Bathroom Art Ideas: Creative Ways to Enhance the Bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked as a place to decorate and express creativity. However, with the right bathroom art ideas, you can transform your bathroom into an inviting space that reflects your style. Decorating with art is an affordable way to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom without a major renovation.

Why Decorate Your Bathroom with Art

There are many great reasons to incorporate art into your bathroom design:

  • Adds personality – Bathroom art allows you to infuse your personal taste and interests into the space. Are you a nature lover? Display botanical prints. Have a quirky sense of humor? Hang some funny shower curtains.
  • Completes the look – Art helps pull your bathroom design together, lending a finished, polished feel to the room. It fills those empty wall spaces and gives your eye places to land.
  • Easy to change – Unlike overhauling tile or fixtures, updating art is simple. You can give your bathroom a fresh new look in an afternoon by swapping out a few art pieces.
  • Enhances mood – The right art can help set the vibe you want for your bathroom. Calming beach scenes establish a peaceful ambiance, while bright, graphic prints create an energetic mood.
  • Adds color – In a bathroom, it can be tricky working color into the design in a durable way. Art introduces vibrant hues without the commitment of a paint job.
  • Inexpensive – Compared to remodeling costs, art is budget-friendly. Even nice artworks tend to cost much less than new cabinetry or countertops.

Bathroom Art Ideas and Where to Place Them

Now that you’re inspired to decorate your bathroom with art, where do you begin? Consider these creative ideas for places to add art along with the types of pieces that work well.

Above the Toilet

The wall space above the toilet is prime real estate for displaying art in the bathroom. Try these ideas:

  • Floating shelving – Add floating shelves in a finishing wood tone to hold decorative objects like rolled towels, candles, and small plants.
  • Painting or print – Hang a framed painting or print. Try to choose one with colors that coordinate with your bathroom’s color scheme.
  • Textured wallpaper – Use wallpaper or removable wallpaper to add an artistic look above the toilet. Opt for subtle patterns.
  • Floating frames – Arrange black floating picture frames in pleasing asymmetrical groupings to display a collection of artwork.
  • Mirror – Hang an ornate mirror in a golden frame to amplify light and give the illusion of a larger space.

Above the Tub

Drawing attention to your bathtub area with art creates a spa-like vibe. Art ideas for above the tub include:

  • Macrame wall hanging – Invest in a large macrame tapestry as a textured backdrop. Neutral tones work best.
  • Framed botanical prints – Frame a series of same-size botanical prints to arrange in a grid over the tub.
  • Floating ledges – Attach floating ledges to hold candles, small plants, ceramic vases, seashells or other bathroom-friendly decorative items.
  • Lighted sign – Affix a backlit “soak” or “unwind” sign (available on Etsy) for a modern touch.

On the Shower Wall

The shower is the perfect canvas for bathroom art. You have tile, glass doors, and multiple walls to get creative with. Shower wall art ideas include:

  • Removable wall decals – Decorate a glass shower door or tile wall with removable vinyl wall decals. Opt for relaxing nature scenes or mantras like “inhale exhale”.
  • Framed lyrics – Frame the lyrics to your favorite song or an inspiring quote. Use a weatherproof frame and laminated print.
  • Tiled mural – Work with a local art tile company to have a custom mural tiled on a shower wall.
  • Wall hooks – Install wall hooks to hold hanging plants or even a small hanging chair!

On the Back of the Door

Use the back of your bathroom door as a handy display space for art. Options include:

  • Hanging wall jewelry organizer – Hang a macrame or wood beaded jewelry organizer to hold your most-used jewelry items.
  • Full-length mirror – Install a full-length mirror on the back of the door to add function and reflect light.
  • Canvas art – Lean a long, narrow printed canvas against the door for colorful pop.
  • Framed photos – Arrange framed photos in different sizes and frames for a gallery wall effect.

Bathroom Art Media and Styles

From vintage prints to contemporary photography, bathrooms suit a wide range of artwork styles. Consider which media and genres fit your bathroom decor best.


Black and white or color photography adds an elevated, gallery-like quality to a bathroom. Try:

  • Botanical – Photos of plants, flowers, and natural scenes bring the outdoors in.
  • Landscapes – Choose tranquil beach, forest, mountain or similar scenes to promote relaxation.
  • Cityscapes – For a more energetic urban feel, display nighttime city skyline photos.
  • Vintage – Black and white vintage portraits or landscapes have a classic appeal.

Prints and Posters

Prints strike a balance between affordable and sophisticated. Options include:

  • Typographic – Choose an inspiring quote like “live life to the fullest” or go for something humorous.
  • Nautical – Sailboats, anchors, and map prints complement coastal, beachy decors.
  • Botanical – Ferns, flowering plants, cacti, etc. bring a dose of nature inside.
  • Pop culture – Display nostalgic movie or music posters for a fun, casual decor.


Nothing livens up a blank bathroom wall like an original painting. Consider:

  • Commissioning a local artist to create an original painting to match your decor.
  • Purchasing an affordable print of a famous painting you love from an online retailer.
  • Painting your own abstract art to hang.


