Backsplash for White Kitchens: Hottest Backsplash Ideas for White Designs


A backsplash is an integral design element in any kitchen. Not only does it serve as a functional protective barrier against messes and spills, but it also makes a huge visual impact and brings life and personality to the space. When designing an all-white kitchen, choosing the perfect backsplash is especially important, as it serves as the main focal point and pop of color.

White kitchens are clean, timeless, and open up smaller spaces, making them one of the most popular kitchen design aesthetics. However, too much white can also feel sterile or dated. This is where the backsplash comes in. The backsplash provides the opportunity to inject color, texture, and visual interest through tile, stone, glass, metal, and an endless array of materials and patterns.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the hottest backsplash ideas and trends for white kitchen designs. Whether you prefer traditional styles like subway tile, or want a contemporary statement backsplash, there are gorgeous options to inspire your dream white kitchen. Let’s dive in!

Factors to Consider for a White Kitchen Backsplash

When selecting a backsplash for your white kitchen, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

Complement vs. Contrast

One of the first decisions to make is whether you want your backsplash to complement or contrast your cabinets. Both options create stunning results. Choosing materials and colors that are similar to your cabinets keeps the room feeling bright and seamless. Opting for contrasting shades or textures makes the backsplash pop as a dramatic focal point.


While white kitchens look beautiful with any backsplash color, consider hues that pair well with white like grays, blues and greens for a soothing palette. Warm metallic backsplashes also complement white cabinetry. If you want vibrancy, jewel-tones, or even black are striking backsplash options.


In addition to aesthetics, your backsplash needs to stand up to cooking, cleaning, and moisture. Tile, metal, glass, and stone are very durable and easy to maintain. Be sure the material can handle heat and humidity.


Backsplash materials range dramatically in price. More intricate tile patterns, semi-precious stones, and concrete finishes come at a higher cost. However, even simple subway tile makes an elegant impact. Set realistic expectations based on your budget.

With these factors in mind, let’s look at some of the best backsplash ideas for white kitchen designs.

Classic Subway Tile

One of the most popular choices for any color scheme, subway tile is a timeless classic. The simple rectangular tiles come in bright white, muted whites like ivory or alabaster, and every color of the rainbow. Laying the tile in the traditional brick pattern adds lovely texture and dimension.

Subway tile backsplashes pair beautifully with any style of white cabinets, from modern slick cabinets to vintage wood frames and shaker doors. The tiles also come in so many sizes, materials, finishes and patterns that it’s easy to customize your design.

Some chic variations on traditional subway tile backsplashes include:

Mix Sizes

Blending smaller and larger tiles creates a less uniform look. Try combining 1 inch by 4 inch tiles with 4 inch by 4 inch. Running the tiles vertically instead of horizontally also modernizes the look.

Stacked Pattern

Stacking the tiles vertically with thin grout lines creates fun movement and draws the eye up the wall. This pattern works best on tall backsplashes.

Penvy Pattern

Arrange the tiles in a zig-zag or diamond pattern for a whimsical take on subway tile. This money-penny or penvy style makes a bold statement.

Ombre Colors

Choose tiles that gradually shift in an ombre of shades or colors for subtle gradient effect. This can be executed with different hues or a single color like light to dark grays.

Mixed Materials

While ceramic is the most common, mixing in glass, stone or metal subway tiles adds interest. Accenting with mosaics creates a focal point.

With limitless options, it’s no surprise subway tile is a backsplash staple.

Statement Tile

For those who want to make a splash in their white kitchen, there are so many statement tile options available today. From bold colors, funky shapes, 3D tiles, handmade art tile, and patterned designs, you can find a tile to match your unique style.

Statement tiles work best as the full backsplash or as an accent section behind the range or sink. Some eye-catching looks include:

Geometric Tile

These backsplashes use shape and repeated geometric patterns to create impact. Hexagons, chevrons, and tessellated tiles provide movement and drama.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Intricate mosaics of tiny tiles form water-like scales and undulating patterns. These reflective tiles add shimmer and visual texture. Deep blue hues evoke exotic Moroccan themes.

