All About Pro-Style Ranges

Introduction to Pro-Style Ranges

Pro-style ranges represent the pinnacle of home kitchen appliances. With powerful burners, spacious ovens, and rugged construction, pro-style ranges offer performance similar to what you’d find in a professional kitchen. From top brands like Wolf, Viking, and Thermador, pro-style ranges make a dramatic statement in luxury kitchens. They allow home chefs to cook restaurant-quality meals with ease.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pro-style ranges. We’ll look at key features, top brands, design variations, and pricing. Whether you’re a passionate home cook or just admire premium appliances, understanding pro-style ranges will enhance your knowledge of high-end kitchen equipment. Let’s get started!

What are the Key Features of Pro-Style Ranges?

Pro-style ranges boast commercial-grade features for powerful cooking performance:

  • Powerful burners – Pro-style ranges have high BTU burners ranging from 15,000 BTUs on low settings to 25,000+ BTUs on the highest heat. This allows fast boiling, searing, and stir-frying. Many pro-style ranges have both standard and dual-ring burners for versatility.
  • Large oven capacity – With spacious oven interiors, pro-style ranges accommodate large roasting pans and multiple dishes at once. Common oven configurations are double oven, convection oven, or convection oven + warming drawer.
  • Precision oven controls – Restaurant ovens rely on precise temperature control, so pro-style ranges feature options like convection baking, broiling, convection dehydrating, and convection defrosting. Many have self-cleaning cycles as well.
  • Rugged construction – Pro-style ranges have stainless steel construction and are designed to handle the demands of restaurant kitchens. They’re built to last for decades. Brands like Wolf offer sealed burners that contain spills.
  • Unique cooking options – From charbroilers, griddles, and french tops to integrated deep fryers and pasta cookers, pro-style ranges offer specialty cooking options beyond the standard burners and ovens.
  • Stylish, customizable design – With classic pro-style aesthetics, rugged handles and knobs, and luxurious fit and finish, these ranges make a bold statement. Many offer customizable hardware, door styles, colors, etc.

With their commercial-grade performance, pro-style ranges empower home chefs to achieve professional cooking results. Next, let’s look at some of the top brands in pro-style ranges.

Top Brands of Pro-Style Ranges

The most coveted pro-style range brands include:


As a pioneer in pro-style appliances, Wolf is iconic for performance, quality, and prestige. Their dual-stacked, sealed burner configuration provides tremendous heat output. Wolf’s precision dual convection system offers superb baking results. With options like a french top, charbroiler, and integrated griddle, their ranges accommodate diverse cooking styles.


Renowned for power and versatility, Viking offers both 30″ and 36″ pro-style ranges. Their TruPower Plus Burner system outputs up to 25,000 BTUs for searing and boiling. Viking ovens include convection baking and self-cleaning options. Unique extras like an infrared broiler, griddle, and high-heat drawer make Viking ranges functional and stylish.


Thermador introduced the first wall oven and downdraft ventilation system, demonstrating a knack for innovation. Their pro-style Star Burner system has a 23,000 BTU high setting for intense heat output. Thermador oven features include convection, self-clean, bread proof, and favorite modes for customized use. Their minimalist, elegant design options blend beautifully with luxury kitchens.


Bluestar offers an affordable yet powerful alternative in pro-style ranges. Their sealed burners include an infrared broiler burner and 25,000 BTU ExtraHigh output settings. Bluestar is unique for having open-burner and grille options. With smaller 25″ widths, they are designed to fit in compact kitchens.

La Cornue

The French luxury brand La Cornue excels at integrating high-end finishes like enameled lava rock and copper trim. Their ranges provide flexibility, with modular sections for gas burners, electric cooktops, charbroilers and more. Each La Cornue range is handmade and customizable.

From rugged power to artful design, these brands represent the finest in pro-style ranges. Now let’s explore the varied configurations and design options available.

Design Variations to Consider for Pro-Style Ranges

Pro-style ranges come in numerous configurations to suit your cooking needs and kitchen aesthetic:

Range Top

  • Sealed burners vs. open burners – Open burners allow easy cleaning but are less spill-proof. Wolf and Viking offer sealed burner models. Bluestar has open burners with a powerful 25,000 BTU output.
  • Integrated grill or griddle – Opt for a range with an embedded grill or griddle section for pancakes, steaks, etc. Viking, Wolf, and Thermador offer models with integrated griddles or charbroilers.
  • Specialty cooktop features – Consider a french top, teppanyaki plate, induction cooktop, or extra-large surface burner for food like paella. La Cornue has unrivaled range top customization.

Oven Configuration

  • Double oven – Many pro-style ranges have a large main oven with a smaller upper oven for multiple tasks. Or consider two same-size ovens for big batch cooking.
  • Convection vs. conventional – Convection ovens have fans for accelerated, even baking. Conventional ovens rely solely on radiant heat. Many pro-style ovens offer both convection and conventional modes.
  • Self-cleaning – Choose a pro range with self-cleaning technology to manage oven spills by engaging a high-heat cycle. This is an easy, time-saving feature.