Lightweight textile art is well-suited for steamy bathroom environments. Ideas include:

  • Tapestry – Hang a large-scale abstract or nature-inspired tapestry.
  • Macrame wall hanging – Intricately knotted wall hangings add natural texture.
  • Woven wall art – Try a hand-woven wall hanging or sculptural rattan piece.
  • Bath mat as wall art – Hang up a spare decorative bath mat or towel on the wall.

Mixed Media and Sculptural Pieces

For something really unique, look to mixed media art and sculptural pieces like:

  • Shadowboxes – Frame collected shells, flowers, or photos in a shadowbox.
  • Driftwood art – Arrange an abstract piece of driftwood on the wall or in a niche.
  • Wall vases – Mount unique modern wall vases to hold fresh or faux flowers.
  • Art tiles – Work with a local artisan to design custom ceramic or glass mosaic tiles.

Bathroom Art Display Tips

  • When hanging art above toilets and bathtubs, place artwork at least 8 inches above the top of these fixtures for perspective.
  • Group art in odd-numbered clusters for the most visually appealing arrangements. Sets of 3, 5 or 7 pieces create harmony.
  • Mix it up with a variety of frame sizes, shapes, colors and textures for an eclectic gallery wall feel.
  • Consider lighting – Position art near windows or skylights, or install track lighting above wall art areas.
  • Check that artwork materials can withstand humidity before displaying in bathrooms. Avoid paper art.
  • Floating wood frames and gallery strips help create the illusion of bathroom art floating gracefully on walls.
  • Affordable acrylic box frames protect prints and photos from moisture damage.

With an abundance of styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless when decorating your bathroom walls with art. Use these creative ideas as inspiration while infusing your own personal taste. Art can make even the most utilitarian bathroom feel like a relaxing oasis.

Bathroom Art Ideas to Reflect Your Personality

Your bathroom art selections offer a chance to infuse some personality into a small but significant living space. Rather than defaulting to generic spa-type imagery, choose pieces that showcase your unique spirit. Here are some ideas:

For the Quirky Collector

  • Display a shadowbox collection of colorful antique buttons, rocks, or other trinkets from your travels.
  • Create an unexpected gallery wall with photos of your favorite funky furniture finds.
  • Frame a collection of vintage postcards from places you’ve visited.

For the Avid Reader

  • Use removable wallpaper to apply pages from a favorite novel.
  • Frame memorable lines from books that inspire you.
  • Prop up an old hardcover book as decor next to the tub.

For the Pop Culture Buff

  • Hang music or movie posters from cult classics you love.
  • Frame song lyrics or quotes from beloved films.
  • Display collector’s edition figurines of characters from favorite franchises.

For the Nature Lover

  • Print and frame your own photos of beautiful outdoor scenery.
  • Choose artwork and accessories with botanical or wildlife themes.
  • Display collections of stones, shells, or driftwood found on nature walks.

For the Armchair Traveler

  • Hang a gallery wall showcasing all the places you want to visit.
  • Pick a color scheme inspired by a location on your travel wish list.
  • Display vintage maps, compass rose prints, or travel posters.

The artwork you select reflects what sparks joy and inspiration. Let your inner spirit shine through in your personalized bathroom art.

Creating a Spa-Like Feel with Bathroom Art

After a stressful day, your bathroom should feel like a relaxing escape. The right artwork can help transform the room into a serene, spa-like space. Follow these tips:

Cool Toned Color Palette

Stick with cool-toned neutrals like pale blue, gray, taupe and white when selecting art for a tranquil vibe. Accent with misty seafoam green or slate blue. Crisp black and white bath prints also have a soothing effect. If using color, opt for soft pastels.

Water Images

Echo the calming power of water in artwork. Choose photography or paintings featuring waterfalls, oceans, lakes, creeks, and more. Go for placid waters rather than stormy seas. Abstract water interpretations also work well.

Botanical and Floral Themes

What’s more relaxing than beautiful flowers and plants? Botanical imagery brings a touch of nature indoors. Consider hanging photographs or prints of flower close ups, leafy jungle scenes, or stylized floral designs.

Mineral and Gemstone Art

Incorporate semi-precious stones into your bathroom through artwork. Try framing agate and crystal slices to display on one wall. Or, choose an abstract piece like a malachite sculpture or sand dollar arrangement.

Natural Textures and Materials

Use artwork that incorporates natural textures and materials like wood, rattan, jute, cotton, linen, clay and more. Ideas include woven wall hangings, macrame pieces, textured baskets or vases. Handmade quality adds appeal.

Positive Messages

Inspirational quotes, affirmations, and mantras centered on relaxation make ideal bathroom art when displayed in pretty fonts. Try phrases like “breathe deep”, “inhale calm” or “be present”.

Spa Treatments Depicted

Commission or purchase artwork showcasing people enjoying spa treatments, like soaking in a tub or receiving a massage. This drives home the spa concept visually. Stay away from overly complicated or busy compositions.

With this calming artwork as part of your design, you’re sure to have a bathroom that looks and feels like a relaxing oasis.

