Backsplash Around Kitchen Window: How to Decorate Kitchen Walls with Trendiest Tile Designs

A kitchen backsplash is an integral design element that serves both form and function. Strategically decorating the kitchen walls around windows with trendy backsplash tiles can add visual interest, protect the walls from splashes and spills, and tie the whole space together. With so many backsplash tile options to choose from like subway tile, marble, glass, metal and more, it can be overwhelming to decide what will look best around a kitchen window.

This detailed guide will provide tips on choosing the right backsplash tiles to decorate kitchen walls around windows. We’ll cover popular backsplash tile styles, considerations for picking tiles, and creative layout designs and patterns to make the most of the backsplash area around a kitchen window.

Popular Backsplash Tiles for Kitchen Windows

When selecting backsplash tiles for the kitchen walls surrounding windows, it’s important to consider the overall style, color scheme and textures already present in the space. Here are some of the most popular backsplash tile options for kitchen windows:

Subway Tile

Subway tile is a classic choice that offers straight, clean lines. The rectangular tiles are typically 3 inches by 6 inches and made of glazed ceramic or porcelain. Subway tiles come in glossy or matte finishes and endless color options including white, black, gray, blue and more.

Subway tile backsplashes around windows create a contemporary, streamlined look. Sticking with a simple white subway tile and classic grid pattern keeps the focus on the view outside the window. Or go bold with subway tiles in an accent color or varied colored geometric design.

Marble Tile

Marble tile adds natural elegance with beautiful veining in shades of white, gray, black and other colors. Using marble backsplash tile around a kitchen window makes a striking statement and reflects light beautifully.

Marble has a timeless, luxurious aesthetic that pairs well with traditional and modern kitchen designs. Opt for large-format marble tiles or intricate mosaic marble tile patterns to decorate kitchen walls flanking a window.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is available in a rainbow of colors, finishes and textures. Glass backsplashes refract light for fabulous shine and depth. Translucent glass tile also allows some light through for an open, airy accent around a window.

From metallics like iridescent glass to 3D decorative tiles, the options are limitless. Add pops of color with bold glass tile shapes around a kitchen window. Or create a focal point with an artistic glass mosaic tile design.

Metal Tile

Metal backsplash tiles like stainless steel, copper, brass and tin are great for making a contemporary, industrial style statement around a kitchen window. The sleek, reflective properties of metal tile also enhance natural light from the window.

Oversized metal tiles in a brick pattern or small metal mosaic tiles are both great options. Using metal tile sparingly as an accent rather than on the entire backsplash is often the most eye-catching approach.

Stone Tile

Tiles made from natural stone like travertine, granite, and slate have beautiful earthy textures and tons of variation. Stone tile backsplashes paired around a kitchen window lend organic, rustic charm.

For a unique look, combine different shapes, sizes and types of stone tile on the backsplash surrounding a window. Random patterns show off the natural markings in the stone. Neutral stone tiles like tumbled travertine tiles keep the focus on the view outside the window.

Design Considerations for Backsplashes Around Kitchen Windows

When decorating kitchen walls around windows with tile backsplashes, there are a few important factors to consider:


The natural lighting from the window will affect the look of the backsplash tile design. Make sure to view tile samples during different times of day. Lighter tiles might appear too washed out in direct sunlight. Darker tiles can look dramatic when lit well but may feel cavelike if the window light is blocked.

Window Treatments

If the window will have curtains, blinds or other treatments, bring fabric swatches to compare colors side-by-side with tile samples. Make sure tiles complement but don’t compete with window treatments.

Wall Size & Layout

Pay attention to the size of the wall space around the window that will be covered in tile. Large tile like 12 x 24 inch subway tile can overwhelm a small backsplash area. Mosaic tiles, mini tiles or combining different sized tiles create more scale and interest.

Be sure to map out the window placement and measure to plan the tile layout. This will help avoid ending up with awkward partial tiles around the edges or window frame.


Keep in mind how the kitchen is used when selecting backsplash tiles for around a window. Glass or polished stone tiles can become etched over time from cooking splatters. Near a sink choose tiles with less porous grout lines that can withstand water exposure.

Prioritize ease of maintenance by avoiding tiles and grout that require sealing. The limited space around a window can make retouching grout challenging.

Color Scheme & Style

Pick backsplash tiles that complement the existing kitchen color palette, cabinets, counters, flooring and overall design aesthetic. If the textures align well but the colors clash, consider using a tile trim or small decorative tile as an accent color to tie it together.

