Bathroom Hardware Ideas Trendiest Hardware Designs for Bathrooms


Choosing the right bathroom hardware is one of the most important decisions when designing or renovating a bathroom. The hardware, including faucets, showerheads, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and other accessories, sets the tone for the whole space. Bathroom hardware has come a long way from the basic chrome and brass finishes of the past. Today, companies are producing hardware in a wide array of styles, materials, finishes, and technology to elevate any bathroom design.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the latest trends in bathroom hardware and provide ideas to help you select pieces that align with your personal style. From modern matte black faucets to vintage bronze drawer pulls, you will discover inspiring hardware options to make your bathroom as functional and fashionable as possible. We will also offer tips on how to mix metals and finishes, choose hardware that suits your lifestyle, and incorporate small details that make a big impact.

Bathroom Hardware Ideas

Matte Black Fixtures

Matte black bathroom fixtures and hardware are currently one of the hottest trends. The dark, smooth finish provides a sophisticated, modern look and pairs well with any color scheme. Swap out basic chrome or brushed nickel faucets, shower systems, and lighting for matte black pieces to give your bathroom a sleek, contemporary edge. This finish works especially well for modern, industrial, or minimalist bathrooms.

When working with matte black hardware, keep other finishes to a minimum. Try pairing with wood tones, black stone or tile, concrete, or white for contrast. Use matte black in a contemporary way or add vintage touches like a clawfoot tub and sconce lighting to soften the look. Focus on textures like wood flooring, woven baskets, fur rugs and faux fur towels to offset the smooth black fixtures.

Vintage Bronze and Oil-Rubbed Bronze

For a classic, timeworn aesthetic, vintage bronze and oil-rubbed bronze make ideal choices. This is a versatile neutral that pairs well with most color schemes from bold jewel tones to soft pastels to all-white bathrooms. The patina finish and slightly distressed look provide instant character.

Vintage bronze works well for traditional, farmhouse, cottage, or glam bathrooms. Use it on faucets, drawer pulls, towel bars, and lighting fixtures. Pair with a freestanding tub, ornamental mirrors, molding or shiplap walls, and mosaic tile. Add warmth with wood elements, layered rugs, and plants.

Oil-rubbed bronze has an even deeper, darker appearance. The rubbed finish gives hardware an antiqued look perfect for Tuscan, Spanish, or Mediterranean inspired bathrooms. Use oil-rubbed bronze mixed with terracotta tile, arched entryways, and hammered copper sinks for an old-world aesthetic.

Graphite and Brushed Gunmetal

For bathrooms with a glamorous, luxurious vibe, hardware finished in graphite or brushed gunmetal nicely fits the style. These dark, cool-toned metals read as sleek and refined. Use graphite or brushed gunmetal hardware to create a bold statement or as an accent mixed with other finishes like polished chrome or nickel.

Graphite makes a striking impact against white marble, quartz, porcelain, glass tile, or polished concrete. Pair with geometric patterns, angular furniture, floating shelves, and linear lighting fixtures to complement the hardware. Increase the glamour with faceted mirrors, chandeliers, and metallic accents.

Brushed gunmetal has a slightly warmer, softer effect. Use it in bathrooms with gray, taupe, black, and wood tones. Try pairing brushed gunmetal with river rock tile, woven baskets, driftwood, and greenery for a nature-inspired look with metallic edge. Vanity lighting, sconces, and pendants in this finish can provide beautiful ambiance.

Polished Nickel and Brushed Stainless Steel

For contemporary bathrooms with a sleek, elegant sensibility, polished nickel and brushed stainless steel offer clean and refined options. The silver tones of these finishes create a crisp, modern statement.

Use polished nickel faucets, showerheads, and cabinets hardware against stone surfaces, concrete, porcelain, glass, and quartz. This finish has a mirrored effect that brightens spaces and expands smaller bathrooms. Pair with rectangular or vessel sinks, modern sconces, and accent tile or wallpaper for metallic sheen.

