Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas – Tips & Tricks for Organization

Having an organized bathroom counter can make your morning and evening routines so much smoother. When everything has a designated spot, you won’t have to rummage around to find what you need. An organized bathroom counter also simply looks more tidy and put-together.

If your bathroom counters are cluttered with toiletries and makeup sprawled everywhere, it’s time to get organized! Read on for tips and tricks to organize your bathroom counter and keep it looking neat.

Declutter First

Before organizing anything, you need to declutter. Take everything off your bathroom counters and sort through it all. Be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t use regularly or that is expired. Some decluttering tips:

  • Toss any makeup or skincare products that are more than 12-18 months old. Powder products like eyeshadows can sometimes last longer, but creams and liquids need to be tossed after that timeframe.
  • Get rid of duplicates. You don’t need 4 tubes of hand cream or 5 bottles of shampoo. Keep just 1-2 of your favorites.
  • Toss any empty containers, broken makeup, dried out products, etc.
  • If you have hotel freebies and sample size products, only keep your favorites to have on hand for travel. Toss the rest.
  • Be mindful of expiration dates on medications. Toss anything expired.
  • Consider if you have any seasonal products (like heavy moisturizers) that could be stored elsewhere until needed.

Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll have a better idea of what you actually need to organize on your counter.

Categorize and Find Homes

Now it’s time to think about categories and the best homes for those items. Some ideas:

Daily Skin and Body Care

This includes anything you use as part of your regular AM/PM routine – your cleansers, moisturizers, acne treatments, body lotion, toothbrush and paste, etc. Sort these into bins, trays, or organizers along one section of counter.


Have a dedicated makeup organizer to corral all your cosmetics. Consider daily makeup you use often vs. special occasion makeup. Store daily use in easier-to-access containers on the counter.

Hair Care

Store hair care products like brushes, heat tools, and styling products together in cups, trays, or acrylic organizers. Just keep out what you use daily.

Medications and Toiletries

Keep medications and toiletries like hand soap, toothpaste, floss, etc. together in one area. An acrylic organizer with adjustable shelves is perfect.


Any extra or occasionally-used items like razors, tweezers, nail clippers, etc. can go in a small bin or tray that can be stashed under the sink when needed.

Choose Organizers and Storage Containers

Once you’ve decluttered and categorized, it’s time to pick organizers and containers to corral each category. Consider the size and shape of your counter and storage space underneath when selecting. Some top options:

  • Clear acrylic organizers – Stackable, adjustable, and see-through. Great for bulky bottles. Come in various sizes.
  • Trays – Contain smaller items like cosmetics, skincare, and medications. Look for stackable trays.
  • Matching cups – Keep hair care, brushes, and tools organized in cups.
  • Lazy susans – Spinning trays allow easy access. Perfect for a crowded counter.
  • Drawers – Utilize drawer organizers and dividers. Keep extras here.
  • Baskets – Woven baskets work for holding toiletries. Look for stackable options.
  • Bins and cubes – Use bins and cubes to divide a drawer or shelf into compartments.

Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Don’t limit yourself to just the counter. Take advantage of vertical storage space with the following tips:

  • Install floating shelves above the counter to display decorative items or store extra products.
  • Use wall-mounted acrylic shelves for small containers and makeup.
  • Install a medicine cabinet above the sink for medications and small toiletries.
  • Hang a wire shelf or wall-mounted bins inside the cabinet to double the storage.
  • Use bath caddies, tension rods, or over-the-door storage for spray bottles.
  • Install hooks on the wall or cabinet for loofahs and razors.
  • Use a hanging organizer, shelves, or over-the-cabinet basket for hair dryers, brushes, etc.
  • Store backups and overflow in stacked bins and baskets under the sink. Use risers if needed.

Daily Habits For Continued Organization

The initial work of decluttering and organizing your bathroom counter will get it looking neat, but you’ll need to keep up daily habits to maintain that organization long-term:

  • Put everything away in its designated spot – Set a rule that everything has a “home” and must be returned there after use.
  • Never set things down randomly – Don’t just set something on the counter. Put it right back in its assigned organizer.
  • Do a quick straighten daily – Do a 5 minute tidy at the beginning or end of your day. Toss trash, put misplaced items away, and wipe counters.
  • Regularly edit items – Re-evaluate products monthly and toss expired or unused items. Don’t let clutter accumulate again.
  • Deep clean every 1-2 months – Take everything out and wipe down the counters and storage spaces. Toss old products and reorganize as needed.

