Bathroom Curtain Ideas: Stylish Way to Provide Privacy

The bathroom is one of the most private spaces in a home. While it’s a place to get clean and refreshed, it’s also where people let their guard down. Having privacy in the bathroom is therefore essential.

One easy way to add privacy is with curtains. Bathroom curtains allow you to conceal what’s going on behind closed doors. They also help contain moisture and add style to your space.

Keep reading to learn more about bathroom curtain ideas and how to pick stylish designs. With this guide, you’ll find the perfect match for your home.

Why Add Curtains in the Bathroom?

Here are some of the top reasons to hang curtains around your tub, shower or toilet:

Provide Privacy

This is the #1 reason most homeowners add bathroom curtains. They prevent people from seeing inside when the door is opened. Curtains create a physical barrier for modesty and discretion.

Contain Moisture

Curtains contain water spray inside bath tubs and showers. This prevents moisture damage on walls, ceilings and fixtures. It also keeps mold and mildew at bay.

Add Visual Interest

Bathroom curtains lend softness and style. They come in colors, patterns, textures and materials to suit your decor. Curtains add decorative flair even when drawn closed.

Filter Natural Light

Curtains filter incoming sunlight through windows. This creates a diffused lighting effect for ambiance.

Soften Acoustics

Fabric absorbs echoes and amplifies sound less than tile and glass. Curtains help prevent your bathroom from feeling noisy or cavernous.

Different Types of Bathroom Curtains

There are several common types of bathroom curtains to consider:

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains hang around stand-alone showers or bathtubs with showers. These are usually made of water-repellent fabric like polyester or vinyl. Many feature decorative designs or patterns.

Window Curtains

Bathroom window curtains add privacy at windows. Sheers allow light in while obscuring views. Blackout curtains block light and prying eyes. Valances complement while letting light through the top.

Door Curtains

Use door curtains to soften bathroom entrances and hide toilet areas. Fabric shower curtains can double as door curtains. Bead curtains and vintage lacy types also work well.

Ceiling-to-Floor Curtains

Ceiling-to-floor curtains transform the look and feel of a bathroom. They enclose large areas like clawfoot tubs or separate toilet nooks. Fabric shower curtains hung from ceiling rods are a budget option.

Best Places to Hang Bathroom Curtains

Here are prime spots to add curtains for privacy and style:


Hang curtains around the exposed sides of standalone bathtubs. This prevents moisture from escaping and gives bathers seclusion.


Shower curtains are a must to contain water spray. Hang them on straight or curved rods covering the shower opening. Make sure the curtains are wide and long enough.


Add privacy at windows while allowing natural light in. Floor to ceiling curtains can make a dramatic statement and bloc views.


Use curtains to conceal toilets in water closets or behind vanities. Fabric shower curtains work as cost-effective toilet curtains.


Hang a curtain over the bathroom doorway for added seclusion. Match the curtain style to the rest of your decor.

Tubs Under Windows

If your tub sits under a window, get creative with curtain placement. Hang them above the tub, from the ceiling or on a rod around the tub.

Bathroom Curtain Lengths, Widths and Hang Styles

Proper sizing and hanging are key to seamless style and full coverage:

Measure Carefully

To size shower curtains, measure the length and width of your stall at its maximum points. Add 12 inches to the width for optimal overlay when drawn closed. Allow 2-3 inches puddling length.

Account for Height

Floor to ceiling curtains typically start 8-12 inches above the floor. Ceiling height impacts the length needed. Curtains should extend 1-2 inches below the ceiling.

PickRod Length

Rods should extend 2-3 inches beyond the shower or window width. This prevents gaps between the wall and curtain. Curved rods need extra length.

Choose Rod Height

Mount shower curtain rods at least 6 feet high or higher. This allows for tall bathers and full coverage. Window curtain rods can be mounted closer to the ceiling.

Weigh Down Bottom

Use weighted hems or magnets to keep shower curtains from blowing inward. Fabric or mesh liners also help contain water spray and moisture.

Overlap Center

On straight shower rods, the curtain should overlap in the center by 6-12 inches when closed. This prevents water escaping out the sides.

Bathroom Curtain Styles, Textures and Materials

From breezy sheers to fancy fabrics, bathroom curtains come in all sorts of materials, colors, patterns and textures. Consider your decor goals and bathroom needs when choosing styles:

Polyester Shower Curtains

Polyester is a popular traditional option. It repels water, resists soap scum and prevents mold and mildew. Polyester shower curtains come in solid colors and vibrant prints.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

PVC vinyl shower curtains are affordably priced, waterproof and easy to clean. Go for interesting vinyl textures and designs to spice things up.

Fabric Shower Curtains

Cotton, linen, hemp and other fabric shower curtains impart texture. Some feature waterproof coatings on one side. Launder periodically to refresh fabric curtains.

Beaded Curtains

Add vintage flair with decorative beaded door curtains. Plastic beads are inexpensive. Higher end wood, shell and gemstone beads create a glam statement.

Sheer Curtains

Lightweight sheers allow sunlight to filter into the bathroom during the day. Layer with blackout curtains for nighttime opacity.

Blackout Curtains

Thick, opaque blackout fabric blocks all incoming light. Hang these at windows for daytime discretion and privacy.


Valances mount over window curtains to conceal hardware. Choose tailored cotton valances or ruffled fabric styles to tie in your decor.

Shower Curtain Liners

Plastic liners or fabric under-curtains provide an extra moisture barrier. Use them to protect fancy curtains from water damage.

Best Bathroom Curtain Colors and Prints

Color and pattern options for bathroom curtains are endless. From nautical stripes to boho paisleys, here are ideas for coordinating with your decor:

Solid White

Crisp white curtains maintain an airy, spacious feel. White fabric resists looking dingy in steamy bathrooms.