Backsplash Tile Patterns and Layouts for Kitchen Windows

Taking the wall size and layout into account, there are several creative ways to configure backsplash tiles around kitchen windows:

Full Height

Running the backsplash tile from counter to ceiling is a popular, seamless look. Be sure the top edge follows any angled window molding rather than cutting a straight line across. Blend the tile into the window frame and surrounding walls for a streamlined aesthetic.

Partial Height

Backsplashes don’t necessarily need to go all the way up to the ceiling. Centering tile around the window itself highlights the focal point. Floating the tile on the wall above the counter provides an anchored, framed accent.

Banded Accent

Use bands or strips of decorative tile to dress up plain wall areas surrounding a window. Contrasting tile colors and textures next to the window draw the eye. Update an existing backsplash by adding new medallions, trim or an accent row of mosaic tiles.

Geometric Shapes

Create visual interest with geometric tile patterns like chevrons, herringbones or tessellated shapes around the window. Mix and match coordinating tile colors, finishes and sizes for endless geometric configurations.

Scattered Tiles

Break up larger tiles with clusters of complimentary accent tile shapes and colors. Scattering smaller tile pieces throughout mimics an artistic mosaic tile design. The scattered tile technique keeps the overall look cohesive while adding charm.

Frame It

Framing just the window itself with decorative tile trim highlights the view outside. Use tile that contrasts or coordinates with the surrounding backsplash. Try tile “picture frames” in arched, circular or square layouts to suit the window shape.

Mix and Match

There are no tile combination rules – feel free to get creative! Mixing ceramic, glass and stone tiles together delivers depth and dimension. Overlapping mismatched shapes like hexagons and subway tile adds quirky character around a window.

Backsplash Ideas for Specific Kitchen Window Styles

Certain kitchen window types lend themselves to particular backsplash tile solutions. Here are backsplash design ideas tailored to common kitchen window configurations:

Double Hung Windows

Take advantage of the vertical lines and symmetry of double hung windows with long stacked subway tiles. For a unique touch, play with direction by stacking tiles horizontally on one side and vertically on the other side of the window.

Bay Windows

Bay windows with multiple panes and angles offer lots of room to decorate with tile. Create a continuous backsplash across the various segments to seamlessly tie the space together. Curvy accent tiles that echo the window shape make for brilliant bay window backsplash designs.

Corner Windows

Corner windows require thinking through the tile layout to avoid ending up with awkward slivers or gaps where they meet. Plan tile cuts across opening edges and use small tiles like mosaics at inside corners. Continue backsplash treatments around the corners for a enveloping effect.

Picture Windows

Large picture windows demand an equally dramatic backsplash tile treatment. Make a bold statement with oversized patterned or marble tiles, or steal the show with a colorful mosaic tile design surrounding the expansive window.

Garden Windows

Garden windows make for attractive built-in shelving niches that feel like part of the backsplash when tiled. Choose easy-to-clean tile to handle moisture from plants. Natural stone tiles in earth tones complement the greenery beautifully.

Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen Walls Around Specific Window Types

In addition to coordinating with the window style, it’s also important to consider what’s on the other side of the window when decorating the surrounding kitchen walls with backsplash tile.

Here are some backsplash solutions for kitchen walls around different exterior window views:

Yard View Windows

For kitchen windows overlooking backyard views, bring those nature elements inside with organic-looking tiles like stone, marble or wood-look porcelain. Warm neutrals and sunny colors feel cheerful and showcase the outdoor ambiance.

Garden View Windows

Kitchen windows with views of flower beds, plants and landscaping beg for backsplashes inspired by foliage colors and textures. Green glass, floral patterned and terra cotta tiles paired around garden views make the indoors and outdoors feel harmoniously connected.

Pool View Windows

Cool aqua and blue colored glass or mosaic tiles are perfect for echoing sparkling pool views outside kitchen windows. Reflective glass and metallic tiles visually bring the water indoors. For a tranquil vibe, stick with soft blue and white backsplash tile pairings.

Ocean View Windows

Sea-inspired backsplashes help enhance oceanfront kitchen window views. Blue, green and white marbles or glass tiles evoke waves and water. Go bold with large fish scale tiles or ombre rainbow glass tiles fading ocean blue.

Woodland View Windows

With woodsy scenes outside the window, stick with natural backsplash materials like stone slate or wood plank tiles and warm hues like yellows, tans and brick reds. Try square stacked stone tiles or textured 3D tiles with an abstract bark or branch look.