3D Tile

Literally adding another dimension, 3D tile backsplashes make the wall sculpture. The relief adds shadows and makes the design feel contemporary.

Patterned & Printed Tile

From whimsical florals, to graphic prints, and rustic patterns, decorative tiles showcase your personal taste. You can even customize with photos.

Handmade Art Tile

One-of-a-kind handmade tiles designed by artists make the ultimate artsy statement. The irregularities and craftsmanship add organic beauty.

Make a bold first impression in your white kitchen with an artistic tile backsplash.

Modern Glass Tile

Sleek, shiny and sophisticated, glass tile is a top trend for contemporary kitchens. The tiles come in an array of colors, finishes, sizes and patterns. Glass tile backsplashes refract light for added radiance and visual interest.

Streamlined modern kitchens benefit from the simplicity and clarity of glass tile. The smooth surface doesn’t detract from the clean lines and textures of minimalist designs.

Some chic and current glass tile backsplash ideas include:

Tones of White

White glass tiles with hints of cream, gray, or taupe provide understated elegance. The palette keeps the backsplash light but with more warmth and softness than stark white.

Metallic Shine

Mirror-like metallic glass tile in silver, gold, copper or bronze lend glamour while still feeling modern. These luminous backsplashes catch the light beautifully.

Frosted & Etched

Softer frosted, etched, or crackled glass tile has an appealing matte finish. The translucent tiles bring an airy vibe to the space.

Mosaic Accents

Tiny glass mosaic tiles allow for intricate details like borders, geometric shapes, and artful patterns surrounding bolder tile.


Blurred ombre glass tiles fade between shades of a color for hazy watercolor effects that feel soothing and zen.

With an endless spectrum of color and finish options, glass tile is right at home in modern white kitchens.

Natural Stone Tile

For organic texture and beauty, natural stone tile makes an exceptional backsplash. The variation in natural stone means no two tiles are exactly the same, giving any space a dose of sophistication.

Stone backsplashes come in a diverse array of material types and colors. Pairing natural stone with crisp white cabinetry creates an elegant yin and yang aesthetic.

Some stunning and timeless natural stone backsplash ideas include:

Marble Tile

No other material quite evokes luxury like marble. The veins and swirls add depth and movement. Stick to white, gray or black marbles to match the white kitchen.

Travertine Tile

With rustic layered texture in earthy neutral tones, travertine adds natural zen ambiance to a kitchen. The crevices create dimension and interest.

Quartzite Tile

Quartzite brings a modern polished look with subtle movement. The varying gray and white tones complement white cabinetry.

Pebble Tile

A pebble mosaic backsplash creates the feel of waves crashing with smooth rounded stones. Go for all white or mix in pale blue and green.

Slate Tile

Slate’s matte finish, layered texture and muted colors like gray-blue bring casual elegance and versatility. The color pairs perfectly with white.

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a stone tile backsplash in your crisp white kitchen.

On-Trend White Brick

White brick backsplashes are having a major moment in contemporary kitchens. The clean white brick adds texture and dimension while feeling sleek and modern.

White brick backsplashes look fresh against any cabinetry color but especially crisp against bright white. The subtle imperfections and handmade look add charm.

Some chic ways to incorporate white brick into your backsplash include:

Herringbone Pattern

Laying the brick in a herringbone pattern adds beautiful visual movement and interest. It brings dimension without busyness.

Stacked Pattern

Stacking the brick in uneven rows gives an urban loft feeling. Letting the white grout blend with the brick color keeps it sleek.

Mixed Material Accent

Pairing white brick with marble, wood or another material creates an eclectic aesthetic. Use brick sparingly as an accent.

Distressed Finish

Wire-brushed bricks have appealing worn imperfections that add depth. A distressed finish makes the texture more dynamic.