Brushed stainless steel has an industrial vibe perfect for urban lofts or modern farmhouse bathrooms. The brushed finish adds subtle texture. Use on faucets, shower rods, and shelving against wood, black stone, or concrete. Add interest with retro tile, galvanized buckets, and subway wall tile. Pops of color in towels, stools or artwork offset this hardware’s neutral palette.

Mixed Metals

One of the biggest bathroom hardware trends is mixing metals and finishes for added depth and interest. Combining complementary as well as contrasting metals and textures creates an eclectic, collected look. The key is finding balance so the space still feels cohesive.

A popular combination is pairing black hardware like matte black faucets with brass or bronze cabinet hardware and lighting. The mix of cool and warm tones provides visual interest. Use these finishes with concrete, wood, and marble for an industrial edge.

Try pairing cool tones like polished nickel or brushed steel with warm antique bronze. Use silver faucets and showerheads with bronze sconces and drawer pulls. Add vintage elements like a clawfoot tub and distressed wood mirror frame to tie the look together.

For farmhouse bathrooms, mix oil-rubbed bronze with unlacquered brass. Use the bronze on larger fixtures and hardware with unlacquered brass on cabinet knobs and sconces. Whitewashed wood, woven baskets, and subway tile complete the vintage style.

Trendiest Bathroom Hardware Styles

Now that we’ve covered the most popular finishes, let’s look at trending hardware styles for key bathroom elements.


Faucets make a huge impact as a focal point in any bathroom. Fortunately, faucet styles encompass a diverse range from sleek and modern to traditional and ornate. Here are some of the most popular faucet styles to consider:

  • Matte black waterfall faucets – This style has a wide, rectangular spout that allows water to pour over the front like a waterfall. Matte black creates a contemporary statement.
  • Brushed brass widespread faucets – Widespread faucets have separated handles ideal for larger countertops. Brushed brass suits transitional and traditional bathrooms.
  • Polished nickel wall-mount faucets – Wall-mount faucets are a modern option perfect for small spaces. Polished nickel pairs well with contemporary styles.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze bridge faucets – Bridge faucets have a curved spout and handles mounted to a long horizontal base. Oil-rubbed bronze suits rustic to glam styles.
  • Brushed gold single-handle faucets – Single-handle faucets are convenient and streamlined. Brushed gold is versatile for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.
  • Graphite touch faucets – Touch faucets operate via motion sensors or with the tap of a finger for ultimate convenience. Graphite provides modern flair.

Shower Systems

Like faucets, showerheads and systems create a noticeable impact in a bathroom. Rainfall showerheads remain popular for feeling luxurious and spa-like. Handshowers are also useful for bathing kids or pets. Contemporary styles like matte finishes and square shapes complement modern bathrooms while vintage drum showers work for traditional spaces. Here are some top options:

  • Oil-rubbed bronze rain showerhead – Rain showers provide a drenching flow of water for a spa experience. Oil-rubbed bronze suits traditional to contemporary styles.
  • Matte black square rainfall showerhead – Square shapes fit modern, minimalist bathrooms well. Matte black hardware is ideal for contemporary spaces.
  • Polished nickel shower column – Shower columns with body sprays give a customized experience. Polished nickel suits transitional to contemporary styles.
  • Brushed nickel rain shower and hand shower – Combining rain shower and hand shower offers the best of both worlds. Brushed nickel fits modern to traditional bathrooms.
  • Antique bronze drum shower fixture – Vintage drum showers work well in traditional bathrooms. Antique bronze finish provides timeworn character.


