

Include Convenient Cleaning Storage

Have cleaning supplies easily accessible under sinks or in wall caddies. Store towels where family members naturally place used ones.

Floating Benches Offer Hidden Storage

Stash extra toiletries and linens inside storage benches to keep items contained yet handy. Use baskets to stay organized in the bench.

Bathroom Storage Solutions For Apartments

If you rent an apartment, you may not be able to make permanent changes. Consider these removable storage options:

Freestanding Storage Cabinets

Freestanding finished cabinets add storage without installation. Choose narrow models that tuck into tight spaces.

Over the Door Organizers

Hang over the door storage units on the back of bathroom doors to take advantage of unused space.

Adhesive Wall Storage

Stick on wall mounted shelving, cabinets hooks, racks and holders using adhesive. Remove easily without damaging walls.

Suction Cup Storage Shelves

Secure suction-cupped tempered glass shelves to smooth tile walls. Use for extra corner shelving without drilling holes.

Rolling Bathroom Carts

Keep a rolling cart in the bathroom for portable storage you can take with you when you move out. Use for extra organization and hide under sinks.

Inflatable Bathtub Caddies

Inflatable mesh caddies hang on bathtub edges to provide easy access shower storage. Deflate to store flat when not in use.

Tension Pole Shelving Between Walls

Pole shelving units and storage racks stretch between walls without attachment. Set up as needed and collapse to store away.

FAQs About Bathroom Storage Ideas

What are some good bathroom storage solutions for small spaces?

  • Wall mounted storage like floating shelves and cabinets
  • Narrow freestanding storage units like tall cabinets and corner towers
  • Mirrored cabinets to visually enlarge space
  • Drawers and roll out trays under sinks for hidden storage
  • Multifunctional furnishings like benches with interior storage

How can I add more bathroom storage without remodeling?

  • Adhesive wall mounted shelving, hooks and caddies
  • Tension pole racks and shelving between walls
  • Hanging over the door storage organizers
  • Freestanding modular shelving units
  • Rolling storage carts tucked into unused areas

What are smart ways to organize bathroom vanity drawers?

  • Customizable compartments and dividers
  • Use trays or baskets to corral products
  • Vertical dividers for upright storage
  • Foam inserts with pre-cut sections sized for common items
  • Designate and label drawer spaces for each household member

How do I effectively use medicine cabinet storage?

  • Add shelves, racks and organizers on the inside of cabinet doors
  • Use shelf risers or hanging baskets to double up space
  • Look for features like interior tiered shelving and retractable mirrors
  • Keep only frequently used medications and toiletries inside

Where are some discrete places to add hidden storage in bathrooms?

  • Inside hollow vanity risers or wall niches
  • Behind hinged mirror