Tips for Shared Bathroom Counters

Shared bathrooms with roommates or family members can be more challenging to keep organized. Some tips:

  • Give each person their own acrylic organizer for their daily items. Mark them with washi tape or other embellishments.
  • Use a shower caddy to hold some daily items that can travel between bedrooms and bathroom.
  • Split storage areas – like each get a tray in a cabinet.
  • Store backups and overflow in bedroom closets rather than crowding sink space.
  • Schedule a monthly tidy time together to declutter communal spaces.
  • Compromise on decor aesthetics. Don’t clutter with too many decorative items.
  • Take turns deep cleaning the bathroom space each week.
  • Let go of control and allow some messiness! With a shared space, things won’t always be perfectly organized.

Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

There are so many creative ways to organize your bathroom counter! Here are different ideas and inspiration to get you started:

Use Trays and Stack Them

Trays are great for corralling all those small items like cosmetics, skincare, medications, dental care items and more. Using clear acrylic trays makes it easy to see what’s inside. Stackable trays save space and allow you to separate categories.

[Photo of bathroom counter with clear acrylic trays stacked and labeled with washi tape.]

Stack larger rectangular trays for everyday items on top, and use smaller, divided trays for items you access less often. Labeling trays with washi tape helps identify contents at a glance.

Acrylic Drawer Organizers

Install adjustable acrylic drawers in a cabinet under the sink or purchase a freestanding organizer. Use drawers for makeup, hair care, medications, first aid, or toiletries. Keep your most-used items in top drawers for easy access. Acrylic makes it easy to see inside.

[Photo of clear acrylic organizer with makeup inside drawers.]

Choose an organizer with different size drawers to accommodate everything from small makeup to bulky hair dryers. Labeling drawers keeps everything consistent.

Hanging Wall Storage

Take advantage of vertical storage space above and around your counter with wall-mounted wire racks, floating shelves, wall-mounted bins, bath caddies, and more. These are great for spray bottles, razors, extra makeup and toiletries.

[Photo of wire rack hanging on wall with baskets to hold skincare and razors.]

Look for hanging options with bins or baskets so smaller items don’t fall off. A bath caddy provides storage and an easy place to hang loofahs and razors in the shower.

Spinning Organizers

Lazy susans or other spinning organizers are perfect for a crowded counter. Just spin to find what you need! Use for makeup, skincare, hair products, or medications. The spinning motion gives easy access to everything.

[Photo of lazy susan filled with various skincare products.]

For small items like lip gloss and mascara, use a two-tiered spinning organizer to maximize the space. For bulky hair styling tools, a large spinning cosmetics organizer with different height sections works well.

Matching Containers for Uniform Look

Clear canisters, matching cups, and matching bins give a uniform, coordinated look on cluttered counters. For example, keep cotton balls and swabs in matching round canisters. Store makeup brushes upright in cups or cans. Use matching bins for first aid items, hair products, etc.

[Photo of counter with matching white containers and gold jars holding cotton balls, Qtips, makeup brushes.]

Aim for matching shapes, sizes, materials, and color palette. Mixing metals like gold and rose gold work well together. Include any decorative ceramic or glass canisters.

Utilize Drawer Organizers

Don’t forget those drawers right under the bathroom counter! Use drawer organizers to create compartments for all your products. Try adjustable dividers, stackable bins, tiered organizers, and more to maximize the space.

[Photo of drawer under sink with tiered organizer filled with toiletries.]

Keep your most-used items in top drawers and reserve bottom drawers for overflow stock and lesser-used items. This prevents crowding on the counter. Keep a drawer or bin for travel toiletries.

Magnetic Spice Rack for Metals

Turn a magnetic spice rack into a spot to store bobby pins, hair clips, tweezers, small scissors, nail clippers, and any other small metal items. Mount the rack on the wall, inside a cabinet door, or even under the sink.