Easy DIY Bathroom Art Ideas

Decorating with art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These simple DIY bathroom art projects use basic materials you probably already have at home:

Framed Mirror Art

Gather some assorted mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Adhere them creatively to a piece of wood cut slightly larger than your mirror collection. Finish by framing the wood. Hang above a vanity to reflect light.

Oversized Wall Letters

Spell out words like “RELAX” or “RENEW” using large letter stencils and painters tape on the wall space above your tub. Use a small paint roller and acrylic craft paint to paint inside the letters. Peel off tape to reveal your statement art.

Yarn Wall Hanging

Wrap yarn around a wooden embroidery hoop to create a macrame-style wall hanging. Choose neutral yarn colors like ecru, tan, gray, or white. Finish by hanging on the wall with decorative nails.

Shadowbox Display

Arrange collected shells, dried flowers, or any small natural objects between two pieces of glass or acrylic. Seal edges with silicone. Attach picture hanging hardware to the back and display. Creates an artistic focal point.

Washi Tape Art

Use rolls of colorful washi tape to create abstract wall stripes, geometric shapes or patterns on a wall or mirror surface. The removable tape peels off easily when it’s time to switch up your look.

Map Wallpaper

Apply pages from an old atlas or world map as removable wallpaper to a bathroom wall. Complement with navy and white accessories for nautical flair. Change it up by switching maps out seasonally.

With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can design beautiful custom bathroom art installments that match your personal style. Try out an easy DIY project for affordable art.

Creative Ways to Showcase Collections as Bathroom Art

You likely have items you’ve collected over the years that carry personal significance. Display these collections creatively as bathroom art for an added dose of personality.


Adhere larger shells in organic clusters directly onto bathroom walls using removable putty. Use white putty for light shells and ecru for darker shells. Apply clear vinyl over top to protect.

Or, fill glass apothecary jars with assorted shells and display on open shelves. Arrange jars in small clusters or line up a row.


Turn your plant collection into an eye-catching gallery wall. Use macrame or woven wood holders to hang trailing plants in different size pots. Arrange asymmetrically on a wall.

For lower maintenance, frame dried and pressed ferns, leaves or flowers alongside printed photos of your plants.


Show off earrings, bracelets, and necklaces on hooks over a vanity or shelving unit. Group like items together – different sized hoops in one area, gemstone necklaces in another. Hang on mini racks or sturdy wall hooks.

You can also display alternative jewelry pieces like rings or brooches decoratively on dishes or in shadowbox frames.

Preserved Flora and Fauna

Seek out unique flora and fauna preserved in resin or glass to display – like butterflies, starfish, sea urchins, or flower arrangements. Affix small resin pieces directly to walls. For glass boxed items, install shelves. These make great decorative accents.

Colourful Glassware

Illuminate prized glass collections like colorful decanters, vases, or paperweights by securing LED puck lights underneath glass cabinet shelves or inside wall sconces. The light highlights the colors.

Alternatively, attach niches or floating shelves to display glassware items against a contrasting wall paint color for emphasis.

Let your collections take center stage as focal points. Ways to creatively showcase meaningful objects make for great bathroom art.

Upcycling Common Items into Bathroom Art

With some imagination, you can transform many common household items into one-of-a-kind bathroom art displays. Get creative with upcycling!

Vintage Ladder Turned Towel Rack

Give an old wooden ladder new life as a towel rack. Hang on the wall horizontally and fold plush bath sheets or robes over each rung. If you have a smaller wall area, use a saw to cut the ladder down to an ideal size.

Repurposed Window Mirror

Trim an old window down to size to frame the bathroom vanity. Add mirror film to the glass to create a reflective surface. Prop up the bottom edge on the counter or affix it directly to the wall as a rustic-chic mirror.

Painted Wood Crate Storage

Stack and adhere wooden crates vertically to make an artistic tower. Paint them neutral colors like navy, gray, cream or brown. Use as bathroom storage for rolled towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies.

Melted Crayon Art

Make a crayon-filled canvas by brushing canvas with glue, pressing crayons tip-side down into the glue, then melting the crayons with a hair dryer on low heat. The abstract melted wax design makes for cool modern art once framed.

Scrabble Tile Wall Art

Spell out a fun bathroom-related word or phrase like SOAK, ZEN, or H2O using spare Scrabble tiles. Adhere to a piece of wood cut to size, then frame and hang on the wall. Change out the letters as desired.

Take a fresh look at everyday items around your home. With a bit of DIY magic, you can give them new life as one-of-a-kind art installations.

Choosing Artwork to Complement Bathroom Styles

To keep your bathroom decor looking cohesive, choose artwork that complements the room’s overarching style. Use these suggestions as a guide:

For modern bathrooms:

  • Black and white photography
  • Geometric designs
  • Bold abstract art
  • Pop art or comic book prints
  • Framed vintage advertisements

For traditional bathrooms:

  • Floral still life oil paintings
  • Antique maps or botanical prints
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Silver or gold leaf framed mirrors
  • Pastel impressionist prints

For farmhouse bathrooms:

  • Black and white nature