Achieve a Blue and White Nautical Bathroom for That Reminiscent Feeling of the Ocean

The dream of having a bathroom that evokes feelings of being near the ocean, with calming blue and white decor, is achievable by incorporating nautical elements. This style, often called “coastal” decor, utilizes colors, textures, and accessories that reference life on or near the water. With some key tips, you can design a space that is flooded with charm and character reminiscent of time spent seaside.

Selecting Blue and White Colors

Choosing the right hue of blue is essential for capturing the aesthetic you want. Cool tones like navy, cobalt, and robin’s egg blue work well. Try to use multiple shades of blue for visual interest.

Crisp whites balance out the blues and add brightness. Go for clean whites rather than off-whites or ivory shades. The contrast between the blue and white evokes waves against a bright sky.

Paint at least one wall in a bold blue. Use white on the remaining walls, trim, ceiling, and cabinetry for lots of pops of brightness. White wainscoting panels on the lower half of walls adds dimension.

Consider using blue and white patterned wallpaper on one wall. Stripes or prints reminiscent of antique nautical maps or flags make great focal points.

The flooring should also incorporate blue and white. A mosaic tile floor with waves or abstract shapes in blue shades is ideal. Classic black and white tile floors also complement the design well.

Incorporate Textures and Materials

The materials and textures you utilize can really sell the nautical vibe. Natural elements are key for making it seem organic and coastline-inspired.

Wood surfaces add warmth and connection to the sea. Distressed wood, barn wood planks, or weathered finishes are best for creating a beachy, timeworn look. Use it on the floor, walls, or ceiling.

Rope details immediately convey nautical. Wrap the base of sinks, mirrors, or sconces with rope accents. Large coiled rope decor pieces make dramatic statements.

Driftwood, shells, and glass floats retrieved from beaches make charming decorations. Display them in glass containers or bowls, or hang them on the walls in arrangements.

For windows, use breezy linen curtains or drapes. They’ll ripple in the wind like sails on a boat. Buy textured nubby linens or add trim for a more elegant look.

Wicker baskets provide storage and texture. They’re reminiscent of picnic baskets taken to the shore. Paint or bleach them white for a light coastal vibe.

Accessories That Evoke the Sea

It’s the carefully selected accessories that will truly transform the space into one that feels like a seaside cottage. Have fun curating pieces that tell the story of the homeowner’s love for the water.

Incorporate maps or compasses into the decor. Framed vintage nautical maps look stunning on the walls. Compass motifs add nice detail when engraved into mirrors or cast in metal on faucets.

Wall art showing sailboats, lighthouses, shells, sea creatures, or ocean views reminds you of days spent by the sea. Black and white beach photography also fits well with the color scheme.

Add touches of maritime signal flags or nautical pennants. Display real vintage maritime flags in a frame or incorporate printed flags onto toss pillows or shower curtains.

Floating shelves filled with found objects like shells, sea glass, coral, and sand dollars you collected at the beach make great displays. Always keep a little sand and some seashells around.

Towels and soap dispensers with an anchor print, or monogrammed towels with a sailor knot and stripe design maintain the look. Navy and white striped rugs bring the floor into the theme as well.

Cabinetry and Fixtures

Choosing fixtures and cabinetry that align with the nautical charm will elevate the whole space. Aim for styles with clean, crisp lines rather than ornate detailing.

Shaker style cabinets in a bright white paint suit this look. For a light wash over wood effect, use a white stain. Contrasting navy blue on lower cabinets makes a statement.

Brass hardware and fixtures will recall the metal on ships and sailboats. Round porthole mirrors, barnacle-shaped faucets, and hardware with an anchor motif enhance the maritime vibe.

Install recessed niches for rolled towels, toiletries, candles or decor. This built-in display casework adds function and character, reminiscent of cargo storage on-board or built-in bunks in cabins.

For sinks, roll top or farmhouse styles look fitting. Vessel sinks could even be refurbished and repurposed galvanized buckets or enamel pots. Exposed plumbing has an industrial, nautical edge.

Wooden ladders, oars, and crates for extra storage also reference life on the docks. For a shipshape space, ensure everything has its perfect place.

Creating Coastal Charm

With all of these tips and tricks for achieving a blue and white nautical bathroom, you’ll be envisioning the calming salty seaside air and gentle ocean breeze. Carefully curated elements come together to create a cohesive experience that delights the senses.

Guests will be transported as soon as they enter the thoughtfully designed room. They’ll feel the reminiscent pull of the open water and beaches. Any time of year, this breezy coastal decor provides a much-needed escape, if even just mentally, to the serenity and adventure of the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing a Blue and White Nautical Bathroom

What paint color blue is best for a nautical bathroom?

Some top blue paint colors for nautical bathrooms include navy, cobalt, duck egg blue, and calming lighter shades like airy robin’s egg blue. Using multiple shades of blue together creates depth.

Should I paint or wallpaper a focal wall in my nautical bathroom?

Either a painted accent wall or wallpapered focal wall in a print like stripes, waves, ropes, or maps can look great. Paint is bolder and more affordable, while wallpaper offers more intricate detail and visual interest.

What kind of flooring works best for a coastal themed bathroom?

Classic black and white tile or mosaics in shades of blue are perfect nautical flooring options. Distressed wood planks or weathered wood-look porcelain also complement this style well.

What type of cabinetry should I choose for my blue and white bathroom?

Crisp, clean-lined white Shaker cabinets suit a nautical bathroom. For contrast, try navy blue cabinets on bottom with bright white up top. Avoid ornate or overly decorative cabinets.

How can I accessorize my bathroom to capture that coastal feeling?

Rope accents, shells, floats, maps, model sailboats, driftwood, and artwork depicting the ocean are great. Display collections of found objects from beach trips for a personalized touch.

What kind of window treatments work well with this look?

Breezy linen or cotton curtains in natural textures create movement reminiscent of sails and flags blowing seaside. Hang them high to elongate the windows for a cozy coastal cottage vibe.


Creating a dreamy nautical bathroom with shades of blue, crisp white, and well-chosen decorative touches can transport you to the tranquil feeling of being oceanside. Carefully selected colors, textures, materials, cabinetry, and accessories all work together to evoke the essence of coastal living. This charming and calming decor theme allows you to celebrate your love of the water, even in a landlocked home. With strategic tips and thoughtful nautical elements, you can design a blue and white bathroom with undeniable coastal charm and character.