Neutral Tones

Stick with soft tans, greys or ivories for a soothing spa-like ambiance. Layering different neutral textures and sheers creates depth.

Bold Primaries

Make a vibrant splash with primary red, yellow or blue curtains. Coordinate with towels and bathmats for a pulled together look.

Soothing Pastels

Powdery blue, pink, mint and peach curtains lend a vintage cottage charm. Pair with painted or distressed vanities and furnishings.

Earthy Hues

Mossy greens, clay reds and warm terra cottas bring nature indoors. Use natural woven fabrics to enhance the earthy vibe.

Nautical Stripes

Crisp navy and white striped curtains conjure up seaside cottages. Hang them at windows or use striped shower curtains.

Paisleys and Florals

Boho paisley shower curtains in lush florals or exotic medallion prints create a world bazaar feel.

Plaids and Checks

For a cozy cabin or country feel, opt for buffalo check, tartan plaid or gingham curtains. Use complementing patterns in layered window treatments.

Geometric Prints

Modern graphic shower curtains in zigzag, diamond, square and circular prints add playful pop. Coordinate with bath towels in bold geometric colors and patterns.

Bathroom Curtain Ideas for Different Decor Styles

Match your curtain fabrics, textures and patterns to your preferred decor aesthetics:

Traditional Style

Select flat cotton shower curtains in solids or subtle tones like cream or navy. At windows, use tailored linen curtains with bullion fringe trim for a formal look.

Contemporary Style

Solid vinyl shower curtains in greys, taupes or white keep things streamlined. Hang room-darkening blackout curtains floor-to-ceiling over large contemporary windows.

Coastal Style

Nautical stripes, coral prints and airy linens evoke seaside cottages. At windows, hang breezy linen curtains. Use wooden bead curtains and woven sea grass shades over doorways.

Modern Farmhouse

Checkered curtains with ruffled edges, floral cotton shower curtains and lace Cafe curtains complement farmhouse vanities.

Boho Chic Style

Layer colorful patterned fabric curtains with macrame, beaded or crochet curtain panels. Use eclectic vintage fabrics like velvet, brocade or ikat.

Rustic Cabin Style

Plaid flannel and buffalo check curtains paired with wood logs and textured jute evoke cozy cabins. Use natural linen, cotton or hemp.

Midcentury Modern

Solid color curtain panels in muted midcentury hues keep things simple. Add interest with organic shapes, curved rods and fabricated geometric designs.

Victorian Style

Lace curtains, elaborate swag valances, velvet drapes and floral fabrics accent ornate clawfoot tubs. Use luxe fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade.

Industrial Style

Heavy duty canvas fabric shower curtains pop against exposed brick or concrete. At windows, use mesh wire curtains or unfinished burlap.

Kids’ Bathrooms

Use playful, wipeable vinyl curtains in fun prints, along with brightly colored fabric curtains. Hang whimsical shape curtains over vanities or doors.

Hanging Styles and Hardware for Bathroom Curtains

Creative hanging styles and rods add interest in your bathroom. Experiment with different heights, shapes, materials and embellishments:

Straight Rod

The most common and affordable option. Use extended straight rods for wide tubs and showers to reduce sagging.

Curved Rod

Elegant curved rods cost more but provide smoother operation around rounded showers and tubs.

Ceiling Mounted

Hang fabric shower curtains from ceiling hooks for a luxury spa look. Use at stand alone tubs or large open showers.

Corner Mounted

Install rods diagonally across tub or shower corners to gain more curtain coverage area.

Decorative Rods

Rods made of wood, metal, Lucite or glass add visual appeal. Choose styles that complement your decor, like rustic wood curtain rods or sleek metallic finishes.

Finials and Holdbacks

Ornate finials on rod ends add polish. Tie back curtains with cord, tassel or medallion holdbacks when not in use.

Layered Curtains

Hang a sheer and blackout curtain panel layered together at windows. At showers, use a plastic liner under a fabric curtain.

Unique Shapes

Make a statement with round porthole curtains, half-moon shapes or fabric-draped hoops over tubs.

FAQs About Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Still have questions about choosing the perfect bath curtains? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are fabric or vinyl shower curtains better?

It depends on your needs. Vinyl resists mildew and is affordable but can look cheap. Fabrics like cotton offer more aesthetic options but require more care. Use liners with fabric curtains.

How do I waterproof fabric shower curtains?

You can spray fabric shower curtains with a waterproofing sealant. Or look for curtains with built-in water repellent coatings on one side. Using a liner also helps prevent water damage.

How do I get rid of shower curtain smell?

Wash fabric curtains regularly and let them fully dry. Spray vinyl curtains with white vinegar or bathroom cleaner. Replace vinyl curtains every 3-6 months, or when they start smelling.

Should curtain liner be inside or outside shower?

Put plastic or fabric liners inside the shower or tub against the wall. This helps the liner catch water first before it hits your decorative outer curtain.

How wide should shower curtains be?

Measure your shower stall at its widest point, then add 12 inches. This extra width allows enough overlap for the curtains to close fully. Extra long curtains also help prevent escaping water.

Can you put blackout curtains in a bathroom?

Yes, blackout curtains provide needed privacy and light blocking in bathrooms. Use moisture resistant fabrics or hang them away from direct steam and water. Draw open after showering to allow ventilation and drying.

Enjoy Privacy with Beautiful Bathroom Curtains

With so many options for colors, fabrics and styles, it’s easy to find beautiful curtains to provide privacy in your bathroom. Measure carefully, coordinate with your decor, and hang them properly for best performance and visual appeal. Bathroom curtains add the perfect finishing touch to your space!