Backsplash for White Shaker Cabinets Complete the Timeless Look

Adding a backsplash is one of the best ways to complete the look of your white shaker kitchen cabinets. A carefully selected backsplash ties the whole kitchen together and makes a stunning visual statement. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular and timeless backsplash options to pair with white shaker cabinets so you can achieve a beautiful and enduring kitchen design.

Why Add a Backsplash?

A backsplash serves both form and function in the kitchen. Not only does it protect the walls from splashes, splatters, and stains, but it brings color, texture, and personality to the cooking space. Backsplashes are relatively inexpensive updates that can make a major impact.

For white shaker cabinets specifically, the right backsplash brings out their simple, classic beauty. White shaker cabinets have a timeless, traditional look, with their clean lines and flat, recessed door fronts. A backsplash is an opportunity to enhance that style.

Backsplashes also draw attention to the countertops and create visual interest on the back run of cabinets. They complete the overall kitchen design.

Popular Backsplash Options for White Shaker Cabinets

Subway Tile

Subway tile is one of the most classic backsplash pairings for white shaker cabinets. The simple rectangular tiles have a timeless, vintage feel that works perfectly with shaker style. Subway tile comes in virtually endless color options, but bright white is an obvious choice with white cabinets.

A white subway tile backsplash has a crisp, clean look that accentuates the cabinets beautifully. Offset the tiles in a brick pattern or stack them vertically for different effects. Subway tiles also pair nicely with other materials like marble counters or butcher block islands.


Marble tile instantly elevates a kitchen with elegance. The natural stone material has beautiful veining and depth. While you can choose marble in various colors, white marble has a lovely sophisticated look with white shaker cabinets.

Depending on your taste and budget, select marble subway tiles, intricate marble mosaics, or large marble slabs. Marble mosaics create lovely patterns and visual interest. Marble slab backsplashes make a bold, upscale statement.

Be aware that marble stains easily and requires regular sealing. This high-maintenance material is best suited to lightly used showpiece kitchens.

Glass Tile

Another top backsplash choice is glass tile. Glass tiles come in every color and finish imaginable, from sleek polished tiles to pebbled or textured mosaics. The glass material naturally has shine and reflects light beautifully.

Again, white or pale neutral glass tiles enhance white shaker cabinets elegantly. Accent with metallic like champagne gold for extra radiance. Glass tiles create a clean, smooth appearance that complements white shaker style.

Unlike natural stone, glass tile resists staining, etching, and moisture. This makes it an excellent practical option for busy kitchens. The only downside is it can crack or chip if hit hard. Use care when installing.

Travertine and Onyx

For a naturally-patterned stone backsplash, travertine and onyx tiles are wonderful choices with white shaker cabinets. Both have complex detailing that instantly catches the eye.

Travertine is a textured, pitted stone that comes in warm ivory, tan, and cream tones. The subtle palette pairs excellently with bright white cabinets. Meanwhile, dramatic onyx has striking bands of color and translucency. Backlit onyx truly pops.

The natural markings make these stones stand out yet still coordinate with the simplicity of shaker cabinets. As softer stones, take care to properly seal and protect travertine and onyx backsplashes.


Herringbone patterns continue to be a popular backsplash trend. The unique staggered zigzag layout makes a bold style statement. Herringbone backsplashes work with all different tile shapes and materials.

With white shaker cabinets, consider a herringbone backsplash in white marble, white subway tile, or glass tile. The dynamic pattern contrasts beautifully with clean, minimalist shaker cabinets. It brings visual excitement to an otherwise basic kitchen.

Creating a herringbone backsplash takes skill and precision. Unless you’re very experienced with tiling, it’s best left to the professionals. But it’s well worth the investment for a showstopping look.

Design Considerations with White Shaker Cabinets

Keep the following design tips in mind when pairing a backsplash with white shaker cabinets:

  • Match whites carefully. Bright white, off-white, and almond white tiles will look distinct next to true bright white cabinets. View tile samples against your cabinets before purchasing.
  • Warm up whites with wood accents. White shaker cabinets pair gorgeously with butcher block countertops and wood accents. Add warmth with an ivory marble backsplash.
  • Incorporate metal finishes. Matte black hardware, iron chandeliers, and brass fixtures play off white shaker beautifully. Bring in these metals with metallic glass or stone backsplashes.
  • Extend backsplash to ceiling. To make a backsplash feel more like a full wall covering, extend it all the way to the ceiling instead of stopping at the upper cabinets.
  • Frame backsplash with trim. For a built-in look, frame a marble, tile, or stone backsplash with moulding that matches the white shaker cabinets.

Make a Statement with Your Backsplash

The options are practically endless when selecting a backsplash to complete your white shaker kitchen. Subway tile, marble, glass, herringbone patterns, and other stones each make their own stylish statement. Consider the overall look you want for your kitchen along with practical factors like maintenance and durability.

Then choose a backsplash with colors, textures, and designs that enhance the timeless beauty of your white shaker cabinets. With the right backsplash, you can achieve a kitchen that looks freshly elegant for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color backsplash goes best with white shaker cabinets?

White, off-white, light gray, and beige backsplash colors complement white shaker cabinets beautifully. White subway tile, marble, glass, travertine and limestone all pair wonderfully.

Should you put a backsplash behind a stove?

Yes, backsplashes behind stoves prevent wall damage from grease splatters and food stains. Easy-to-clean glass or tile backsplashes work best behind stoves.

What height should a backsplash be?

Standard backsplash height is 4 inches from the countertop to the bottom of upper cabinets. Full-height backsplashes extend all the way from countertops to ceilings for a dramatic effect.

Should backsplash match countertops?

It depends on your design preferences. Contrasting countertop and backsplash materials can look interesting. But matching tones usually create a more seamless, integrated look.

Is white shaker style going out of style?

White shaker cabinets are a perennial classic. Their simple, understated look has remained popular for decades. While trends come and go, crisp white shaker cabinets always remain in style.


Adding a backsplash is one of the easiest ways to finish off your white shaker kitchen beautifully. Whether you choose classic subway tile, elegant marble, or modern glass, the right backsplash ties the whole room together. Consider the style you want and be creative to find a backsplash that showcases your white shaker cabinets perfectly. With a striking yet simple backsplash, you can enjoy a timeless, cohesive kitchen design.