Freestanding tubs remain popular bathroom additions that serve as both functional and decorative fixtures. Clawfoot tubs dominate freestanding choices for their elegance and vintage vibe. Sleek, modern styles are also available to suit contemporary tastes. Beyond material, consider the tub’s finish. Polished nickel and oil-rubbed bronze suit traditional spaces while matte black work well in modern bathrooms. Here are inspiring freestanding tub styles:

  • White porcelain clawfoot tub – Clawfoot tubs embody timeless sophistication. White porcelain suits both vintage and modern bathrooms.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze slipper clawfoot tub – Slipper clawfoot tubs have a more rounded bottom. Oil-rubbed bronze finish provides contrast.
  • Matte black oval freestanding tub – Oval tubs fit smaller modern bathrooms well. Matte black hardware elevates the contemporary style.
  • Brushed brass circular tub – Circular tubs make a sculptural statement. Brushed brass finish suits bold, glamorous bathrooms.
  • Polished nickel square tub – Square freestanding tubs have a modern, sleek effect. Pair with polished nickel faucets for cohesion.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities make both a functional and aesthetic impact. When selecting a vanity, consider the style of the cabinets and hardware. Current trends include shaker cabinets, open shelving, matte black hardware, and brass accents. Beyond style, choose a vanity with ample storage space and smart functional design. Here are some trending options:

  • Matte black shaker vanity – The paneled shaker style looks clean and timeless. Matte black hardware suits contemporary bathrooms.
  • Open shelf vanity with brass accents – Open shelf vanities have an airy, furniture-like look. Unlacquered brass hardware adds warmth.
  • White vanity with polished nickel hardware – White vanities keep bathrooms feeling light and spacious. Polished nickel hardware pairs well.
  • Double vanity with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures – Double vanities offer his and her storage space. Oil-rubbed bronze hardware has antique character.
  • Modern walnut vanity with black hardware – Walnut vanities have richness. Black hardware adds contrast.

Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

Beyond the vanity, cabinet and drawer hardware also contribute to the overall style. Use knobs and pulls to complement or contrast with the vanity hardware. Current trends include black wrought iron pulls, brass knobs, and aged bronze handles. Consider the size and spacing of the hardware against the scale of the cabinets. Here are some stylish options:

  • Matte black wrought iron pulls – Wrought iron has an architectural, antique look. Matte black suits modern to eclectic bathrooms.
  • Tapered brass knobs – Tapered brass knobs provide a sophisticated vintage edge. Pair with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.
  • Aged bronze cup pulls – Cup pulls have a dainty, delicate look. Aged bronze suits traditional to bohemian bathrooms.
  • Faceted crystal knobs – Crystal knobs add a glamorous accent. Use them sparingly against dark cabinetry.
  • Square nickel knobs – Simple geometric shapes work well for modern bathrooms. Polished nickel suits contemporary styles.

Bathroom Lighting

From vanity lighting to decorative sconces, properly layering bathroom lighting makes a huge functional and aesthetic impact. Make sure lighting is bright enough for tasks like applying makeup and grooming. Also use lighting to complement your interior design style. Options like matte black fixtures, Edison bulbs, and vintage sconces all contribute to the overall look. Consider adding layers with recessed lighting, pendants, and accent lighting in finishes that coordinate with other hardware.

  • Antique bronze wall sconces – Wall sconces flanking a mirror provide elegant task lighting. Antique bronze finish suits traditional styles.
  • Black matte vanity lighting – Vanity lighting properly illuminates grooming tasks. Matte black suits modern bathrooms.
  • Brushed brass recessed ceiling lights – Recessed lights provide ambient lighting. Brushed brass offers understated elegance.
  • Seeded glass orb pendants – Decorative pendants make a statement over freestanding tubs. Seeded glass suits vintage spaces.
  • Polished nickel track lighting – Flexible track systems work well over vanities and allow for directional lighting. Polished nickel fits modern aesthetics.

Choosing Hardware Finishes

With so many material and finish options available, it can get overwhelming to select bathroom hardware that perfectly suits your vision. Here are some tips for choosing finishes that work in harmony:

  • Take inspiration from your cabinetry – Match metal finishes to wood tones for a cohesive look. Cool-toned metals pair well with darker wood or black stained cabinets. Warmer metals complement light or natural wood cabinetry.
  • Consider the color scheme – Cool-toned metals like nickel and chrome pop against warm neutrals and wood tones while warmer metals like bronze and brass stand out against cool grays, blues, and metallics.
  • Combine metal textures – Mixing metals works well when textures are complementary. Try pairing a matte finish like matte black with a polished metal like nickel or chrome for contrast.
  • Repeat finishes – Using the same finish for fixtures and smaller details ties the look together. Don’t mix more than 3 finishes in one space.
  • Add vintage character – For a collected look, include vintage-inspired finishes like antique brass, bronze or copper to balance sleek polished metals.
  • Know the undertones – Even metals described as “silver” or “gold” have different undertones that impact the overall aesthetic. Look beyond basic titles to determine the right finish.

Bathroom Hardware Styles by Design Aesthetic

The style of hardware you choose can make or break the design aesthetic you’re trying to achieve in your bathroom. Use the hardware finishes and styles suggested below to match specific interior design aesthetics:

Traditional Bathroom

Key finishes – Oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, brushed nickel

Styles – Ornate detailing, arched shapes, vintage silhouettes

Examples – Crystal sconces, clawfoot tubs, carved wood mirror frames

Farmhouse Bathroom

Key finishes – Oil-rubbed bronze, unlacquered brass, antique nickel

Styles – Vintage, distressed wood, exposed pipes, apron sinks

Examples – Bridge faucets,galvanized metal, subway tile, towel ladders

Modern Bathroom

Key finishes – Matte black, brushed gunmetal, polished nickel, chrome

Styles – Geometric shapes, clean lines, floating vanities, linear

Examples – Square rain showers, touches, waterfall faucets, pendant lights

Industrial Bathroom

Key finishes – Matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless steel

Styles – Concrete, metal pipes, wood, subway tile, filament bulbs

Examples – Exposed plumbing, barn doors, blackstone tile, steel shelving

Mediterranean Bathroom

Key finishes – Oil-rubbed bronze, hammered copper

Styles – Arches, ornate tile, carved wood, wrought iron

Examples – Freestanding hammered copper tub, Moroccan tiles, arched mirrors

Minimalist Bathroom

Key finishes – Matte black, polished nickel, chrome

Styles – Spare, no ornamentation, clean lines, neutral palette

Examples – Floating vanity, seamless shower, touch faucet, wall mounted fixtures

Bathroom Hardware to Suit Your Lifestyle

Beyond matching a particular design style, think about choosing hardware that suits your actual lifestyle and needs:

  • Hands-free faucets – Touchless or motion-activated faucets operate without handles, convenient for kids and multitaskers.
  • Lever handles – Lever style handles are easy for those with arthritis or limited dexterity to use compared to small round knobs.
  • Adjustable showerheads – Look for showerheads with angle adjustment and easy height positioning for people of all sizes.
  • ** comfort height toilets** – Select elongated toilets with seat heights between 16-19 inches for easier use.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces – Hardware with grippy, textured finishes helps avoid slipping and improves accessibility.
  • Pull-out faucets – Faucets with pull-down sprayers make cleaning sinks and filling pots easier.
  • Quiet close hinges – Hinges that close softly and silently are ideal for households with kids or roommates.
  • ADA compliant design – Check that fixtures and layout meet ADA requirements if anyone in your household needs accommodations.

Small Bathroom Hardware Ideas

Bathroom hardware details go a long way in maximizing small spaces. Use these ideas to make powder rooms and tight bathrooms feel more spacious:

  • Wall-mounted faucets – Wall-mounted or wall-extended faucets save space on small vanities and pedestal sinks.
  • Vessel sinks – Vessel sinks mounted on the vanity counter create an illusion of more floor space.
  • Pocket and sliding door hardware – Pocket and sliding doors eliminate the space needed for a swinging door to open and close.
  • Mirrored cabinets – Mirrored cabinets enlarge the room visually. Use on medicine