A Small Kitchen With 7 Smart Storage Solutions

A small kitchen presents unique storage challenges. With limited space, every inch must be utilized efficiently to keep the kitchen clutter-free and organized. Fortunately, there are many smart storage solutions that can maximize storage in a small kitchen. Here are 7 ingenious storage ideas to make a small kitchen highly functional.

Utilize Corner Space with Angled Shelving

Corners in a small kitchen are often underutilized and end up collecting clutter. Angled corner shelving is an excellent way to take advantage of corner real estate. The shelving can be open-faced or enclosed with cabinets.

Some smart ways to use angled corner shelving include:

  • Store small appliances like a coffee maker, toaster, blender etc. This clears up precious counter space.
  • Use for extra food storage containers, pots and pans. The vertical space is perfect for organization.
  • Display plates, cookbooks or decorative items. The open shelving creates an aesthetic appeal.

When installing angled corner shelving in a small kitchen, optimize the space by reaching all the way up to the ceiling. Also look for deeper shelving units of up to 15 to 18 inches for maximum storage capacity.

Build a Spice Rack to Clear Clutter

Spices are an essential element of cooking but jars and bottles can quickly lead to a messy clutter on kitchen counters and cabinets. A dedicated spice rack neatly organizes spices while freeing up other storage areas.

Consider these spice rack ideas for a small kitchen:

  • Install wall mounted shelves or racks near the cooking area for easy access to spices when cooking. Opt for a height where the spices are easily reachable.
  • Repurpose the inside of a cabinet door to mount a rack that becomes invisible when the door is closed.
  • Use magnetized storage containers that can adhere to walls, refrigerators or even the range hood.
  • For a small space, mini vertical racks that mount with a suction cup are both functional and save space.

When organizing spices on the racks, place the most frequently used spices on the most accessible shelves for efficiency when cooking.

Get Creative with Hidden Storage

Unconventional storage spaces allow you to hide away kitchen items and free up cabinets and drawers for more common items. Some clever hidden storage ideas include:

  • Make use of the dead space between appliances and walls by installing DIY pull out drawers. These narrow spaces can hold cutting boards, baking pans and other thin items.
  • Mount a paper towel holder underneath cabinets to get them off the counter. Cabinet doors can also have mesh inserts to neatly store fruits and vegetables.
  • For blank vertical spaces, install DIY shelving strips to use for spices, boxes of tea, coffee mugs etc.
  • Access the space under sinks with pull out drawers customized to fit plumbing. Use for cleaning supplies or trash bins.

Getting creative with hidden storage utilizes every inch of space available in a small kitchen. Identify all the blank spaces and use them smartly.

Install Multi-Level Drawers

Traditional kitchen drawers cannot make full use of their vertical capacity. Multi-level drawers consist of two or more drawer compartments stacked vertically in the same space as a regular drawer. These provide more organized storage for kitchen items that may otherwise get cluttered in a standard drawer.

Ways to maximize vertical space with multi-level drawers:

  • Store utensils, cutlery, cutlery, utensils and cooking tools in a divided cutlery organizer.
  • Neatly organize baking pans, trays, muffin tins and cooling racks by stacking them.
  • Store small electric appliances in bottom drawers and pots and pans in upper levels.
  • Use for organizing cleaning supplies with buckets, sprays and brushes stacked.

When installing multi-level drawers, ensure the compartments are correctly sized for the items intended to be stored in them. Well organized drawers lead to an uncluttered kitchen.

Optimize Cabinet Storage with Racks and Organizers

The insides of kitchen cabinet space tend to be disorganized black holes with items piled on top of each other. Make use of cabinet storage space efficiently by installing racks, shelves and organizers.

Some ideas include:

  • Use shelf risers in lower cabinets to store more pots and pans vertically.
  • Install pull-out vertical drawer organizers to neatly store foil, plastic wrap and bags.
  • Use cereal dispensers that hold multiple boxes and release one at a time.
  • Install grip shelves that extend fully when shelves are pulled out to access items at the back.
  • Use door mounted racks on the insides of cabinet doors to store utensils and medications.

Take measurements and optimize the use of all available cabinet space with racks and organizers customized to your needs. The small investment saves a lot of clutter.

Hang Dish Storage Racks on Walls

Dish storage inside cabinets makes it difficult to neatly organize stacks of plates, bowls and cups. Wall mounted racks are a smart solution to free up cabinet space.

Consider these tips when installing dish storage racks:

  • Place racks near or above the kitchen counter for convenient access.
  • For open concept kitchens, install racks on partition walls adjacent to the cooking area.
  • Opt for durable metal racks with grip arms to securely hold dishes and glasses.
  • Choose racks large enough to hold entire dish sets and maximize wall space from top to bottom.
  • Use the freed up cabinet space for food storage containers and baking pans.

Wall mounted dish racks maintain organization and create visual appeal in a small kitchen. Dishes are securely stored and accessible while cooking.

Maximize Pantry Storage

For a small kitchen, the pantry plays an integral role in preventing clutter and disorganization. A well organized pantry ensures items are easily accessible and not wasted at the back of shelves.

Try these tips to maximize pantry storage:

  • Install floor to ceiling shelving units that make use of all vertical space available.
  • Use shelves of varying depths. Larger 12-15 inch deep shelves for big containers and smaller shelves for spices.
  • Angle narrow shelving units to fit into tight spaces if a straight floor-to-ceiling unit does not fit.
  • Use stacking bins, racks and organizers so items can be neatly stacked vertically. Sign or label bins.
  • Place frequently used items at eye to waist level for convenient access.
  • Use door mounted racks on the inside of the pantry door.

A few handy organizational tools can transform a disorganized pantry into highly functional storage space. This is invaluable for a small kitchen.


Small kitchens can work amazingly well with some smart storage solutions. Space and layout constraints of a small kitchen simply need a fresh perspective. Make use of corners, go vertical wherever possible and find unexpected storage spots. With some clever organization techniques, it is possible to have a clutter-free and efficient small kitchen. Use a combination of open and concealed storage methods. The investment into racks, shelves and organizers is well worth it for years of organized cooking.