[Photo of magnetic spice rack used to hold bobby pins, scissors, tweezers, etc.]

The strong magnets keep all those loose metal items in place. Many racks have a slide-out design so items are easily accessible. Use removable hooks on the rack for loofahs and razors.

Custom Shelves for Odd Spaces

Take advantage of awkward gaps and corners by installing custom-cut shelving. This wasted space is now useful real estate! Use for condiment-size skincare, makeup palettes, or toiletries.

[Photo of corner shelf inserted into corner above sink holding skincare.]

Floating shelves are easy to install and come in various lengths. For a triangle gap, cut a square or rectangular shelf to fit into the space for a perfect custom solution.

Over-The-Door Storage

Don’t forget the back of your bathroom door! Use over-the-door storage like hanging shelves, mesh pockets, and hooks. Great for bulky styling tools, spray bottles, nail polish, and backups. Helps keep these items off the counter.

[Photo of over-the-door hanger with baskets being used to hold hair products.]

Choose a hanger with baskets or canvas pockets to corral loose items. Install hooks for robes, loofahs, etc. Check that the hanger fits properly over the door before purchasing.

Pretty Displays for Cosmetics

There are lots of ways to store makeup and still have it on display. Pretty displays keep items visible and organized. Try acrylic risers, spinning makeup organizers, wall-mounted shelves, or tiered trays.

[Photo of two-tiered turntable holding makeup palettes and lipsticks.]

Storage like clear hanging cubes allow you to view what’s inside. For a really beautiful display, store everyday makeup in glass jars and trays on floating shelves above the counter.

FAQs About Bathroom Counter Organization

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about organizing bathroom counters:

How can I find space for everything on a very small counter?

Focus on vertical storage space above and around counter. Install floating shelves, get wall-mounted wire racks, use space inside cabinets. Minimize clutter. Store only essentials on counter. Put extras under sink or in bedroom. Get organizing trays that stack to save space. Evaluate if any bulky items could be stored elsewhere.

How should I organize makeup so it’s accessible but not cluttered?

Use drawer organizers and trays to contain makeup. Daily use cosmetics can be stored in trays, cups, or acrylic drawers on counter. Reserve a drawer for backup and overflow makeup. Install a wall shelf above counter for palettes and bulky items. Display most used makeup attractively in trays, jars, or acrylic risers.

What’s the best way to organize medications and toiletries?

Use adjustable shelves and drawer organizers for medications and toiletries. Install adjustable shelves in a cabinet to customize compartments. Use drawer organizers too. Store daily medications and toiletries together in easy access trays or bins on counter. Reserve lower cabinets or drawers for overflow and backups. Label shelves and bins for consistent organization.

How can I hide clutter quickly when guests are coming over?

Have baskets or bins ready to stash clutter items. Have an under-sink bin to hold appliances, toiletries, and makeup that can quickly get tossed in. Use a bin under counter for random products cluttering up space. Slide bins and baskets under cabinets to get them out of sight. Make sure guests’ space is clutter-free, don’t worry about your private spaces.

How often should I declutter my bathroom counter?

Aim to fully declutter bathroom counters every 1-2 months. Do light decluttering weekly or monthly by getting rid of old products, food trash, and other clutter that accumulates. Do more thorough decluttering and organizing where you take everything out and wipe down the space every couple months. Toss expired products, donate unused items, and reorganize seasonally.

Key Takeaways for Organizing Your Bathroom Counter

Organizing your bathroom counter makes daily routines smoother and provides a tidier, more peaceful space. Use these tips to get organized and stay that way:

  • Declutter completely first – don’t just reorganize existing clutter. Toss expired and unused items.
  • Categorize like items together – daily skincare, makeup, medications, hair care, etc.
  • Choose storage containers and organizers specifically for each category. Consider your counter and cabinet space.
  • Maximize vertical storage above and around counter with floating shelves, wall cabinets, etc.
  • Establish daily habits like putting everything away after use and quick straightening.
  • Edit your products monthly. Don’t accumulate clutter again.
  • With some decluttering, strategic organization and daily upkeep, you can transform your messy bathroom counter into a serene, tidy space!