Mirror Accent Brick

Mirror bricks reflect light and create the illusion of depth. Integrating just a few reflective bricks adds glam dazzle.

Crisp white brick backsplashes feel fresh, modern, and full of texture for contemporary white kitchens.

Natural Wood Backsplash

Warming up a white kitchen, natural wood backsplashes infuse organic beauty. Unfinished, live-edge, or whitewashed wood all complement white cabinetry beautifully.

In addition to pre-fabricated wood planks, reclaimed old barn boards, fence panels, or salvaged beams make eco-friendly rustic backsplashes.

Some charming ways to work real wood into a backsplash include:

Vertical Shiplap Planks

Running vertical planks gives the illusion of height and adds lovely linear texture. Staggering the boards adds dimension.

Parquet Pattern

Small pieces of wood placed in geometric repeat patterns create stunning visual movement and depth without busyness.

Herringbone Planks

The tailored chevron effect of the herringbone pattern contrasts nicely with wood’s organic imperfections. The symmetry balances asymmetry.

Accent Panels

Use reclaimed wood beams or panels solely behind the cooktop or sink. This focused wood accent pops amidst other material.

Whitewashed Finish

A white-washed finish mutes wood’s darker tones but retains beautiful graining. It prevents dominating the space.

Incorporate wood’s warmth and texture into your white kitchen with these stunning backsplash ideas.

Unique Metal Backsplashes

For contemporary flair, metal backsplashes lend a modern industrial edge. From solid sheets to tiles or panels, metal comes in diverse styles perfect for white kitchens.

With an array of metal finishes like matte, polished, antiqued and hammered, the options create any aesthetic. While often perceived as cold, metals like copper and brass infuse warmth.

Some stand-out metal backsplash concepts include:

Polished Zinc

Zinc brings glamour and shine with an ultra-reflective surface. This eye-catching industrial material pairs perfectly with slick contemporary cabinetry.

Antiqued Copper

With its soft patina, hammered copper adds a vintage artisanal quality. Contrasting the dark antiquing with bright white cabinets creates drama.

Stainless Steel Subway Tile

Just like ceramic but with modern gleam, stainless steel subway tiles give contemporary nuance to a classic look. Great for a commercial style.

Geometric Metallic Tiles

Small geometric metal tiles pack big visual impact. Triangles, dots, and diamond tiles reflect light in chic ways. Mix metals for contrast.

Corrugated Metal

For an edgy vibe, corrugated metal sheets lend raw industrial appeal. Whether galvanized steel or iron, the linear texture excites.

Make a statement with the wide range of metals suitable for backsplashes in sleek white kitchens.

Creative Concrete Backsplashes

Celebrated for its versatility, concrete delivers cool urban edge when used for kitchen backsplashes. The material can be cast into any shape and color to complement your white kitchen.

From polished smooth finishes to rough exposed aggregate, concrete’s visual texture provides depth. Concrete can mimic patterns of natural stone, wood or other designs.

Some of the hottest ways to use concrete backsplashes include:

Poured Concrete

Unique molds can shape liquid concrete into 3D waves, tile impressions, layered ledges, or any other imaginative form before it hardens.

Exposed Aggregate

Mixing pebbles, glass or seashells into the concrete leaves them exposed for organic intrigue when ground down.

Polished Concrete

A super high-gloss smooth finish resembles expensive marble or granite with beautiful movement.

Manufactured Tiles

Shop concrete tiles with any pattern like geometric shapes, simulated wood planking, or graphic prints.

Colored Concrete

Concrete can be dyed or stained in an endless spectrum of colors – from vivid brights to sophisticated neutrals.

With myriad possibilities, concrete backsplashes are a top trend for modern white kitchens.

Creative DIY Backsplash Ideas

If you’re willing to get creative, DIY backsplash projects allow you to customize your kitchen. Make something meaningful by using or repurposing objects with sentimental value in your backsplash design.