Size Considerations

  • 30 vs. 36 inches – The standard options are 30-inch or 36-inch wide pro-style ranges. 36-inch models accommodate more burners and have a larger oven capacity.
  • Slide-in vs. freestanding – Freestanding pro-style ranges have finished sides and a bold, standalone look. Slide-in models have unfinished sides allowing installation between cabinets.
  • Depth and height – Check depth and height to ensure your pro range will fit the existing space. This prevents having to modify cabinets or countertops.

Design Finishes

Consider available colors, hardware options, fuel types (gas or induction), and luxury accents like integrated wood trim, colored enameling, or chrome and copper finishes. La Cornue excels at finely crafted design details. Viking and Wolf offer the most customizable hardware. Thermador has minimalist aesthetics. Focus on the design features that appeal most to your own style preferences and decor.

With their flexible configurations and high-end design, pro-style ranges let you tailor the look to your kitchen. Next, let’s look at cost considerations for this premium category.

What is the Price Range for Pro-Style Ranges?

Given their commercial-grade quality and luxury status, pro-style ranges sit at the top of the appliance price spectrum.

Entry-level: Quality entry-level models like Bluestar start around $2,500-$3,500. They offer basic pro-style aesthetics and power at a more affordable price point.

Mid-tier: Most consumers can expect to spend $4,000-$8,000 for mid-tier pro-style ranges from brands like Viking or Thermador. You gain more features and design customization in this price range.

High-end: For prestigious brands like Wolf and La Cornue with maximum features and artisan details, prices run $8,000-$15,000+. The upper end of the spectrum provides luxury performance and status.

Like a high-performance sports car, a pro-style range represents a significant investment. Carefully weigh the cooking capabilities and design elements that matter most for your kitchen. Focus on quality and utility over status alone.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s answer some common questions about pro-style ranges.

FAQs About Pro-Style Ranges

What are the advantages of a pro-style range?

Pro-style ranges offer superior power, performance, aesthetics, and prestige. Key advantages include:

  • Restaurant-grade burners ranging from 15,000 – 25,000 BTUs for fast boiling, searing, and frying
  • Large oven capacities, often with double oven design
  • Even baking results from convection oven technology
  • Luxurious design andbuild quality with rugged stainless steel construction and commercial-grade components
  • Unique cooking functions like French tops, charbroilers, and integrated griddles
  • Status of owning a premium, professional-caliber appliance

For passionate home cooks, pro-style ranges facilitate cooking like a chef. Their commercial-spec performance empowers you to succeed with sophisticated recipes and techniques.

Are pro-style ranges worth the higher cost?

Pro-style ranges represent a major investment, sometimes costing as much as a used car. For homeowners who are serious cooks or entertain frequently, the cost is justified by:

  • Ability to prepare restaurant-quality dishes with professional features like high-BTU burners, convection baking, and steam ovens
  • Long lifespan of 20+ years for heavy daily use, making them a lasting value
  • Gorgeous luxury design that makes a statement in the kitchen
  • Exclusivity and pride of owning one of the finest home appliances available

However, casual cooks who mostly prepare simple meals or reheated leftovers may find the cost of a pro-style range excessive. Know your cooking passion and habits before investing.

How much space do pro-style ranges need?

Most pro-style ranges are 30-36″ in width. However, they often need greater cabinet depth than standard ranges. Common pro-style range requirements include:

  • Width of 30, 36, or 48 inches
  • Depth of 25-30 inches for slide-in models (deeper than typical slide-in ranges)
  • Freestanding models require up to 10″ clearance behind the range
  • Commercial hood ventilation required due to high BTU output
  • Electrical service may need an upgrade for triple power connections
  • Natural gas or liquid propane fuel lines

When planning, carefully measure your existing space. In cramped kitchens, the larger size of pro ranges may necessitate cabinet modifications or relocating appliances.

How long do pro-style ranges typically last?

With their rugged commercial construction and quality components, you can expect a minimum lifespan of 15 years from a pro-style range, and often 20-30 years of reliable performance. With proper care and maintenance, some last 50+ years. Viking and Wolf ranges in particular are built to operate continuously in busy restaurant kitchens, translating to decades of household longevity.

What maintenance is required for pro-style ranges?

  • Keep surfaces clean by wiping spills promptly, using appropriate cleaners, and avoiding abrasives
  • Descale water mineral buildup on steam ovens
  • Replace internal charbroiler briquettes when needed
  • Clean reflectors above open burners
  • Self-clean ovens periodically
  • Have a technician service the range if any burners, heating elements, or fans become faulty

The maintenance needs are comparable to a standard range. However, the repair costs will be higher for pro-style ranges if professional service is required.


Pro-style ranges give passionate home cooks professional capabilities. With performance akin to commercial kitchens, these luxury ranges empower foodies and entertainers to achieve restaurant-caliber results. From adjustable heat output and specialty cooking functions to convection baking and bold design aesthetics, pro-style ranges stand at the pinnacle of cooking appliances.

Brands like Wolf, Viking, and La Cornue exemplify the quality and status pro-style ranges confer. For cooking enthusiasts with the space, budget, and skills to capitalize on their advanced functionality, pro-style ranges justify the investment many times over by letting you pursue any culinary ambition from the comfort of home.