City View Windows

Urban city views call for sleek, modern backsplash tile ideas. Concrete-look porcelain, cement tiles, metallics and mosaics created from recycled materials complement city sights outside the window. Cool grays and bright pops of color liven up the backsplash.

Tying It All Together: The Complete Kitchen Window Backsplash

With all of the backsplash tile possibilities and design considerations covered, now let’s pull it all together to create a polished, integrated kitchen window backsplash design. Follow these best practices for a cohesive, stunning result:

Combine Materials Creatively

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and mix different tile materials like ceramic, glass and metal together for depth. Include an accent row or medallion of mosaic tiles within a larger field tile pattern. Blend complementary textures and finishes.

Carry Color Across

Incorporate backsplash tile colors into window treatments and valances to visually connect everything together. Echo an accent color from the backsplash on the window frame or sill.

Mind the Transitions

Ease the transitions between surrounding walls, tile, moldings and the window frame itself by aligning plans and angles. Use trim pieces and bullnose edges for a built-in look.

Light It Up Right

Proper lighting and natural light from the window will make the tile colors and textures pop. Use accent lighting and sconces to create dramatic shadow effects on textured 3D tiles or glass mosaic designs after dark.

Clean It Seamlessly

Grout lines and seams inevitably catch grime. Choose grout colors that blend with the tile so lines stay subtle. Use caulk for smooth, easy-clean transitions from tile to the window and other edges.

Balance Brightness

Prevent overly dark or bright backsplash tile colors from conflicting with the window light. Steer clear of glossy tiles that can cause uncomfortable glare. Test samples at home under natural lighting conditions.

With a thoughtful, well-executed backsplash tile design, it’s possible to seamlessly decorate kitchen walls around windows in a way that harmonizes beautifully with the entire space. Feel empowered to create your dream kitchen backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backsplash Tile Around Kitchen Windows

Many homeowners have additional questions when planning a backsplash design around a kitchen window. Here are answers to some of the most common kitchen window backsplash FAQs:

What’s the best backsplash height around a kitchen window?

The most common backsplash height is 4 inches above the countertop, but designs can range anywhere from 4-6 inches tall up to full height. Take the window size, cabinetry and proportions of the whole space into account. Centering tile around the window itself often looks most balanced.

Should backsplash tile go around a kitchen window?

Wrapping backsplash tile treatment around the sides of a kitchen window creates a finished, built-in look. Continuous tile also makes walls easier to wipe down. An alternative is floating two separate backsplash sections on either side.

How do you terminate backsplash tile at a window?

Plan termination points where tiles can end cleanly without awkward cuts jutting into the window frame. Utilize trim pieces like bullnose tile edging or metal strips to transition from tile to wall or window seamlessly.

What color backsplash goes with white kitchen cabinets and windows?

White kitchen cabinets and windows suit an endless array of backsplash colors. Stick with a classic white subway tile backsplash for a light and airy look. Or make the windows pop with contrasting dark dramatic black, navy or teal glass tiles.

Can backsplash tile match kitchen countertops?

Matching the backsplash tile to countertops is a cohesive choice for contemporary kitchens. Popular options include quartz counters with coordinating polished quartz tiles or granite counters paired with matching granite backsplash tile.

How do you decorate the wall around a kitchen window?

Beyond backsplashes, some other ways to decorate the kitchen wall area surrounding windows include hanging curtains or valances, installing moulding trim, framing the window with wallpaper or tile, painting the wall an accent color, or mounting decorative shelves or shutters around the window.

What about kitchen backsplashes without a window?

For kitchen walls without a window, the backsplash design options are wide open! Go for full towering backsplashes on non-window walls. Try bold colors, patterns or materials that would compete too much with natural light. Install an accent mosaic tile wall mural as a focal point.

Enhancing Kitchen Design With Backsplash Tile Around Windows

Strategically decorating the kitchen wall space around windows with backsplash tile transforms plain walls into an eye-catching focal point. With limitless colors, materials, sizes, textures and layout patterns to work with, the possibilities are endless. Use these tips to turn the backsplash surrounding a kitchen window into a functional, beautiful showpiece.

Maximize both the tile design visual appeal and the window itself to create a cohesive, harmonious kitchen backdrop. With thoughtful planning and creative tile choices that align with your style, the kitchen windows and surrounding backsplash will seamlessly tie the whole room together.