Here are some inspired DIY backsplash ideas for white kitchens:

Framed Photos or Artwork

Covering a backsplash in framed photos or artwork from favorite artists makes a personalized art gallery.

Collected Objects

Fill glass frames with collections of sea shells, pretty rocks, sand, vintage buttons, or any objects with meaning.

Bottle Caps

Attaching beer caps, wine corks or soda caps commemorates fun memories. Fill just a section or entire splash.

Scrabble Tiles

Glue random Scrabble letters for whimsical wordplay or spell out meaningful words and phrases.

Mirror Shards

A collage of varied mirror shards adds DIY glam. Use squares, rectangles, circles, or abstract shapes.

Infuse heart and artistry into your white kitchen backsplash with custom DIY accents.

Environmentally Friendly Backsplashes

Today’s design prioritizes environmental responsibility. Using sustainable and natural backsplash materials benefits the planet while still achieving gorgeous results.

Some eco-minded backsplash ideas include:

Recycled Glass Tile

Companies like Fireclay Tile make colorful glass tile from 100% recycled glass. This saves waste from landfills.

Reclaimed Wood

Whether old barn boards or salvaged beams, reclaimed wood sidesteps the need for additional tree harvesting.

Natural Linoleum

Made from all-natural renewable ingredients like linseed oil and pine rosin, Marmoleum is a green alternative to vinyl.

Local Stone

Choosing native stone like regional granite supports local quarrying businesses and reduces transport mileage.

Solar Tiles

Some tiles can collect solar energy to power appliances and lighting right in your kitchen. Tesla is one company pioneering this technology.

With endless options, your dream backsplash can still honor Mother Nature and future generations. White kitchens are the perfect canvas to let these materials shine.

Coordinating with Cabinetry Style

Certain backsplash styles and colors naturally pair best with specific types of cabinetry. Consider how your backsplash choice complements the rest of the aesthetic.

Here are pleasing backsplash and cabinetry pairings:

Shaker Cabinets + Subway Tile

The classic simplicity of white shaker cabinets matches seamlessly with traditional white subway tile and brushed metal hardware.

Contemporary Cabinets + Glass Tile

The streamlined vibe of modern cabinets works beautifully with shiny glass tile backsplashes in sophisticated neutral tones.

Farmhouse Cabinets + Brick Backsplash

A white brick backsplash adds dimension and urban edge to farmhouse style cabinets with visible wood accents.

Modern Cabinets + Geometric Tile

Sleek modern cabinetry grounds vibrant geometric tiles for an eclectic yet cohesive modern feel.

Transitional Cabinets + Marble Tile

For transitional kitchens blending modern and traditional, marble backsplashes strike the ideal balance between old and new.

Keep the full kitchen design and style in mind when selecting backsplash materials and aesthetics. This creates a harmonious finished space.

Creative Layout Ideas

While backsplashes traditionally only cover the wall area directly behind counters and appliances, some layouts make the backsplash the star of the room.

Get creative with your backsplash layout and placement:

Full Wall

Take the backsplash to the ceiling for a bold, graphic statement. This layout works well with patterned or 3D tile.


Carry the backsplash around the corners onto side walls or the entire perimeter for immersive style. Subway tiles are ideal for wraparound backsplashes.

Focal Column

Cover a floor to ceiling column or divide wall between kitchen zones in dynamic tile.

Scalloped Edges

Emphasize ornate bowed edges with decorative trim details along the top and bottom edges.

Unexpected Shapes

Make the backsplash angular, circular or asymmetrical instead of a traditional rectilinear shape.

Moving beyond just the back wall opens exciting layout possibilities to maximize your backsplash impact.

Best Backsplashes for Small White Kitchens

For diminutive kitchens, the backsplash takes on greater visual importance. When space is limited, use the backsplash to make the room appear larger.

Some backsplash tricks that work especially well in small white kitchens: